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Corrected entry: When they show Frank making the "move to a warmer climate," he's in a taxi, smiling, and then you see "Welcome to Las Vegas" signs off the freeway. If I'm not mistaken, those signs are on the freeway coming from LA. And even if they are from a different direction, the LV airport is in Las Vegas, so unless he took a taxi all the way from New Jersey, there's no reason he should have been 'entering' the city.

Correction: This didn't happen in real time, nor did he say "I'm going straight to vegas". He very easily could have taken his time on the way to vegas, made a detour to do some sight seeing and then come in from LA. Or he could have taken a flight to a different airport and driven from there.

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Corrected entry: When Rusty and Linus are watching Tess walk down the stairs, Rusty is holding a bowl of shrimp, but in the next shot, he is holding a plate instead of a bowl.

Corrected entry: Right after Sal walks by Linus and Rusty, Rusty asks Linus, "tell me about Benedict." His arm is in a fist up on his chin. On the back of his hand you can see his mic.

Correction: It isn't a mic, it's his tattoo. You can also see the tattoo at the race track when he's with Saul.

Corrected entry: Terry Benedict makes a call to 911, which the crew has used as an extension number in the Casino's PBX System. Wireless/Cellular Phones cannot be used with PBX Devices as it requires the telephone cable to plugged into the line input.

Correction: Not really a mistake as you can have phones wired from a base station to the PBX system. You have to remember this is Vegas and they have money to spend on keeping their security and phone systems up to date.


Corrected entry: After the lights come back on from the "pinch" everyone in the casino was trying to grab chips and money and a number of people were just running around, but when Rusty is walking through the casino talking on his cell phone to Tess and Benedict everything around him seems to be normal. No one is running around and people are still playing at the tables and slot machines. (01:29:50)


Correction: Rusty called right after the lights came back on. We don't actually see Rusty just yet. He could still be up in the room, outside by the pool, anywhere. The call came just as Terry and Tess are leaving the fight. Terry then had to leave the MGM, get back to the Bellagio in the middle of fight night traffic on the Vegas strip (which anyone can tell you is quite terrible), enter the Bellagio, and get to the security center. That is enough time for casino security to restore order. We don't actually SEE Rusty until Terry gets back to the Bellagio.

Actually, you see Rusty as he makes the call, and he is in the casino. It is apparent in this scene that there's a commotion going on as a few security staff run across the screen behind Rusty.

Corrected entry: Right before the van door slams on the acrobats hand, you can see that his hand was not even near the door when the van door started to close. (01:01:07)


Correction: If you slow it down, and use frame by frame as the van goes round the corner, you can just about see Yen's hand in the door.


Corrected entry: The balloons in Rusty's car are made up of four colors only (light and dark pink, and clear and pink see-through with writing on them). When Virgil brings them into the casino, there are now three purple balloons in the bunch that weren't there in the previous scene. (00:35:35)


Correction: The three purple balloons could've very well been hidden by the other balloons in Rusty's car, you only see the front view of the car, the balloons could've been at the back or in the middle.


Corrected entry: When Virgil Malloy is walking through the casino with the balloons, he bumps into Turk Malloy. Watch when he first bumps into him and their argument ensues. Their mouths are not moving. (00:35:50)

Correction: Unless you can see their heads/faces in fullscreen, you don't see their faces at all, all you see is partial hair and the balloons going up to the ceiling.


Corrected entry: The car dealer salesman has two pens in his coat pocket, then one, then two, and then back to one. (00:39:40)

Correction: Unless this mistake can only be seen in "Fullscreen", I only see two pens when it first cuts to the salesman. In all other shots the camera is too high to see the pocket where the pens are.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Benedict's men surround the van, you see two tyres been shot out, and three others from a different angle. This means that there are five tyres being blown... (01:37:10)

Correction: In editing it is a fairly common filmmaking technique to repeat or overlap two action shots from different angles, as it intensifies the action.

Corrected entry: When Benedict talks to Rusty on the phone, his security manager tells him that the S.W.A.T. team arrives 10 seconds before Rusty says his last words to Benedict and leaves his phone in the casino. But Rusty is joining the others as part of their fake S.W.A.T. team and we see them entering the vault a minute after. He would not have the time to change from suit (we saw him wearing suit when Tess found him in the casino) to a S.W.A.T. outfit in that time. Even if he went out of the casino the last time we saw him and changed clothes whilst still talking to Benedict, there was only 30 seconds until the arrival of the S.W.A.T. team. (01:30:35)

Correction: Just because only a minute of film goes past between Rusty leaving the phone and the 'SWAT team' entering the vault, it doesn't mean that that's how much time passes in actuality. It would take the 'SWAT team' much longer than a minute just to get themselves and their equipment out of the van (let alone move through the casino and the back corridors to the lift shaft, abseil down and head into the vault). Rusty has more than enough time to get changed.

