No Retreat, No Surrender

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jason's dad is bar tender pouring a beer for a customer. The level of the beer in the glass and the head size of the beer changes at least four times by the time he reaches the pool table. (00:59:10 - 00:59:50)

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Continuity mistake: When Jason is trying to kick a sandbag whilst one leg is suspended in a noose, the sand bag starts the scene about waist high, then is hoisted to the ceiling by Bruce Lee. Jason succeeds in hitting the bag in the next shot, but the bag is back at waist height.

Continuity mistake: In the tournament at the end of the movie, when Dean and Ivan meet in the center of the ring before the match, we can see that Ivan's stance has his back to our view. However, when the shot sweeps over the crowd and judges, and then back to Dean and Ivan, we can see that Ivan is now facing us.

Continuity mistake: in the scene where Jason does his own training by kicking and dodging the moving sandbags hanging down, he finishes by kicking each bag individually. Look closely - one of the bags is only being held together by a thread, so when Jason kicks it, the bag splits open quite easly.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Bruce Lee is teaching Jason how to kick while his other foot is being held in a noose, Jason is wearing a grey jumper and black pants, however a shot is shown of Jason tightening the noose around his ankle while wearing a yellow tank top and a wrist band. Cut back to Jason and Bruce talking and not only is Jason wearing his grey top again but the noose has somehow managed to loosen itself.

Continuity mistake: This mistake is in the scene where Jason finally manages to kick the sandbag with his foot in the noose. Before Jason performs the kick, there is a clear knot in the rope, however, in the slow motion shot, the rope is not knotted. Afterwards, the knot is back.

Continuity mistake: When RJ sits on Jason's midriff he is eating a Popsicle with chocolate on it but in the next shot the chocolate its completely gone.


Continuity mistake: When Jason and RJ are putting the wood horse on the floor and drinking the coke Jason's legs change position between shots.


Continuity mistake: When Scott bullies RJ outside the burger place, Scott is in one side of the table and is kicked by RJ in the stomach, RJ falls to the floor and in the next shot Scott is now beside him.


Continuity mistake: After Kelly's party Jason gets to his home and his dad yells him about fighting then gets to the garage and drops just some magazines and rips out the Bruce lee's poster but in the open view you can see several things on the floor.


Continuity mistake: Scott wets only a small part of RJ's shirt with the hose, but when he gets to Jason's place the whole shirt is wet.


Continuity mistake: When Scott is using the hose he is sitting on a chair with his house in the background. In the next shot the house is gone and there are some trees. The his dad yells at him and the house is back again.


Continuity mistake: Just when Jason gets to Seattle and is playing with the punch bag, 3 wood pieces fall to the floor, then Jason sets one in it's place but in the next shot the one in the middle is back in place by itself.


Revealing mistake: At the beginning, when Ivan and the two New York businessmen approach the school, the three are seen through a window from inside the school. If you pay close attention to the reflection of the students in the window, you can see that they are in no way doing anything related to what is being heard inside the school. After the class is dismissed and starts to leave, we see Ivan and the two businessmen begin to enter the school, and if you look in the window, the class is still going hard.

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Ivan: So it is you, son, is it not?
Jason Stillwell: But this time it will be different. Russian.

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