Ocean's Eleven

Corrected entry: When the white van is at the airport getting its tires shot out we can see that there is water coming out of the exhaust. Water only comes out of the exhaust the first couple of minutes after a completely cold car is started due to the condensation. Warm cars do not have water coming out of the exhaust, and since the van was driven all the way to the casino and then to the airport there shouldn't be any water.

Correction: Not entirely true. It depends what the temperature difference between the exhaust and the outside air is. On cold days, and usually at night water will drip out of the tail pipe no matter if the car is hot because the cool outside air will cool off the ends of the exhausts pipe, letting water condensate inside. This scene does take place at night, and in the desert where it gets freezing at night.


Corrected entry: Danny's trigger for the bombs has four LEDs along the top, none are lit. When Linus replaces the batteries you can see from their explosion reaction shot, from behind, that they are lit. But when we see them from the front, they are no longer lit.

Correction: They probably light up only when they actually trigger the explosion, then turn off again after the signal is sent.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the "swat team" have been sent in to stop the thieves with the money in the vault, they ask for the power to be cut. When this happens the lights go out, and the security monitor screens go black. But the "No Signal" message also appears on the screen. Meaning either the input to the monitors have been pulled out, or the cameras have been turned off. Security cameras would not be running on the same power as the lights in the area near a vault, and even if they were, the "No Signal" message still wouldn't appear as they would be connected to a computer.

Correction: The techs in the security room cut all power to the vault level. This would include the cameras.

Corrected entry: After Danny, Linus, and Yen have triggered the vault and the bomb goes off, Danny and Linus enter the vault and Danny throws down what appears to be a crowbar. He didn't have it in any of the shots before then, and neither did Linus. So where did that come from?

Correction: The shot cuts from one with the door closed to one where they walk through the open vault door. So there was some time in between as they opened the door for Danny to get something he was carrying. It is a lot smaller than a crowbar, but I can't identify it even frame by frame. My guess is that it's a tool to finish opening the vault door.


Corrected entry: Shortly after the vault has been successfully robbed, George Clooney is beaten-up by Bruiser in a small room with two guards outside. Andy Garcia enters and George Clooney's face is badly bloodied and bruised. A few moments later they are talking to each other in the corridor outside and George's face has made a near total recovery. A few moments later still, George Clooney meets up with Julia Roberts at the entrance to the casino and his face has completed its miraculous healing. (01:41:58)

Correction: When Andy Garcia enters the room after George clooney was "beaten up" by Bruiser, his face wasnt badly bloodied at all. His clothes and hair were a little messed up, that's all. It's possible he fixed himself up a bit after.

Corrected entry: When Yen is in the vault he uses the fake jewels (that Basher made) with another device to blow the door.Why doesn't he just bring the jewel device in the trolley with him like the other (silver) device? It would have much less risk because they knew that Benedict would check the case and possibly the jewels too.

Correction: There is very little room inside the box. The silver device he takes with him is an oxygen tank so he can breathe so it's an absolute necessity.

Corrected entry: When Casey Affleck releases the balloons to cover the in-house security camera, is the length of the string long enough or the ceiling low enough for him to then reach up and pull them down when the move is completed? (00:20:45)

Correction: Both. You can see the ceiling is actually hardly higher than the ceiling throughout the rest of the casino, and that the balloons have a long string. The reason Casey Affleck's balloons weren't hitting the ceiling as he was walking was because he was holding them relatively high up on the string.

Corrected entry: When George Clooney and Matt Damon first meet, George slides a ticket along the table, which Matt Damon subtly takes, leaving Mr. Clooney quite impressed. But before Matt takes it, George Clooney looks towards the bar, waves his hand, and is then amazed when the ticket's gone. Matt Damon had about 3 seconds to take it - anyone could grab it in that time.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Correction: While Danny looks away for about three seconds, if you follow the motion of his hand, it's only away from the ticket for about a second. Given that Linus wouldn't have known that Danny was going to take his hand off the ticket at that moment, it does require quite impressive reflexes to grab it within the one-second window.

Tailkinker Premium member

If you watch closely, as soon as George lifts up his hand, Matt goes for the ticket and grabs it all in the same shot. You can see the corner of the ticket briefly flash on the bottom of the screen proving Matt successfully swiped it before the scene cuts. So even just a second is plenty of time to swipe something since the actor was able to do it. Even still, the movie seems to be implying that Matt takes the ticket while George has his hand on it since the camera pans down on George's hand flat on the table with nothing under it at which point George says, "That's the best lift I've seen you make, yet."

Corrected entry: If the thieves are surprised/concerned when the security guard places the briefcase on top of the cart where their accomplice is hiding, why does the recording they made have the brief case in exactly the same place?

Correction: That's not a tape. So that things remain exactly as they were, Livingston is simply looping a shot of the empty vault taken from after the briefcase was brought in.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: During the "pinch" Cloony and Damon crack chemical light sticks to illuminate the elevator shaft. When this is done, the sticks are bent and only one side of the sticks are illuminated. However, in the next shot of the sticks hitting the ground, the sticks are straight and fully illuminated.

Adam Feller

Correction: The sticks are flexible, and offscreen for a second - it would only take a quick bend and shake to get them straight and evenly lit.

