Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Corrected entry: Just after Draco Malfoy was sorted, Ron mentions to Harry that there wasn't a witch or wizard that went bad that wasn't in Slytherin. However, at this point, Sirius Black was believed to be a dark wizard by the whole wizarding community, and was very well known as well, although he was in Gryffindor when he was at Hogwarts.


Correction: However, Ron is a little kid and heard a rumor that he pronounced as fact. But the adult wizarding community knew better.


Corrected entry: When Hermione petrified Neville, Neville's hands immediately came to his side and he fell, but in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when someone was being petrified, they would stay in their original position.

Correction: Hermione put a full body bind curse on him.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film when Hagrid gives Harry the photo album, Harry opens it to the picture on the front. But going by what we've seen from other clips earlier on when his parents died, the picture is chronologically wrong. They died when he was a baby not a toddler, yet in the picture James and Lily are holding a toddler version of Harry.

Correction: Baby Harry was played by The Saunders Triplets who were a year old during the filming of Harry Potter. Same age as baby Harry would have been. They may look big to you, but they are the correct age.

Corrected entry: Steven Spielberg was offered the position as director, but was later refused when he couldn't agree with J.K. Rowling's insistence on having an all-British cast, as he wanted Haley Joel-Osment to play Harry.


Correction: This is an old rumour which has since been rebuffed by J.K. Rowling. She has stated that she would have never, nor was in a position to, decline Spielberg direction over this movie.

Corrected entry: In the scene in the Great Hall where Ron is looking at his Chocolate Frogs cards, Harry picks one up. It's suppose to be Dumbledore's card, but in several shots you see where Dumbledore's picture should be. Instead, all you see is the green screen attached to the cards.

Correction: Dumbledore's picture was a simple holographic foil image; the same kind you'd see on any credit card. There was no green screen effect needed for this. What you're seeing is just the way the light plays off the foil when viewed from an extreme angle.

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Corrected entry: In 'Deathly Hallows Part 1', James and Lily Potter's gravestone says they died in 1981. When their deaths are shown in 'Philosopher's Stone', baby Harry is seen wearing a Blue's Clues shirt, but Blue's Clues didn't exist until 1996, 15 years after the Potters' deaths.


Correction: Those are bunny rabbits on his shirt.


Corrected entry: After arriving to Hogwarts, just after Draco Malfoy is confronting Harry, Professor McGonagall taps Draco on the shoulder, when turned around, for a split moment you can see the tape that keeps on his wig to cover his brown hair.


Correction: Except he's not wearing a wig; Tom Felton's hair has been dyed platinum blonde ever since he first got the role of Draco Malfoy.

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Corrected entry: Just after Ron says, 'Mails here!', we see the owls dropping various packages to Hogwarts students. The very first owl closeup we see is a brown one and s/he is flying to the right. It's carrying a green package. When the owl drops the package and a student catches it, however, the package has turned blue.



Correction: They are not meant to be the same package. We are shown two tight close-ups of owls - among many other owls, who are delivering/dropping the mail, which merely serve to illustrate this event. The package the first owl releases is green and rectangle, with string tied around the smaller side, and a student catches a larger, blue, square package with string tied around all of its sides. Two shots later we see another owl drop a tan, rectangle package, with a single string and it cuts to yet another student catching an entirely different smaller package. Neither of these are mistakes.

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Corrected entry: In Gringott's, after visiting Harry's vault, as they stand in front of vault 713, a cart passes by on the tracks. In order to do this, it almost certainly would have had to jump the cart Harry and Hagrid had been using.

Correction: The fact that you're speaking of Gringotts Wizarding Bank, which is run by Goblins who have many enchantments in place, is in itself evidence that there really is nothing extraordinary about an enchanted cart travelling within the bank's underground passages, on its interlinked series of tracks.

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Corrected entry: In the reptile house at the zoo, Dudley yells at his parent to come and see what the snake Harry is looking at is doing. The problem is that Dudley is facing the opposite wall when he yells out and hasn't even seen the snakes' enclosure yet.

Correction: The Burmese Python is lying down motionless at the bottom of its enclosure, when Dudley decides it's boring and walks to the exhibit behind Harry. During the conversation with Harry, the snake perks up, raises its head up high, to Harry's shoulder level, then moves about very animatedly when Harry turns to look at the zoo sign and continues talking. The next time we even see Dudley, his head and body are already turned halfway towards Harry's direction, whereupon he shouts for his parents to come see what the snake is doing. It is clear from Dudley's body position that he has just seen the snake's very noticeable actions, as it was speaking to Harry.

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Corrected entry: When Harry, Hermione, and Ron go up the stair case, and end up in the third floor, you see there are three floors in view, plus a stair case going down, connected to the last visible floor, so in reality, it really wasn't the third floor.

