The Adventures of Robin Hood

Continuity mistake: During the Golden Arrow Archery Contest at the point where Robin Hood splits his competitor's arrow, notice the competitor's arrow has one striped feather and one white feather when it hits the target, with the arrow's shadow cast at the 5 o'clock position. Then when Robin Hood splits that arrow with his, instead of two striped feathers it now has one striped feather and one white feather, with the shadow is now cast at the 7 o'clock position. (00:57:00)

King Richard: My first command to you, my lord earl, is to take in marriage the hand of Lady Marian. What say you to that, Baron Of Loxley?
Robin Hood: May I obey all your commands with equal pleasure, sire!

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Trivia: The horse Olivia DeHaviland rides was later acquired by the late Roy Rogers and became known as Trigger.

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