Halloween: Resurrection

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Other mistake: After Michael kills Laurie at the beginning, he hands the knife to the inmate with the clown mask. The next kill is the cameraman for which he uses the tripod ends. A few scenes later they show Michael standing holding a knife with fresh blood on it. He hasn't killed anybody with this knife yet so where did the blood come from?

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Plot hole: When the first security guard, who stayed back to get something to eat, hears something in the laundry room, he walks over to the washing machine where he finds the head of the other security guard inside. He turns around screaming and trips over the security guard's body on the ground with no head. Wouldn't he notice the dead body on the ground when he first entered the room?

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Continuity mistake: When Donna puts her shirt on after messing with Jim, she doesn't put her bra on. After Michael kills her, her bra is back on.

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Audio problem: When Myles is at the party in the office checking out the web broadcast, a guy and a girl bust in and intend to have sex there. What we hear the guy say doesn't match up with his mouth movements.

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Plot hole: When Bill is being murdered he is screaming yet no one is able to hear him. The house is quite small and his screams would most definitely be in earshot.

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Continuity mistake: When at his house, the first crew member Michael kicks with a camera. He puts that camera on the ground, tripod closed and laying down. When the people first walk into the house they switch to a camera view that's up the stairs and you can see that the camera that was laying on the floor is now propped up against the wall.

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Continuity mistake: Freddie is stabbed rather harshly on the shoulder but there is no blood anywhere on his shirt or anywhere near his wound.

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Factual error: The bandages for Freddie's stab wounds are on top of his shirt. If he were really stabbed severely three times on the shoulder, the paramedics would have at least make him take off his shirt to better dress the wound. Freddie didn't even take off his jacket!

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Visible crew/equipment: At the beginning, when Michael kills the first security guard in the basement, just before he dispatches the second one, you can see a crew member's arm reflected in a window hitting the light shade to keep it swinging.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene when Sara is looking through the bedroom closet the mannequin with the mask on falls on her and the head falls off but when Rudy comes in and lifts the mannequin back up the head is attached onto it.


Plot hole: The nurse mentions that Laurie Strode is a potential suicide risk. With that risk, added to her mentioned escape attempts and being found on a rooftop, as well as being the prime target of a serial killer still on the loose, shouldn't she be under 24 hour protective watch?

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Continuity mistake: At the party, when someone screams out to turn the volume down, right behind the kid that plays Decker is a blonde haired boy with a red smoking jacket. It then cuts back to inside the Myers' house for a few minutes. When it cuts back to the party that same blonde haired boy just walks in as if he wasn't in there before, asking what they are watching.

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Plot hole: In the flashbacks to Michael's escape in H20, why did they send one lonely paramedic in to get him? Not only that, Michael was able to promptly switch outfits with him, place him in his spot, and exit the scene before anyone else entered the room. In H20, the place was swarming with police and paramedics.

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Continuity mistake: When it flashes back to how Michael Myers survived the end of H20, we see the paramedic that he subdues and switches places with. That paramedic had a bit of a stomach on him, yet the figure of Michael Myers throughout the rest of H20 after the switch remains the same as the real Myers. [A side note: Halloween H20 WAS intended to be the absolute final film, but popular demand forced a return and obviously they needed a scapegoat excuse to bring Myers back. Still...]

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Audio problem: When Donna runs into Michael in the sewer, she screams, but we hear the words, "Oh, shit."

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Audio problem: Take note of when Michael Myers brandishes his knife. Any time the knife is shown, an audible, metallic 'SHHHING!' is heard, as though the weapon is being pulled out of a sheath or scabbard. Even when the knife is being held still, the sound effect is still heard. It gets to the point of being almost comical.

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Visible crew/equipment: When you see Freddy's black Voyager parked outside, a green Jeep passes by the car. If you look carefully at the reflection there is a large,high ceiling of a warehouse stage set.


Revealing mistake: When Jen is decapitated, its blatantly obvious its a fake body.

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Continuity mistake: In the first Halloween the kitchen of the Myers house is to the right of the back of the house, but in this one it's to the left.

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Continuity mistake: The blonde girl has very thick black roots. She is decapitated. When Michael throws her head down the stairs, she is perfectly blonde, no black roots.