Correction: In the UK, we don't start numbering right from the bottom. We start with the ground floor, which would be the first floor under the US system, then number as you go upwards. So, our first floor would be the second floor in the US and so forth. As such, the third floor that they refer to would be the fourth floor in US terminology, which fits with what's seen on-screen.

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Corrected entry: Even before the Sorting, Harry has a Gryffindor tie on with his robes.

Correction: Harry has a Hogwarts tie on like everyone else before the sorting. The Gryffindor tie has more color to it than the ones that all first year students are wearing.

Corrected entry: When Harry is standing on his broomstick to catch the Snitch at the Quidditch scene and then he falls, it is impossible for the Snitch to get in his mouth without its wings cutting Harry's lips.

Correction: How so? We have no idea what the Snitch is made of. The wings could very likely be soft enough to rub right over Harry's lips without leaving a mark.


Corrected entry: When Harry is searching the restricted section, he puts the lamp down first and then the cloak. So the cloak would be on top of the lamp, but when he pulls on the cloak so he can put it on, the cloak is under the lamp.

Correction: Harry puts the cloak down as he is using the light to look at the books. He then puts the light down ON TOP of the cloak.

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Corrected entry: When Harry, Ron and Hermione walks towards the door leading to the third corridor the first time you can see the right banister wobble.


Matty W

Correction: The stair cases move, it's possible that the banister will wobble.


Corrected entry: In the end credits they say that there are 3 beaters on the Slytherin team. There should only be 2.

Correction: It doesn't even list Slytherin team beaters in the end credits.

Corrected entry: Why didn't Ron just get off the stone horse instead of risking his life by taking the hit the queen gave out?

Correction: Because then he's not playing the part of the knight, and it would end Wizard's Chess. That would then invalidate the challenge and not allow them to pass.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Ron is under the sorting hat, he is sorted into Gryffindor, but instead of heading off to the left, to the Gryffindor table, he heads off right which would send him out of his way to the correct table.


Correction: True but there is a large group of first years between him and the Gryffindor table which he has to walk round. It's not at all clear if going left or right is shorter and in any case, taking the long way round isn't a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: When Harry, Ron, and Hermoine get off the stairs (which have just moved) onto the third floor, the stairs bounce, clearly illustrating that they are not made of the hard stone they appear to be.


Correction: The bounce is related to the fact that the staircase is only attached at the bottom otherwise it would be unable to turn. The flex comes from where the stairs are connected to the lower landing, not from the material itself.


Corrected entry: Last shot of the Hogwarts Express as it pulls away: the trees to the left of the screen are blowing madly in the wind, while the trees to the right aren't moving at all.


Correction: The trees on the right are further away and more difficult to see but it's clear that they are blowing just as madly as the trees on the left side.


Corrected entry: When Harry is in the hospital wing, and he's been sleeping there for a while (time not known) as soon as he wakes up, before even lifting his head, he reaches over to the right side of his bed, picks up his glasses, and puts them on. But earlier in the movie his nightstand was on the left side of his bed, when he slept in the dormitory. It's odd how automatic Harry knew where his glasses were, even when they changed sides - he was presumably unconscious when they put him in bed, so he can't have noticed then.

01:26:45 - 02:14:05

Correction: He wakes up, opens his eyes and looks to his left. Since he doesn't see his glasses there, the next logical choice would be to look right which is exactly what he does, nothing odd, no mistake.


Corrected entry: After Hermione says, "It's the 3rd floor, it's forbidden." you can see all 3 actors look up at the column before the flame even erupts.


Correction: The three of them are reacting to the noise made as the flames start, not to the appearance of the flames. The noise preceeds the appearance.


Corrected entry: When HRH go to McGonogall to tell her about the Philosopher's Stone, after she says, "Now go back to your dormitories, quietly", Harry turns around and it's pretty obvious that he lets out a big smile there as turning.

Correction: Speculation, it certainly isn't obvious to me.


Corrected entry: In the scene with the flying letters, the way they enter both the living room and the corridor is simply screwed up. They start off shooting horizontally, going slightly up, but a few seconds later, they are obviously just being dropped from the ceiling. This is even more obvious in the shot of Mr Dursley trying to get the letter off Harry, where it shows the letters coming out the door at a very fast speed, then floating down about a metre away.


Correction: Not correct, many of the letters shoot up quite sharply after exiting the fireplace and, in accordance with the law of gravity, they float back down soon after.


Corrected entry: Hedwig is supposed to be a female snowy owl, but only male snowy owls are completely white. The female has brown and/or black spots on her in order to blend in with the nest and trees; the males are white so they blend in with the snow as they hunt animals.

Correction: As mentioned in another correction, a completely white female owl is not that unlikely in a world of magic with dragons and whatnot.


