Corrected entry: Several students saw Peter dragging the food tray with his web, but nobody connected it to Spider-Man.


Correction: This assumes the students knew then and there that it was webbing that the tray was attached to and not some other substance. They know Flash bullies Peter and they might have just thought Peter rigged something together to throw the food at Flash in retaliation. We never see any students inspecting the webbing afterwards, so it can't be definitively said that they would be able to connect it to Spider-Man when he emerges months later.

Phaneron Premium member

Corrected entry: When Peter and his uncle are talking in the car, and the camera is on Peter, you can see lots of plants and bushes in the background. When he gets out of the car, there are no plants or bushes.


Correction: The main library entrance is flanked by two marble lions and a plaza on its north and south sides. In the shots facing Peter in the car, the camera faces the south library plaza with its "plants/bushes" parallel to the car (note the kiosk topped by a pediment, one of two kiosks that used to be on the north and south plazas). Then, when Peter gets out of the car the plants/bushes haven't actually disappeared, it's just that the angle of the camera is now turned more northward toward the entrance, so we simply can't see the south plaza, though if the camera turned a bit to the left we would see it's still directly across the street from Peter. See street here.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Aunt May obviously flinches and her voice falters a second before the Green Goblin crashes through the wall.


Correction: Aunt May flinches exactly when Goblin crashes through the wall. Her voice falters because she is about to cry over her husband's death.

Corrected entry: When Osbourne is getting ready to be tested he says something like "...when the vapor hits the blood stream." If you look, you can see his mouth isn't moving when he's saying this.


Correction: Yes he does. Since Norman's lips are partially obscured since he is removing his shirt it may look like he doesn't say the lines but he does.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Osborne is talking to the reflection in the mirror the real Osborne's jaw moves when the reflection is talking.



Correction: That's the point. Osborne is both the reflection and the real man.

Brad Premium member

Corrected entry: Towards the end, during the climatic fight between Spider-Man and Green Goblin, there is a part where Goblin is against a wall (this is just before he spears himself with his own hoverboard) and the floor at his feet is fairly intact, but when Peter jumps down the floor is a lot less intact (this is shown from a sideview displaying both Goblin and Spider-Man).

Jack Vaughan

Correction: The building is old and has fallen apart over some time and the fight. some of the floor is intact while there are sections that are missing. you could see missing pieces whe the fight first arrives in the building.

Corrected entry: Nice pun before the fight in the burning building (German dub): Spidey's "It's you who's out, Gobbie. Out of your mind" is dubbed as "Du bist es der verloren hat, Koblöd. Und zwar Deinen Verstand." "Goblin" is correctly translated to "Kobold" in the subtitles of my edition (done by SDI media group) though.



Correction: This entry needs clarification. What exactly is the pun? You have indicated that the correct German translation for "Goblin" is "Kobold," but what is Koblöd supposed to mean?

S. Ha

Koblöd means Kable. Though the word is Hungarian.

In that case, I'm not sure what the original submitter thought was a pun. Merely a goof by the folks doing the foreign subtitles, nothing more.

Phaneron Premium member

Corrected entry: When Spider-man first gets his new suit you can see the world trade center in his eyes when the film came out in 2002.

Correction: The movie was filmed in 2001, and obviously is supposed to be set in 2001 (despite it being released in 2002). The original trailer for the film showed Spider-Man catching a felon's helicopter in a web that he strung between the twin towers.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: During the fight scene at school, the food that was just on Flash's back disappears.

Luke Howell

Correction: Flash seems to have wiped it off a bit just before going after Peter - there's still a stain on his left shoulder.


Corrected entry: When Peter enters the wrestling arena and we see Bonesaw fly off the corner of the ring, the guy on the floor has his arm across his body/stomach. Yet, when Bonesaw flies through the air, you can see the guy on the floor move his arm ready for him to land on top of him.



Correction: Where's the mistake? Wrestlers actually do that.


Corrected entry: Why doesn't Mary Jane know that Spiderman is Peter Parker? He speaks to her on a number of occasions and even though he's in full costume, his voice is clear as a bell - he doesn't disguise it at all. She'd recognise it from a mile off.

Correction: The same way that no one realized Clark Kent was Superman with glasses. It's part of the suspension of disbelief involved with comics and comic book movies.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: Green Goblin never actually presses any of the buttons on his costume, so how does he operate the glider?

