Monsters, Inc.

Corrected entry: When Sullivan stuffs toys in the locker, it's number 193. After a camera angle change, he is holding locker number 190.



Correction: He is holding locker 193 the whole time.

No, Triviani is correct. There is a shot of Sully with his hands on locker 193, one hand on the right of side of locker 193, and his left on the bar between 190 and 193. In the very next frame, we see him from a different angle with his hands in the same pose, except now we see locker 193 to the right of his hand, and locker 196 to the right of 193. That means his hands are on locker 190.


Corrected entry: When the red monster appears at the scare floor and starts counting down from 7, as the counting progresses and he finally reaches 1, his lips move but nothing comes out.


Correction: The reason there is no audio is because they trying to make a production out of scaring so it's the same as on a news set where they count down before you go live and the last 1 or 2 counts are silent so the audience (in this case the kids) can't hear them on the other side of the door.

Corrected entry: On the scare floor at the beginning of the movie, there is a monster who starts wailing about a kid almost touching him. The door shredder is then called because they have a "dead door" when it goes through the shredder two pairs of handles come out. Doors only have one handle on each side, so only one pair of handles should have come out.

Correction: I'm watching this movie right now, and two pairs of handles did not come out - it was simply two sides of the one handle; one for the front of the door and one for the back of the door.

Corrected entry: In the apartment, Boo sneezes in Mike's eye and then he sprays himself in the eye, making it go all red. By the time Boo start crying and the power surge starts, his eye isn't red anymore.

00:28:25 - 00:28:55

Casual Person

Correction: His eye turns red, then gradually (but rapidly) returns to normal. It doesn't instantly change. You can still see slight redness in his eye as it gets less pronounced in subsequent shots.


Corrected entry: When Sully, Mike and Boo are hiding in the bathroom stall, you can see Boo's fake eye and Sully's head peeking over it, yet, Randall can't see it, and it's not in the mirror.

Correction: They just scrunch lower as Randell moves through the restroom and down the row of stalls.


Corrected entry: After Mike is throwing snowballs at Sully, there are 4 empty cones, then there are 3, and then 4 again.


Correction: The abominable snowman is simply covering the fourth snow cone with his thumb the whole time.

Corrected entry: When the "scarers" arrive for work in the "Right Stuff" scene, Pauley has no eyes. He is to Sully's left (the right of the screen as you look at it). His assistant then puts his eyeballs in to prepare him for scaring. Later, after work, even after the monsters have left the locker room and are heading out of the Monsters Inc. factory for the evening, Pauley has all of his eyeballs left in.

00:13:30 - 00:20:15

Correction: And how is this a mistake? He would still need eyes to live out his everyday life. For all we know he has a work set of eyes and a everyday set of eyes.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Mike, Sully, and Boo were all hiding from Randall in the bathroom, all three of them are standing on the toilet in the same stall. They look straight ahead and see Randall using the sink in front of a mirror. But, a minute later Randall is busting open the door to each stall. When he hits their stall door open, he is looking the other way, and doesn't see them. Yet he would have seen their reflection in the mirror. I realize that Randall's eyes were not looking straight ahead into the mirror. But, where he was looking, he would have easily seen a huge, bright blue and green monster.


Correction: His eyes weren't looking directly into the mirror and looking the other way, yes. But if his eyes were looking that direction, his eyes would only be focusing in the specific direction he was looking at. He wouldn't be paying attention to anything else.

Casual Person

Corrected entry: When Mike and Sully first come to the work, you can see two big monsters who talk near the reception, but Cilia is not there. But when they come closer, she is there.

Correction: She's not gone when they enter. One of the monsters is in the way, making it hard to see her.

Casual Person

Corrected entry: When Mike, Sully, Boo, and Randal ride the doors out of the factory, it takes a couple of minutes for the ride to end. When the doors are called into the factory, however, it only takes about 10 seconds.

Correction: All of the monsters doing the scaring have doors assigned to them. Roz selects the doors for each monster and gives the door assignments to the monster's assistant. In order to expedite the scaring process the doors that are coming out to the scare floor would be placed closest to the storage exit, like a batter who is 'on deck'. When Mike, Sully, Boo and Randall ride the doors back all the way to their storage spots it is a much further trip.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Sully, Boo, and Mike are riding the door and Boo screams, only one door is activated. When she laughs in the same scene, every single door is activated. Near the end of the movie it is revealed that laughter is 10X more powerful than screams. In that case, only 10 doors should have been activated from her laugh.

