The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

New this week Corrected entry: When the orc and warg army attack on the hillside, when the Rohirrim army ride over the hill to fight, Legolas, standing ahead of the army jumps around and onto his horse, with Gimli already on it. The shot cuts to the orcs and wargs riding across the hillside. The next shot is of the Rohirrim army riding across the hillside. The next shot after that is of Legolas riding on his horse, but it is not Gimli that is sitting behind him. It looks like he has been replaced by a stand-in wearing battle armour.

Casual Person

New today Correction: That's another horseman riding behind him. It's not supposed to be Gimli, who is half his size and should be around his waist whilst this guy is just as tall as Legolas is.


John Rhys-Davies only appears shorter than Orlando Bloom because of the filming technique. It's not unusual to have stand-ins during filming for one reason or another, and a stand in for Rhys-Davies wouldn't necessarily be someone 4 feet tall. The entry is stating that the footage with the stand-in is used briefly.


It's not a stand-in is my point.


New today Correction: Please rewatch this and use slow-mo if necessary. In this specific shot we see Gimli's cape and his arm, with his gloved hand gripping Legolas' waist.

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Corrected entry: At Henneth Annun, Sam suggests to Frodo to use the Ring to escape. Frodo and Sam are sitting in front of three barrels and also in the room are sacks, a crate and candles burning behind them. When Faramir arrives, Frodo and Sam are now sitting on blankets, there are no barrels in sight, the walls are different, there is an extra crate, with food on one and the candles are grouped differently. (01:52:45 - 01:53:45)

Correction: I think this is less an error but more of an intentional passage of time thing. These scenes take place at different times, as the light coming in behind them goes from yellowish-white (daytime) to blue (nighttime). Henneth Annun is an outpost and they could have cleared a room previously used for storage, hence the crates and barrels, to a place to keep prisoners, hence the blankets and lack of barrels.

Corrected entry: During the castle siege, the orcs place a few containers of explosive in the sewer outlet. As the carriers leave the tunnel, you can see multiple orcs in the immediate area with torches that would be able to ignite it right away with nearly no chance of being stopped rather than an orc running in like an Olympic torch carrier, drawing extra attention which catches Aragon's attention to try bringing him down. It of course is much more visually entertaining this way, but made no practical sense when there were already torch bearers right there.

Correction: Thermite cannot be ignited with a simple match or lighter. Something that burns much hotter, such as magnesium, is required in order to start thermite burning. In a similar manner, these bombs were very likely made with a material that couldn't be ignited with a mere torch in order to avoid an accidental premature detonation. This torchbearer therefore likely had the one and only torch which was burning whatever was necessary to light the bombs up.

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Corrected entry: At Helms Deep, just before the battle, they see the sun rising through the window. But in the next shots - from the outside - the castle is still in the shadow - and the sun only rises when Gandalf appears.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: The sunlight shines through the window of the keep because the sky lightens, not because the sun is shining directly at the castle window. When Gandalf arrives at the top of the hill, we see the keep is in a valley. The sunlight follows his arrival because it rises enough to crest the hilltop the Rohirrim are waiting atop, then gradually shines across the Uruk-Hai army below them.

Corrected entry: Aragorn is floating ashore, having fallen off the cliff during the Warg fight. You can see the hands of the production assistant who has him around the ankles, pushing him to shore. Extended edition DVD, Disc 2. (00:20:20)

Correction: There is no assistant. This is not a mistake.

Corrected entry: After the battle at Helms Deep some of the main characters, including Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, ride a short distance away from Helms Deep, looking directly away from the city and out towards Mordor. That is impossible, because Helms Deep faces North, which is the way they are facing, and Mordor is to the East. Even if the group did look to the East it would be highly unlikely that they would see Mordor even then, as it is too far away.

Correction: Helm's deep faces east. Without even looking at a map this can be determined by the fact that Gandalf rides down the hill toward Helm's deep as the sun rises behind him. The sun doesn't rise in the north.

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Corrected entry: In the extended DVD when Eomer finds the king's son, there's a black and yellow bit of tape lying around.

Correction: That's much too vague to be considered valid; where and when precisely can this be seen?


Corrected entry: In the scene when Gollum attacks Frodo and Sam, he jumps up on Sam. Play it in slow motion and you can see Sam's hands disappearing into Gollum several times.

Correction: According to the rules of the site, anything requiring slow-motion is NOT a mistake.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Pippin and Merry are on the backs of the Uruks, Pippin takes off his brooch with his teeth, leaving his cloak untied. In subsequent shots, however, the robe is tied; this is impossible, as his arms were tied around the front of the Uruk, while his cloak was on the back of the Uruk.

Correction: The brooch is purely decorative - the cloak was always fastened by the strings.


Corrected entry: After the Entmoot, Pippin convinces Treebeard to take them south toward Isengard. Ents have long legs and can travel at a pace equivalent to a briskly walking human. The Entmoot was also obviously nowhere near Isengard, as some of the Ents would otherwise have blundered on to the destruction beforehand. So we can take it as written that Treebeard carried Merry and Pippin some distance south before finding the scene of destruction. In that time, all the other Ents would have been travelling back toward where they came from - ie, not in the same direction that Treebeard was moving. However, when Treebeard discovers what Saruman has been doing, he sends out the call to all the other Ents - and they immediately walk out of the forest.

Correction: Notice how there are much more Ents in this scene than at the Entmoot. The Entmoot only featured represants of different Ent groups, not each and every Ent. Therefore it's not illogical that several Ents were nearby when Treebeard called for them.

Corrected entry: When Sam pushes Frodo out of the way of the Nazgul in Osgiliath, Sam comes in from the left-hand side of the screen, Frodo's right. But when we see the Hobbits tumbling down the stairs, they are falling to their lefts. Surely they should be falling to the right?

Correction: Right and left change with perspective.

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Corrected entry: When Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli first enter Fangorn Forest, they leave their horses behind. Then, when they leave the forest with Gandalf, after Shadowfax comes and Gandalf says "He has been my friend through many dangers," they all ride off together. Arod and Hasufel just come out of nowhere.

Correction: There is a cut between the scene where Gandalf summons Shadowfax and when you see them riding through Rohan towards Meduseld. Just because you don't specifically see Aragorn and Legolas fetching their horses, it does not mean it never happens.


Corrected entry: When Saruman is speaking to the "tens of thousands" of Orcs from atop the tower, watch the shots closely that were taken from behind Saruman. If you watch his head and the side of his face, you can see his head moving like he's talking, but all you hear at that point is Orcs yelling, obviously alluding to the fact that he was saying a line when that shot was filmed, but it was edited out.


Correction: People's voices get drowned by a yelling crowd all the time, both in real life and in movies. Just because he is a main character in a movie, it does not mean everything he says will be heard.


Corrected entry: The entire Warg attack sequence does not feature in the books written by Tolkien. The sequence was entirely thought up by Peter Jackson while on location in New Zealand.


Correction: It's actually in the books, but in "the Fellowship of the Ring". The Fellowship is attacked by the Wargs, Peter Jackson just moved it to film two.

Corrected entry: In the scene after Helm's Deep when Gimli and Legolas are tallying up their kills, just before the scene is over the visible arm of the dead orc moves. This is not the result of Gimli shaking the body with his axe as the arm moves then stops and moves again.