Corrected entry: During the entire movie, you notice Hedwig is a snowy owl that does not really have a lot of black on her. While that tends to make 'her' more appealing, it means that Hedwig is actually a male, even though it is stated numerous times in the film that she is, in fact, a girl. The same goes for the second movie, and I suppose for the rest of the series.

Correction: In a world where magic can do just about anything, I'm sure there can be a white female owl.

Corrected entry: The name for Diagon Alley is a play on words. To get to Diagon Alley, you tap three bricks up and two over. The starting and ending bricks are diagonal from each other. Therefore the word diagonally = Diagon Alley.

Correction: This isn't really trivia. JK Rowling is the person who originally thought up the name, not the film makers, and in the book you have to tap one brick to get into the alley. Therefore, although 'Diagon Alley' sounding like 'diagonally' is sort of a play on words, it isn't for that particular reason.

Corrected entry: When Ron begins the chess game, white moves a pawn two spaces. Someone says, "Do you suppose this is like regular wizard's chess?" then Ron moves his pawn forward two spaces to see if the pawn will be destroyed. White's pawn takes Ron's pawn in the next move. This is impossible in two moves - there should still be a horizontal row of squares in between the two pawns.

Correction: The move is not only possible, it is a standard opening known as the Queen's Gambit. There are 8 rows in chess, pawns start on rows 2 and 7. If they each move two they are on 4 and 5. If they are in adjacent columns one may take the other on its second move.

Corrected entry: In the scene of their first flying lesson, the teacher tells them to kick off from the ground after she blows her whistle. The next shot is of everyone's feet and she blows her whistle, but nobody's feet kick or leave the ground, except Neville, who simply lifts off.


Correction: This is just character stupidity - they're all a bit nervous and are distracted by Neville, who as we know isn't very bright and couldn't get himself down.

Corrected entry: In Greek Mythology Minerva is the Goddess of Wisdom, which is why Minerva McGonagall is so wise.

Correction: This would actually be Roman mythology. Minerva is the Roman name of Athena, who is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom.

Corrected entry: When the Dursleys and Harry get back from the zoo, Uncle Vernon pushes Harry into the cupboard under the stairs. Vernon talks to Harry through the air vent and there is no cover on the front of the cupboard door to close over the air vent. Yet when Vernon says, "There's no such thing as magic" he closes a cover over the air vent. Where did it come from?

Correction: There is a knob at the center of the exterior vented brass plate, that is attached to an interior plate; the interior piece slides to cover the slats of the exterior vented plate. In the close-up of Harry, when Vernon closes the vent, if you look at the interior of the brass plate and its oval openings, the separate pieces are noticeable.

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Corrected entry: The letter adressed to new Hogwarts students reads they may bring an owl OR a cat OR a toad. How come Ron can bring a rat?

00:18:35 - 00:36:15


Correction: They actually only showed the letter to Harry. The others may have been different. Or, since Ron was a legacy and Scabbers was a hand-me-down pet, they made an exception to the rule (as they did many times in the film) And, according to the book, there were other pets at the school besides owls, toads, and cats. At least one other student had a spider.


Corrected entry: When Harry, Ron, and Hermione are in the forest with Hagrid, Harry looks to the right, and a cloaked figure moves from left to right across the screen. This means that the figure, Quirrel, was heading back to the castle rather than toward the unicorn.

Correction: Professor Quirrel could have been circling the group to see who was there before he attacked the unicorn, plus the Forbidden Forrest has many twist and turns and Quirrel could have just been trying to move around them.

Mark English

Corrected entry: When Harry discovers the magic mirror, he looks to his left and says "Dad?" when his father is on his right.

Correction: No, he looks to the proper side in this scene.

Corrected entry: When Harry, Ron, and Hermione are going through the chess game in the dungeon, Ron's final move with the knight goes off the board; if you watch carefully, you'll notice that he is on the farthest row of squares to the left as he possibly can be, and then he moves his player one space to the left. He technically should have gone off the board, but when the Queen kills him, he's back on the board.


Correction: He fell down backwards not to the side and it is more logical for him to fall backwards than to the side.

Corrected entry: In the Quidditch match if you look at the scoreboard Lee uses, there are 3 buttons to change single numbers, tens and hundreds, why would there be a button for single points if it isn't possible to score single points in Quidditch?

Correction: That may be a button to reset the points when the game is over.

Corrected entry: The keys are flying right behind Harry. He'd never have enough time to fly into the next room, and have Ron and Hermione close the door in time.

Correction: Yes, the keys are flying directly behind Harry, but since Harry is quite an excellent flyer himself, he accelerated his speed just enough as he was flying downward, heading towards the doorway, giving Ron and Hermione that moment to slam the door shut.