Correction: The glider had thrusters and he steers it with his legs. There are also many instances when the Green Goblin is off screen where he can be taking action to control the glider.

Corrected entry: The whole scene where Peter is testing his web powers by swinging across the road and hitting the billboard on the roof defies the laws of physics no matter how you try to explain it. Peter, the web line and the crane were a pendulum, so if the crane were behind or directly above the sign, Peter would not have lifted back up because he didn't pass under the pivot. If the crane were before the sign, he would up swing but would not have been able to slide down the sign immediately after impact because he would have swung backwards toward the pivot again meaning he'd need to wait until the back-swing reached zero and went in the other direction towards the sign; this would take several seconds.

Correction: Peter's weblines have considerable elasticity to them, giving the whole setup some decidedly un-pendulum-like properties. As such, the pendulum model cannot really be considered suitable for analysing this scene for possible errors.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: The newspaper advert Peter sees is for amateur wrestlers, yet the wrestling shown is in the squared circle of professional wrestling.

Correction: The event shown is a pro wrestling event - the ad is part of a PR campaign where amateurs get to challenge professionals in between scheduled pro matches.


Corrected entry: It may just be me but, when Peter suddenly stops wearing his glasses shouldn't his aunt and uncle have noticed? Mary Jane notices at school yet the people that have raised him never say anything.


Correction: Maybe they said something to Peter when the camera wasn't rolling. Peter is never shown using the bathroom, but I have to assume he did. He is never shown doing laundry, bathing, and many more routine and needed things. Do you really want to see any of that in a film?


Corrected entry: In the scene near the beginning when Peter does his little trick on the stairs when he's coming down for breakfast, we see Uncle Ben drinking tea/coffee, he looks in Peter's direction, and in the following shot he is looking in his direction again.



Correction: Uncle Ben is doing a double take because Peter surprised him just as he was taking a sip of hot coffee


Corrected entry: At the beginning in the museum scene, in one shot when the class moves on and Peter and MJ are left alone, Peter asks "Can I take your picture? I need one with a student in it." When he begins to take pictures, when the camera cuts to a view of MJ, she is smiling and looking in another direction, not at the camera. (If someone was taking your picture, you would be looking at the camera. MJ is not).



Correction: So? I have many times looked away from the camera when someone was taking my picture. If MJ and Peter feels that the picture is better (for instance, more natural than a stiff, posing heads-on shot), it is their choice.


Corrected entry: At the World Festival, when the Green Goblin punches Spider-Man into a pole, he says, "Impressive," yet you can see his mouth through the gauze of his mask and his lips don't move.

Correction: If you turn up the brightness on your TV, you can easily see that his lips do move, albeit a little bit.

Corrected entry: When Peter discovers he can climb walls, there is a shot which shows hairs on the tips of his fingers. For the rest of the movie he has a costume which includes gloves. How is he supposed to climb, now that his fingers are covered with a homemade costume?

Correction: That is exactly why they came up with the idea of the micro hairs. The spandex that he wears is thin enough that the hairs poke through and grip for him.

Garlonuss Premium member

Corrected entry: In the shot where Spider-Man rescues Mary Jane from the balcony at the festival, one of his web strings is not hanging onto anything.

Correction: He only needs one string to hang on to in order to rescue her. If the other one missed, it's not a problem.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the movie, when Dr. Osborn is in the lab testing out the chemical thing and Dr. Stromm straps him into the chair, Dr. Osborn exclaims that the metal bars holding him into the chair are cold. In later shots, you can see that the bars aren't even touching his body.

Correction: The metal touched him when he was being locked in, before he'd properly settled into position.

Corrected entry: In the scene with the Green Goblin has MJ in one hand and a sky-tram in the other, he is not attached in any way to anything else. Since the Green Goblin does not have the ability to stick to objects, the weight of the sky-tram would pull him straight off the bridge. I know he has super strength but that doesn't make him impervious to the laws of physics.

Correction: Although it's not stated, the Green Goblin must have some kind of magnets in his boots, or else 1)he could never stay attached to the glider while it was moving at a quick rate of speed, and 2)when he first catches the sky-tram, it would have ripped him right off the glider. Magnetic boots, as weird as it sounds, makes sense.

Corrected entry: The scene in the science lab, after Norman tries the performance enhancer, he is held down on the bed with metal arms. In the next scene when the other scientist runs in to see if he's alright, the metal arms aren't holding him down anymore.