Correction: Either the Orc was not quite dead yet, or it was a nerve twitching as the Orc finally died.

Mark English

Corrected entry: In the Oliphaunt scene, when the Oliphaunt starts going mad, you can see one of its feet pass right through a little group of Southrons. (01:44:45)

Correction: After reading this submission I watched this scene carefully a few times. The Mumak treads NEAR the Southrons, but at the range of the shot it is very difficult to tell if the creature steps on them or in front of them.

Corrected entry: Frodo and Sam are captured by Faramir's Rangers. Yet at Osgiliath Frodo draws Sting and threatens Sam with it. Didn't Faramir think to disarm his captives?

Correction: Why would Faramir do so? There is an army of men who stand by his side, and the hobbits are so small that they aren't really a danger. Faramir's choice is not a mistake and surely not a plot hole.

Corrected entry: When we first see Shadowfax, the wild horse that only Gandalf can ride, without a saddle or bridle, he has a breast collar mark. (00:57:45)

Correction: Shadowfax was not a wild horse originally. He was the King's horse, born and bred in the King's stable and only the King of Rohan was allowed to ride him. After Gandalf took him away, Shadowfax became wild, and would not let anyone else near him, until Gandalf reappeared.


Corrected entry: Merry and Pippin are brought by Treebeard to see Gandalf in Fangorn. Later, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli are told by Gandalf that the hobbits had been there. Then Aragorn mentions Gandalf's name, and he recalls that as being his name. Now, during the hobbits' prior meeting with Gandalf, one of them would have probably called him by his name, and therefore, he would have heard it before Aragorn gets there.

Correction: It was Gimli who first mentioned Gandalf's name. Besides, he says, "Yes, Gandalf the Grey, that was my name. I am Gandalf the White". The point is that he is now a White Wizard and not that he does not remember his name.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film when we are reintroduced to Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas, the camera pans over them while they are running. Look closely at Gimli's boots, as he is running a big chunk of it flies off.

Correction: No, you are wrong. It is a rock that flips as Gimli runs on the rocky terrain. Zoom in. This has been previously corrected.

Corrected entry: As the Uruk-hai run along with Merry and Pippin on their backs, Merry pulls the Elven brooch from his cloak with his teeth and throws it to the ground, hoping Aragorn and anyone else tracking them will find it. In every subsequent scene with the Uruk-hai, into Fangorn Forest, and at the Entmoot, Merry still has his Elven brooch fastening his cloak at the throat.

Correction: Pippin is the one who removes his brooch, not Merry.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Rohirrim have surrounded Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, Aragorn has a ring on his right hand, but later in the movie when they are just outside Fangorn forest, Aragorn's ring is on his left hand.

Correction: He had time to move the ring to his other hand between those shots. One might ask why but people do move their rings from one hand to the other so it's not really a mistake.

Corrected entry: In Fellowship, we see that the boat carrying Boromir's body and weapons toppled on it's plunge over the falls of Rauros. In Two Towers, when Faramir gazed upon his brother's body, the boat appears to be intact, the sword and shield are still in the same position and Boromir seems more or less peaceful (despite his head facing a different way from the last film).

Correction: Faramir never sees Boromir's boat in real life, only in a dream. His only concrete evidence of his brother's death is the broken Horn of Gondor.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene, when Frodo dreams about Gandalf's duel with the Balrog, Frodo screams "No" before Gandalf falls into the abyss. In the original scene in "Fellowship", Frodo doesn't screams "No" until after Gandalf has fallen.

Correction: You can't really say that this is a mistake as Frodo is just dreaming about the events. Dreams are often mixed up or not entirely accurate to actual events.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the movie when we see Gollum struggling with Frodo and Sam, Gollum drags Sam onto the ground and starts strangling him. Just before Frodo draws Sting and says "This is Sting..." there is a wide shot, and Gollum's arm is already underneath Sam's chin and he is so relaxed that it is clear he is NOT being strangled. However, in the next close-up shot, Sam makes a hiccup noise and Smeagol's arm slips under Sam's chin again.

Correction: That is because even though Gollum is still and not actively strangling Sam, Sam is still struggling to get out of Gollum's tight grasp.

Corrected entry: In Helms Deep, at several times, the command "fire" is used. This command only concerns fire weapons, not bows. The correct command would be "loose".

Correction: Maybe in our world, but not necessarily in Middle-Earth.

Corrected entry: When Aragorn says "you have some skill with a blade" inside the Golden Hall, there are two guys setting a table in the background. The next time you see the table, there's nothing on it.

Correction: The table is not being 'set'. The tapestry is being spread across the table in order to fold it properly. If you look in the background things are being put away all around, in preparation of their absence in Edoras and immediate departure and journey to Helm's Deep.

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Corrected entry: At Helm's Deep when the Uruks are standing outside screaming, you can see one of the Uruks in a close up. His teeth in the back of his mouth are white and are not carnivore teeth.

Correction: It NEVER says that all of the Uruk's teeth are pointy. They can very well have normal teeth. Remember they're part mutated elves.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene where Gandalf is falling with the Balrog watch his hair; obviously, when falling at that speed, his hair should be pointing straight up for the whole scene (or behind him depending on his position) but for almost the whole falling scene, his hair is on his shoulders and not moving very much. (00:03:00)

Correction: True, but remember, this is all a dream that frodo has; the laws of physics do not have to apply.

Corrected entry: In the Entmoot, it takes the entire day to say 'Good Morning' in Entish. So why does it take only a few hours (as it's still night and Helm's Deep is still going on) to decide that a) Merry and Pippin are not orcs and b) to do nothing about the upcoming war?

Correction: "Good morning" also includes introducing everyone, like a roll call. Ents have extremely long names in Entish, their names pretty much tell everything they've ever done. That's why that takes so long compared to the other discussions. Also, we don't know that this is meant to be in real time. In the books the Entmoot went on for three days.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Gollum is begging to be released from the leash, if you look carefully you can see the fabric of Frodo's cloak jumping around Gollum's computer-generated hand.

Correction: This can't be true, because it was actually actor Andy Serkis's hand that was there originally, and Gollum's CG hand was simply painted over it. Whatever we're seeing is a trick of the friction.

Corrected entry: The climax of the Battle of Helm's Deep was based on an actual historical event: In 1672, King Louis XIV invaded the Netherlands. The Dutch thwarted the attack by cutting Holland's dikes, flooding the land and forcing the French troops to retreat.

Correction: This doesn't happen at the end of Helm's Deep, but at the end of the Ents' attack on Isengard.

Corrected entry: It is rather astonishing that the German dubbed version is following Tolkien's guidelines for pronunciation more closely than the original English version. In the Appendixes to the novel (Appendix F, 'On Translation') Tolkien states that Sam's name is not of Hebraic origin but being short for 'Samwise' (an Anglosaxon word, Tolkien being lecturer for Anglosaxon and Old English) and therefore not to be pronounced similar to 'Sam' as being the abbreviation for 'Samuel'. Instead he would have had this name pronounced [sahm] (the 'a' like in British English 'fast'). Likewise goes for placenames as 'Isengard' ('Isen' rhyming with 'treason').

