Continuity mistake: When Frost has the head pure-blood vampire on the beach, after he pulls out his first vampire tooth you see blood all over his mouth, but when it shows the closeup of him pulling out the other tooth, there is no blood.


Continuity mistake: When Blade gets his serum, Whistler holds his hand, then they see the girl run. In one shot, Whistler goes right, leaving the suffering Blade. In the next shot (close up on Blade), you can see that Whistler is still holding Blade's hand.


Continuity mistake: In the big fight scene in the end between Blade and Frost, the blood smear on Frost's face changes sides a few times.


Continuity mistake: When Blade is leaving the shop towards the end he fills up 6 phials of EDHD, but he uses 9 phials total. 2 On the 2 people in the hall when he first gets to the building and then 7 more on Deacon at the end.

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Continuity mistake: The bloody makeup on Whistler's face and neck changes constantly throughout the scene when he gives his last words.


Continuity mistake: In the House of Erebus, right before Blade jumps off the ledge to fight Frost, you see that Karen is standing on the ledge above everything and Mercury is standing down below on the platform. But when Karen's shooting at her, Mercury is coming down the stairs from above.

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Continuity mistake: In the shot where Blade knocks the serum down from the wall, he throws one at Frost, then throws five more at him and finally throws the last one in his head. That's seven shots of serum, but when he catches it behind his back there are only six in the pack.


Continuity mistake: When Karen is telling Blade about the EDTA and the reaction to vampire blood being energetic, in the first shot Karen is putting the bottle of EDTA down on the table, but in the following wider shot she is still holding the bottle.



Continuity mistake: When Karen tells Blade to take her blood and he does, he eventually releases her and there is just some blood on his bottom jaw. In the next scene, there is blood on his teeth at the top and the bottom.

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Continuity mistake: When Blade gets captured and stabbed in the room where the "Vampire Bible" is, he is not wearing an ear piece. In the next shot, he is.


Continuity mistake: When Blade gets back from the park after meeting with Frost and getting serum, he discovers Frost's men have been there, and sees Whistler. When Blade moves the tape, which is in a metal rotating stand, the stand rotates on its swivel, but in another shot it has only moved a little bit and hasn't rotated either. The tape would've been facing the other direction because the stand swivelled, but instead it remains in the same position.



Continuity mistake: When Blade, Whistler and Karen are talking in Blade's hideout about vampire legends such as stakes and crosses, Whistler takes out the UV torch and is holding it in his right hand, next shot it is in his left hand, then back to his right hand.



Continuity mistake: When Blade Quinn and Karen are in the subway train scene, Karen falls by the train, and Blade offers her his right hand, but in the following shot, it is his left hand he offered to pull her up.



Continuity mistake: When Blade drops Karen off, she walks to her apartment and as she approaches the elevator a blonde woman walks up to its doors and stops, but in the following shot the blonde woman is now just coming into view and then stands behind the black woman instead of at the elevator doors.



Continuity mistake: In the subway scene Blade chops off Quinn's hand again and Quinn runs off, yet when Blade picks Karen up, Quinn can be seen quite close to Blade in the background.



Continuity mistake: Frost says near the end of the film that the spirits of the twelve will awaken the Blood God. Fair enough, but when the prophecy is first translated, you hear twenty beeps as pictures of people pop up around the circle, implying that there are twenty people standing around it.

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Continuity mistake: When Karen frees Blade, she opens the chamber he was in. But in a later shot, when lightning strikes, the chamber is closed.


Continuity mistake: Close to the beginning when Dragonetti is talking to the Council he is looking at photos, then he puts them down, yet in the following shot he is holding them again.



Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie when Frost leaves the meeting, as he leaves the sound from his shoes is delayed.

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Continuity mistake: When Blade and Quinn are fighting in the subway Blade holds his face against the moving subway train. If you put it on slow motion you can see that before he gets his hand chopped off there is no blood or mark on his face.


Continuity mistake: At the start in the car, Racquel's hair and facial expression changes instantly depending on the angle.


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Continuity mistake: At the end, when Frost and Blade are fighting, Frost punches Blade in the stomach, making him fly back and hit the wall. If you watch closely, his fist never comes close to hitting Blade.


Continuity mistake: In the subway, Blade and Quinn are fighting on the edge of a subway station for at LEAST two straight minutes as a train barrels by. In NYC, it takes a subway car one to two seconds to pass a stationary point when moving at normal speed. Even being generous and saying two seconds per car, what subway train has sixty cars in it? (normal is eight, I believe).