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Continuity mistake: When Michael Myers is walking towards his sister's room at the mental ward, the camera shot is behind him, as he holds his knife by his side. The camera angle changes to his front, and now the blade is at his front.

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Audio problem: When Harold is talking about Michael's past, his lips are not moving as he says that Michael killed three nurses and a paramedic.

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Revealing mistake: When you see Freddy's car parked outside the Myers' house when the trunk is open,you can easily tell that the background is artificially created and there is a wall at the side with painted clouds.


Revealing mistake: When Jen has her head cut off, the cord to the camera would be severed too, yet it is still broadcasting when her decapitated head is lying at the bottom of the stairs.

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Continuity mistake: When you see Sara driving up the school path on her moped you see a lonely girl sitting on a bench and when it changes to the next shot she is gone.

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Revealing mistake: After the hallway camera cuts out, it eventually comes back on the computer screen that Deckard is looking at. If you look at the landing and the stairway, the picture is reversed.


Continuity mistake: When Freddy arrives at the Myers' house the sliding door at the side of the car is left open but after Sara sees Michael Myers at the window the door is shut.


Continuity mistake: After Sara runs out of Michael Myers' bedroom window, he slices the bottom of her leg. But when she climbs up the roof there are no wounds.


Continuity mistake: In the end, when Busta Rhymes is smashed into the wall, his dreads are really a mess. Next shot his dreads are neat. And the 3rd shot of Busta, his dreads are a mess again.

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Plot hole: What exactly was Laurie Strode's plan in the teaser, when she strung Michael up over the edge of the roof. From the way she starts cutting the rope it looks like she plans to drop him, but she's seen him survive a 2-storey fall before, in the original Halloween, not to mention multiple stab wounds in H20. A fall off the roof into bushes would barely phase Michael.

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Other mistake: This is a timing mistake. In the beginning of the movie, when Michael kills the first security guard, he stuffs his head in the washer. The second security guard was in the room within 30 seconds. There is no way that Michael had time to cut this guys head off, stuff it in the washing machine, turn it on, and hide before the second guard got there.

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Plot hole: When Michael kills Rudy all of his knives are now gone but when he chases Sara around the house he has another knife with blood on it. Where did he get the other knife from?


Continuity mistake: When Sara is hiding in the garage she throws the chainsaw at Michael Myers and he manages to keep standing up but after Sara falls on the floor with the electrical circuits on top of her you see Michael Myers lying flat on the floor.


Continuity mistake: In the scene when Rudy has the last last knife stabbed through him about fifteen centimeters of the blade go through the other side of the door. About fifteen seconds later from the fitted camera view you see Michael open the door and Rudy has a large, thick padding on his back. There is no way the knife could have gone that far through the other side of the door if the padding would have been that thick.


Continuity mistake: After Deckard receives the e-mail on his computer he writes about three lines below but about five seconds later when you see the computer screen he is just beginning the sentence on the first line.


Revealing mistake: When Dr Mixter is talking about Carl Jung in the classroom the camera pans over the students and if you look at the blonde girl with the pink sweater on she stares at the camera for about a second.


Factual error: Katee Sackhoff's name is misspelled "Katee Sachoff" in the opening credits.

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Continuity mistake: When the six enter the Myers' house outside you see Sara walk through the doorway and nearly reaching the stairs but about five seconds later she is just entering the doorway.


Continuity mistake: When Nora is making her coffee from the machine you can see most of the computer screens. If you look at the one with Charlie on it you can see him walk backwards with the tripod leg pointing at him, but in the next shot,when you see the screen close up, he is kneeling down, Michael Myers catches his attention and then he stands up.


Plot hole: At the end of the movie, the fire department and paramedics arrive just after the house has been set on fire. Yet, as the focus shifts to the outside view, the house has burned all the way down (which takes a couple of hours) and the paramedics STILL have not gotten around to sending Sara and Freddy away for questioning or hospital or the like.

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Continuity mistake: At the start of the film after the crazy guy is pushed out of the room Sara says, 'I just need to send a quick e-mail.', and when you see her type it in there is a really long word or sentence on the screen but in the next shot close up there is just the word 'Deckard'.


