Resident Evil
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Other mistake: Near the beginning of the movie, Milla Jovovich reads a note that has been left on the desk. She didn't write it, as they demonstrate in the film. However, when they do show the person who wrote the note composing it, the handwriting is different from that in the note from the earlier scene.

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Continuity mistake: Near the end of the film, on the train ride out of the Hive, Rain is quite close to becoming undead. When she speaks, we notice her teeth are still "movie-star white". However, a few shots later, when she becomes a zombie, she sort of hisses where you can see it has taken what couldn't have been more than a few mere minutes for her teeth to become brown and discolored.

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Continuity mistake: When Matt gets scratched by the mutated Licker at the end of the film, the scratches on his arm appear before the creature's claws actually hit him.


Factual error: When the special forces arrive in the Station of the hive, the computer identifies the soldier`s weapons. The name under the picture is right, but the picture always shows a MP5, even at the soldier carrying a G36 Assault rifle.


Revealing mistake: When the group is being attacked in dining hall B, they are trying to get the doors open. J.D. is firing at two zombies and turns away to open the doors himself because Kaplan keeps forgetting the code. If you look closely, one of the zombies reacts a second late from being shot down.


Factual error: In the laser corridor, when the grid of lasers is formed, some of the lasers rotate to form the grid, and are no longer emitted from anything, they are just hanging in the air.


Other mistake: When the train arrives back under the mansion from the Hive, it enters the station from the wrong direction. Looking at the track from the platform, the train comes in from right to left, when it should be from left to right.


Revealing mistake: When the team leader is opening the door to the Red Queen chamber, he clips an electronic device to the door to hack the code. The device is actually a blood glucose monitor as used by diabetics - an Accu-Chek, I think.


Revealing mistake: On the DVD commentary, the director says that he only had a handful of the experiment cubes in Dining Hall B and used cardboard cutouts for all the others. This is most obvious when Rain is walking through the hall alone to check on the first zombie: the cubes in the distance don't match the rigid rows of the ones in the foreground.


Resident Evil mistake picture

Other mistake: Watch Milla Jojovich's hair during the scene when they are held at gunpoint by Spence. Her hair moves from shot to shot. For the most obvious, watch right after Spence shoots the zombie.


Audio problem: When Spence is killed by the Licker, Matt sees this on the screen and asks, "What the f**k was that?" Where did he find the time to practice his ventriloquism? You can see that his jaw isn't moving...


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Continuity mistake: When zombie Lisa lies dead on the floor her hair and the papers she lies on change position between the shots.


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Resident Evil mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Near the end, when Alice, Rain and Matt are talking to the "Red Queen" in the virus lab, there is a wall-mounted LG Flatron TFT display where the Red Queen shows surveillance footage, etc. One can see an inventory type barcode label in the bottom centre of the screen. The camera cuts away briefly, and when the camera shows the display again, the barcode label is gone and the LG logo is in its place.


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Revealing mistake: When the survivors first get into the sewers, the camera goes forward on the dolly as they come around the corner. Until the camera gets its close up of Alice, everyone's hugging the wall to get out of the camera's way.


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Continuity mistake: When the zombie dog jumps through the window Alice makes a run through the metal door and you can see the door is clean. When it cuts there is lots of blood on the door even before the zombie dog jumps on it.


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Continuity mistake: When Alice escapes the first zombie dog and locks herself in the room, a zombie approaches her and she kicks him down. When the zombie falls you can see his tie is partially outside of his suit. When it cuts to Alice reaching for his gun, the tie is tucked inside his suit.


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Visible crew/equipment: When JD shoots the zombie female in her leg you can see the square outline of the pack behind her leg that 'explodes' and makes the hole in her pants.


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Visible crew/equipment: When the team leader asks Alice for her report, if you look in the reflection of the eye pieces on his mask, next to Alice's head, you can see a man wearing jeans. This happens twice.


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Continuity mistake: The way the T-Virus capsule hits the ground is the same each time they show it, however when it's on the ground and motionless, the position is changes. During the flash back at the end that Spencer is having, the capsule is all over the place. However at the beginning, the capsule is just in a little straight pile on the floor.

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Continuity mistake: In the beginning when the the cylinders are being placed in the holders, in one close-up you can see the middle cylinder being placed and that there is no cylinder to the right of it. When it cuts a cylinder has suddenly appeared.


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Plot hole: Why does Umbrella know that Red Queen killed everyone, but not that the virus is loose? Is there no way to see into or receive data from the Hive other than Red Queen? Does every communication in or out have to be approved through her? And even if she is the sole conduit for information into and out of the Hive, her primary purpose for existing is to keep the T-virus from escaping. Umbrella THINKS that Red Queen has malfunctioned. BUT, she is working perfectly! So supressing info that the T-virus is loose in the Hive would contradict her core programming. So why doesn't Umbrella know?

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Suggested correction: Umbrella knows the T-virus is loose, they wanted that to happen. They send the team in there to fight their creations, to test their creations. Not to shut the hive down, that was just a ruse. Also, its possible the Hive Queen was never meant to keep the T-virus from escaping, Umbrella was the one to program her and Umbrella wants a whole lot of things to happen except containing the T-virus as we learn from the future movies. The hive Queen was just a controlling unit for the experiment of the hive, to help the experiment succeed.


Other mistake: During the scene with the laser, the laser moves along the floor where the EMP device is located, several times. However, when Kaplan and Alice enter the room, the bag with the EMP unit is still intact.



Deliberate mistake: When the woman is attempting to escape from the elevator, it dislodges and falls down, so then the actress is facing the ground...but when her arm hits the floor, the floor itself bends. If you watch the DVD with the commentary on, the director points out that it was a break away floor in case the actress' head accidentally snapped forward, to avoid any injury.