Correction: Dr. Straum probably made the computer lift them up when he saw Norman's heart failing so he could pull him out of the chamber if he couldn't successfully perform CPR.

Corrected entry: At the World Unity Festival, the Green Goblin throws a pumpkin bomb at some windows. It hits the wall in the middle, not going inside. If it exploded outside, the windows should have shattered and fallen into the building, but instead the windows blew outwards.


Correction: It goes into a window that's partially open and blows up from the inside.

Corrected entry: What exactly is the Green Goblin's plan in his last scene where he dies? By standing up, he has aligned himself between his knifed hoverboard and the brick wall, which eventually kill him, but as he controls the hoverboard and knows what is about to happen, why has he put himself in harm's way? Had it gone to plan, both he and Spiderman would be impaled. If he would have jumped it, why didn't he anyway, nothing stopped him. Whilst crazy, Goblin is a very clever character who has planned this move, so why does he stand up?

Correction: He stands up because the glider's going to come in low enough to hit him anyway - it'll be much easier to avoid if he's up on his feet. He's expecting his glider to impale Peter, which would slow it down, giving him enough time to get out of the way. Peter leaping out of the way was completely unexpected, distracting him for long enough for the glider to hit him instead.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bonesaw McGraw hits Spider-Man with the chair and it makes a metallic sound. In the next part Bonesaw throws the chair on the ground and it only make a soft thud even though it hit concrete.


Correction: Bonesaw is in a steel cage with a wrestling mat, the chair never hits the concrete. It would have landed softly onto the mat, not making a sound.

Corrected entry: The firemen don't seem to be doing anything when Spidey was saving the baby or the "screaming woman".

Correction: It would be dangerous for the firemen to be spraying while Spider-man was still in the building, or they may hurt him and the person in trouble.

Corrected entry: When the Goblin first appears and starts following Spider-Man, Spidey is in the floor and shoots a web to lift, but it actually looks like the web lifts him magically without him doing anything like pull it or something else. It looks like someone pulled his web from the other side.

Correction: Most spiders have the ability to reel their webs back into themselves. Naturally, we're to assume that Spiderman has this same ability, and is using it to lift himself.

Corrected entry: I don't understand how Spidey is able to go back up the web, when he does the cool hanging upside down thing with the criminal who stole the money. He sort of grabs the web a bit higher and he goes straight up. He can't reel web back into himself...


Correction: Many spiders are able to 'reel' their web back into themselves, and Spidey had the ability also.(See answer to question on the question segment of this page).

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mary Jane is attacked by the four thugs in the alley, there is an over-head shot of her fleeing with the thugs shouting 'Hey! Where you going, baby?' and as this is happening, we see Spider-Man running along the top of the nearby building taking his shoes off. If you put the screen on pause or slo-mo, you can see he definitely has his mask on (check out the reflective lines on his head), but seconds later when he is pulling the thugs off Mary Jane, he has his mask off. Why would he take his mask off when he wants to keep his identity unknown?


Correction: Spidey's mask was most likely thrown off or taken off by one of the thugs because as said, Spidey didn't want his identity known so he wouldn't have done it on purpose.

Corrected entry: Peter Parker practices web shooting for the first time in his bedroom. When Aunt May checks on him the webs criss-cross the room from wall to wall. Think about it... he's shooting the webs from his wrist. What we should have seen was several strings hanging from the walls. To get the room as we see it, every time he shot a string he would have to walk to the other side of the room and attach his end to the opposite wall. Not likely.


Correction: He shot it to the first wall then kept the stream going until it hit the second wall without breaking the link, just aiming it at a different part of the room and then back and forth without stopping.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Goblin tries to get Spider-Man to join the Goblin, the Goblin tries to convince Spider-Man that the people of the city would love to see him fail. The Goblin's exact line is: "But the one thing they love more than a hero is to see a hero fail fall die trying". Yes, the Goblin (Dafoe) says both "fail" and "fall". The line only works grammatically using the word "fall". Dafoe's voice even drops dramatically when he says "fall", and then returns to the dramatic pitch he uses in the rest of the line, as if he is expecting the movie's editor's will pick this up and edit out the word "fail".

Correction: Actually he says: "...fail, fall, die trying", as in three different ways of not succeeding. It makes no sense either way "Fail die trying" or "Fall die trying", so it has to be the three different ways.

Corrected entry: Spiderman repeatedly hits the Goblin's head at the end of their final battle. After the last punch, the Goblin's helmet is suddenly covered with dust. Where did it come from?