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Corrected entry: When Harry sees the cloaked figure drinking the unicorn blood, as he backs away a dark shape with a headlight zooms across the screen in the background. It appears to be a car or motorcycle and is mostly visible over his left shoulder.

Correction: It's Malfoy, running away with the lantern.


Corrected entry: In the scene after they have been in the Forbidden Forest with Hagrid, Hermione says "Who is the one wizard Voldemort always feared?" She calls 'you-know-who' by name. This was mentioned repeatedly in the movies that they do not say his name.

Correction: It says they DO not say his name. It does not say they CANNOT say his name. Hermione chose to say it. There's no law or rule that says she cannot say it. (It contradicts the book, but not the movie).

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: In the scene where the first years are sorted and Draco gets sorted into Slytherin, Ron says to Harry "There isn't a witch or wizard that went bad that wasn't in Slytherin." This statement is actually incorrect. Sirius Black, although actually innocent, was in Gryffindor when he was at school, as was Peter Pettigrew, an actual Voldemort follower.

Correction: It could be that Ron's just repeating a generalization he heard, or his own biased opinion. It stands to reason that Ron wouldn't even have known what house Sirius Black was in when he was at school years before, and since Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew weren't even mentioned in this film, we'll never know.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry has just realized who Flamel is and Hermione runs to get her massive book, she drops the book on the table and it smashes Harry's hand, which he quickly pulls away... ouch.

Correction: Actually, the rather large book never even touches Harry's hands, it lands on the edge of Harry's book.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie when the students are first sorted, a little red-headed girl is sorted into Hufflepuff house before Harry. Later in the movie, she is seated at dinner at the same table as Harry, meaning she would have to be in his house, which is Gryffindor. How did she switch houses?

00:44:05 - 02:17:50

Correction: I have carefully watched both the full-screen and widescreen DVD and this mistake is wrong. Susan Bones, who is played by Eleanor Columbus, is not sitting at the Gryffindor table during the House Cup Feast - EVER. The girl next to Wood is not Susan. The girl next to Lee is not Susan. The girl on the right side of the boy next to Neville is not Susan. All these girls have long hair, but they are not Susan Bones. When the hats are thrown, there is an overhead shot of the Great Hall from the OPPOSITE side of the room, by the huge ornate wood doors. In this shot, at the second table from the left which is Hufflepuff, but could have been misconstrued as the Gryffindor table, which is also second table from the left when the camera is on the opposite side of the room as it was in all the previous shots, there is a girl with long red hair, but she is still not Susan Bones. However, Susan IS clearly visible when Dumbledore changes the decorations in the wide shot from Slytherin/green to Gryffindor/red, she sits fourth down at the Hufflepuff table, almost directly behind Ron. She is also seen throwing her hat in the air as the Hufflepuff table is shown.

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Corrected entry: Watch Neville as he falls - he crashes on his back, but when Madam Hooch comes to him, his on his stomach.

Correction: No, you are quite wrong. When he actually hits the ground we can't see it because the other students stand between Neville and the camera.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry receives his broom from Hedwig and Harry, Ron and Hermione start to open the package, watch Hermione closely. You see them from above opening it and when Hermione takes off the second string, she spills some of her juice.


Correction: Is there a reason why Hermione cannot spill juice? Not a mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene with Harry and Voldemort, when Harry puts his hands on Quirrell's face and pushes him against the wall, you can see the wall behind Quirrell is flat, in the next shot there are two large holes in the wall and in the next shot the wall is flat again.


Correction: The surface of the stone wall within the pillars at the side of the landing that Harry and Quirrell stand on has a distinct texture and look. After Harry lays his hands on Quirrell's face, Quirrell moves backwards and stands in front of the very same wall as in the next two shots when he walks towards Harry while disintegrating. Shadows on the wall and camera angle somewhat alters the appearance of the rocky surface behind Quirrell.

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Corrected entry: During the troll scene, there is a row of hooks in the bathroom. An item (towel or shirt) is hanging on one of the hooks behind Ron as the troll tries to hit Harry with his club and Harry says, "Do something." We next see Ron looking around. Before Ron says, "What," the item on the hook disappears. The item reappears before Ron casts his "wingardium Leviosa" spell.


Correction: The white cloth hangs on the 4th hook from the right, directly under the torch. In the close-up of Ron that you speak of, the 4th hook and the area below it, is blocked from view behind Ron's body. It cannot be presumed that the cloth is not there, if it is impossible to even see the hook from which it hangs.

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Corrected entry: At the end, when Dumbledore is announcing the house cup winner, there is a dark skinned boy behind Ron (on the other table.) But after he announces Ron's extra 50 points he's gone, and there's just a group of girls behind him.