Continuity mistake: When you see Sara riding her moped up on the road on the way to the meeting with Freddy the sky is blue and dark but when you see her enter the door to the room you can see in the background sunlight coming in from the windows onto the walls.


Continuity mistake: When Bill and Jen go into Judith Myers's room, there is a camera angle from Michael Myers's view. There are two lit candles on Judith's dressing table where Jen is sitting, but in the next shot, Jen lights both of the candles.


Factual error: As we see in some of this series, Michael pins his victims to the wall with butcher knives. A kitchen knife isn't capable of holding a person's body weight pinned to a wall.

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Continuity mistake: Sara slips and falls in a puddle of blood. When she gets up, her hands are all bloody. When she goes over and tries to open a door, they are clean.



Continuity mistake: Just before Jen gets her head sliced off, Michael Myers raises the knife and you can see on the knife there is no blood on it, even after killing Bill with it.


Continuity mistake: When the third knife is stabbed through Rudy you see it come out of the other side of the door but you don't see any of the other two knives below it.


Visible crew/equipment: When Michael Myers enters Harold's room at the institution and hands over the knife Harold says, "Michael Myers". If you look carefully on the wall on his right you can see shadows of camera equipment and wiring and also when he is walking past the window you can see a reflection of a camera.


Character mistake: When Harold is recalling Michael's 'credentials', he refers to Hilcrest academy, claiming that Michael killed four students. However, Michael only killed two; Sarah and Charlie.

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Audio problem: When Freddy is watching Fist Of Fury he hears the doorbell and says something as he turns his head, but his mouth doesn't move.

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Audio problem: After Michael is hung by the camera cord Sara receives a message from her palm pilot saying, 'HE'S STILL ALIVE'. The palm pilot beeped before she got the message.


Plot hole: When the guard sees Michael on the security camera, why does he think it's Harold? Did he all of a sudden change into coveralls and gain access to a large knife?

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Continuity mistake: After Sara and Freddy walk down the stairs after Michael Myers is hung, the curtain on the door behind Sara changes between shots, even when they peek through it.

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Factual error: Michael Myers stabs the first two knives through Rudy - they are very small and not very strong knives, but they manage to hold Rudy's weight upon the door.


Continuity mistake: When Jen's head is on the floor you see the view from her attached camera is facing Sara, Rudy and Jim but when you see Jen's head on the floor the camera is in a position where it is facing straight at the floor.


Continuity mistake: When Michael first gets his head cut off by Laurie the eyes of the severed head are clearly wide open. (in H20 and in flashback scene) Then when they remove the mask from the head, not only is the mask suddenly and noticeably different, but the eyes are now closed.

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Continuity mistake: When Rudy is in the kitchen, he tries to open a door but it's locked. After Michael pins him to that same door, he opens it right up and walks through.

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Continuity mistake: In the garage, Sara falls into a cart with equipment on it. It tips over easily yet the equipment lands on Sara's leg and she's unable to move.

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Factual error: School emails are .edu, not .org.

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Revealing mistake: At the start after the main title appears you can see the outside of Haddonfield University and you can easily tell that the building is a digital composition.


Other mistake: When Freddy and Sara walk down the stairs after hanging Michael Myers with the camera cord, neither of them notices Jen's head lying on the floor. You'd think that they'd react in some way to this.


Continuity mistake: When Bill talks to himself in the mirror Michael bursts through the wall and grabs him but after you see the quick scene with Freddy and Nora having their glasses of wine Michael is completely out of the wall when he stabs him.


Continuity mistake: When Freddy enters the kitchen dressed up as Michael Myers, he has a knife in his hand. Moments later, you see him yell at the real Michael Myers. Freddy has no knife in his hands and you didn't hear or see him put it down.

00:51:00 - 00:52:30

Continuity mistake: Halfway through the film, we see Michael Myers walk into a room immediately followed by another Myers. Both are dressed nearly identically in a blue jumpsuit. But as soon as the first one turns around and we learn it's actually Freddie, the shot changes to Michael and back to him and he's wearing his jean jacket, seen in the rest of the movie.