Correction: It became dusty when Spider-Man pulled the brick wall onto Goblin. It was dusty the entire time Spidey was punching him.

Corrected entry: When Peter's auntie enters when his uncle is looking for jobs in the paper, a boom microphone can be seen bobbing up and down at the top of the screen. (seen in the DVD, not in a movie theatre).

Correction: This submitter must have really keen eyesight because I was unable to see this and I examined the scene very carefully several times.

Corrected entry: At the big showdown at the end, Spider Man spins a web in front of The Green Goblin and he tears it down. As the Goblin rips it apart, you can hear metal being torn/bent happening with the movements of the web's destruction.

Correction: This isn't a mistake. It is just simply implying the strength of Spidey's web, which is extremely tough. And thus, implying the strength of the Green Goblin. A normal spider web has about 5 times the strength of steel, for its size.

Corrected entry: Right before our favorite hero saves the young boy from being crushed at the World Unity Festival, notice the white string on his back. It's really pretty obvious. It's also in the shot right after Spiderman says "Come on, move kid."

Correction: It's his web he's using to swing around on.

Corrected entry: The scene where Spidey saves the baby from the fire, why is the "mother" in the street when her baby is in the apartment unattended? The baby appears to be only a few months old and if she had been out, wouldn't she have taken it with her? Her clothes and face are clean and not smoke smudged so it's unlikely she was forced out by the fire.

Stuart Green

Correction: It is possible that both the baby and mother were in places that were fairly safe from immediate danger, (like the mom in the living room, the baby in its crib down the hall) however there could have been a hallway that was too smoke or flame filled for the mother to get through to the child.

Jack's Revenge

Corrected entry: When Peter is learning about his new improved eye-sight, he takes off and puts on his glasses a few times. When he puts them on, the whole screen gets fuzzy, but only what you see through the lenses should be fuzzy, not the area outside the lenses too.


Correction: the fuzziness does occur due to the eyes trying to adjust through the glasses, however hopeless it may be, this may have just been a technical mishap that happened to be correct

Corrected entry: After the battle in the burning house, Spider-Man leaves the scene with a head start. But it takes him as long to get home as the remaining Goblin needs to: Fly home (where the Goblin equipment is stashed as we know from the fireplace-scene), undress, shower, dress, take the car to drive to Peter's home, probably pick up a plum cake on the way, take the elevator (where the movie picks up his actions again, as Osborn wakes up from the blackout) and to be introduced to Mary Jane. What has Peter been up to during all this time? It doesn't take that long to buy cranberries! Shouldn't he have arrived there first, especially with his head start? And why - if about half an hour has passed - is his cut still fresh?


Correction: Possible, but remember it is New York City. There is a lot of bad stuff that happens there constantly. So it is possible that going home wasn't the first thing on his list.

Corrected entry: When Spiderman has his first swing around NY with his new suit on, you can see the WTC in the reflection in Spiderman's eyes. (Directly after the man in the subway is paying the Spiderman theme song on his guitar)


Correction: In the original script there were some scenes with the WTC, but most were cut due to 9/11. The setting is still New York, and the WTC was intentionally left in many shots in the movie; about three or four times in total.

Corrected entry: In the wrestlers' cage fight Spider-Man is on his knees, on the mat, when he shoots two webs to the roof of the fight-cage (web length = floor to roof). These he uses to jump over Bone Saw. The webs are never seen hanging in the cage again, even at the end when the cage is wide open.


Correction: In one of the final scenes Spider-Man uses his webs to slingshot himself a great distance to reach the bridge for his final confrontation with the Green Goblin. Obviously his webbing must exhibit some degree of elasticity so it would stand to reason that the webs snapped back up to the roof of the cage and clung after Spider-Man let them go during the match.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Peter and his class are on the field trip, the female scientist begins talking about the different types of spiders. Two spiders change position. The first one we see is on the side of the glass, as if it's trying to climb up, then when Pete is about to take its picture, it's suddenly resting on the floor of the case. The second one is sitting on its web and when the camera returns, the spider has webbed up three mice and is in the process of lifting them up.

Correction: The spider is lifting grasshoppers or crickets, not mice.

Corrected entry: When Peter and Aunt May enter the house after the graduation ceremony, it sounds like Aunt May calls Peter 'Phillip'.

Correction: It only sounds like it, though. What she really said is, "Can I... can I fix you something to eat?"

