Charlie's Angels

Revealing mistake: When the Angels are fighting the "Creepy Thin Man," right before Drew Barrymore lifts up Lucy Liu to spin her around and kick the thin man, to get Lucy's attention, Drew hollers out "Lucy!" even though Lucy Liu's character's name is "Alex."

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Factual error: Near the end of the film Knox is flying a Huey helicopter and the Angels hitch a ride by shooting it with a spear gun and dangling on the line behind it. Suddenly adding about 200kgs to a Huey in flight like that is going to cause all sorts of problems with the trim and airspeed of the aircraft - the pilot would know immediately that something was wrong.


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Suggested correction: Knox wasn't a trained pilot. Either he had no clue to what was going on, or he thought something may have been wrong, but didn't know what to do about it.

Utter crap. Taking off and landing a helicopter are by far the most intense and difficult part of a pilot's training. Seriously, 99% of learning to fly is learning how to land and take off. If the pilot is skilled enough to take off in a Huey he is easily skilled enough to notice a massive additional drag on his helicopter due to the additional weight of the angels and the air resistance put up by such a bulky protrusion on his aircraft. If he isn't skilled enough to notice that, he isn't skilled enough to take off in the first place. End of argument.

Factual error: I'm a helicopter pilot, and let me tell you that if the weight of my aircraft (somehow) goes up by say, 200 kgs - and the three Angels combined must weigh that much - in flight then I'm going to know about it. There isn't a single flight characteristic that wouldn't be drastically affected. How come the bad guy flying the Huey near the end of the film doesn't even notice?

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Suggested correction: He's probably not that good of a pilot so therefore doesn't notice.

Utter crap. Taking off and landing a helicopter are by far the most intense and difficult part of a pilot's training. Seriously, 99% of learning to fly is learning how to land and take off. If the pilot is skilled enough to take off in a Huey he is easily skilled enough to notice a massive additional drag on his helicopter due to the additional weight of the angels and the air resistance put up by such a bulky protrusion on his aircraft. If he isn't skilled enough to notice that, he isn't skilled enough to take off in the first place. End of argument.

Continuity mistake: The caravan is shot-up with machine guns - so why are the bullet holes (the metal of the caravan's walls) bending outwards?


Continuity mistake: Just after the explosion at the Angels' headquarters, Drew has soot all over her face, but in the final shot of her she's clean. Her hair's a lot neater too.


Continuity mistake: When Lucy Liu is climbing a rope up the walls of the bad guy's castle lair, you can clearly see that she is wearing shoes without heels. But later on when she's fighting various bad guys, she's wearing four-inch heels.


Deliberate mistake: When the girls all order their food at the drive through they get their food but never pay.


Continuity mistake: During the helicopter scene at the end, the rope as well as the clamps they used to pull themselves up on suddenly disappear from underneath it. It's visible in most of the close-ups underneath the helicopter, but missing in others.


Factual error: In the opening scene with the terrorist on the aeroplane, the LL Cool J character opens the hatch to the cabin and jumps out with the mad bomber. Pretty amazing considering aircraft doors open inward, requiring about two tons of force to overcome the air pressure exerted from inside the cabin.


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Continuity mistake: In the first pursuit of the Creepy Thin Man, at the party, the girls are running down the stairs while they change and begin to litter the stairwell with clothes. There's one wig dropped that's dark brown/black and straight. Though Lucy's hair at the party does appear shorter than her actual hair length, her hair is curled up at the ends, not straight like the dropped wig. So whose was it?


Plot hole: In the Redstar mainframe, we are told that the floor of the vault will trigger the alarm if it receives more than 0.25 seconds of contact (apparently even with the security checks). What would be the point of the bosses going through all of those security measures if they would just set the alarm off anyway? Surely once the girls have faked the fingerprint and retina scans, they don't then need to flip across the floor!


Continuity mistake: When Cameron Diaz is racing down with F-1, one of the cars flips and crashes. Notice that it's very obvious there's no-one in any of the cars, even though they're supposedly driving along the street, at traffic lights, etc.


Continuity mistake: When Natalie is in the room preparing to enter the chamber to install the device on RedStar's system, she is wearing a white outfit from head to toe with a small oxygen mouthpiece for breathing. However, when the door opens to the room and she begins her gymnastic flips over to the system, the outfit no longer covers her hair and the oxygen mouthpiece is gone. There doesn't appear to be a hood attached to the outfit.


