American Ninja 2: The Confrontation

Joe, Curtis, and the Marines go to Leo's island. Joe fights the super ninjas and kills Tojo Ken. Curtis and the Marines take out the troops on the island. Alicia finds her father, and he says he has to do something. Professor Sanborn Alicia's father, plants bombs on the tubes of the super ninja's. Leo finds him and asks him what he is doing. Professor Sanborn says that he is destroying his dream, just like he destroyed his. Leo tries to stop Professor Sanborn, but Professor Sanborn destroyes the Super ninja's, taking his life and leo's in the process.


Continuity mistake: When the Asian Police Chief leaves the office he puts on his hat twice. Once when he stands up and then after the cut again when he´s at the door.

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Wild Bill Woodward: Ninja? What the hell are ninja?
Curtis Jackson: They're a secret Japanese society expert in the art of assassination.
Wild Bill Woodward: Tell me, what would Japanese assassins be doing in this part of the world, taking a vacation?

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