Correction: Actually this doesn't have to be the case. In Sweden the A in Samuel is pronounced like in British English "fast", yet in the nickname Sam the A is pronounced differently. There's no reason why this couldn't be the case in Middle-Earth too.

Corrected entry: Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli first approach Edoras, and Gandalf talks about the king's mind being overthrown. It then cuts to inside the Golden Hall, where Eowyn is telling her uncle about his dead son. She is wearing a gray dress, and her hair is pulled back on the sides. Then it cuts back to Gandalf and Co. riding up to the town, then back to Eowyn tending to her dead cousin. This should only be a few minutes later, as the group is still riding up to Edoras, but now Eowyn has on a white dress, and all her hair is down. She then goes outside in her white dress, and sees the group approaching.


Correction: The scene with Eowyn telling Theoden of Theodred's death is a flashback scene. It does not take place concurrently with Gandalf's telling the Three Riders that Theoden's mind is overthrown. The footage of Eowyn talking to the dazed and muttering King is simply to add emphasis to Gandalf's words.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When Faramir shows the hobbits and Gollum how they can leave Osgiliath, he says that the sewer "runs right under the river through to the edge of the city". Why would anyone bother to build a sewer under the river? Their job is to discharge waste into the river to be carried away. (01:37:40)

Correction: It makes perfect sense to build sewage tunnels under a river if the aim is to have a sewage system that discharges at a single point. Osgiliath was the capital city of Gondor at one point, it wouldn't look great to visiting dignitaries to have sewage floating about, so arranging a system with a single discharge point downstream of the city would be highly sensible.

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Corrected entry: In the scene which Saruman is giving the speech to the barbarian horde telling them to attack the village, they are in fact a barbarian horde. In the next scene, as they're attacking said village, they've somehow become Uruk-hai.

Correction: The Wild Men were joined by Uruk-Hai in their assaults on the Westfold, but there are plenty of them still present in the attacks. Look more closely.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When Pippin and Merry are in Fangorn Forest trying to convince the Ent to join the war, their positions in relation to each other change from one camera shot to the next.

Correction: That is because Merry and Pippin are both moving about - you can see Merry pacing back and forth during several shots.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: As Gimli, Aragorn and Legolas run along a cliff top to the top left of screen Gimli's right boot falls off, yet he continues running.

Correction: Gimli runs and his right foot kicks up a rock, his boots are still on his feet.

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Corrected entry: At the end of the battle of helms deep, Gandalf arrives from the East to save the day just as he tells Aragorn he will earlier. However, quoting from the book: "Upon the east too shear and stony was the valley's side; upon the left, from the west, their final doom approached". Their final doom being Gandalf, Erkenbrand Lord of Westfold and a thousand men on foot. (01:25:55)

Correction: Although I understand the logic in what you're saying, nevertheless, many liberties were taken by the writers, in regard to following the letter of law from the book. Helm's Deep alone had many changes done. The Elves being there, Eomer not being there, and so forth. The fact that Gandalf approaches from the West in the book, is of little relevance to the movie, unfortunately. It isn't a mistake really.

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Corrected entry: Extended edition only - When Merry and Pippin are looking for food after the flooding of Isengard, Pippin spots the apple and from the front he grabs from a bunch of 3 floating apples. Only when we see him grab the apple there is only one around, the one he grabbed.

Correction: The scene goes like this, as Merry says, "...probably only dead rats and mouldy bread", Pip turns to his left, and sees a floating apple, the first of four that are floating to his left. He picks it up, we see some closeups including him looking up (remember Aragorn, FotR), The camera pans back out, and now we see the three from before, plus one more that's floating by, for a total of four floating plus the first one in his hand. There are no mistakes here.

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Corrected entry: When Aragorn is saying to the Elves in Elvish: "Show them no mercy.....for you shall receive none," there is no rain falling on them, only in the background.

Correction: Not true... there are rain drops seen, even in slo-mo and the closeup, in front of the elves.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Gandalf releases Theoden from Saruman's spell, Legolas punches one of Grima's henchmen who's coming up behind him, and you see the henchman falling away and to Legolas's left. In the next shot, there is no one behind Legolas except Grima.

Correction: The man falls back and to the left of the SHOT, but that is to Legolas's RIGHT, since we are looking at him from the front. The next shot is from behind Legolas, and it shows the man lying on the ground to the right and behind him - exactly where he should be.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When Legolas makes his unlikely grab-and-jump onto the horse with Gimli as the warg riders approach, he is seen to be mounting the horse behind Gimli. A few moments later, we see him expertly shooting down enemies from his position in front of Gimli on the horse. His mounting of the horse seems like an easy maneuvre compared to either forward flipping over the Dwarf or grabbing the Dwarf and tossing him over his head (which Gimli would have taken as an insult anyway).

Correction: He does leap onto the horse in front of Gimli. If you look in still frame, behind King Theoden, you can catch a glimpse of Legolas sitting in front of Gimli.

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Corrected entry: When Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli encounter Eomer and his Riders on the Plains of Rohan, they have a little talk before Eomer leaves, crying "We ride North." But Aragorn has been running west, pursuing the Uruk-Hai, so is to the south of Fangorn Forest. Eomer has just come from Fangorn, where he slaughtered the Uruks, so he has just come from the North. If you have a map of Middle-Earth, have a look at it, and you can see that Eomer has come from the North so should, technically, be riding east or west.

Correction: The three hunters are tracking the Uruks, who have made it to the borders of Fangorn. If you look at the map and work out how the Uruks will have travelled to get there, then the hunters, who will be using the same route, should be some distance east and slightly to the south of Fangorn at this point. Eomer's unit has therefore been riding mostly eastwards, so his decision to turn north doesn't represent an about-face.

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Corrected entry: If you pay close attention when the rain starts in the battle at Helm's Deep, the makeup on the elves is running. Legolas in particular, when he is readying his bow in the beginning, has a ring of white makeup near his hairline.

Correction: It is NOT a ring of white makeup, it's just all the rain droplets reflecting the light at the hairline and on the rest of the face. The makeup isn't running, it is the shiny water dripping down the faces of the Elves and men.

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Corrected entry: Just after Gollum is captured by Faramir's men and has had a hood placed over his head, there's a shot where 3 archers have their bows trained on him and Frodo. The archer on the upper right is illustrating the proper way to hold a bow. The archer on the lower left has his index finger wrapped around the arrow to steady it. If he released the string, the feathers would tear his finger to shreds like a monstrous papercut, and the arrow's flight would be completely screwed up. (Submitted by an archer who has learned the hard way.) (01:33:10)

Correction: While you don't want to fire the arrow with your finger on it, you can still have your finger on it before you shoot. I will often use my finger to steady the arrow, and take it off right before I fire.

Corrected entry: When Frodo is pulled out of the water by Gollum/Sméagol, the Ring is missing for about three seconds.


Correction: The chain and ring are under Frodo's shirt, but when Frodo says,"Gollum" and when Sam asks, "Mr Frodo, are you alright?", you can see a glimpse of the chain, under the Lorien brooch.