Correction: Far too speculative. Clearly a child screaming must be able to power more than a single door, otherwise the activities at Monsters Inc. would be pointless, as it would take the same amount of power to collect a scream as that scream would later provide. There are far too many factors that go unaddressed in the film to make any definitive statement. For example, we know nothing about the comparable effective ranges of a scream and a laugh. From what we see in the film, a laugh can clearly provide power over a very large area, whereas a scream appears far more limited. It may simply be that the single door was the only one close enough to Boo to be powered by her scream, but when she laughed, there was enough power to fire up every door within range.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Did you notice that Mike's mum looks like Roz? When they're doing the concert in the credits, after they do the play, Mike says, "What a night for my mother to be in the crowd", and you'll see Mike's mum.

Correction: This isn't trivia, it's just two characters with the same hairstyle.

Corrected entry: The monster that operates the doors for Randall, has legs that bend back like a bird's, but in the shot when Sulley saves Mike from the scream-extractor and puts that monster where Mike was, he is sitting down and his legs bend forward.

00:14:00 - 00:54:05

Correction: Fungus obviously has double-jointed legs, quite possible considering the diversity of monster oddities.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: One of my favorite parts in the movie: When you first see Roz, she is reading "The Glob." Look closely at the headlines - they are hilarious. For example, "Baby Born With Five Heads - Parents Thrilled".

Correction: How is this trivia? It's just a funny part of the movie.


Corrected entry: When Mike and Sulley are falling through the door vault, they escape through the door they are holding onto. When the door hits the ground, it completely shatters, including the metal frame that surrounds the door. No matter how hard that door hit the ground, the frame wouldn't have broken like wood.

Brad Premium member

Correction: You're assuming it's metal... clearly it wasn't. In any case, the laws of physics aren't the same in the monster world.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Around the end of the movie, Sully has Boo activate all the doors so that they can get to Boo's door. However, having activated most doors around the world (some have been destroyed), there is no mention of anyone from the human world trying to access their closet, and coming upon the factory. We know that the doors work on both sides, as this is how Sully and co. get around from one location to the other.

Correction: We follow Sully, Mike, and Boo for the duration of the doors being active. Just because they didn't encounter anyone stumbling upon the factory does not mean no one did. We, the viewer, just didn't see it. If you opened up your closet and saw a huge open space on the other side that's never been there before are you likely to leave the door open for very long? I wouldn't.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Near the end when Mike, Sully and Boo enter the factory on the back of door and the CDA's and Waternoose are waiting for them, Mike throws one of Boo's socks at a CDA, then runs off. When Sully and Boo come out from the behind the door Boo has both socks on. Later when Boo is returned to her room you can see the missing sock.

01:11:35 - 01:16:50


Correction: Look closer. The sock is gone the entire time, but the similarities between the color of the foot and the color of the sock make this hard to see.

Corrected entry: When Mike and Sulley are stuck in the Himalayas with the Yeti, the Yeti says that you can get milk from a Yak. This is not true as the Yak is the male of the species and the female (which would produce milk) is actually a Nak.

Correction: Character mistake. That's something most *people* don't know, so why would a monster from another world know that?

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Mike is in Harry Hausen's with Celia there is no menu on the table, then Sully appears and a menu is in front of them.



Correction: Sully brings the menu with him and slides it onto the table as he sits down. You can see it in his hand just before he reaches the table.


Corrected entry: Throughout the movie there are times when monsters prefer cleanliness and times when they prefer dirtiness. Examples of monsters preferring cleanliness include Sulley brushing his teeth at the beginning of the film (Mike says "Fight that plaque.") and a little later on at 'Monsters Inc' when a green slug monster mops the floor. Examples of monsters preferring dirtiness include Roz reading a newspaper with an article at the back of it that says 'Gain pounds' and when Mike asks Sulley for oderant (smelly garbage, old dumpster, low tide, wet dog).

Correction: What, monsters can't like smelliness but want their teeth not to fall out and their feet not to stick to the floor? Characters sometimes choosing convenience (chewing food, walking easily) over an aesthetic preference is not a plot hole. (And don't even get me started about calling weight gain "dirty.").


Corrected entry: When Mike tries to put the blame on Waxford he says that he works at station six. Waxford actually works on station nine which can be seen when they line themselves up the first day.

Correction: Mike could have messed up the stations in the heat of the lie.

Corrected entry: Taking into account Boo's height and the fact she can't talk very well puts her age at about 2. Her drawing ability however is that of a 5 or 6 year old.


Correction: Using someone's height and vocal abilities is not evidence to prove an age but pure assumption. Even if we could assume that was her age, its still presumptious to say what she could and couldn't do. As I mentioned we don't know how old she was and also have no idea of her abilities (i.e. Simple drawing). Besides which the drawing was not a professional looking painting but an simple crayon picture of the monsters, so its even more presumptious to those sort of drawings are a few years away.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the opening scene, when the monster falls on the jacks, we see the door is less than half open. When the video is replayed, we see that the door is left more than half way open.

00:02:45 - 00:03:45

Correction: When the monster is on the ground spinning in circles, his feet hit the door closing it slightly.


