Character mistake: Bud states there are 385 days in the year and the scientist agrees. (00:26:15)

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Suggested correction: She is obviously frustrated with his stupidity at the time and just wants to get rid of him.

Greg Dwyer

Continuity mistake: As the professor is showing Bud and Doyle around the Bio-Dome he takes them onto a raised platform. From the wide shot we see that his scarf is not on properly and is draped over one shoulder and hanging down his back. In the close up shot as he turns round, it is back on properly.

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Bud: 'Scuse me miss. Are you tired?
Mimi: What?
Bud: Are you tired?
Mimi: No. Why?
Bud: 'Cause you've been running through my mind all day.

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Trivia: During the scene where everyone is sitting in a circle giving each other massages, we can see the band 'Tenatious D' (Jack Black's band) in the background.

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