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Corrected entry: When Frodo calls Gollum 'Smeagol' for the first time in The Dead Marshes, Gollum gets upset. Look around the two - the sky is quite dark, but in the next shot when they hear the winged Nazgul approaching, the sky is much lighter.

Correction: Just before that shot, Gollum says, "master should be resting..", and all around Gollum is thick fog. When Frodo gets up and stands near Gollum, he asks,"who are you?", behind Frodo the sky is becoming lighter on the horizon. It is dawn. Because it's foggy, in the close up shots, you can't see the sky. Only when the camera pans out, as the Nazgul screams, you can see the sky.

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Corrected entry: The length of Gandalf's hair changes fairly regularly throughout. This is particularly noticeable in the throne room sequence in Rohan. The length ranges from a significant way down his back to close to his shoulders.

Correction: In the throne room, Gandalf's hair is initially inside his grey cloak. It falls out, and looks longer, when he removes the cloak and reveals himself as Gandalf the White.

Bob Blumenfeld Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sam and Frodo make a run to the Black Gate, Gollum grabs both of them by their elvish cloaks, but Gollum isn't hurt from touching it. (00:51:05)

Correction: Gollum is frantic to stop the hobbits from entering the Gate - he would most likely have accepted any pain from touching the cloaks in order to stop them. Anyway, watch the rope sequence again - it does seem that Gollum is seriously exaggerating (if not completely lying about) the rope's effects, presumably in the hope that it will be removed. Once it becomes clear that that's not going to work, he becomes quite calm and changes tack to "swearing to serve". He never mentions anything about the rope causing him pain after that, nor does he seem to be in any great discomfort merely from touching the rope - his subsequent discomfort is from Sam nearly throttling him with it when he pulls Gollum off the rocks. The whole elf-related pain may have been a total falsehood, or, at the very least, a severe overstatement of the truth.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Eomer of Rohan gives Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli two horses it seems they have appeared out of thin air. When you get a birdseye view of the riders you can see no free horses and when Aragorn calls them back there are no free horses. It can't be that other riders volunteered them, as Eomer states that he hopes that Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli are more fortunate than their original owners, indicating that they perished in the battle with the Uruk-hai.

Correction: There are no shots of the entire group from a sufficiently high angle to prove that there were no loose horses among the group. In all the birdseye shots, some part of the group is obscured, usually the rear section where it would make sense for riderless horses to be kept.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene at the end of the extended edition where Legolas and Gimli are comparing their battle scores, Legolas is wearing a long sword in a sheath hanging from his belt. At no other time in the movie does Legolas have a sword, even after he dons armour for the Battle of Helm's Deep. He has his bow, and his two knives which he occasionally whips out of the sheath on his back.

Correction: Legolas can be seen using this longsword throughout the "riding forth" sequence. His usual blades are far too short to be of any use while on horseback, so he must have borrowed the longsword (it's a Rohan sword, from the look of it) for the final charge.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Frodo has the top of his shirt unbuttoned his mithril armor is missing. (02:50:23)

Correction: When Frodo's top two buttons of his shirt are open throughout FotR and TTT, there are moments when you can easily see the Mithril, then moments where you can only catch a glimpse of it and sometimes you can't see it at all, depending on the position of his collar. The Mithril hangs down low on his chest, so it wouldn't always be discernible.

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Corrected entry: In the Warg battle scene, Gimli is being charged by a creature and Legolas shoots it for him. He yells out, "That one was mine." and is surprised by another behind him. He strikes it, and it falls on him. Look at the axe in the shot where they fall - the handle is facing the wrong direction.

Correction: No it is not. Gimli hacked at the Warg, swinging from his right shoulder into the top of the Warg's head and that's where the ax stays.

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Corrected entry: In the battle with the warg riders where Aragorn goes over the cliff, his sword is not in its sheath when he tumbles. Yet later, as he drifts up on the shore, his sword is sheathed and safe. Did he return it to the scabbard as he fell?

Correction: Just after Aragorn stabs a warg rider, and gets knocked off his horse, he puts his sword back into its sheath off camera, just before he jumps onto the warg with the other warg rider. When he jumps onto that warg, do still frame and you can see the sword is sheathed. You can also see the sword in its scabbard after he stabs the orc with his knife (Lorien gift, see handle) just before he goes over the cliff.

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Corrected entry: After Pippin has spit out the elven brooch for his friends to find it, what is holding his cloak? First I thought it was the scarf, but this can not be. Especially when he is in Treebeards hands you can see that the scarf is UNDER the cloak.

Correction: At the 'gift giving' in the FotR, zoom in as the leaves of Lorien are being pinned onto the cloak. There is some kind of a 'tab' between the corners of the cloak, for a button perhaps, right behind the brooch. You can see this 'tab' during any number of closeups on Pippin in TTT.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the uruks plant the bombs in the culvert at Helm's Deep and then proceed to blow it up. You see in one shot that the culvert has not been dammed/blocked in any way and in another shot you see a small stream of water flowing freely through it. Why then do we see such a torrent of water flowing trough the gap once a hole is blasted in the wall? (02:12:45 - 02:13:50)

Correction: The ground level is much lower outside the wall than inside - the culvert allows a small amount of water to spill over the top from the pool inside and flow out. When the wall is blown up, all the water in the pool can flow out at once.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: Just before Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli meet Gandalf in the forest, Aragorn draws his sword and you see the symbol of the white tree on his sleeve. He is supposed to reject the fact that he could become king till the third movie.

Correction: Those are Boromir's bracers (or whatever the term is), which Aragorn took after Boromir's death to honour his fallen comrade. Consciously or unconsciously, he's beginning to accept the role that destiny has laid out for him.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: During the fight in Gondor (before Frodo and Sam were released), the camera gives us a bit of a view of the archers. One archer that is crouched behind a stone piece is seen dodging arrows that aren't there. Then all of a sudden he collapses onto the rock, although he was never actually hit by anything.

Correction: This is incorrect. The defenders can frequently be seen ducking behind cover, that's true, but that is common sense - they would only expose themselves when they were returning fire. The only defenders who actually collapse and don't move again are the ones who are visibly struck by arrows.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: Because the title of the film is very similar to a nickname of the World Trade Center towers ("Twin Towers") and their connection to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, director Peter Jackson considered changing it, but quickly decided against it because of fan opposition.


Correction: This was only a rumor. Jackson and everyone else involved with the production have stated numerous times that they never even considered changing the title.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: In the film, the two towers in the title refer to the fortress of Barad-dur, and the tower of Orthanc. In the book, the two towers being referred to were the towers of Orthanc and Cirith Ungol, but since the film makers cut the half of the story which tells of Cirith Ungol to add into Return of the King, they had to have the second tower refer to Barad-dur.

Correction: Tolkien always said that he had never had a clear idea about which two towers were being referred to in the title, so it is as ambiguous now as it was when the books were first published.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: When Gimli, Legolas and Aragorn are pursuing the orcs who have Merry and Pippin listen when the camera shows them run next to the cliff's edge. As the camera hovers over the canyon you can hear the blades of the filming helicopter.

gandolfs dad

Correction: Given that 98% of the sound in the LOTR films was redone later, and most of this pursuing sequence is without natural sound at all (ie. we just hear music etc) most likely the sound is something else which just sounds like a helicopter.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: In the battle of Helm's Deep, why would the Uruk-Hai try so hard to storm the fortress gates when a huge section of the wall had just been blown up? That particular area wasn't being heavily defended.