Corrected entry: Watch the spinning razor blade that goes off to the left when Goblin attacks Spidey in the burning building. Spidey dodges it, and it shoots off to the left - and totally disappears.

Correction: It doesn't disappear, it goes through the flames in the background.

Corrected entry: When the students visit the lab with the genetically altered spiders, the female scientist says spiders belong to the Class Aranae. Actually, Aranae is the Family, and spiders belong to either the Class Arachnida or the Class Chelicerata, depending on which classification you use. This is a huge error - 'family' and 'class' are very specific taxonomic terms which no real geneticist would ever mix up or use interchangeably.


Correction: Actually, the scientist says that spiders are in the Order Aranae, which is correct. She never mentions Class, only Family when she talks about the individual spiders. She doesn't make an error, or mix up the classification.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Peter Parker has to change into his costume at the World Unity Fest, he rips open his shirt in the middle of a HUGE crowd and his costume is revealed. It is really hard for me to believe not one person saw him do that.

T Poston

Correction: It is definitely possible that no one saw it, everyone would have been watching everything else going on (besides, no one ever saw Superman do that).

Bruce Minnick

Corrected entry: In the wrestling scene, the cage is ceremoniously locked. As soon as Peter defeats Bonesaw, the cage is raised and the sides separate. How did it get unlocked so fast?

Correction: Anyone who watches professional wrestling will tell you that the cage locking is usually fake. The sides are also break-away.

Corrected entry: During the scene on the roof after the Green Goblin knocks Spider-Man out at the bugle, you see the Goblin talking to Spider-Man. When Spider-Man first wakes up and the camera pans to the Goblin, you see him open his yellow eye shields. Then, when the camera shows a close-up of the Goblin talking to Spider-Man, you can clearly see that his eye shields are closed. Then when the Goblin leaves Spider-Man to think about joining him, his eye shields are open and he closes them and takes off.

Correction: At the start of the conversation, while the Goblin's back is turned, you can hear the eyes open. They remain open for the rest of the conversation until he flies off.

Corrected entry: When you first see the cable car (at the end) it says Universal Pictures. When you see the car the second time, it says Roosevelt Line.

Correction: The car always says "Roosevelt Island".

Corrected entry: During the end sequence, Spider-Man originally did his final swing through the World Trade Center towers, landing on top of the tower with a flagpole on top. This was changed after September 11th so that he lands on the Empire State Building instead. However, during the pan around him after the landing, you can still see the Empire State Building, which he just landed on, in the background!

Correction: It is the American International building, which looks similar to the Empire State Building.

Corrected entry: When Peter gets out of the car when Ben gives him a lift, we see there is a bit of his costume sticking out under his shirt, but when we see him a second later, the costume can't be seen.

Correction: On the factoids track of the DVD it says that his red sweater poking out was an intentional "superhero faux pas". Most likely to convey that he is still learning the rules of being a hero.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, when Peter is chasing after the school bus you can clearly see a bridge ahead of the bus. But neither the bus, nor Parker, go under the bridge.

Correction: The shot with the bridge is arguably just an opening shot - the chase could easily start after the bridge.

Corrected entry: If the Green Goblin had the capability to build radiation bombs (like the one that incinerated the board members on the balcony in a split second), then why did he bother using anything else when fighting Spidey? He could have killed Spidey instantly anytime he wanted if he had those bombs.

Correction: The Green Goblin had been getting all his gizmos from Oscorp, and it had been mentioned earlier that the glider had been "stolen" from Oscorp (and the person we saw testing out the glider was wearing a suit very similar to the Green Goblin's). Hence, if there was only one radiation bomb he could get ahold of, or if only one prototype was made, that would explain why they were never used again.

Corrected entry: In the final scene, with MJ and Peter in the cemetery, we can see a tombstone. The name on it is "Stacy, Gwen". Peter's girlfriend in the comics, killed by the Green Goblin.

Correction: Misconceived trivia: The name on the tombstone (assuming this refers to the one behind MJ) is something like "Rachel C Ewen".

Corrected entry: When Spider-Man chases his Uncle's murderer into the old building, Spider-Man sneaks up on him and smashes his head through the two glass windows in a door. Spider-Man smashes his head in one. But if you look when he smashes the killer's head through the second window, it's the exact same shot.

Correction: No, just looks the same because it's a head through a window. The first one has a red sticker on the bottom left corner, the second one doesn't.