Revealing mistake: When Drew is shot through the window, supposedly naked under the towel, you can see underwear when the shot is from below looking up, before she falls. As she falls down the hill, look closely and you can see the skin-tone suit she wears.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Angels are fighting on top of the tower, Lucy Liu and Crispin Glover do a spinning move. There is a close up on Lucy before she does the move and then in the next shot we see her and Crispin spinning out of the way. In the close up shot, we see her starting to spin to her right, but in the wide shot she's spinning to her left.


Visible crew/equipment: Right after the race car goes over the bridge the scene changes to the Angels' HQ & there is a close-up of the TV screen that they are watching. As the camera zooms out you can very clearly see the reflection in the TV of the cameraman backing away from the screen with his eye to camera.


Revealing mistake: When the Angels are picking through the wreckage of their headquarters, look at the only remaining wall - it's the thinnest wall you'll ever see.


Other mistake: At one stage the Angels speak with each other in a different language, so that the people sitting next to them wouldn't understand. Having listened to it for a few times, I realized it was Finnish. Funny though, the thing they actually said there (in Finnish), was totally different than the written translation.


Plot hole: When the girls found Knox in the room, they had to break down the door because it was bolted from inside. Now wouldn't that be suspicious? He's in a room where the only way out is through a door that was bolted from the inside...


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Continuity mistake: When the girls figure out that Knox is after Charlie, and Dylan thinks of the picture and they zoom in onto "Townsend." The shot before the final shot of the photograph shows Knox's father's arm around Charlie, when in all the other shots, he has his arms above his head.


Other mistake: As the girls learn about their assignment from Charlie, he shows them a film. The film shows Knox in a tree. His sweatshirt says "BOSTON" in white letters. It is backwards in that shot, and the scene following.


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Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Angel throws Lucy's "homemade" muffin: The first muffin actually broke through the door and you could see the depth and the cracks around the point of entry. When the girl comes through the same door, you can see the door no longer has a hole in it, just a fake muffin with adhesive attached to the door to look as if it had done so previously.


Revealing mistake: When the Angels are driving through a tunnel and decide to turn around to get to the marina, there are distinct skid marks the exact same way the girls U-turn. Evidence of previous takes.


Factual error: In the Indycar scene, both Cameron Diaz and Crispin Glover couldn't jump in their cars and drive off without help from the pit crews because CART cars don't have starters installed. The cars must be started manually from the back by one of the crew. Also, Indycars must be kept at a very high RPM or else they will stall out, so the quiet scene on the bridge wouldn't happen because both cars would have died. And without a crew member present, they couldn't get the cars restarted for the game of chicken.


Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, when Knoxx tracks down Charlie's phone call, Lucy Liu is up in the attic, trying to hack into the system that's locating Charlie. There's a satellite antenna right up in the attic, to which she connects her laptop. It's the same antenna Knoxx is using for the satellite uplink. It would be much easier to rip off the cables that connect Knoxx's computer to the Redstar satellites, wouldn't it?


Factual error: In the scene in which Dylan and Natalie are wearing their men's diguises to break into Redstar's secure area, Natalie wears contact lenses to pass the retinal scan. The retina is inside the eye, and could not be disguised by a lens over the front of the eye.


Factual error: When the Angels are chasing Creepy Thin Man down the alley, he turns and fires approximately 20 shots at them without reloading. The luger pistol has an 8 shot magazine.


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Continuity mistake: The shards in the broken window, from which Drew hangs with her sheet, look different after the repetition. In the original take it's made up of many more fragments than after the slow-motion.


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Continuity mistake: When the girls are at the race track, in one shot you can see Lucy Liu flashing a bit of cleavage (when she's wearing headphones). Then shortly afterwards she's behind Corwin's car, and she's got a relatively high collared black T-shirt on.


Factual error: At the end of the movie, the villain shoots a missile from his helicopter at a beach house. Just before he fires, Lucy Liu changes the missile (upon which she is sitting) from laser-guidance to heat-seeking, causing the missile to circle around and blow up the chopper. The heat-seeking missile would have locked onto the strong return from the beach, and not pursued a target that was behind it.


Continuity mistake: In the racing car sequence Natalie chases Creepy Thin Man. As they approach the bridge the sky's completely overcast, but when they're facing each other on it, it's suddenly clear blue sky. Then in different shots the sky changes.


Factual error: When the two are falling from the plane, they achieve terminal velocity or 125 miles per hour. The parachutist from the helicopter grabs the bad guy and pulls the cord opening the parachute, which means achieving 4Gs or weighing four times your normal weight as deceleration from 125 mph to 18 mph takes place under a second. There is no way that that Angel could have held on to someone weighing four times their normal weight.