Correction: Elementary strategy - divide and conquer. The more different places your enemy has to defend, the thinner he must spread his defenses and the less effective the defense will be at any of those points.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: Just a small strategic moan, why would they have a long straight bridge/causeway up to the only weak point in the Hornburg's walls, i.e. the Gate, this just invites your foe to get a good run up with a battering ram, if they had either used a sharp turn or curve as they came up for a final approach to the gate, the orcs wouldn't be able to get the ram up to speed.

Correction: The design of Helm's Deep comes straight from the book and conceptual art. Why would the crew alter the style of the ramp just because it's easy for the enemy to ram it? That's like putting Meduseld on flat ground because it's too hard to walk up the hill.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Aragorn is fighting the goblin on a warg, he stabs the goblin in his neck. Later when Legolas and Gimli are talking to the goblin there is no blood on his neck and he is still able to talk.

Correction: Aragorn stabs the goblin in the chest not in his throat. If you look where the blade and handle are, he couldn't have stabbed his throat.

Corrected entry: The Wargs attack and kill quickly but when Gimli is the target (under the dead Warg), the living Warg just stands there roaring at him until Aragorn rushes to Gimli's aid.

Correction: I think this falls under the rule of "Don't ask 'why'" (Number 2 on the submission page). Yeah, it's a stretch, but I'd have to call it artistic license.

Bob Blumenfeld Premium member

Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the film, Sam and Frodo are climbing down a hill. You can see that Frodo is at the bottom of the hill and Sam is near the top right handside of the hill. The shot changes and Sam is at the bottom of the hill with Frodo. That means Sam climbed down the hill in about 2 seconds.

Correction: The scenes in the Emyn Muil are not supposed to be in real time - we are shown selected pieces of action and conversation, not everything as it happens.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: When Sam is cooking the rabbits, Gollum goes mad and shouts 'What's it doing? Stupid fat hobbit. You ruins it.' - to cook the rabbits, Sam must have skinned them, cut them up, made a fire and found water to cook the meat in. All that must have taken a fairly long time to do, so why is Gollum asking what Sam is doing with the rabbits NOW insted of before?

Correction: In the book, Sam sends Gollum away to fetch water, and it is only when he returns that he sees that Sam has lit a fire. Even then, he is surprised when Sam says that he is going to stew the rabbits - he has assumed that they will eat them raw, as he, Gollum, would do if alone. Although we are not shown the water-fetching scene, that doesn't mean that it hasn't occurred, or even that Gollum hasn't been off on his own for some other reason and has just come back.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: Legolas can kill a giant thick skinned Warg with one arrow but cannot kill the berserker Uruk-Hai with several arrows.

Correction: The berserker Orc is supposed to be a bit like a suicide bomber - he's so psyched up, that even though he's hit, the adrenaline carries him on for the few more steps needed to complete his task.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: When hiding behind the rocks and looking at Mordor, Frodo and Sam are more than willing to make a run through the black gate behind the entering column of soldiers. How on earth might they get in unnoticed, even assuming they somehow would manage to make it as far as to the gate despite the guards (which simply must exist) watching above?


Correction: That's part of the point of the scene - there IS virtually no hope, but they have to do something. In the book, Frodo puts it this way: 'I am commanded to go to the land of Mordor, and therefore I shall go. If there is only one way, then I must take it. What comes after must come after.' Until Gollum tells them otherwise, both hobbits only know of the one entrance.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: During the defense of Helm's Deep, as King Theoden barricades the main door, he is stabbed through the breastplate by a massive Urak-Hai spear. In later scenes, his breastplate is shown undamaged. This is definitely Theoden both times - he goes down to help barricade the door, and a few moments later directs the soldiers doing this, just after telling Aragorn he can use 'as much time as you can give me'. He is seen shortly after looking at Aragorn and Gimli through the shattered gate just before the last piece of wood is put in place, yelling 'get out of there.'


Correction: This is difficult to see - it seems as if the spear hits him in the shoulder, beside the breastplate, but later on he has no difficulty to swing the sword when he rides out of that hall. If this shot really should be seen as if the spear hit the breastplate, then it is difficult to judge anyway, as he holds his clenched fist against his breast for the rest of the scene.


Corrected entry: The stew pot that Sam cooks the conies in is much bigger than the one he has been carrying around on his back.

Correction: No it isn't - it's the same one. Perhaps the pot looks much smaller on Sam's back next to the huge pack of gear he's carrying.

Corrected entry: Peter Jackson turns in a cameo as one of the men running toward the camera after Saruman's big speech.

Correction: Jackson said in an interview with the official Fan Club Magazine that although he wished he had, he never filmed a cameo as a Wild Man.

Corrected entry: In the battle involving the elephant, a man falls off the elephant and lands on the ground next to the hobbits. If you play it in slow motion, you can see the man change spinning directions in the air three times.

Sol Parker

Correction: It's because the man touches the Oliphant during his fall. He changes his direction only once.

Corrected entry: In Edoras, when Wormtongue is 'charming' Eowyn, his hand is clearly on her face and his person is only inches away. When Eowyn retaliates with words and gets Wormtongue's hand away from her, the next shot shows that they are over 6 feet apart from each other.

Correction: LOTR is not necessarily shot in consistent real-time. If you look more closely, you'll see that, not only is Eowyn some six feet away, she's much closer to the door than she was. A brief moment was cut out to give the scene a little pick-up in pace for the next shot.

Corrected entry: When it starts raining in the battle, all of the torches are still lit, and it seems to be raining very hard.

Correction: Toches usually are covered in tar or another such matter so the fire doesn't burn the wood directly. It would take a while before rain would put them out.


Corrected entry: When Saruman is talking to Sauron with his hand over the miniature eye of Sauron his lips aren't moving.


Correction: Saruman is telepathically talking to Sauron through the palantir.

Corrected entry: When Aragorn tells the King they should ride out and meet the Urk ki where did they get all those horses? They show the King putting on his armor for like two seconds and then they are on horses. Where did they come from?


Correction: When they arrived at Helm's Deep, all the horses were boarded within the walls of the fortress. There very well could have been another entrance in that room that they brought the horses through.

Jack's Revenge

Corrected entry: In the scene in Helms Deep, when Aragorn yells ladders in Elvish, the archer to the right of him has no string on his bow and his arrow's moving all over the place. (02:14:44)

Correction: You can see that right under the elf's middle finger that there is a bow string that leads down.

Corrected entry: Right after the death of Haldir, Aragorn pushes and rides one of the ladders down into the Uruk army. Then we cut to the Uruks breaking through the main gate. Then when Aragorn is shown again, he has magically made it back through the breach, up the stairs to the other door, before it was shut and barricaded. (02:24:16)

Correction: Aragorn doesn't ride the ladder into the army, he rides it down to the defenders' side of the wall. You can tell this because the orc's siege ladders are all on the other side of the wall when you look at the background and there is a staircase right next to the ladder he uses.

Corrected entry: In the scene before the battle of Helm's Deep when Legolas is arguing with Aragorn, his eyes are brown, rather than blue.