Continuity mistake: At the beginning when Quinn's men are in front of Blade, the two men at the front are holding crowbars, yet the crowbars change from behind held by the legs to by the chest between shots.



Continuity mistake: When Blade kicks Quinn to the shower floor inside the club, he picks up his gun and turns around to shoot Quinn, and as he approaches his right is arm up, but in the next shot his left arm is up.



Continuity mistake: When Blade is kicking butt in the club, he jumps into a shower, stabs the last guy then jumps onto a side ledge and has the sword in his right hand. When the camera cuts to Quinn then back to Blade, he is switching his sword from his left hand to his right.



Continuity mistake: Right before the sword embeds the marble, it's on the right side of EDTA. When the sword handle opens it's above it.


Continuity mistake: When Blade is beating up the cop on the back of the car, you can see that his tie is a real necktie when in fact all cops use a clip-on for safety reasons.


Continuity mistake: When Blade chops off Quinn's hand in the hospital, we see it fall down inches from Karen's face, as she is lying on her front on the floor. After the fight is over, Blade finds Karen lying on her back. It is unlikely that, being as incapacitated as she appears, she would have the strength or inclination to turn her whole body over.


Continuity mistake: During the fight between the burnt Vampire Quinn and Blade, Quinn picks up a fire extinguisher to throw at Blade. Blade cuts off Quinn's arm, but the fire extinguisher has disappeared.


Continuity mistake: After Blade kills his vampiric mother, he runs with his vest in his hands. Then, suddenly his vest on, unzipped. He jumps down onto the center platform, looks up, and the vest is now zipped.


Continuity mistake: During the final battle, right after Frost's arm regenerates and he says "It's too late, Blade!", Blade begins swiping his sword at Frost rapidly. You can hear the sound of Blade's sword slicing into Frost's shirt, and even see numerous pieces of fabric from the shirt flying about in the air as Blade shreds off pieces. Yet, for the rest of the scene, Frost's shirt is almost completely undamaged, save for one or two small tears. This makes no sense, as we had just seen and heard Blade slicing off numerous pieces of fabric from the shirt. The pieces seen flying through the air were actually added later using computer effects to make the scene look more dramatic, thus creating the continuity problem.

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Continuity mistake: When Frost kills the fake policeman, prior to Frost biting him there are six to seven rubber ducks floating in the water. In the very last shot where the police officer is floating dead in the pool, all of the rubber ducks are gone.

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Continuity mistake: When Karen turns on the UV lamp the first time and starts to burn Pearl (the enormous record-keeper), watch closely. In the first shot from the front, Pearl has no burns yet and the air is clear. It immediately cuts to an over-the-shoulder shot and not only does Pearl's arm instantly have burns on it (that had no time to appear between cuts), but there's also smoke in the air that wasn't there in the previous shot. (And also had no time to appear between cuts).

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Continuity mistake: When Whistler is giving Blade the injection, watch the vial. It starts full, then in a close up, you can see the serum level drop. Then the camera goes to a wide shot, and the fluid level is almost full and dropping, The next close up, and the serum level falls to completely empty.

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Continuity mistake: There is a scene where Blade and Frost are having a discussion sitting across from one another. The shot changes back and forth from Blade to Frost as they speak. On the table you can see a pack of cigarettes next to frost that changes position in every shot and even disappears entirely in one of the shots.

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Continuity mistake: When Blade throws the darts full of EDTA into Frost at the end of the movie, they all just sit there in Frost's flesh, not pumping the blue fluid into him (this is especially evident after Blade kicks the final one into Frost's face). This is a blooper in and of itself, because as we saw earlier (as Blade fought two vampire guards and killed them with the same darts), the darts quickly pump the fluid out upon impact. What's more, all the darts are suddenly completely empty in the zoom-out shot of Frost's body bubbling and expanding from the reaction to the EDTA.

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Continuity mistake: When Blade is escaping from the police, after he jumps across the building he uses a red door as a sheild. The police shoot the red door and it splinters. After the doctor pops his shoulder back in, the cops shoot the door again but there are no visible marks from the bullets before and instead of a wooden door it's now metal.

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Blade: You better wake up. The world you live in is just a sugar coated topping. There is another world beneath it. The real world. And if you want to survive it, you better learn to pull the trigger.



When Frost has the head pure-blood vampire on the beach, after he pulls out his first vampire tooth you see blood all over his mouth, but when it shows the closeup of him pulling out the other tooth, there is no blood.



In the Marvel Comic series where the characters originate from, Deacon Frost was actually an elder man, and an alchemist who dabbled in vampirism and - via one of his experiments - turned himself into a unique vampire who could create doppelgangers of his victims.