Corrected entry: Mike uses a microphone to magnify his voice when doing his comedian bit with the kid at the end of the movie. You'd think the kid's parents would hear him. After all, near the end of the film Randall is teleported through a door to a trailer home, and the kid complains to his Maw that another 'gator has got in - and Maw not only sees and hears Randall, she belts him with a shovel - so she (or the shovel.) can feel him, too.

Correction: The microphone is probably just a prop for the comedian show, as you can't hear Mike's voice actually get louder (and with the echo microphones produce).

Corrected entry: In the computer animation process, they make certain set pieces which can be used over and over again - when mike is being threatened with the 'scream remover' you can see that it is made up of canisters for screams, and various other parts, including half a door sorting frame for the main arm

Correction: I don't think the convenience of repeating set pieces was a factor here: think of how many pieces needed to be made for the film. It makes more sense that Randall would build his secret machine out of parts available, such as the canisters and door frame. Still noteworthy however.

Corrected entry: When Mike and Sully are at the lockers and Mike puts in his contact, Randall slams Mike's locker, and that should have locked it, but Mike re-opens it with out re-entering the combination


Correction: Not all lockers immediately lock. In jr high school, our lockers could be shut without re-locking. You had to twist the dial as you left in order to lock the locker.

Corrected entry: When Sully and Mike first speak to the geeky monsters in the lobby, you can see a slug-like monster in the background just entering one of the corridors leading to the scarefloors. When Mike is talking to Celia a short time later, the same slug still has yet to enter the corridor.

Correction: They are similar, but, as stated elsewhere, there are certain common monster shapes that appear relatively frequently: slug-shape is one. Besides, the first slug has no lunchbox (judging from the movements of its right pseudopod) and the second one does.


Corrected entry: When Sully and Mike go back to work to take Boo back to her home, the clock on the wall as they enter says 8:50, a few minutes later Boo takes off and Mike and Sully go after her, a few minutes later Randell catches Mike and points to the clock which now reads 11:55. The chase only lasted a few minutes.

Correction: There are many clocks in the lobby of the power company, all over different hallways that lead to different scare floors and reading different times. This can be assumed to mean that the monsters recognize time zones (affirmed by the Eastern Seaboard lighting up during the first shift). The clock that reads 11:55 is "local time" for the monster world, but the other clocks refer to the human world.


Corrected entry: When Mike goes to get the card to Boo's door from Roz, there is a clipboard slightly to her right on the counter. The shot switches to Mike's view and when it switches back to Roz's view, the clipboard has moved to the right even though Roz is perfectly still.

Correction: Yes, the clipboard is now hidden behind Roz's head, but that is because the second shot is from closer to her shoulder. The clipboard is still the same distance from the loose papers on the desk.


Corrected entry: The chef at Harryhausen's has a bandana with a Japanese symbol on it, and throughout the entire restaurant scene the symbol on the bandana changes.

Correction: In every shot the symbol is the same. I don't know what it means, but it looks like an inverted double cross over a short, pointed stroke and a snake shape.


Corrected entry: Just after the door is shredded, Mr. Waternoose or his assistant says something like "That's 56 doors this week. Kids just don't scare like they used to." 56 doors in a week is nothing when you consider that a kid is born roughly every 3 seconds - that works out at around 201,600 doors every week. Shredding 56 doors still leaves them with 201544 doors, which seems a lot more doors than they have monsters.

Correction: Waternoose isn't concerned about the total number of doors available - as seen later in the film, there are plenty back there to utilize - but rather about the RATE they are losing doors. A door here and there is not so bad, but 56 doors in a week could be the indicator of much worse things to come.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: The mobile Sully flushes down the toilet, when he thought Boo was toxic, is hanging above her bed when he takes her back towards the end.

fan before the site

Correction: There are two mobiles in Boo's room. The one that Sully flushed down the toilet is still gone at the end of the movie. The other one is still there.

Corrected entry: Just before they go into the scare room, a slug looking monster is mopping up a spill. When he is done, he leaves his own trail of sludge. When we see all of the scarers walking to their doors a little later, the slug is there, but the floor behind him stays clean.

Correction: It's a different slug-like monster. There are lots of them in the movie ("slug" must be a favorite body type in Monstropolis), and we see several between the time we see the janitor and the appearance of the scarers. None of them is the janitor (different color, fewer eyes, etc.).

Corrected entry: The Abominable Snowman tells Mike and Sully that the Himalayan village is 'a three day hike' down the mountain. However, after about two minutes of sledding/tumbling, Sully gets to within what looks to be less than a half-mile from it. Even more inexplicable, Mike was pretty much right behind him, judging by how quickly he finds Sully back at the factory.

Correction: Perhaps the Abominable Snowman was just trying to discourage Sulley from going to the village; he might not have thought it a good idea for Sulley to go back to the monster world.