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Visible crew/equipment: At the end of the film one of the news reporters asks how Freddy is feeling at the moment - when he says this you can see a black object covering half of the screen.


Continuity mistake: When Michael Myers has Sara cornered, he rotates the knife in his hand so the blade is pointed down. After being knocked backward by Freddie, Michael advances forward and once again rotates the knife to point the blade down, yet he never changed it back.

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Plot hole: Bill was killed in Judith Myers' bedroom, but his body was discovered on the stepladder leading to the attic. Wouldn't there be a noticeable trail of blood leading from the bedroom to the attic? Michael might hide bodies but he doesn't clean up after himself.

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Continuity mistake: Near the end of the film, Deckard is communicating to Sara's handheld device where Michael Myers is in the house. When Deckard tells Sara to "GO NOW!", the text has changed from small digital text to large bold font and the screen has changed from green to white, similar to a large PC monitor.

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Continuity mistake: Freddie has all the cameras cut when they find out he's a fake Michael Myers. When the kids complain to Deckard about it suddenly going offline, they tell him to bring it back. Deckard types at a fast rate, yet not only is there no dialogue box for text to be typed in, the screen remains the same.

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Continuity mistake: At the Myers house when the guy with the black jacket is lighting a candle he uses his right hand then the left.

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Revealing mistake: In the H20 flashback when Laurie cuts the head there is no blood from it.

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Plot hole: Considering the fact that there are neighbors all around the Myers' house, no one hears them screaming or anything? Also, when Sarah is on the roof, why doesn't she scream for help?

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Suggested correction: Prior to the night in question, the production team would have spent considerable time setting things up, which may have included speaking to the neighbours. There's also a van with the website's logo on it right outside that dropped off the people for the show. Finally, it's Halloween, so the neighbours most likely thought it was all scripted.


Other mistake: When Donna is in the basement by herself, she sees a picture of Laurie cut out of a newspaper. This is a picture of her from Halloween (1978) when she was waiting for Annie to pick her up. So where did it come from?

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Continuity mistake: In the garage Sara falls down and a piece of electronic equipment lands on her. She acts like it's so heavy that it has her unable to move. Yet when Freddy comes to her aid, right before he lifts it off, Sara starts to get up on her own.

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Continuity mistake: Nora picks up her phone twice before she makes the call to Freddy in the garage, whilst Charlie is getting killed.

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Continuity mistake: After Sara receives a message saying that Michael Myers is still alive on her palm pilot Michael Myers stabs Freddy in his left shoulder but when it cuts to the close ups of the blade in his shoulder it is in his right shoulder.


Continuity mistake: When Sara is riding up the school pathway on her moped,beside her you see a boy pulling his bike along approaching his friends and he is about half a meter away but in the next shot the boy with the bike is about two meters away from his friends.


Audio problem: At the start, Sara is driving her moped at the school. Jen arrives and asks, 'Guess what?' Then she says, 'We gotta find Rudy. Come on.' When she says 'Come on,' her mouth doesn't move.


Continuity mistake: After Willie sees his partner's head in the washing machine, he panics and walks backwards. He trips over the dead body of his partner, he falls over his body and his arms are straightened out, but when you see him next his arms are straight against his waist and hips.


Continuity mistake: When you see Freddy being interviewed you see Nora watching him on the TV, the camera is at a reverse angle and you see that her hand is somewhere round her face and her head tilts but in the very next shot,she doesn't have her hand near her face and also her head is completely still.


Continuity mistake: In the scene after the fake skeleton breaks through the wall Donna puts her mahogany coloured top back on. In a few seconds she kneels down to pick up her camera equipment from the floor without anything with her, but seconds later, when she grabs her camera gear, she has the small camera attached to her ear.


Visible crew/equipment: When you see the two women at the mental institution, the camera angle is at their backs, the woman on the left is curious about Michael Myers. Before the other says that she decapitated a man, you see down the end of the hallway a man kneeling down, possibly a crew member. In the next shots of the hallway, he is gone.


Continuity mistake: When Jenny is about to take her top off, in the close up you see that the shirt is lifted halfway up from her bra. In the very next shot when the camera is over Bill's shoulder, her shirt is only lifted a few centimeters below her bra.


