The Magnificent Seven

Corrected entry: During the opening scene, Calvera is drinking from a cup in his left hand. A few shots later, just as he finishes talking, it switches to his right hand.

Correction: "A few shots later" is more than enough time for him to change hands.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When the first gunfight begins, everyone dives for cover while firing but Brynner is the only one who stands his ground and fires. Yet, in such an exposed position, none of the bandits shot him.

Correction: He wasn't hit but he was fired at. In the modern world, trained police officers in combat hit what they aim at only 12-15% of the time. It is entirely accurate to have a group of bandits unable to accurately shoot back at a person who is shooting at them.


Corrected entry: When Brynner and McQueen are riding the funeral hearse and someone fires a gun at Brynner from a nearby building window, at first there's no noticeable change. Then, in the very next shot, Brynner's cigar is suddenly wrecked, supposedly from that single shot.

Correction: When the gun is fired, the view is from behind Yul Brynner and the cigar can't be seen. He doesn't flinch, but that is totally in character.

Bob Blumenfeld Premium member

Corrected entry: I find it very strange that none of the bandits recognized Buchholz when he went "undercover" and posed as one of them. They saw his face, he even spoke a few words, so why didn't they see at once that he was not one of them?

Correction: It was night at the encampment, and they were suspicious of him. He bluffed and pulled it off.

Bob Blumenfeld Premium member

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