Braindead (1992)

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Factual error: As the Thug Zombie is on top of the lawnmower and is getting hacked to bits, his body parts don't fly off. E.g. his arms would've flow out everywhere when the blade reached his shoulders, and the same goes for his head.


Continuity mistake: When Lionel's mum gets bitten at the zoo, the colour of her sleeve material changes from black/dark blue to light blue.


Continuity mistake: The zombie baby keeps changing size throughout the movie.

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Continuity mistake: Despite being absolutely drenched with blood during the zombie massacre, Lionel's sweater and pants are completely dry in all the following scenes. His pants are amazingly clean, too.

01:25:45 - 01:32:00

Revealing mistake: As the three zombies go rabid at the house party, and McGruder and Thug tear the skin off a guy's face, the switch from actor to dummy is visible.


Continuity mistake: After being bitten by the rat-monkey, Vera's hands are empty. In the next shot she has her handbag, a tissue and a glove.


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Continuity mistake: When Lionel takes the zombie baby to the park, you can see he's got it caged behind barbed wire so it can't escape. But in an earlier shot, when he walks past a couple and shakes the pram about, you can see the barbed wire isn't there.


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Continuity mistake: Just after the Kung-Fu Priest scene, and Lionel is feeding the zombies tranquilized porridge, Nurse McTevish swallows some and it pours out of her throat. After Lionel has put it into the nurses throat, the porridge has disappeared.

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Continuity mistake: When Roger drops a box off at the shop, his clipboard jumps from his hands to under his arm.


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Continuity mistake: The chain for the necklace is on the left hand side of the medallion when it stops spinning . But when they show it again before pulling away there's no chain on it at all.



Other mistake: As Lionel is hanging from the ceiling and the zombie priest and nurse come toward each other, the pitchfork that Uncle Lez shoved into the priest impales the nurse and it is covered with blood. A split second later it is clean.


Continuity mistake: Lionel stands in front of iron bars as he tells the story of his father drowning. Once he finishes the story, the bars are gone.


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Revealing mistake: When the Thug Zombie has been torn in half and it is crawling toward Lionel, you can see the shadow of the actor's body being dragged behind it.


Visible crew/equipment: At the park Selwyn makes Lionel fall backwards and his head nearly hits the swings. Then as Selwyn gets up you can see black rods attached to his arms.


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Continuity mistake: In the park Selwyn rips all of the stuffing out of the teddy. In the next shot all the stuffing has vanished.


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Visible crew/equipment: When Lionel has locked himself in the bathroom the thug zombie breaks through the door and is ripped in half, and you can see the hole in the floor for the actor's body.


Continuity mistake: When Paquita is trying to get Rita back on her feet, and the top of that zombie's head slides toward them, Paquita kicks it. It flips onto its side, but the next shot has it sliding right way up again.


Continuity mistake: In one scene Lionel is cleaning bloody footprints off the floor. Then Paquita comes round, and Vera eats her dog. Then Vera attacks Lionel, and they roll down the stairs. As they roll down the stairs you can see the footprints are now different from before.

00:28:10 - 00:29:45

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Other mistake: When Lionel has been dragged back up to the ceiling by Thug Zombie's guts, chews the intestine, falls back down and collides with a zombies head, he doesn't really make any contact with it and yet it STILL explodes...


Other mistake: Towards the end when the top half of the zombie thug is on the lawnmower blades, you can see the jets of 'blood' being sprayed up at different angles.


Continuity mistake: After Lionel is swallowed by his mother's stomach, he is absolutely covered in blood and intestines, but in the next shot, when he's helping Paquita, he's nearly clean.


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Continuity mistake: Vera's sunglasses diappear from her face as she attacks the rat-monkey.


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Visible crew/equipment: You see the shadow of the camera man on the uncle when he spins around and heads for the door.



Revealing mistake: When the thug zombie punches his hand through a womans head, you can see the switch from actress to dummy.


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Continuity mistake: During the scene in which Lionel is in the basement attempting to sedate the nurse and his mother, he is startled by a falling crockery. After the rat runs past him, the nurse attacks him. He stabs her in the nose with the syringe, however, the following shots show the syringe is embedded in her eye.

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Revealing mistake: When Lionel has just finished massacring the zombies, Thug Zombie appears at the top of the stairs. If you look closely you can see his real pair of legs near the window Lionel flew out of earlier.


Revealing mistake: When Paquita discovers the zombies tied up in the basement and convinces Lionel to kill them, he gets the "poison" and injects them with it. Look closely: the shelf that he gets it off is the same as the VETS' shelf in a much earlier scene (Even the bottle of tranquilizer that Lionel dropped is back there).

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Visible crew/equipment: After the uncle has been torn apart by the mother, he goes after Pequita and you can see the wire holding his head up.


Plot hole: At Vera's funeral, Uncle Les spots Paquita and introduces himself as Lionel's uncle. But since he hasn't got a clue who Paquita is, why does he refer to Lionel instead of Vera. Wouldn't it be natural to introduce himself as Vera's brother, as it's her funeral?


Visible crew/equipment: When 3 of the zombies are high on Animal Stimulants and are going rabid at the house party, several girls have locked themselves in a room. A guy starts to crawl in with no flesh from his waist down. In one of the shots as they pull him in, you can see his REAL body as the skinless legs are kicking (Look for a pair of black pants).


Plot hole: After Lionel locks zombie mum and the nurse in the basement, he tells his girlfriend that the went to the hospital in the nurse's car and she leaves, but wouldn't she notice that the car is still there?

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Character mistake: When nurse McTavish checks mum's pulse, she uses her thumb. Any nurse worth her salt knows that thumbs have their own pulse and that one needs to use the index and middle finger to get an accurate pulse.



Continuity mistake: When the top of the zombie's head slides toward Rita, the floor around it is clean. As soon as the shot changes, there's blood all around it, and then it changes again, when Paquita kicks it.


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