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Factual error: The airplane they jump out of at the beginning would be travelling at cruising altitude where it is roughly -30 outside with a wind chill of -30 and -10 for travelling at terminal velocity. They do so without using the Extreme Cold Weather clothing that parachutists must use at this height due to the fact that any exposed skin would be frostbitten within seconds. Also they have no means of breathing the amount of oxygen that a human needs as they are too high up to get an adequate supply.

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Continuity mistake: In the finale when the girls are climbing up the helicopter, we see Cameron Diaz sitting down on the helicopter's leg. However, AFTER that scene, from a far shot of the helicopter, Cameron Diaz is still clinging on the leg, trying to climb it.


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Continuity mistake: At the beginning when the guy with the bomb and Drew Barrymore's character, in disguise, are falling out of the plane the guy with the bomb has it still strapped to his chest but after they land in the boat the vest has disappeared. It reappears a few moments later but then again disappears.


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Continuity mistake: When Lucy Liu is fighting the Thin Man in the tower, the bell falls. Soon afterwards he heads towards her, sword swinging, and we can see the bell again on the right.


Other mistake: During the five man fight sequence with Drew, she does a split kick in the air and "kicks" two guys, but her foot is clearly a good distance away from even grazing the guy on the right anywhere on his body.


Continuity mistake: After the two cars hit each other, and Crispin Glover's car is catapulted over the bridge, as his car falls, take a close look - there's no damage at all. Even though he skipped over Cameron Diaz's car rather than ploughed right into it, you'd expect there to be some indication...


Continuity mistake: In the first fight between the girls and the Thin Man, he grabs some red hair - we see him with it at the race track. However, towards the end of the film he's creeping up behind Lucy Liu and we see him with black hair. Now, the point is that at no point has he fought with Lucy Liu and grabbed her hair - yes, he fights with her AFTERWARDS and grabs some of her hair, but when we see him holding the black hair in the bell tower, he has it before he's had a chance to get any.


Audio problem: In the sequence where Natalie is saving Bosley and calling Pete, listen carefully. When Bosley warns her that there are thugs behind her, he says Dylan instead of Natalie.

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Suggested correction: I just watched the movie...he says Natalie.

Factual error: Given that the Angels are all about stopping crime and so on, is it not a bit reckless that they would just rip the door off a flying plane? Anyone not wearing a seatbelt would have been sucked out and killed, which would undoubtedly cause Charlie a spot of bother in law cases and so forth. Just a thought.


Visible crew/equipment: When the Angels first get to the island after jumping off the "chads" boat, there is a shot of all the Angels' backs and they are wearing silver shiny backpacks and in the middle backpack, there is a reflection of a cameraman.


Charlie's Angels mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: During the first 'Thin Man' fight scene with the girls, there is an aerial shot of the Thin Man as he jumps in the air. The back harness of the wires is visible.


Continuity mistake: After the Angels come out of the sea, they start walking towards a cave, dumping their rucksacks behind them and strip to their waists. Very attractive, and a dramatic view, but in the next shot they're crouched on the beach, getting equipment out of the backpacks they just dropped. If they needed stuff from out of them, why did they dump them and keep walking?


Continuity mistake: When Dylan jumps from the copter, she has her jacket unzipped, and you can see her yellow shirt underneath, but when the Angels get out of the water, her jacket is zipped up. It's not like she had time to zip it while being blown out of the sky and washing ashore unconscious.


Continuity mistake: At the start of the film just as Drew Barrymore in disguise drops down into the boat you see her disconnect her parachute from the straps around her body. However in the next shot you can see that the straps are gone. She never had time to remove them.


Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie you see Charlie walking down the beach, then looking back at presumably the Angels, at that time it's sunset. When it goes back to a shot of the Angels and Bosley, there's still a bright blue sky as if it were still the afternoon.


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Continuity mistake: The picture of the "Creepy Thin Man" changes from the original one to the one Cameron Diaz later holds in her hand.


Continuity mistake: In the start of the film Lucy Liu is jumping out of a helicopter with a black parachute rig on her back. In the next shot we see her tracking towards Drew Barrymore, notice the deployment system (BOC) in the bottom of her rig (blue plastic handle). In the next scene we are watching her from from the front and you can now see the deployment system has changed both colour to red and it is now "pull out" instead of BOC.