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Corrected entry: When Brad Pitt and George Clooney leave the room where they looked up the blueprints and go down to wait for the elevator, Brad Pitt is missing his jacket and his tie, which were definitely there when he was playing cards. If the two of them didn't have anything else to do nor anywhere else to go, then where would he leave them?

Correction: You're talking about 2 totally different scenes here, in different buildings (unless Brad was teaching the stars to play poker in the city's municipal building). His jacket and tie could be anywhere between the two. I guess the most obvious place would be in their car.

Corrected entry: Throughout the card game, Russ's sitting position changes from his hands being on the table, to his arms being crossed, and back again as the camera angle changes. (00:07:00)


Correction: Okay, first you didn't say which game. But let's take both, the first one. The camera cuts are in elapsed time, not in one sitting. The second game he isn't in every shot and has time to change.

Corrected entry: In the scene where we first meet Linus, you can see he is holding his pen up to his mouth in the wide shot and then it is placed in his mouth and has moved 90 degrees to be straight along his face. (00:25:25)

Correction: Have you ever heard of elapsed time? That's why it changed, and he needed that hand to grab the wallet.

Corrected entry: When Mr Zerga's case is being brought into the vault, it is seen placed on top of Yens box, and then seen, at the control room, on the screen. When Benedict is looking at the screen while talking to Rusty on the cellophane, there is no black case on top of the boxes. How come had no one of the security man noticed that the case (probably at the fake vault) is missing, after specifically following it before Zerga's "death"?

Correction: They're not watching the vault continuously - they have to switch to the vault cameras when Benedict arrives. With their rather agitated boss in the room, they're not going to be focused too strongly on the screen. Livingston switches over to the tape of the 'robbery' after only a few seconds - it's simply the case that none of them noticed in that short period of time. Once the 'robbery' is revealed, they've got other things to worry about.

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Corrected entry: When the card game begins, Russ opens up a deck of cards and places the deck in front of him. The camera angle changes and Topher is now dealing out the cards. He never handed him the cards. (00:06:20)


Correction: First, Rusty sets the cards directly in front of Josh, and second, Josh has enough time to reach out and grab the cards before we see it from the other angle.


Corrected entry: Two vans are being purchased at the used car dealership. When Basher blows the "pinch," the explosion blows the roof off a white van. Later, a white van is shown rigged for remote control (with a perfectly intact roof). Finally, at the end, viewers are clued in that the SWAT van is theirs as well. That makes three vans, not two.

Correction: The SWAT vehicle was not part of the "two vans" and could not have been purchased at the dealership with the other vans.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the money cart with Yen in it is parked in the vault, the briefcase used is placed on top of the cart Yen is in. The handle used to push the cart is toward the vault door. When Yen is attempting to get out of the cart, the briefcase starts to slip. However, it would be slipping toward the side that has the handle, so the briefase should have been stopped by the handle. Yen is shown grabbing the briefcase just before it slips off the cart, but from the camera angle, the handle is not there as it should be stopping the case from slipping off. (01:21:50)

Correction: If you look quickly, you will notice that the briefcase actually slides between the handle and the cart before Yen catches it.

Corrected entry: When Andy Garcia says "walsh" after he notices that there is no money in the vault, we can see how destroyed the inside of the vault is. If there had been an explosion that big the Amazing Yang would have died, or at the very least bleeding due to ruptured eardrums.

Correction: Remember that they throw a second explosive into the vault during their SWAT team masquerade - it's this detonation that wrecks the vault, not the initial one that blows the door. Yen was well out of the way for the second, larger blast.

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Corrected entry: After the lights turn back on the motion detectors turn on as well. If that is so then the motion detectors inside the vault would be active as well. Those would go off when the vault door explodes due to all the debris being scattered about.

Correction: According to dialogue in the film, the blast that destroys the door locking mechanism also takes out the floor sensors.

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Plot hole: Where do the flyers come from that are in the bags that are carried out of the vault and into the van? Danny and Linus couldn't have taken them down there and there is no room with the Chinese man. They are carried out to the van before the SWAT team appears, which means they'd have to have been in the vault to start with? In the commentary by Steven Soderbergh he acknowledges that there's no explanation. (01:35:05)

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Danny: Does he make you laugh?
Tess: He doesn't make me cry.

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Trivia: Rusty Ryan is eating in nearly every scene he is in - on the DVD, there is a commentary by Brad Pitt (Rusty), where he says that during filming, he realized that since his character is so busy, he would have to eat whenever he got a chance, so he and the director decided to have him eating in every scene.

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Question: What is the name of the soundtrack being played when Benedict is watching the tape and rusty is explaining him the escape plan?

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