Correction: If you watch this scene frame by frame, his eyes are actually blue. It is the light in which the scene is filmed that makes them look darker, as well as possibly rather large pupils on Orlando's part. But they ARE blue. This is actually true to the books and the Tolkien world as whole. Legolas is desperate, and when elves despair, their eyes get darker, even almost brown. You see them then change back to normal blue when Legolas is again confident and meets Aragorn in the armory.

Corrected entry: When Merry and Pippin first meet Treebeard, the Ent is uncertain whether or not the hobbits are Orcs. He says the White Wizard will know and then they meet up with Gandalf. But later at the Ent Gathering it takes them forever to decide that they are not Orcs. Wouldn't have Gandalf already confirmed this for Treebeard and perhaps inform the Ents about the destruction at Isengard as well?

Correction: Gandalf told treebeard that Merry and Pippin aren't Orcs, but not the other Ents. And even if he told ALL the Ents, Ents always talk very long to decide something.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Urks are breaking into the castle, Aragorn is seen to be coming through a door with the dwarf, however none of the Urks thought to use the side door as well.

Correction: That door is a secret exit. The enemy isn't supposed to know that it's there. Also, it appears to only open from the inside, so the Uruks wouldn't be able to use it.

Corrected entry: When Aragorn and company first encounter the Riders of Rohan, we see that there are only about 50 men at most in the group. Before Theoden leads his people to Helms Deep, Gandalf leaves to find Eomer and his riders to aid in its defense. During the final battle, Gandalf returns with the Riders of Rohan, but now there are hundreds, if not thousands of men with him. Where did all of these "extra" men come from?

Correction: Aragorn and company only encounter a small group of Riders (advanced scouts), not the entire army. Gandalf went and got all of the Riders.

Bruce Minnick

Corrected entry: In the scene where Gandalf and company arrives at The Golden Hall in Edoras and Gandalf prepares to end Saruman's hold on Theoden, Gandalf can be seen wearing the leaf brooch on his cloak, keeping it intact, like the rest of the now split up fellowship. But then the wizard discards the cloak to reveal his white robe as if nothing held it in place.

Correction: When the group approaches the gates of Edoras, you can already see that Gandalf is wrapped in his cloak without the Lorien brooch. Gandalf simply prepared for his surprise emergence as Gandalf the White. He knew that he would have to shed his grey cloak quickly in the Golden Hall, so he removed the Lorien brooch.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When Legolas is getting onto the horse with one hand during the small battle with the wolves, Legolas is behind Gimli. In the next shot with the two, Legolas is in front of Gimli. (01:28:00)

Correction: If you look closely with the scene in slow-motion you can see that a part of Legolas' body passes in-front of Gimli meaning that Legolas lands at the front.

Corrected entry: When Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli enter the King of Rohan's chamber, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli start knocking down soldiers to protect Gandalf. When they have finished, there is a shot taken from behind and one of the beaten soldiers is lying on the floor playing with his hair, curling it around his finger.

Correction: I watched this carefully. He is only slightly moving a couple of fingers up and down, as if he is trying to muster the strength to get up but can't.

Corrected entry: It's the scene where the mother is telling her kids to get on the horse. Towards the beginning of the scene there is a guy standing there holding the horse still but when the mother is putting her little kid on the horse, he disappears.

Correction: Frame-by-frame advance shows that the man holding the horse is still there just after the woman calls "Eothain. Eothain." Immediately after, Eothain climbs onto the horse, after which there would be no need for the man to remain. He would naturally have gotten out as quickly as possible.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: In the first film when the fellowship is attacked by Balrog, Gandalf says something like "Swords are no use here" to Aragorn who wanted to tackle it with his sword. But in the next film you see Gandalf stabbing Balrog with a sword. This makes no sense.

Correction: Gandalf can fight the Balrog with a sword because he is powerfully magical, and the Balrog is falling and at a disadvantage. The book tells a little of their long fight, from the chasms deep below Moria to the high mountains where the Balrog is finally beaten. If Aragorn had tried to attack the Balrog at the bridge, he wouldn't have got anywhere near it before being killed; Gandalf knows this.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: In the Helm's Deep scene when the orcs charge the castle and begin to prop up the first set of short ladders, Aragorn yells "Ladders." in Elvish. Gimli shouts in response, "Good." However, Gimli most certainly does not speak or understand Elvish. In the extended version of The Fellowship of the Ring, Gimli grows angry when those around him are speaking Elvish, and speaks Dwarfish to anger them in return. (02:15:07)

Correction: While he may not be able to understand a great deal of Elvish, it is more than reasonable to think that he would have picked up a few words, especially as he has been travelling with, and becoming good friends with, an Elf.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: You'd think that in the Battle of Helm's Deep, where the defenders of a fortress are hopelessly outnumbered, one of the best hopes would be to take out as many of the enemy as possible before it came to hand-to-hand fighting ? ie, shoot as many as you could before they reach the walls. Certainly we see the Elves (and the Men) firing often. However, even at the end of the battle, most of the archers have quivers full of arrows. There are a number of shots where this can be seen but the most obvious is just after Haldir has been wounded ? there is a brief shot of the retreating soldiers (Elves and Men) and most, if not all of them, have quivers full of golden-fletched arrows. I know that Tolkien speaks of archers 'gleaning' arrows from among the dead, but so many, and in the middle of a huge battle? Plus the arrows are all clean and neat looking.

STP Premium member

Correction: There is a brief overhead shot of Helm's Deep sometime during the day in a previous scene, before the battle, and if you look closely you can see a few soldiers placing quivers of arrows in barrels along the walls. It makes sense that once a quiver was empty, the archers would just pick up a new quiver from a barrel and keep shooting.

Corrected entry: After Merry and Pippin escape from the Uruk-Hai, Merry has a deep cut over his right eye. Very often the cut changes. It starts out over his right eye all bloody, then it changes to his left eye and it is still bloody. Then it goes back to his right eye but is clean, then it disappears entirely and comes back later to over his right eye and not bloody.

Correction: The cut is bloody at first because it is fresh. After Merry has had time to clean the blood away, the cut is less noticeable, but it never "disappears entirely". It *is* hidden from view or partially obscured by Merry's hair, hanging in his face, in a couple of scenes, but if you look closely the cut is still evident.

Corrected entry: When Frodo, Sam and Gollum reach the black gate of Mordor, there is an army of men marching towards the gate. According to most film books they are Easterlings, who are marching from the east to Mordor to help Sauron. However, if you check a map of Middle-Earth you will that they are marching from the west, not the east.

Correction: There's only one entry to go to Mordor: the Black Gate where we see the army of men going through. Even if they come from the east , they have to pass round the Ash Mountains.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Frodo and Sam are captured by Faramir, it begins with Sam cooking rabbits in a pot. He realises that Frodo is missing, and he and Gollum rush to find him, leaving behind cooking equipment and backpack. All three are then captured. When released by Faramir however, Sam once again has his backpack, and proudly hitches it up when leaving.

Correction: Several minutes later, Faramir and his men are leading a blindfolded Sam and Frodo. The next soldier is shown carrying Sam's pack with cooking gear.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Legolas kills a warg that Gimli was about to kill, the warg falls behind Gimli. When Gimli kills a warg and it falls over him, Gimli should have fallen over the warg Legolas killed before, but it's nowhere to be seen.

