The Animal

The Animal (2001)

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Rob Shneider is a bumbling wanabe cop, who can do nothing right. Until he goes on a call, and ends up wrecking his vehicle over a hill, which at first he's relatively Ok, until this large rock falls on his vehicle. After which, a strange doctor, takes Schneider to his lab, and saves his life, by putting animal parts in him. Shneider then starts to show signs of the animal parts that were put into him, etc, horse, seal, cheeta. Eventually Schneider starts to do good things and even meets a cute young woman, whom he falls in love with.

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Spoiler: At the end of the film we learn that the girl is the wild animal, having been saved by the same doctor. Yet at the restaurant she is wearing a bare back dress and does not have the giant X-like scar on her back, like he has or the model has, who the doctor marries at the end.



In the scene where Rob Schnider takes the drugs from that guy's bum you hear in the background someone say "That's a huge bitch" just like in Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo when he is walking around with the tall woman.