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Corrected entry: After losing his glasses due to the BB ricocheting, Ralphie "pulverizes" his glasses to the point where one temple is crooked, one lens is gone and the other lens is cracked. Ralphie's mom tells him he can wear the old ones with the crack in them until he can get some new ones. When the family winds up at the Chinese restaurant later that morning, Ralphie's glasses are magically repaired.

Correction: We never see Ralphie in anything but a wide shot at the restaurant. The crack could have been a small one, not visible from that distance.


Corrected entry: When Ralphie imagines himself saving his family from Black Bart, he fires at the enemies and knocks them down. When he shoots, the men he hits are all in different areas of the yard, but when he's done, they're all in one neat pile.

Correction: Because Ralphie is imagining this whole scene he can have happen whatever he wants.


Corrected entry: Ralphie hands in his theme and the teacher tells him to sit down. His classmates laugh at him, and as he goes to sit down, a classmate says, "You're a geek." - a typically 1980s phrase but not a typically 1930s/40s phrase.

Correction: Whereas "geek" means "nerd" nowadays, back in the 1930s/40s it meant something more along the lines of a freak, specifically someone who performs in a side show by eating live animals. So it is not so unreasonable that the kid would call Ralphie a "geek" as a way of saying he is a weirdo.


Corrected entry: Ever notice all the children in line to see Santa all scream the same way when going down the slide? Plus, that same scream is used quite often during the whole film.


Correction: Although some screams are repeated, they are not all exactly the same.

Corrected entry: When Ralphie's friends are walking home from school, the bully pushes Randy down. When he does this, you can see some sort of wire or pole in Randy's hand.

Correction: It looks to me like Randy might have a thin branch in his hand. There are many trees lining their path home and he might have grabbed one as he walked home.

Corrected entry: The Red Ryder BB gun was manufactured by Daisy in Plymouth Michigan in 1940 through late 1941 (temporarily discontinued due to the War) with the brand, horse and rider located on the left side of the wooden stock. In the movie the Red Ryder brand with horse and rider was located on the right side of the Carbine (Manufactured in Rogers, Arkansas sometime after 1958 when Daisy moved there.) This is not to mention that the Red Ryder Carbine did not come with a compass in the stock.

Correction: The Red Ryder was introduced in Dec. 1938 not 1940. The logo was never on the right side. The red Ryder was discontinued when Daisy moved to Arkansas, not to be produced until the 1970's.

Corrected entry: Scott Farkas, the bully, wears braces. Problem is, the stick-on braces he's wearing didn't become available until the 1970's.

Correction: According to my parents who grew up in the 1940's, braces like that were used back then. Considering the writer of the book grew up in Indiana in the 1940's I doubt he would make something up like that or they would have found an actor to play the kid that didn't have braces.

Corrected entry: When Ralphie is sitting on Santa's lap, he is wearing a different shirt (maybe green?) than when he is sliding down the slide (white striped shirt and tie).

Correction: Ralphie always has the same shirt on. It has very thin green stripes, so in the close-ups on Santa's lap they're more visible than in the wide shots, where they blend in with the white on the shirt.


Corrected entry: When the family comes down Christmas morning, it's obvious they've all just woken up (we see the kids getting up, the father is rubbing his eyes). But there's a blazing fire in the fireplace that looks like it was just built.


Correction: The mother looks wide awake when she comes down with the father. Besides, just because the father was rubbing his eyes, that does not mean he just woke up. My father would wake up before everyone to turn on the Christmas lights and would still be tired.

Bruce Minnick

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ralphie and Schwartz have just been lectured by their teacher about poor Flick, you can see a specific message on the chalkboard at the front of the class, but immediately after the teacher has gone back to the front and turned to the students to assign them a theme, the chalkboard message has magically changed to the title of the theme and you can see where the previous message has been erased.

Correction: When the teacher announces the theme, she turns toward the chalkboard. The camera then cuts to Ralphie for awhile. It then cuts back to the teacher, who is turning away from just writing the theme information on the chalkboard. The time that the camera was one Ralphie is enough for the teacher to write the information.

Corrected entry: The first time Ralphie and Randy (and their friends) approach the bullies, they run home towards the left of the screen (where the broken fence is on their right). Every other time they are shown running from them, they are running home the wrong way.

Correction: I've always believed that they are chased both on the way to school, and on the way home.

Corrected entry: When Ralphie and his brother descend the stairs on Christmas morning, a jazzy version of Jingle Bells can be heard playing in the background. This version of the song is on Barry Manilow's "Because It's Christmas" album, which was definitely not around in the 1940s!

Correction: The "jazzy" version of Jingle Bells heard in the movie is by the Andrews Sisters not Barry Manilow. There were at least 3 other "jazzy" versions that I know of. One is by Frank Sinatra, one is Bing Crosby and the other was a Crosby/Andrews Sisters pairing.

Continuity mistake: When Ralphie's father is sitting in the chair reading the funnies (before the dogs ruin the turkey), there is a small gold lampshade sitting on the table next to him. In the first shot, there is a Christmas bow on it. In the following shot, the bow has disappeared.

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Mom: Ralphie, what would you like for Christmas?
Adult Ralphie: Horrified, I heard myself blurt it out.
Ralphie: I want an official Red Ryder carbine action two hundred shot range model air rifle.
Mom: No. You'll shoot your eye out.

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Trivia: The film is set in Indiana, but was actually filmed in Cleveland, Ohio. It was the only place the directors could find that looked like a midwestern town in the 1940's.

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