Correction: It is very clear, the same children are behind Ron in ALL the shots, they just move a bit, so some are more visible than others in two shots and Ron receives 50 points.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry and Ron are in the room with the mirror which shows people's fantasies, Harry talks to his parents. We see shots of his face as Harry says something. Whichever parent he's speaking to he's always looking to the wrong side.

Correction: We are looking at Harry's reflection - he is looking the right way for each parent.

Corrected entry: In their first flying lesson they are all lined up standing next to their brooms and when the teacher walks to the end of the line, the camera cuts to her feet walking. The brooms have somehow disappeared on the side closest to the camera in this shot.


Correction: No. As the camera pans Madame Hooch walking past the students, the broomsticks in the background are beside its owners and there most certainly ARE broomsticks at the FOREGROUND of this shot (belonging to the unseen students, close to the camera). The bristles of the foreground broomsticks appear fairly large in this shot (as they are right in front of the moving camera), whereas the background broomsticks and its bristles appear smaller.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry and Ron have just rushed into McGonagall's classroom, she transfigures from a cat on her desk to herself, walking towards them. In the first shot, we see the left side of her face, and she is not wearing glasses. When the shot changes so that she's facing Harry and Ron and we see the right side of her face, her glasses have appeared out of nowhere.


Correction: The glasses appear in the SAME shot AS she transforms. In this ONE shot, as she walks towards Ron and Harry, first the left side of her face is visible, then the back of her head and last the right side of her face WITH the glasses, all perfectly visible as she stops right in front of the two boys with the 'McGonagall scowl' on her face, to which Ron exclaims, "That was bloody brilliant!"

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Corrected entry: When Harry, Hermione, and Ron are on their way to Hagrid's cabin after exams, you will notice Hagrid is playing a flute. The actor playing the flute is wearing a red shirt and is very lean. When a close-up is done, Hagrid is wearing a vest and is large again.


Correction: As Hagrid plays the flute, he wears a vest over a red shirt in both the wide shot as the kids run towards the hut and in the following close-up. He is also not thin in the wide shot.

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Corrected entry: When four owls are perched on top of Uncle Vernon's car towards the beginning of the film, you can see that one on the left is obviously a painted set prop.


Correction: No, it is very much alive. It even turns its head as the camera pans past him towards Vernon and Petunia at the front door.

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Corrected entry: At the start where Hagrid hands Harry to Dumbledore, he says "Try not to wake him" but while Dumbledore is taking Harry to the door you can hear the baby gurgling and making noises, yet when he puts him down he is asleep.


Correction: Hagrid lands, gets off the motorbike and gives the child to Dumbledore. This drastic change will stir any normal sleeping baby, thus the 'stirring' noises from the child. When Hagrid is in the air the vibration and constant hum of the engine helps sooth the baby and keep him asleep. When Dumbledore holds him, the sounds we hear are not of a baby who is necessarily awake, but who is rather just stirring in his interrupted sleep. Actually, the fact that the sound editors added those noises adds a noticeable touch of realism to those shots.

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Corrected entry: When Harry and Hagrid step out of the Leaky Cauldron and stand in front of the entrance to Diagon Alley, Harry leaves the door to the Leaky Cauldron wide open, but when the two begin to walk into Diagon Alley, you can see the door is closed behind them.

Correction: It's possible that the door closes by magic or that someone inside the Leaky Cauldron closed it.

Corrected entry: At the end when Voldemort's spirit goes through Harry, Harry screams without opening his mouth.

Correction: Harry was wincing and it is possible to make that kind of a scream when wincing.

Corrected entry: In the shot where Hagrid says something like "Quiet Dursely, yeh old prune", he bends the rifle up and Uncle Vernon shoots it. Less than a second before the gun is fired, you will notice that the hole in the ceiling is pulled slightly early(less than a second), before the gunshot.


Correction: The hole in the ceiling is pulled exactly when the gun is fired.

Corrected entry: When Dudley tries to get out of the snake exhibit, he reaches straight out in front of him and is surprised to touch glass. If he did not know the glass was there, he should have been reaching down to the railing to climb out not straight ahead at nothing.


Correction: It's more of a mortified checking that the glass is real. You touch something to make sure it's not your imagination.

Corrected entry: On the train when Hermione comes in Ron and Harry's compartment, she is wearing gray stockings. Then when she sits down to get sorted, she isn't wearing them.

Correction: In a trip that takes hours, with a boatride at the end to boot and ending in a celebration where everyone really meets for the first time - surely Hermione, being a girl and all, could have had the time to change clothes?

Corrected entry: In the scene when Harry, Ron and Hermoine run to Hagrids hut to ask him where he got his dragon from, Hagrid tells them a stranger wearing a hood sold it to him. Hagrid then says "seemed quite glad to get rid of it as a matter of fact", when he says "...as a matter of fact" His mouth doesn't move.


Correction: He does say those words. I watched the scene a few times too make sure and he definitely does.


