Black Dog

Factual error: When Swayze starts the truck, he turns a key and it starts. The key only switches on the electronics. Peterbuilts have a push button starter switch.


Factual error: Throughout movie you can see that the trailer is a container on a chassis, yet in the scene crossing the bridge at night there are lights on the top of the container. (01:03:40)

Factual error: When Patrick Swayze's truck was pushing the other truck up the bridge, there was no airflow going over the radiator. Under the enormous stress that the engine was going through (read: heat generation) there's no way it wouldn't have overheated, and quickly. (00:47:05)

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Factual error: In the scene where all the trucks gang up on Swayze and there's only one left chasing him down the hill, he throws the engine brake on to make the truck catch up to him faster. If he hadn't been using the engine brake up until that point and was going down that hill at that speed, his brakes would have been hot and smoking, therefore making the brakes almost useless. (00:48:45)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Monte Carlo is battling with the Camaro, they go off road into a field. During a certain shot, the Camaro has to jump a hill and it goes airborne. While it's airborne, you can see the entire front end is destroyed. However, after it lands, you can see the front end of the Camaro is in excellent condition and it remains intact for the remainder of the film. I would guess that they used at least two Camaros for the film. (00:26:10)

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Agent Ford: ATF - what does that stand for?"Alcohol, Tobacco and Fuck-ups?"

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Question: Is the whole thing with truckers seeing "a black dog" when they have been on the road too long true, or made up purely for the film?


Chosen answer: It's an old trucker's myth that has been around for a long time. There's no known origin for the story, but supposedly when truckers become drowsy, they can see a demon-like black canine of some sort running along the side of the road. This legend was incorporated into the movie.


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