Correction: You can't see it in the close-up shots, but when the camera is back a little you can see the dead warg lying on the ground, right where it should be.

Corrected entry: Just prior to the attack scene from the Orc riders you can see Aragon's horse changes from brown to white, then back to brown again.


Correction: There is one shot of Aragorn about to ride off where the main part of the horse you can see is the side of the saddle, and it's reflecting light and looks white, but the horse is definitely brown (you can see a bit of it at the edges of the shot).

Corrected entry: When Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli are chasing the Uruk-hai just before the Rohan riders appear, they run between two rocky outcrops over a ridge. Aragorn signals to hide, and almost at once the riders appear. Strangely Aragorn can hear Uruk-hai on foot 1 day's march away, but not a group of riders 30 seconds ride away. Legolas, famous for his eyesight, obviously forgot to have a look over the ridge where he might have spotted the riders.

Correction: In order to hear the Uruk-hai, Aragorn had to lie down in perfect stillness and put his ear to rocky ground, which transmits sound much better. Remarks that he couldn't hear "a group of riders 30 seconds away" are ridiculous, as he DOES obviously react to the Riders' approach. As for Legolas not looking over the ridge, the Rohirrim came upon the three companions from *behind* them. The terrain in Rohan is so varied and the Rohirrim travel so swiftly that they could have easily appeared from out of virtually nowhere and caught the Companions by surprise.

Corrected entry: When Shadowfax runs to Gandalf you can see two tyre tracks in the field. Were these caused by the horse trailer and truck that took Shadowfax to middle earth?

Correction: The action here takes place in Rohan, which is mostly settled farming country. There is no reason this could not be a cart track used by the people of the district.

Corrected entry: After the attack by the wargs and Aragorn has fallen off the cliff, we see him floating in the river. When he reaches the bank, we see his wound is on the left arm. When he arrives at Helm's Deep and talks to Gimli whilst on his horse, his wound is on his right arm. It changes between shots from the river scene to the scene at Helm's Deep.

Correction: Both shoulders have wounds.

Corrected entry: Right after the battle with the Wargs, we return to Eowin as she sees Helm's Deep from a distance, and we can see that she carries nothing, but in the next shot, as she enters the castle, she has a large basket tied on her back.

Correction: She was also leading a horse, but no longer is - she would have taken the horse to the stables, removed whatever was necessary to take into the fortress (ie the basket) and gone through the gates to the main part of Helm's Deep.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Frodo and Sam hide from a Mordor soldier by making the cape look like a rock, the surroundings change after the soldier is gone. When they take the cape off there is a large rock nearby that was not there. When the soldier was looking at them, the only large rock visible was the cape itself.

Correction: Yes, because when the soldier was looking at them it was a closeup shot that showed the cape taking up almost the entire width of the screen. The large rock is not visible at this time because it is off the screen to the right.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie Gimli's axe keeps changing. It changes between a one-sided and double axe on several occasions.

Correction: He has two - there's at least one time when he's using his single-headed axe for something, and you see the double-headed one on his back.

Corrected entry: When Gandalf first confronts Theoden, he throws his cloak off his shoulders and it can be seen falling to his feet, it then shows another full shot and the cloak is nowhere to be seen.

Correction: It's very brief, but you can see the cloak ? just after Gandalf says 'breathe the free air again' the camera moves up, and at the end of this overhead shot the cloak can be glimpsed, lying at the foot of the stairs up to the throne just where Gandalf dropped it.

Corrected entry: At the very end of the movie, Gollum says he would bring Sam and Frodo to 'her' (if you don't want parts of the next film to be revealed, you should stop reading). 'She' is a monster that lives in the tunnels. Earlier in the movie Gollum said he knew about another way to Mordor through the same tunnels. However, at the time he was being faithful and helpful, before he turned evil/conflicted again. Was he planning to get them killed all along, even when being nice?

Correction: They would have to go through the tunnels anyways. In the book, (spoilers ahead) Gollum deserts the hobbits in the tunnels and awakes Shelob; At the point in time you're thinking about he was probably thinking he would lead the hobbits all the way through and protect them.

Corrected entry: In the shot of the orcs pouring into helms deep after Theoden orders the final retreat we see the main gate doors at the top the ramp pushed open by a mass of orcs. The previously smashed doors are completely intact.

Correction: This shot is from overhead and you mainly see the intact part above, but as they swing open you can see the ragged hole that has been broken in them. Look for the outline of the left gate against the inner wall.

Corrected entry: When Gimli is talking to Eowyn about dwarf women, and his horse throws him, the axe in his hand goes flying. In the wide shot, the axe is shown going a fair distance from the horse, about 4 or 5 metres. In the shot of Gimli on the ground, the axe lands right next to him, only about 1 metre from where it flew out of his hand.

Correction: It has been shown numerous times before that Gimli carries multiple axes, strapped to his back and sides. The axe from his hand does fly off to the side; the axe that "lands right next to him" could easily be one of the other axes, dislodged during his fall.

Corrected entry: As Arwen's father describes his vision of her future with Aragorn, a few tears stream down Arwen's face. Seconds later, she lays her head on his shoulder, and her cheeks are dry.

Correction: No, actually, they're not. You can see faint tear tracks and the slight reddening that the tears left behind.

Corrected entry: When we first see Shadowfax, the horse, come into the film outside of Fangorn Forest, it has only a small amount of black on its muzzle. This remains the case when Gandalf is about to leave with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, as they set out for Helm's Deep. Yet, at the end of the film after the Helm's Deep battle, when we see Gandalf, Theoden and the others come over the hill, Shadowfax has a black muzzle which covers about half of it's face. (01:44:10)

Correction: Although it is a fact that during filming there were two horses used for Shadowfax, we can forget about it in this case. Light grey horses like Shadowfax tend to turn much darker when sweating profusely, especially on the face. Since the shot is taken right after battle, we can consider that Shadowfax is just sweaty. If you look closely, you can see that all the horses are sweaty all over, so I wouldn't count it as a mistake.

Corrected entry: When one of the Uruk-hai captured hobbits drops his leaf brooch it gets stepped on and we can see it in a clear patch of mud. Later when Aragorn picks it up it's resting on fresh grass.

Correction: Aragorn had previously said that the Uruk-hai were a day's march ahead of them. Any mud would have been dried up in the bright sunlight that was shining overhead. This is also assuming that the brooch hadn't been kicked or stepped on or moved *again*; it's easily possible that one or more of the other dozens of Uruk-hai in the column kicked it or shuffled it out of the mud to a more grassy place.

Corrected entry: In any shots of Fangorn Forest from a distance it is an evergreen forest. However, when it is seen from close up or inside it is a deciduous forest.

Correction: The native beech forest of New Zealand where these scenes were filmed ARE evergreen and will look that way from distance. However they aren't coniferous forests (ie pines, firs etc) and the beech trees have actual leaves rather than needles, so I guess if you didn't know them you could mistake them for deciduous in a close-up shot. Just to avoid any confusion these trees aren't any relation to northern hemisphere beeches, they only grow in NZ

Corrected entry: When Treebeard, Merry and Pippin exit Fangorn Forest and they see Isengard, you see a shot of Isengard taken from where they are standing. But on Faramir's map you can see that Isengard is to the west of the Misty Mountains, not to the east as it was when Treebeard looked upon it. This brings up the idea that Treebeard was going north, and not south.