Corrected entry: During the movie, Peter acquires a "spider sense" that warns him of danger even if he doesn't see it himself. In the apartment fire scene the Green Goblin disguises himself as a woman with a blanket to surprise Spider-man, every one in the cinema can easily see it is the Goblin thanks to the shape of the blanket over the awkward pointy mask, Spider-man even reaches out for the "woman" and nearly taps her in the shoulder yet the spider sense never goes off.

Correction: The dangerous & fiery environment would've been driving his spider-sense crazy.

Corrected entry: In the building fire, there are 2 windows still intact at Spider-Man's arrival. He busts out one by swinging through it, and when he leaves with the child there is an explosion which blows out the other window. Thus no windows should remain intact. But, when Spider-Man goes back into the building to rescue "the woman" (Green Goblin) he smashes through another window.

Correction: The other window is one storey up, and wasn't damaged by the explosion on the floor below.

Corrected entry: When Green Goblin is holding MJ off the bridge, she's wearing house shoes. She starts flailing her legs. Two of the shoes fall off, but she still has one on her foot. Was she wearing three shoes?

Correction: Two fall off, and they never reappear.

Corrected entry: If Peter had to sign consent forms for the wrestling match, wouldn't the promoter know his real identity and tell everyone who Spidey was once Spider-Man was in the news? He had seen Peter's face and would DEFINITELY remember the creep who let the robber get away.

Correction: He likely wrote an X on the form, which would be considered a legally binding signature, allowing him to compete in the match.

Corrected entry: Peter Parker use a manual focus, manual wind camera throughout the film, yet in the sequence where he photographs himself as spider-man, the camera happily auto-winds and auto-focuses.

Correction: Most professional or semi-professional cameras have both - manual for the most precision, but auto for when you really need it.

Corrected entry: When Spider-man jumps on his uncle's car chasing the dude who shot his uncle, Spidey punches through the roof. Later, when the car crashes, there's no more hole.

Correction: Every single hole, from the gunshot holes to the hole Spider-man made with his fist are there. The hole is just concealed by shadow.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, when Peter runs out to catch the bus, he swings his backpack over his shoulder, but when he is seen running after the bus, the backpack has disappeared.

Correction: It's there - his top covers the strap from the front, but you can see it in the side shots.

Corrected entry: We all know that Peter Parker wears his Spidey suit under his clothes in case of an emergency, that way he can make a quick change. But what about the boots to his Spidey suit? He can't wear them under his shoes because they are too thick and isn't seen holding a big enough bag. So where does he keep them?

Correction: They must be thin enough - in the scene where MJ is being chased by the thugs into the alley, Peter is seen from a rooftop angle pulling off a shoe exposing his boot, worn underneath.

Corrected entry: When we see MJ emerge from the diner, she is wearing high heels. Waitresses in New York City diners don't wear high heels, unless they want blisters the size of half dollars.

Correction: MJ is LEAVING work, so she could've changed her shoes to go home. She likes wearing heels, demonstrated in the film as she wears them a lot. Even at school she wears knee-high boots.

Corrected entry: When MJ falls from the building during the parade, Spider-Man goes and rescues her. This should not be possible because according to the laws of gravity, everything falls at the same speed. This being so, Spider-Man should not be able to jump off after MJ falls and still catch her.

Correction: Everything only falls at the same speed in a vacuum - in air Spidey would fall faster due to the position he was in.

Corrected entry: Why didn't Green Goblin just take off Spider-man's mask when he knocked him out with sleeping gas? Wasn't he interested in knowing who Spider-man really was?

Correction: In the original script, there's a line referring to that. The Goblin says something along the lines of "No, I didn't remove your mask. I respect you." At that point, he's more interested in proving himself a worthy ally. It's not till Spider-Man refuses the deal that the Goblin wants to find out who he is.

Corrected entry: During the Festival, when the Green Goblin throws the bomb under the balcony the windows above the balcony all break, but when Spider-man goes to save MJ the Green Goblin catches Spider-man and slams him into the the window and the glass breaks again.

Correction: The glass above never breaks when the bomb goes off - only the glass below the balcony breaks. Above the balcony the only visible damage is a few sparks from a bust light fitting.

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When Norman is getting ready to test himself, he lies down on the bed, fastens himself in and the doctor goes to the computer. However, when it shows him being brought in to the chamber he has several electrodes connected to his chest and head.



"Bone-Saw" McGraw is played by real-life wrestler "Macho Man" Randy Savage.