Jawbreaker (1999)

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Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Julie finds out that the card her, Courtney and Marcy had made for Liz the previous year now has a voice recording of Courtney saying "I killed Liz, I killed the teen dream, deal with it." Which they continue to use against Courtney at prom. However, when Courtney actually says this in the beginning when they are making her look like she was raped, no one is holding the card, Julie put it down beforehand, because in the shot after she says it, Julie is not holding the card anymore.

Correction: Courtney was actually holding the card when she spoke those words.

Corrected entry: When the girls are standing in the doorway of Liz's bedroom, talking to Fern (she had stopped by to drop off Liz's homework assignments), Courtney thrusts out her arm, stopping Julie as she steps forward. Here, her strap falls down to her shoulder. The shot switches to Fren, then back to Julie, her strap is back on her shoulder, as if it had never moved.

Correction: I'm watching the movie now and her bra strap never fell.

Corrected entry: When Julie is waiting to get on the bus and Zach offers her a ride, she is holding a book. When he drops her off at her house and she gets out of the car, she doesn't have a book with her.

Correction: You know, it IS possible to forget stuff. She could have easily gotten out of the car without remembering she brought a book into the car with her.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Julie, Marcie, and Courtney are sitting outside talking about what to do with Liz's body, Julie takes her sunglasses off of her face and holds them in her hand. In the next shot, about two seconds later, the sunglasses are sitting on her head, with the earpieces tucked into her hair.

Correction: It doesn't take much longer than a second to put sunglasses into your hair.

Corrected entry: When Fern and the girls are first talking in Liz's house you get a glimpse of Liz's body. Later in the movie, when the police are coming to investigate the murder the body is in a totally different position.

Correction: Courtney moved the body so she could have sex in the bed, and frame the random guy for Liz's death.

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Continuity mistake: When Julie talks to Courtney at lunch, she's wearing a headband and the ends of her hair are flipped out. When she's waiting for the bus, the ends of her hair are curled under. Later on in the scene her ends are flipped out again.

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Marcie: AHH! She is gonna die! This is so much better than what we did last year.
Courtney: I wish I had friends that would do this for me.
Julie: Yeah, right! You'd have us killed.
Courtney: Brutally maimed, my dear.

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