The Gauntlet

Continuity mistake: When Shockley first pulls up to Police Headquarters, a bottle of Jack Daniels falls out of the car and is seen with the label facing down. The camera angle changes and the label is now seen face up.


Continuity mistake: When the Constable is first seen driving his car, the rear view mirror is seen from the rear of the car, but not from camera angles in front of the car.


Continuity mistake: Ben, with the help of maybe one man, builds a crude but not easily made steel plated enclosure around the driver's compartment in about an hour. There is no way he could have done all that with one man and one blowtorch in an hour.


Continuity mistake: When Shockley and Mally arrive at the courthouse, they get off the bus and all the policeman around them are seen without any hats or helmets. The camera angle changes and you now see a number of policeman in helmets.


Continuity mistake: When Ben, Gus and the hijacked cop stop at gas station to use pay phone, the vehicle next to the phone is a Toyota Land Cruiser. Seconds later in the phone booth, the vehicle is a Suburban.

Continuity mistake: When the helicopter is chasing Ben and Gus on the motorcycle, the sun changes position. At one point, looking at the bike from inside the helicopter, the bike's shadow is behind and to their right, in the next shot the shadow is longer and to their left.


Continuity mistake: When Josephson dies in the street, his right leg is behind his left leg. In the next shot, his right leg is now in front of his left. (01:18:00)


Factual error: After mounting armor in the bus they are approaching Phoenix on a two lane highway from the northwest. When entering the city they are shown coming around South Mountain on Interstate 10 from Tucson from the south.

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Biker: Hey, that's our bikes Charlie.
Ben Shockley: And this is my gun Clyde.

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Trivia: One of the passengers seen getting off the hijacked bus is the same actor who drove the ambulance and got blown up in the rental car (blue '74 Plymouth).

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