Corrected entry: In both the scenes where the robbers and the SWAT team absail down the elevator shaft, there is no elevator, as this would obviously prevent them from reaching the vault in the first place.

Correction: There is an elevator, its what the robbers use to hang the ropes from in order to get down. Remeber earlier you see Matt Damon go through the top of the elevator and join George Clooney. They then just go down the side to the bottom and rapelle down.

Corrected entry: The two guards outside the vault doors get gassed and then bound by their hands and feet. Afterwards, while Matt Damon and George Clooney are putting batteries into the bomb detonator outside the vault, you can see the two guards behind them on the floor, unbound.

Correction: I went through this scene twice. During this scene the camera only tilts down enough to see the floor a minimal number of times. I was unable to see the guards, let alone make out their status. This mistake may have been corrected for the DVD version of the film.

Shaun Ewing

Corrected entry: In the scene when Matt Damon is at the bar in Chicago talking to George Clooney, Matt Damon takes off his eye glasses and puts them down on the table. The next shot George Clooney is asking for another drink with the plane ticket on the table. When you see the table, Matt Damon's glasses are not there, but when Matt Damon is holding the plane ticket in his hand the glasses are on the table.

Correction: He has the glasses in his hand when talking to Clooney, from the side shot you can, see he is twiddling them round in his hand, he just puts them down the once so he can read the plane ticket.

Corrected entry: On the tape of the stage robbery, we clearly see three men in the vault, Yen, Linus and Danny. But up until Danny was "burned" there were only going to be two people in the vault - Yen and Danny. Linus was a last minute replacement for Danny (albeit pretend, we later find out). Regardless, there were only ever meant to be two people in the vault, as far as Linus knew, at least - he would have been a bit suspicious while filming the fake robbery with three people there.

Correction: The 3 people on the fake tape are wearing masks, so the third man may not even be Linus. Therefore, they could have made sure that he didn't see the fake robbery being filmed, specifically so he wouldn't get suspicious about there being 3 people taking part in it. In addition, when they talk about making a replica, Linus says "to practice?" and Danny says "something like that". Linus probably wasn't even aware that there was a 'staged' robbery.

Corrected entry: Why didn't Terry have the cell phone dusted for fingerprints? Danny didn't use gloves, as we see in the flashback, and he's a convicted criminal. Terry would have been able to pin the heist on Danny in no time.

Correction: In the clip showing Danny placing the phone in Tess' pocket, he's shown holding it by the extended antenna; which would not be a large enough area to retrieve a print. Which would explain why the antenna is extended in the first place. Also, Tess and Benedict both used the phone which would also reduce the chance of retrieving a usable print.

Another explanation for the cell phone antenna being extended is to give it less distance to drop in Tess' pocket therefore being more subtle. What's interesting is that later when she pulls out the phone to answer it, the antenna is magically retracted.

Corrected entry: When George Clooney and Matt Damon are going down the elevator shaft, the laserbeams are turned off for a short amount of time. Both of their ropes are short and they have to cut them. Right when they drop from the ropes the laserbeams are turned back on. Wouldn't the ropes left dangling set off the alarms?

Correction: the pulley systems they use to descend down the elevator shaft pull the remaining ropes back up after Clooney and Damon cut themselves free.

Corrected entry: When the cops take Danny away he has blood on his collar of his tux. When he gets out of jail there is no blood.

Correction: As he was in there for four to six months, the prison wardens porbably had the decency to wash the tux for his leaving the prison.

Corrected entry: When the pinch is activated and all the power is cut off in Las Vegas, how does George Clooney and Matt Damon use their pulley system to go down the elevator if the pulley system is also equipped with electronics, because you can obviously see the red lights turn on when the pulley is attached to the wall (electromagnets, presumably). So the pulley system shouldn't work, just like all the electronic equipment.

Correction: EMP pulses disrupt electronics, but if the electromagnets weren't activated when the pulse was triggered, they could be switched on immediately afterwards and work perfectly.

Corrected entry: Wouldn't Benedict or any of the security staff recognise the same people (the team as different characters) going around the casino all the time, e.g. the Utah twins as the balloon man and the guy he is arguing with, and at another point, the two of them as Mr. Zerga's bodyguards?

Correction: Benedict is very busy and isn't likely to notice anyone in particular unless his staff points them out. As long as the individuals aren't doing anything threatening, the staff aren't likely to remember them either since they see literally thousands of people a day.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Brad Pitt tells George Clooney that he can't be part of the operation. Why doesn't Matt Damon get curious about having two complete sets of cable equipment to go down the elevator laser beam shaft? He thought George Clooney was originally doing it solo, replaced by him, so would only expect one set.

Correction: It is very likely that Linus (Damon) never even opens the brief case to check the equipment. It was ready to go for Danny (Clooney), so there was no need. He didn't open the briefcase until after Danny met up with him, and he has already realized that Danny getting kicked out was staged.

Plot hole: Where do the flyers come from that are in the bags that are carried out of the vault and into the van? Danny and Linus couldn't have taken them down there and there is no room with the Chinese man. They are carried out to the van before the SWAT team appears, which means they'd have to have been in the vault to start with? In the commentary by Steven Soderbergh he acknowledges that there's no explanation. (01:35:05)

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