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Other mistake: When Peter talks to Mary Jane on the cell phone, it's already been mentioned that cell phones don't have dial tones, but additionally, if we couldn't hear Mary Jane actually talking, it wouldn't make sense to hear her hang up either. (01:08:25)

Revealing mistake: After Spider-Man rescues MJ from the collapsing balcony we see a close-up where MJ is smiling over his shoulder. Pay close attention to Spider-Man here. He is a mannequin. (01:10:05)

Continuity mistake: While Peter is talking to Mr Jameson in his office around the middle of the film, he picks up the phone and calls in one of his assistants. When he suddenly appears at the door he moves the phone away from his ear twice. (01:11:25)


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Continuity mistake: In the scene in Jameson's office after he throws his cigar out the window and the Goblin throws it back, when Jameson is looking at the cigar on his desk, he is sitting at an angle. Right before the Goblin crashes in, Jameson is sitting perfectly straight at the desk, with both hands on the desktop. (01:11:50)

Continuity mistake: When Norman Osborn finds out he is the green goblin from his mirror reflection, watch closely at his hair in the reflection and the real him, his hair in his reflection has a thick strand of hair hanging over his fringe, and the actual him, has his hair without any parts hanging over his fringe. It changes about three quarters of the way through the scene. (01:13:35)

Continuity mistake: In Jameson's office you can see a building across the street through the window, but when Spider-Man is gassed and falls out, a shot from the street shows Spider-Man falling from an extremely high building that has no other buildings near it. (01:14:25)

Revealing mistake: When the Green Goblin attacks J. Jonah Jameson at the office, Spider-Man shows up. Goblin turns his glider to face his nemesis. If you look closely, you can tell that it is a rotating rig, and that the film was sped up. Goblin's body shifts abruptly while he turns, and the fire in the background is moving too quickly to be at normal speed. (01:15:20)

Audio problem: When the Green Goblin gases Spidey after crashing through Jameson's office window, you see him fall and hear him almost immediately hitting the ground even though the window is several stories up. I think it is the sound of him falling onto the stunt mat. (01:15:35)

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Continuity mistake: When Mary Jane is being mugged by four men, Spider-Man throws two of the men into two windows behind Mary Jane. The shot switches to Spider-Man beating up the other two guys. When it cuts back to Mary Jane the two windows are intact. (01:17:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Spider-Man is fighting the thugs that attacked Mary Jane, at one point he lifts a thug in the air and they are in the middle of the street. After it cuts to Mary Jane, now Spider-Man is holding the thug in the air with one foot on the curb. (01:17:05)

Continuity mistake: This is towards the end of the scene where Mary Jane had an encounter with the thugs and Spider-Man comes to save the day. After beating up the thugs, Spider-Man leaves through some dark alley way and Mary Jane looks around to find him. Suddenly, Spider-Man comes down his web, upside down, along a wall. She's about 3 feet away when he starts speaking, but when the angle changes and she jumps around she's right in front of him. (01:17:15)

Continuity mistake: During the kiss scene the camera changes view back and forth. From one angle it's raining, in other it is not, then at the end it's pouring as if in a storm. They had to do that scene at least 3 times. (01:17:50)

Continuity mistake: During the World Unity Festival when the Goblin attacks, there is a shot of Peter tearing off his shirt exposing a costume that is low cut at the neck. However, in the scene when Spider-Man and Mary Jane kiss in the rain, the costume comes halfway up his neck. (01:17:55)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Spider-Man has saved MJ from the thugs, after they kiss she peels his mask back, note she is right next to his face, yet in the following shot she is much further away from his face. (01:18:20)


Continuity mistake: During the scene where the apartment building is on fire - a woman points directly up and exclaims, "Look up there!" while Spider-Man is still swinging towards the fire from several blocks away. (01:19:00)

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Suggested correction: Movie scenes are not always in exact chronological order. A powerful attack getting shown 3 times from different angles for dramatic effect does not mean it happened 3 times. When woman points up, the movie shows Spider-Man approaching starting from a few seconds prior in time to show us some cool swinging action.


Other mistake: When Spider-Man saves the baby from the burning building, it's amazing that the baby and the blanket are so clean - no soot, smoke damage, charring, etc. The firefighters have obvious soot around their noses from trying to breathe in that area. Did Spidey manage to give the baby a bath before presenting it to momma? (01:19:40)

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Continuity mistake: When Spider-Man finishes beating up the thugs and after Mary Jane kisses Spider-Man, when you watch the one shot from the side, Mary Jane only starts to put his mask back on. But when the angle changes, Spider-Man's mask is properly on when Mary Jane didn't even move her hands. (01:21:40)

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Visible crew/equipment: When the fire breaks out in the building, as the firetruck goes by you can see the reflection of the camera crew on the truck, including a man wearing a white shirt. (01:22:00)

Continuity mistake: When the building is on fire, you see a fireman (helmet has 57 on it) assisting in getting the residents out of the structure. Take notice that the fireman has an annoying strap hanging down from the top of his helmet. The strap disappears/reappears a few times during the scene. (01:22:05 - 01:22:45)


Mary Jane: Who are you?
Spider-Man: You know who I am.
Mary Jane: I do?
Spider-Man: Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

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Trivia: JJJ's secretary (the one who takes Peter's cheque) is Betty Brant, one of Peter's girlfriends in the comic books.

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Question: When Aunt May says to Peter in the hospital, "Everyone else knows", why does Peter suddenly look scared/concerned?

Answer: Remember that Green Goblin (Norman Osborne) just found out that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Aunt May's comment about everyone knows he loves Mary-Jane concerns him because he now realizes that Green Goblin might find/kidnap Mary-Jane just to lure Spider-Man into a fight. This is the basis for the whole reason he can't be with her, as he would be potentially putting her in harm's way all the time if they got together.


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