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Continuity mistake: When Peter leaves Jameson's office after becoming a freelancer for him, Jameson closes the door, and at the end of the shot, the door is half-shut, but in the next shot, the door is completely shut. (00:58:45)

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Continuity mistake: In the film Norman Osborn is talking to the board of the company where they announce they are selling the company. In one shot if you look on the table most of the folders that the board are holding are open. In the following shot most of them are closed. (01:00:30)


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Continuity mistake: At the start of the Unity Festival scene just after we see Peter taking a picture, it cuts to Macy Gray, in the first shot she is not holding onto the mic stand, yet in the following shot she is. (01:02:00)


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Continuity mistake: At the World Unity Festival, Peter is taking pictures. When he looks up at Harry and M.J. on the balcony, his camera, which has been your average "right handed" camera throughout the film, magically becomes a "left handed" camera. The shot's obviously been reversed - his parting's on the wrong side as well. (01:02:10)

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Continuity mistake: At the Unity Festival, when the Green Goblin flies past on the glider, the camera cuts to a shot of the balcony, and behind Harry and MJ there is a man in a black suit that takes a picture (you can see the flash from the camera). But when the camera cuts to a close up, the camera that was in his right hand has vanished and is now a glass of wine. (01:03:40)


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Continuity mistake: During the World Unity Festival, as the balcony first collapses, a blond woman and a man are running to get out of the wreckage. But in the next shot, the same couple just stand under the falling balcony looking up and Peter uses webbing to pull the standing-still couple to safety. (01:04:15)

Continuity mistake: In the big carnival scene when the Green Goblin has thrown a bomb at the balcony the shot cuts to Peter and he sees two people about to get crushed by a falling rock. You can see that they are facing Peter with the woman on the right and the man on the left. The shot changes and they have their backs to Peter and the woman is now on the left, the man on the right. (01:04:15)


Continuity mistake: During the World Unity Festival, the Green Goblin seeks revenge upon his ex-coworkers. The Goblin throws a pumpkin bomb at them that makes them all disintegrate and disappear. One of his coworkers had a wheelchair with him, which survives the Goblin's bomb and remains on the balcony. (You can see the wheelchair while they are being bombed and after they disintegrate, all in the same shot.) For the rest of the scene, the wheelchair has disappeared from the balcony. (01:04:45)

Continuity mistake: At the World Festival, Goblin is beating up the cops; however, when Spider-man tries to punch him, there is a long shot where you can see that there aren't any police anywhere. (01:05:30)


Visible crew/equipment: When Spider-Man is rescuing Mary Jane from falling to her death from the balcony, he catches her and spins his web to the balcony to save her and they bungie to just inches from the ground. As they are preparing to bounce back up the shot rotates 90 degrees and you can see the counter weight that pulls them back up coming down to the ground. It's a weird one, this - there's a sound effect as the weight comes into view, so it's meant to be there (or else the sound's just a cover), but it can't be anything he attached his web to, as it was stuck straight onto the balcony. If it's falling, they should be too - his web's not pivoting around anything. (01:06:50)

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Suggested correction: They bounce back because of the elasticity of the web. That falling block is just a falling piece similar to the long one that is already on the ground, it's not a counter weight.

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Continuity mistake: When Spider-Man catches Mary Jane as she falls off the balcony, in the shot from above there are two columns lying on the ground - one on the right as we look at it, a few feet from the red area and parallel to it, and one on the left at an angle. In the shot of them landing, the one closest to the red area has disappeared. (01:06:50)

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Continuity mistake: When the part of the balcony where Mary-Jane is starts to break, there's a lamp on it. It vanishes the following shot, then reappears some shots later. (01:07:05)

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Other mistake: After Spider-Man saves MJ after the World Unity Festival and is swinging quickly away, he is carrying her so that she is facing backwards. When we see a shot of MJ smiling, however, her hair is blowing very lightly in the direction they're heading. (01:07:10)

Visible crew/equipment: When Mary Jane is on the balcony at the Oscorp Festival and the Green Goblin causes part of it to start falling apart, the wires and chords causing the balcony to fall down and pull back up can be seen. (01:07:20)

Revealing mistake: After rescuing Mary Jane and leaving her at the church, Spider-Man apparently uses a trampoline to jump off the ledge - he jumps up onto something before springing off. Mary Jane then runs forward and clambers around something to get close to the edge. (01:07:40)

Audio problem: When Mary Jane is about to fall from the balcony and the Green Goblin appears in front of her, we hear him say, "Hello, my dear," but his mouth is not in sync with those words. (01:07:40)

Continuity mistake: There's a purple tent below and to the right of where MJ is trapped on the breaking ledge. When the Goblin is kicked off of his glider by Spider-Man, he falls to MJ's left but lands in the tent on the right. (01:07:45)

Other mistake: When Spider-Man tries to punch the Green Goblin before he says "impressive", the Goblin blocks his punch. However, the punch would not have hit the Goblin even if he hadn't blocked it. There's nothing to suggest the Goblin moved at all, so why would Spidey punch through mid-air when he's trying to hit the Goblin? (01:08:20)

Factual error: When Harry is talking to Mary Jane on the phone, she hangs up on him and his cell phone produces a dial tone. Cell phones do not have a dial tone. (01:08:25)

Bonesaw McGraw: What're ya doin' up there?
Spider-Man: Staying away from you. That's a cute outfit. Did your husband give it to you?

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Trivia: JJJ's secretary (the one who takes Peter's cheque) is Betty Brant, one of Peter's girlfriends in the comic books.

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Question: When Aunt May says to Peter in the hospital, "Everyone else knows", why does Peter suddenly look scared/concerned?

Answer: Remember that Green Goblin (Norman Osborne) just found out that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Aunt May's comment about everyone knows he loves Mary-Jane concerns him because he now realizes that Green Goblin might find/kidnap Mary-Jane just to lure Spider-Man into a fight. This is the basis for the whole reason he can't be with her, as he would be potentially putting her in harm's way all the time if they got together.


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