Correction: Actually, if you look at official maps of Middle Earth you'll find that Isengard lies in a valley at the south end of the Misty Mountains. In this valley it has mountains to the East and West.

Corrected entry: Gandalf is walking out from Fangorn Forest with Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli, and he stops to call Shadowfax. The shot where you can see his feet shows that he is wearing trainers/sneakers.

Correction: Gandalf the White wears white boots to match his new white robes. Understandably these look similar to sneakers, but aren't.

Corrected entry: When Aragon convinces Theodin to ride out of Helm's Deep with him at the end of the battle to meet Gandalf, Legolas is the only rider with a white horse. Looking at the downward shot of them riding through the Uruk-hai on the bridge out of Helm's Deep, there are two riders on white horses, and both look suspiciously like Legolas.

Correction: They're two different people, but worth keeping an eye out anyway - the other character was originally Arwen, filmed as being in the battle, but removed/edited out later in the process.

Corrected entry: In the scene at Rohan where Legolas is giving the Evenstar pendent back to Aragorn, Aragorn's ring is on his finger in the shot where Legolas's hand passes it to him, and gone in the next, when he looks down at it.

Correction: In the second shot the view is lower so Aragorn's fingers are not so fully in frame - hence the ring is also not visible.

Corrected entry: When Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli meet Eomer and the Riders of Rohan, Eomer says that they burnt all the bodies of the Orc company. He points towards where they Orcs are piled and from a distance there is a shot of smoke rising from a fire. There is no forest nearby. When the travellers reach the pile of dead Orcs they are only yards from the eaves Fangorn Forest, which is vast and would surely have been visible even from a distance.

Correction: The pile of corpses is actually far to the left of where the smoke is "appearing" over the obscuring hill -- the wind is blowing the smoke way off to one side. The next scene where Aragorn and company come upon the corpses bears this out, as the smoke isn't rising straight up in that scene either. Thus, when Eomer gestures towards the smoke, Fangorn is not visible because it's off the screen to the left.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, after the battle of Helm's Deep, Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and the king ride their horses to the top of the hill to look at the lightning over Mordor. However, earlier in the film when they had been on the hill there was no sign of Mordor in the distance.

Correction: It is not the same hill and they are not looking in the same direction. Mordor would only be visible when seen from a particular viewpoint, which the earlier shots did not use.

Corrected entry: When Elrond is telling Arwen to not stay with Aragorn, they have a vision of Aragorn lying dead with his hands grasping his sword, but in one scrolling shot his hand clearly re-grips his sword.

Correction: Aragorn is not re-gripping his sword, nor is he moving his fingers. Arwen's hand is resting on top of Aragorn's, and it is her hand that moves, not his.

Corrected entry: Whilst Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas are on the trail of Merry and Pippin at the beginning of the film there is a panning shot beside a mountain, when they are seen running. If you watch Orlando Bloom he slips on a rock and skids slightly before recovering his balance and running on. Surely Legolas, a member of the most graceful creatures on Middle-Earth, would be able to run over some rocks without slipping?

Correction: As Gimli says, the three companions had been traveling for THREE DAYS without food, or rest, or sign of their quarry. Even an Elf's stamina would be tested by something like that, and although Elves are indeed graceful, they are not utterly infallible. A small slip is not outside the realm of possibility.

Corrected entry: When Faramir is talking to his generals regarding battle plans he is informed that a very large army has emptied out of Orthanc. Later in the movie Aragorn arrives at Helm's Deep and tells Theoden the same. How can a small army near Mordor find out about the Orcish army before the Rohirrim, who are next door to Orthanc?

Correction: SPOILER: You have to remember that Denethor, Steward of Gondor, has his own personal Palantir at his service and likely was watching Isengard even before the troops spilled forth. Indeed, since Sauron was 'guiding' his searches, he probably would have drawn Denethor to the spot in order to deflate his morale.

Corrected entry: It makes an amusing scene when Saruman stops Wormtongue from putting his candle too near the explosives, but why is he walking round with a candle? He even takes it outside with him to view the army. No-one else seems to need extra light in Orthanc.

Correction: Grima Wormtongue is merely trying to make himself 'equal' to Saruman. In the scene Saruman is carrying a wizard's staff and Grima is holding the candlestick in the same manner. Even the way he walks is similar to Saruman.

Corrected entry: After Sam slides down the hill in front of the gate to Mordor, he ends up half-buried. Frodo goes and pulls him almost all the way out, but in the next shot, Sam is still buried.


Correction: Since he could not get him out completely, Frodo stops pulling and Sam slides back in again. That's when Frodo decides to use the cape.

Corrected entry: During one of the first movie shots of the outer wall of Helm's Deep, a voiceover of Grima Wormtongue (who is now back at Orthanc with Saruman) discusses that the barricade's one outside weakness is a 'drainpipe' that leads from inside the fortress to a nearby river. In this shot, the drainpipe cannot be more than a couple of feet high, as seen in comparison by the many rats running about inside of it. During the battle of Helm's Deep, however, when the Uruk-Hai are placing Saruman's explosives inside the pipe, and later when the Berserker Uruk is running in to light them, the pipe towers over the heads of all the enemy-much larger than the 'few feet' clearance seen earlier in the film.

Correction: In the first shot, the drainpipe is shown from inside the barricade, where the ground is higher than on the outside. During the "bomb" scene, the drainpipe is shown from the outside of the barricade, where the ground is "deeper" than inside, so the mouth of the pipe, which travels horizontally, is higher.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Frodo wakes from his dream and takes a drink from his canteen, you can see what looks like an electric cord and plug dangling from the bottom of the canteen.

Correction: Why would a canteen have an electric cord on it? It's the plug for the canteen and the string connecting them.

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Sam: It's like in the great stories Mr. Frodo, the ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were, and sometimes you didn't want to know the end because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end it's only a passing thing this shadow, even darkness must pass. A new day will come, and when the sun shines it'll shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you, that meant something even if you were too small to understand why. But I think Mr. Frodo, I do understand, I know now folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn't. They kept going because they were holding on to something.
Frodo: What are we holding onto, Sam?
Sam: That there's some good in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it's worth fighting for.



Gimli is lying with his face under the water, after jumping off the Deeping Wall and landing on the Uruk-hai. In the close-up, the right arm that grabs Gimli's shoulder to help him out of the water is Legolas' right arm. Yet, in the wide shot, suddenly it is Aragorn helping Gimli to his feet, not Legolas.



John Rhys-Davies is missing the end of his middle finger on his left hand due to a farming accident as a child. The make-up artists made artificial, gelatin fingertips for him to wear in the movies. Davies one day, cut the tip in half, put 'blood' in it and closed it up. He went over to Peter Jackson (unaware of the gelatin tip) and said, "Boss, I've had an accident, look what happened". Jackson saw a small cut, but Davies bent the tip back and it split open, gushing. Nice.