Corrected entry: When Ron is in the Hogwarts train with Harry he has a big dark dirt stain on his nose, but when he is sitting on the other side (with Harry) it's barely there. And he couldn't have wiped it off because Hermione later comes in and informs him, THEN he tries to wipe it off.

00:34:20 - 00:35:25

Correction: The smudge on Ron's nose stays the same through the whole scene.

Corrected entry: When Harry mounts the broom and the flying keys start to attack, Ron says, "This complicates things a bit." While he is speaking, you can see Hermione mouth the words along with him while she is looking up and grimacing.


Correction: No she doesn't actually mouth his exact words at all. She is just moving her mouth about, as it doesn't look anything like what he's saying.

Corrected entry: When Ron is eating and Nearly Headless Nick pops out of the chicken, if you watch it frame by frame, you can see that Ron reacts about four frames too early.

Correction: No he doesn't. He reacts when he sees Nick's head coming up out of the chicken. If you watch really closely, you can see that when he reacts, there is a tiny bit of Nick's head sticking out.

Corrected entry: When Ron comes to ask Harry if he can sit with him just after they have boarded the train, it is very hilly outside and they are in the countryside. London is a huge city and the suburbs continue for miles, so it would be impossible for them to be in the country so shortly after departing.

Correction: We don't know that it's right after they departed. For all we know, Ron may have been looking for a place to sit for quite a while, until finally finding Harry.


Corrected entry: The ceiling in the Great Hall is supposed to reflect the sky at all times. In the scene where everyone is getting mail (the one where Neville gets his rememberall), it doesn't. There are also other brief scenes where it doesn't either - it only seems to in major scenes.

Correction: It is never said in the movie that the ceiling reflects the sky at all times. That was in the book.

Corrected entry: After Hagrid did the combination on the brick wall, you can see, as the are entering Diagon Alley, that the bricks are with cement despite being spinning and moving a few seconds earlier.


Correction: It's probably some kind of magic cement which allows the bricks to do their trick and then become solid again.


Corrected entry: After the Quiddich game, Hagrid, Ron, Hermione and Harry talk. Hagrid says, 'Nonsense. Why would Snape put a curse on Harry's broom?' But if you watch really really closely you can cleary see that his lips don't move.


Correction: Sorry, but no. Hagrid actually does move his lips, I've zoomed. It's just hard to see due to his thick mustache and beard.

Corrected entry: (This is only for the Movie Disc DVD). When you insert the DVD into the drive, a menu comes up that says: 'PLAY MOVIE', 'SPECIAL FEATURES', 'LANGUAGES' and 'SET UP'. But don't be fooled; they are not the only things you can choose. Move the cursor to 'PLAY MOVIE', but the move the cursor to the right and you can select Hedwig. When you click it, it tells you to insert Disc 2. I haven't seen what happens when you do insert disc two, but just a hidden easter egg.

Correction: Nothing happens when you insert disk 2. It's just a link to the special features, which you can get if you insert CD2 anyway.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Hagrid takes Harry through the Leaky Couldron to get to Diagon Alley, everyone stops and stares at Harry. One man says to Harry, "It's a pleasure to have you back, Mr. Potter," and then a woman speaks to him and gives a name, but this woman is not credited at the end of the film (it goes by order of appearence, so she would be right before Proffesor Quirrel.)The reason she is not credited is because she is none other than J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books.

Correction: J.K. has stated on her website that she has never been in any of the movies, she was asked but declined. It is just an erroneous rumour that she is Doris Crockford.

troy fox

Corrected entry: When Harry is taking notes in Potions class, he finishes writing all of the words to Snape's speech just as Snape turns to him. Yet, when Hermione nudges him, several seconds later, he is still writing.


Correction: He could be adding some thoughts or comments of his own to what Snape said.


Corrected entry: At the the scene with the flying keys, Harry flies his broom through the door and the keys crash into the door when the gang close it, and in the next scene Harry's walking to the chessboard. Where did the broom go?

Correction: As the kids come through the double doors into the chess room, you can see the broom leaning against the wall behind them.


Corrected entry: When Harry let's Hedwig fly to Hogwarts castle, the Quidditch grounds don't have stands.

Correction: The stands are probably only set up whenever there is a match. With magic, it's probably a simple task.


Corrected entry: When Harry let's Hedwig fly to Hogwarts castle, it's snowing there but it isn't snowing at the Quidditch Grounds. If it melted at the Quidditch Grounds then it would have melted where Harry let Hedwig fly from.

Correction: This scene was meant to show the transition from winter to spring. It starts out with Harry and Hedwig in the snow during winter and then to show time passing as sort of a space filler, she flies back during the spring.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry gets through to platform 9 3/4, there is a shot of the train. We also so Mrs. Weasley next to Ron. This is impossible because she just helped Harry get onto the platform and she let him go first, so she'd have to walk past him.