Continuity mistake: We see countless times that there is a wooded area behind the Myers home (especially after the house burns down, it is seen more clearly). But in the other films, the Myers home is in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Behind his house would be the back of another house.

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Plot hole: It was impossible for Michael to get the mask from the paramedic's head or get another one exactly like the original.

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Plot hole: When Busta Rhymes says "Cut the camera. Cut the camera" when he is attacked by the kids. Who is turning all of the cameras off at once? Prior to that scene, he runs into the real Michael Myers and has him go into the garage with Nora to "help her ass out." If he did, then I doubt she would be able to turn it off and on.

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Continuity mistake: When we see Michael in the flashback with the security guard, he has on his mask from this movie, when it should be the Halloween H2O mask.

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Continuity mistake: Jen's head lands at the bottom of the stairs. Later on in different scenes of the movie, it's obviously not there anymore because of all the running around downstairs and upstairs. Yet it's conveniently where it landed the first time because we see it on the monitor in the garage.

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Continuity mistake: When Michael pins Rudy to the door, he uses the two knives that Rudy had in each hand. One of the knives goes clear through the door and out the other side. Michael then gets another knife from the drawer and it too goes through the other side, but the first knife that went through is now gone.

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Visible crew/equipment: When the contestants are on the Myers porch, putting on their cameras, a webcam shot reveals a large portion of the soundstage the house was built in.


Continuity mistake: In wide shots of Deckard at his computer, the image on the monitor shows a basic white page with black and blue lettering. In close-up shots of the monitor, the image is much more detailed, showing a colorful college chat page.


Audio problem: After Donna is killed you can hear her still screaming.

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Visible crew/equipment: Just after the garage has burnt down the police arrive and if you look very closely on the windshield of the first you can faintly see a camera crane lowering down.


Plot hole: After Freddy kicks Michael Myers out of the window he is caught up on the camera cord outside of Judith Myers' room, which is facing the front of the house. However, when Freddy and Sara leave her room they come from the opposite side to where her bedroom is, which is the side of the house.


Continuity mistake: When the garage sets on fire Freddy bursts through the door and the camera angle is over Michael Myers' shoulder and he lowers his knife in his hand and then in the next shot when you see him staring at Freddy he lowers his knife again.


Continuity mistake: After Charlie gets his neck impaled by the tripod leg he is dragged along the floor with his hands up to his neck and then they go above his head but next when you see Nora on the phone to Freddy the screen behind her has Charlie with his hands on his neck again.


Continuity mistake: When all of the six are around the table lighting the candles, you can see Jen shine her torch up to her face, but in the next shot with the four way split screen, her torch is not lit.


Continuity mistake: When Freddy pours the wine into the glasses with Nora, the screen behind him has a lantern held by Bill. Next, when Michael Myers breaks through the mirror Bill is struggling in agony, and in the next shot when you see the screen behind Freddy, the motions are the same as it was twenty seconds ago.


Audio problem: When Sara enters the large room with the meeting with Freddy, Jen comes up to her and says 'Sara,' but her mouth doesn't move.


Continuity mistake: The second after Jen gets her head sliced off you see her body is still standing but in the next shot when you see her head rolling down the stairs her body is laying flat on the landing.


Continuity mistake: When Jen and Bill are walking up the stairs on their way to Judith Myers' room, Jen accidentally trips and breaks a step halfway up the stairs. After she says, 'Hands off,Bud,' she walks away from him about two steps, but in the next shot she is only three steps away from the top.


Revealing mistake: When Deckard and his friend are in his bedroom on the computer you see a window beside him and outside you can see that there are painted clouds on a wall.


Continuity mistake: When you see Donna, Jim and Rudy approaching the house to get ready you see that they are the only ones on that side of the house. You can tell because the wall is on their left side, but in the next shot you also see Bill on the same side. Where did he come from?


Continuity mistake: After Willie trips over his beheaded partner his torch is in his left hand but after Michael Myers slices his throat and falls down his torch is in his right hand.


Continuity mistake: When Deckard is at the party he goes up to the opening doors and tries to sneak in. Inside you can just see a lamp and a few bronze pots on the floor but when he enters the room you can see lots and lots of furniture and objects in the room.