Plot hole: When the Angels rescue Knox, why is the light swinging above his head? He's tied to a chair, the Creepy Thin Man's obviously not been through, because there's no exit aside from the bolted way in, so what's moved it?


Jon Sandys Premium member

Revealing mistake: It's obvious when Alex runs to jump on the guys back to massage him that she actually just runs past the table.

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William Bergquist

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the girls are fighting the Creepy Thin Man, there is one shot where Dylan and Alex are about to kick him in the chest together. They start the kick both standing on their left legs and kicking with their rights, but when the kick connects to The Creepy Thin Man's chest, Alex is now standing on her right leg and kicking with her left.


Other mistake: When the agency blows up, the girls are thrown backwards by the blast you can see big pieces of debris flying outwards. However, NOTHING falls on the'd think that they would get hit by some of the debris, right?


Factual error: The California Speedway, which Charlie refers to by name, is inland in Los Angeles, and no closer than 30 miles from any ports (the bridge scene), and even further from the bridge in San Pedro that the crash scene is at.


Charlie's Angels mistake picture

Continuity mistake: As Lucy Liu is climbing up to the place Bosley has been kidnapped and brought to she is wearing a back pack. The first shot of her it is just a knapsack, then she has a large collapsible bow and arrow, far too large to fit in the pack. Where was it before?


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Continuity mistake: In the scene on the plane at the beginning, just before the bomber speaks, a stewardess passes in front of the camera. It's obviously to cover a cut - after she's passed, the amount of sun visible on the seats changes, the two women behind are closer to the camera, and the nun's looking the other way.


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Continuity mistake: When Cameron Diaz throws the muffin at the door, it is sitting up normally and in the door fully. However, when Bill Murray enters, the muffin is only half way in and on an angle.


Continuity mistake: When the Angels are driving in the tunnel, before they make a U turn they stop the car and cause a terrible traffic jam behind them. When the car has turned around, camera changes angles and the lane that was jammed with cars is now completely empty.


Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: When the Angels are describing how to break into the computer vault, they show the first guy putting his left hand up to the reader to gain entry. When Dylan (Drew's character) puts her hand up later on to gain entry when they're actually breaking in, it's also her left hand. But when they lift the prints from the beer bottle in the restaurant, he clearly lifts the bottle with his right hand, takes a drink, then puts the bottle down, never touching it with his left. This same mistake is repeated when they show Dylan looking at the fake hand being created and lifting up out of the goo - it's a right hand that pops up (even though Dylan correctly flexes and looks at her left hand as she admires her work).


Plot hole: In the scene where Cameron Diaz is gaining entry to the Redstar mainframe, she wears a white suit to remain "undetected" in the antechamber. And then, she opens the door into a dark room, meaning that the security camera will spot the door opening if not the person opening it. Whats the point of wearing a white suit to hide from a camera, if the door opening will show up anyway?


Revealing mistake: In the F1 chase scene Thin Man causes one car to fly in the air and when it finally lands on a station wagon in the middle of the road you can see no one is in the car.

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Continuity mistake: At the race track, when Dylan jumps into the chauffeur's car, she says, "It's hot out there". A couple of scenes later, we see Creepy Thin Man rubbing a piece of Dylan's hair on his face, and breathing heavily. Look closely, and you can see fog coming out of his mouth. As we all know, that only happens when it's cold.

00:29:55 - 00:31:35

Revealing mistake: The opening shot of the film shows a Cigarette boat racing across the water at great speed. The following shot is of the girls driving the boat. The wake only trails back a hundred feet or so.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Drew Barrymore takes off her LL Cool J mask, you can see he had dark brown eyes before she takes the mask off. After she takes off the mask and flips her hair, her eyes are green. She obviously would have had to have worn dark brown contact lenses with the disguise, but there's no shot of her removing them.


Visible crew/equipment: When Alex and Dylan are climbing the fence to get into the caged area with Creepy Thin Man and Natalie, you can see that Alex is wearing elbow pads.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Alex is massaging Corwin, as she runs to jump on his back, she is running alongside him and then she jumps. It then cuts to her just jumping on his back.

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Continuity mistake: In the party scene, when Bosley is talking to the president of Red star he is offered blowfish (1 in sixty chance of death etc.) when the dish is first brought out there is nothing on it - but when Bosley takes one he pulls saran wrap off of the dish.


Factual error: Any trained scuba diver knows you don't wear your mask on your forehead, it is seen as a sign of distress.


Factual error: At the beginning, a man says, "Thank You" and then something like, "dor je." The closed captions say it's Japanese, but it's really Chinese.