Correction: The last time we see Mrs. Weasley she is standing next to Ron watching Harry go through the wall to platform 9 3/4. We don't see her once Harry has gotten through.

Corrected entry: When Harry receives his Nimbus 2000 broomstick in the Great Hall, he and Ron and Hermione seem to get very excited about it and act as though they don't know what it could possibly be. It is extremely obvious what it is though, before they open it, due to the shape of the packaging.


Correction: The trio may seem to be acting as though they don't know what it could possibly be, but it's more logical to assume they're excited about what -kind/brand- of broomstick it may be.

Corrected entry: Harry walks to the quidditch pitch, the bristles on his broom are neat and tidy, ending in a point. He stands next to Wood, still neat, but as soon as he mounts his broom and flies, the bristles have become played out and messy.

01:15:25 - 01:16:10

Correction: The bristles were neat because the broom had never been flown before. As soon as Harry starts flying, the bristles separate.

Corrected entry: Before Ron is knocked out by the queen when they are playing chess on the way to the Philosopher's Stone, he puts the king in check. The queen then takes him, and the king is not in check. Harry is a bishop, so he can only move diagonally. When Harry moves, he ends up in front of the king. The king cannot be in checkmate, because Harry, as a bishop, can only move diagonally, not forwards, so the king's in no danger.

Correction: Harry didn't move forwards he moved diagonally on the black squares to checkmate the King.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when Ron is talking to Hermione at the top of the stairs before Harry enters, if you turn the volume up really loud you can hear Ron say something which isn't related to the movie and isn't really appropriate for a PG rated movie.


Correction: It wasn't inappropriate. It sounds to alot of people like he said "I had an erection" that's not what he said he said "I had a resurrection, referring to his apparent injury/death during the chess match."

Corrected entry: On the train to Hogwarts, Hermione tells Harry and Ron that they need to get their school clothes on, as they will arrive soon. It is daytime outside. Yet the train arrives at Hogsmeade Station when it's dark - clearly not soon after.


Correction: Hermione has never travelled on the Hogwarts Express before (to our knowledge), so she probably only estimated the amount of time left until they got to Hogwarts.

Corrected entry: In the scene where all of the first years are ascending the staircases to Professor McGonagal, you can see Hermione's hair towards the front of the line. Then, in another cut, it's suddenly nowhere to be seen. Then it's back again.

Correction: In the shot from above, Hermione ascends the second flight on the right side and rounds the landing on the inside. The camera shifts to behind the landing and Hermione is still near the inside, someone has just wedged between her and the railing. She reaches the top of the stairs next to Ron.


Corrected entry: When Hagrid visits Harry at the lighthouse he hands him his letter. For a second you can see that the address on the front of the letter has been marked using a highlighter pen, a green one as a matter of a fact.


Correction: It's not a mistake they just wanted to write the adress with green highlighter.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Harry is in the restricted section of the library he walks in in the dark with only a lantern. He puts the lantern down in front of himself and begins to read. If you look at the bookshelf, his shadow is cast on the other side of the lantern as though the light is behind him.

Correction: Moonlight is streaming in from the upper left, stronger than the lantern.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the employee is talking to Harry in the wand shop, right after he tests the third wand the employee is back-facing the camera. If you look out the window in the background a guy walks down the street with a camera.

Correction: There's someone with a large object on his shoulder, no doubt, but the picture is too blurry to identify it. Moreover, the mystery object is brightly colored in parts, decidedly unlike a camera.


Corrected entry: In the sea hut before Hagrid bursts through the door, from some angles Harry has a reddish blanket covering him from the waist down. From other angles the blanket covers Dudley on the couch and Harry is lying on the floor uncovered (except for his clothes, of course).

Correction: That's his pants, evidenced by the waist, which are a bit large for him and drape somewhat. Dudley's blanket is patterned, though it's difficult to see in one or two shots.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry borrows Ron's copy of the Daily Prophet, Harry reads the article out loud. He says, "...the vault in question, number 713...". However, if you look closely at the article, it doesn't give a number, and the number on the photograph isn't visible.


Correction: I zoomed in on the Daily Prophet and had a look, and it does actually show the vault number, it is a few lines down and next to the photo, it's a bit blurry but legible.

troy fox

Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry and Ron are eating the sweets on the train, if possible, turn on the subtitles. Harry picks up a Chocolate Frog and opens it. The frog jumps out and Ron says that it's the cards you want. Harry pulls out a card with Dumbledore on it. At this point read the subtitles. Ron says "I've got Dumbledore." Then "I've got 'bout 200 meself." Think hard. Ron said Harry's line. Harry was supposed to say "I've got Dumbledore."