Continuity mistake: At the end when the garage is on fire Freddy shouts out, 'Happy F*****g Halloween', and when you see Michael caught up in the wires there are hardly any on his left side but when you see him from the camera there is a whole load of them surrounding him.


Continuity mistake: When Michael Myers stabs the first two knives into Rudy and it goes through the door he gets the other one out of the drawer which is about three meters away but when he actually takes it out of the drawer and stabs it through him the drawer is like fifty centimeters away.


Visible crew/equipment: Near the very end when Sara is walking through the tunnel in the house, the camera angle is in front of her. To the right, just for a split second, you can see someone's hand moving down very quickly.


Continuity mistake: Near the end, Sara tied a camera cord round Michael Myers's neck. Then, he throws Sara onto the bed and breaks the wooden panel beneath it. In the next second, you see it again completely undamaged.


Continuity mistake: When there is a four-way split-screen while they enter the house, the top-left, the bottom-left, and the top-right don't match properly.


Revealing mistake: Freddy's car is parked outside Michael Myers' house twice. First, when the trunk is open with the adapted machine and then he parks on the other side of the road after Charlie gets killed.

00:27:15 - 00:30:00

Continuity mistake: After Sara sees the reflection of Michael Myers in the mirror, Jen is beside her. Jen turns her head to Donna when Donna says, 'The bogeyman?' In the next shot, Jen turns her head again.


Continuity mistake: At the start just after Willy sees his partner's head in the washing machine, he gets his throat cut and there is blood all over the knife. Later on when Michael is approaching Laurie's room, his knife just has blood on the tip, only halfway up the blade.

00:09:35 - 00:10:20

Continuity mistake: When Sara gets locked in the closet after the mannequin falls on her, we see Rudy's fist bust through the closet door, as if there were no other way it. In the next shot, the closet doors are wide open.

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Factual error: The rat that Michael Myers supposedly ate that the redhead touched was able to move and squeak despite its lungs being torn out of its body.

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Continuity mistake: Throughout this entire film, the interiors of the Myers' house are huge, compared to the small two story frame house exterior.

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Audio problem: At the very end of the film Sara wants the fireman to open the bodybag with Michael Myers in it. When he does Freddy says,'Uh oh.', and as he says this the words do not match up with his mouth movements.


Continuity mistake: When Sara escapes out of Michael Myers' bedroom window she looks over to the garage and when you see the crowd at the party and there are about thirty people but in a span of 30 seconds there are about twice as many in the room.

01:06:35 - 01:07:05

Continuity mistake: When Freddy rendezvous with the gang, Jen's hair when she is applauding at the back is tied in two scruffy bunches sticking out. A couple of seconds later, she has only one bunch tied. From then on, it is tied in two bunches.


Continuity mistake: When Michael Myers is holding the tripod to impale the crewman, the length of the sharpened end changes in length and shape numerous times. First, it's wider and smaller. Then it's slightly longer and narrower. And when it's finally through the victim, it's long enough to go through the neck and into the adjacent wall.

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Continuity mistake: When you see Deckard is in his room with his friend the second time Deckard is relaxed,leant back on his chair with his cheek resting on his fist but in the very next shot he is typing on his computer.


Continuity mistake: Within a few minutes after entering Michael Myers' house Sara and Rudy go into the kitchen. Sara opens the door and a baby-chair fold out quickly, afterwards when they all take a look at it, there are no hinges or screws, etc. to make it flip open.


Continuity mistake: When Michael is walking towards Laurie's room in the sanitarium, the window on the door is yellow as if a light is on in the room. Then in the next shot it is blue as if a light was not on.

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Revealing mistake: At the end of the film the garage is on fire and just before Freddy bursts through the door, there is a really quick close up shot of Deckard kicking down the door.


Continuity mistake: In one of the last scenes where Sara Moyer has a blanket around her shoulders. She has her palm pilot in her hand and she has just received a message from Berman saying that he can see her on the news. The very next second after reading that entry you can here the palm pilot shut so you know she a has closed it. Then the very next shot you can actually see her shut the palm pilot.

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