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Continuity mistake: How did all three Angels manage to get blown through Alex's grey car's window? Not only did Natalie park her red car in front of the grey car, but her car disappears totally before they are all blown backwards by the building explosion into the grey one.


Factual error: When the girl fell from the building naked, those two boys were playing a playstation game - Final Fantasy 8. A two-player option wasn't introduced until the next game in the franchise, how come both of them are playing it at the same time? And they're just randomly hitting the buttons...

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Revealing mistake: When the Creepy Thin Man's shooting at the Angels, Lucy Liu ducks behind a wall, and we see a bullet impact just above her head out of shot. When Thin Man runs out of bullets, Lucy peeks round the corner, and poking down from the top of the screen is what looks suspiciously like a wire from the explosive used to generate the bullet hit.


Jon Sandys Premium member

Visible crew/equipment: Just at the start of the fight in the alley with the Creepy Thin Man and the Angels, he charges them and is booted into the air. As he comes back down, Dylan and Alex kick him, but watch above Creepy Thin Man when they do. It shows a mid-chest level view looking up at Thin Man of their kicks hitting his collarbone. You can see the entire exposed ceiling of the stage they're shooting the scene on. It's supposed to be an open night sky in the alley.


Continuity mistake: Drew's car is parked at an angle when she looks back at Chad before jumping in the car, but then when skidding out she's straight as an arrow.


Revealing mistake: In the first fight scene with Creepy Thin Man, there's a slow motion shot in where Natalie is jumping to kick him. If you look closely at the face of the Creepy Thin Man you can see that he actually is the stuntman.


Revealing mistake: When Dylan gets shot through the window by Knox, the scene is then rewound and replayed in slow motion. The playback of the speech and video seems to be at normal speed with just the pitch lowered, although the Marvin Gaye song in the background is accurately slowed down. In the same shot when it cuts to Bullet Time, immediately after firing the gun, Knox blinks. We see his eyes close, then open while the bullet has traveled a mere 4 inches from the barrel. Assuming the bullet is travelling at over 1000 feet per second, Knox is not only quick on the trigger, but has the fastest eyes as well.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Alex spots the Thin Man for the first time, we see Dylan wearing opened toe heels. As soon as they are in the stairwell, they seem to become boots. I don't know about you but I can't change my shoes while running.


Continuity mistake: In the party scene, Tim Curry and Bill Murray are talking and a waitress comes up to them. In the first shot she is in front of them both and in the next she is suddenly behind Tim.


Audio problem: In the scene where Lucy is transferring appointments from Corwin's palm pilot, she says "I got a schedule." When she says this, you can see her reflection, and her mouth doesn't move when she says this.


Factual error: The bird that forms a major plot point is not a pygmy nuthatch, which looks completely different than the bird shown (an oriole, if I remember correctly). Also, pygmy nuthatches definitely aren't only found in that area of California (which was another major point made in the movie). They're actually found lots of places in the west and central US. Finally, pygmy nuthatches don't have a song anything remotely like the one that forms the rest of that plot point. Not a major mistake for most people, just for birders!


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Tom Green's character is giving the Angels a ride in the boat, look behind the boat and you will see that the "frothy" ocean water churned up by the propellers only goes back a very short distance. The boat was obviously sitting in one place (drifting, actually) for a period of time and only started moving immediately before they started filming.


Continuity mistake: When they are driving in the Ferrari 360, if you look at the lanes, they are driving on the correct and oncoming lanes.

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Other mistake: When Knox shoots at Dylan/the glass, if you look closely, you can see the first shot hits the glass just past the left side of her head (on the viewer's right) but when they slow mo it down, suddenly the bullet is on the left side and shoots the glass just above her right shoulder as she propels herself back.

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Continuity mistake: When Bosley is in the dungeon towards the end of the movie he is seen ripping his sheet to shreds trying to make a rope. If you look in the window where he throws his rope there is light coming in from outside - not necessarily daylight, but a floodlight or similar. From outside though, the wall is pitch black, with no light coming from the room either.


Continuity mistake: In the last scene with the tugboat you can see the wake starting a few hundred meters behind the boat, even though it is supposed to have been sailing for a while.

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Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: In the car chase scene, when the red Ford Taurus flies into the air and flips, in one shot its a 96-97 model, in another shot it becomes a 98-99 model (grille is different).

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Other mistake: At the beginning of the movie the bomb is revealed to have 58 seconds left, but actually explodes after about 68 seconds.

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