Corrected entry: The scare total display board on the scarefloor wall shows the scarers with their photo and last name. There is one mistake. Randall's last name is Boggs but the display board says Randall.

Correction: Some people (or monsters, in this case) do prefer to be called by the surname (like Sulley) and others by their first name (like Randall).

Corrected entry: All the toilets in the Monsters Inc. men's room are in the size and shape familiar to us as being for human use. Yet only three or four of the monsters are close enough to humanoid form that would make the toilets accessible for sitting.

Correction: Possibly there are other men's rooms of different sizes to fit different monsters. After all we only see one restroom in the whole movie and of course there are others.

Corrected entry: When Sully and Waternoose are talking, Waternoose pours himself a cup of coffee. Just after Waternoose takes a sip, Sully demonstrates his scaring ability on him and he drops his cup. The sound we hear is of an empty cup hitting the floor, but didn't Waternoose just fill it with coffee? There should have been a splash type noise to indicate the coffee has spilt on the floor.


Correction: Look more carefully at the "coffee" - it isn't liquid, but thick, heavy sludge. Thus, if a cup of that stuff was dropped on the floor, we wouldn't hear any splashing.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: Why does Mike need to put in a contact lens after going to work? Surely if his eyesight is bad, then he would have needed to put one on before leaving the house. After all, he wanted to drive to work, supposedly with bad eyesight.


Correction: He could just need a corrective lens for reading, which he has to do for work.


Corrected entry: If Boo was the first child to enter the monster world, then how does the CDA know their detecting machines works?

Correction: The monsters regularly go into children's bedrooms, and could safely test their devices while the kids are asleep. It's not as if they've never seen a child before: they rely on them for power after all.


Corrected entry: When Randal is talking to Mike about making sure Boo goes back in her door at the lunch break look at which of Mike's hand is the hour hand. When Randal says "When the hour hand goes down..." he uses the wrong hand.

Correction: Randall does this on purpose- to hurt Mike and he actually says "When the big hand"

Corrected entry: When Boo is first discovered by Mike & Sully, they refer to Boo as 'it' and 'the child'. During the bathroom scene when Sully tells Mike that he named the child Boo, his exact words are "That's what I named her". There is no explanation why he switched the pronoun from 'it' to 'her'. For the rest of the movie, they do refer to Boo as 'her'.


Correction: This isn't a mistake, it's a choice made by the filmmakers. It's intended to show that Sully no longer sees Boo as an "it", but as a living being that might not be so dangerous after all.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: Why does Boo have a mobile? She sleeps on a bed and mobiles are for small babies in cribs.

fan before the site

Correction: Boo actually owns a couple mobiles. (One with fishes and another with the solar system.) Mobiles are not just for babies with cribs. You can get all kinds of mobiles.

Nala Premium member

Corrected entry: When Sully and Mike leave the company bathroom, they are walking down the hall and you can see that both of Mike's legs are wet. As they keep walking down the hall, they dry far too quickly.

Correction: Why do they? As far as you know, mike's skin can be like a lizard's or a snake's, therefore, the water slides off quite fast.

Corrected entry: When Sully gets expelled from monstropolis, he wastes no time in locating a child's room so that he can return. None of the other banished monsters thought of this? And what about the monster that was busy scaring the occupant of that room? Why didn't he stop Sully or at least raise an alarm?

Correction: There is no point for the other banished monsters to return as Sully did, as they would only be hunted fugitives and banished/punished again. Other monsters may have snuck back in, but they would not be around in plain sight.

Corrected entry: In the first shot of all the monsters entering the scare-floor, there is a broad-chested purple monster without eyes. In his next two shots he has three eyes. Then in the following shot his eyes are gone again until his assistant gives him a whole bunch.

Correction: When all the monsters enter the scare floor, there are actually two very similar looking broad chested purple monsters; one on the right and one in the back, left, who is more difficult to see. He is the one with the 3 eyes.

Corrected entry: Just after James tells Mike nothing matters, it cuts to a scene with Mike holding the ball from a snow cone and he has only two toes on his left foot. It then goes to James again and when it goes back to Mike he has three toes again.

Correction: If you look very closely you can see the hump of the third toe.

Corrected entry: When Sully rescues Boo from the Scream Extractor, he picks up her door card key from the floor with his left hand and is carrying Boo in his right. But when Randall attacks him, you don't see the card fly out of his hand. In fact, you don't see it anywhere. How does he happen to have it later on the scare floor?

Correction: If you look closely, you can see that Boo is carrying it all the way to the Scare Floor.

Corrected entry: When Sully and Mike are going to work the first time, they are carrying lunch boxes. When they leave at the end of the day they aren't carrying them anymore.

Correction: Mike is going to dinner with Celia, and probably does not want to carry his lunchbox to dinner, and Sully gets mixed up in the whole situation with Boo, and has no time to think about his lunchbox.

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