Continuity mistake: Shortly after the Licker pulls Kaplan out of the train, Matt shuts the door so it can't get at the rest of them. The Licker goes on the roof to use the back entrance to get into the car. Matt hears this and rushes to bar the back door. Pay attention to the near dead Raine. She suddenly gets a lot more life and quickly moves out of the way to avoid being accidently trampled.


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Continuity mistake: When Matt is at Lisa's desk he looks through some papers, he is looking at a paper which has black squares on it. Then he puts the paper down and looks at another paper. When it cuts to him noticing Lisa approaching he is now holding the paper with the black squares again.


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Revealing mistake: In the scene where Milla Jovovich shoots the dogs with the 9mm Beretta she obtained from the dead security guard, a closeup of the gun is shown. Watch the cycling of the slide and you will notice that the ends of the bullets are crimped, indicating the use of blanks.


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Audio problem: When Matt is trying to reach the keys while kicking the zombie it cuts to Chad running against Spence who's standing by the locked door. When Chad is running you can see Rain in the background firing shots but you can't hear the shots.


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Continuity mistake: When the person is bumped into and spills coffee on himself, the coffee stains on his shirt changes between the shots.


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Continuity mistake: When Alice wakes up in the shower, in one shot, you can see the shower curtain is not hanging over the edge of the shower. But when it cuts, it is.


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Continuity mistake: When they are entering the entrance to the Queen's chamber, the Medic is carrying a bag as you can see when the door closes. When it cuts from inside the entrance the bag has disappeared.


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Continuity mistake: When Kaplan tells Alice not to listen to the Queen he is carrying the equipment by his right shoulder. When it cuts it has suddenly moved over to his left shoulder.


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Revealing mistake: Near the end right before the end credits we see the streets of Raccoon City completely destroyed, but if you look carefully you can see the background is repeating itself street by street. The best way to notice this is to look at the firetruck right before the end. There is a firetruck, a news van and a bus. Now look to the next street on the other side of the road and the exact same cars appear there.



Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Alice is wiping the mirror, you can see her mouth is open. When it cuts back to her it is closed.


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Revealing mistake: The Red Queen tries to goad Alice into killing Rain in the laboratory, with the Licker pounding against the glass outside. Just after they escape the room, the Licker breaks in. Watch its jump very carefully. you can see the exact invisible "line" where the Licker stops being a guy in a suit and becomes computer generated. It even changes colour.


Continuity mistake: When Alice enters the kennel where the zombie dogs belonged to she passes a blue trolley on her left side. When it cuts from inside the room where we watch her through the window walking, she passes the same trolley again.


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Revealing mistake: As the team gets off the subway and heads for the door into the Hive, the Red Queen's POV shows a nifty infrared display in the lower left corner that marks their locations - it obviously matches up to the ones on screen. But the dots are static, while the people are moving.



Other mistake: Why does Rain get out her torch and hold it with her teeth before climbing under the train? It would have been easier to leave it in her pocket until after she climbed down. We also see, when she is working, that it has a device on the end for gripping it properly with your teeth (called a Lite Bite, I believe). Yet earlier she chooses to grip it by the barrel. Try it with a mini Maglite. It's not comfortable.


Continuity mistake: On the train, just after Spence falls in, Alice takes off her wedding ring and sees on the inside: Property of Umbrella Corporation. However, after she finishes off Spence, she drops the ring next to him, and in that shot, the inside is clean; or at least the half we can see when it lies still. Such a long line would take up a lot of room on such a small ring in that size text.

00:17:45 - 01:19:05


Continuity mistake: When Rain is under the train using her flashlight to see if she can see something the hair hanging across her face changes position between the wideshot and the close-up shot.


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Audio problem: In one of the scenes right before the solider get killed by the lasers and the alarm is sounding, the commander says to everyone "Hold your positions, everyone stay calm" but his lips aren't moving.

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Continuity mistake: When the elevator starts to drop from floor 10, the floor indicator says 7, but a moment later it counts down from 9.


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Other mistake: In the beginning when Spence breaks the T-Virus vial, its fumes can be seen entering the ventilation system from holes on the wall. Shortly after though, when Dr. Blue, Dr. Brown and Dr. Green are trapped in the flooded room, the former of them claims it is "sealed."



Factual error: When Alice has the pistol she got from the zombie she took out, she uses it to do away with the zombie dogs. As she fires the last of the rounds, the camera looks down to follow the fall of the casing. As it falls, it's on a slight tilt, about 5°. Physics says that it will bounce and tumble on the floor after it hits, then come to rest. Instead, when it hits, it immediately goes to a rest position with little movement.

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Audio problem: Near the middle. When Matt is searching through the office room where his sister Lisa worked, you can hear his shoes clicking as if he is on a hard surface floor, but the floor is covered in carpet throughout the office.

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Continuity mistake: When Alice and Matt run to meet up with Spencer, Kaplen, and Rain, Alice screams "Don't shoot!" and Spencer, Matt, and Alice try to close the door from the zombies. A zombie then grabs the inner part of Spencer's arm, then a shot moves showing the zombie holding onto Spencer's arm from the bottom, then back to the inner part.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Matt pulls Alice into the mansion at the beginning of the movie and the SWAT team comes through the windows, the main SWAT member pulls Alice aside and asks for her report. If you watch the scene Alice has one arm at her side and one across her chest. A split second later it shows her reflected in the eye lenses on the SWAT member's mask and Alice has her arms crossed in front of her. Another split second later they show Alice again and her arms are in the original position.


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