Correction: I actually watched the movie to check this out and after turning up the volume and listening very closely it is Harry that says the line, he is however using a higher then normal voice, we all do when we are surprised.

troy fox

Corrected entry: When Hermione is spotting Snape putting a spell on Harry's broom stick during the Quidditch match, she is using binoculars in order to see Snape, which suggests he is seated very far away from her and Ron (on the other side of the stadium). However, as she runs off to Snape to stop him, it literally takes her only a few seconds to get all the way around this massive stadium and up to where Snape is sitting along with the other teachers.

Correction: It is a time lapse. Does the audience really want to see her walking down a hundred steps, walking across the grass, etc. It isn't necessary to see every moment, the audience can logically assume this is done off camera.

Corrected entry: In the flying practice scene, after Malfoy gets hold of Neville's rememberall, he flies up with his broom and, after dialogue with Harry, he throws the globe away. Harry, after flying at least twenty metres after it, catches the globe in front of McGonagall's window, which is at least on the eighth floor of a tower. When Harry flies back to the others and lands, McGonagall almost instantly comes up behind him. Now wasn't that a bit too fast? She can't have apparated, as no-one can do that on Hogwarts grounds.

Correction: There are many secret passages in Hogwarts, and as a teacher McGonagall should know most ,if not all, of them.

Corrected entry: On the inside of the UK DVD case, there is a still of "Harry" on top of the troll. However, they have taken a still shot of the stunt double, who looks nothing whatsoever like Daniel Radcliffe.

Correction: They computer generated him. It couldn't be a human, let alone Dan's stunt double.

Corrected entry: During the climax, when Harry finds Quirrel, there is a shot in which Harry turns to run up some stairs. The fire bursts out blocking his way, and beyond the top of the stairs, you can see what looks like a crew member crouching against a wall.

Correction: I'm not sure if this is what you are talking about, but the illusion of a figure at the top of the stairs, behind the wall, is caused by the light from the chess room bouncing off the jagged stone walls. You can see these walls as Harry is walking into the room before he finds Quirrel.

Corrected entry: When the first years are walking down the Great Hall to be sorted you see them set off in one large group and get to about halfway down the Hall when we see them from another angle, and they are walking in pairs.

Correction: I don't think that this should count as a mistake. They start as a large group and it would make sense for them to pair up to walk down the row between the tables in the great hall since there really isn't enough space for them to go en masse....just my thought on this particular error.

Corrected entry: When Hermione first meets Harry and Ron she fixes Harry's glasses. But two or three scene cuts earlier there is no tape around his glasses. Then it magically reappears in time for Hermione to fix.

Correction: Ive watched this scene many of times, and there is tape around Harry's glasses, because of the lighting, it's a little hard to see at times but in slow motion or zoom you can see that tape is there the whole time.

Corrected entry: When Harry is in the living room with the Dursleys and the living room is being showered with letters, Harry jumps upon the table to seize a letter. Watch his hand, he's holding one the entire time and only feigning catching them.

Correction: If you look frame by frame he doesn't have a letter in his hand but catches one of the falling letters.

Corrected entry: When the three return to Griffyndor house after visiting Fluffy for the first time, Hermione says: "I'm going to bed, before either one of you comes up with another clever idea to get us killed". That doesn't make any sense because it wasn't Ron's or Harry's fault they ended up there. It was Hermione's idea to show Harry his fathers quidditch trophy, then the staircases changed and they had to run from Filch and ended up in Fluffy's room.

Correction: It was Harry's idea to hide where Fluffy was. He says: "Let's hide through that door".

Corrected entry: After Seamus blows up the feather in the levitation lesson, his face stays black until after the lesson, when they walk across the courtyard. Yet Harry's face, the side of which was also scorched in the explosion, is mysteriously clean again.

Correction: We don't see Harry walking from the classroom to the courtyard, and his face wasn't as badly scorched as Seamus' face. Harry could have cleaned his face before entering the courtyard.

Corrected entry: After Harry escapes from Filch from the Restricted Section of the library, he is there when Filch comes to Snape and talks about how "that means there's a student out of bed." Snape's eyes light up and they all take off to find the empty bed. Unfortunately, nothing more is made of this, even though Harry then proceeds to stumble upon the Mirror of Erised and stay there for what appears to be a good long time. You'd think that both Snape and Filch would have jumped at the chance to punish a student breaking the rules, especially Harry, once they found his bed empty.

Correction: They don't take off to find the empty bed, but to find the wandering student - slight difference. I doubt that any of the three knows the secret password into Gryffindor or that Professor McGonagall would allow them (particularly the head of Slytherin) in it anyway.


Corrected entry: If the Philosopher's Stone really was to be sealed away with all those traps and puzzles, wouldn't it have been a better idea not to leave the broom as an obvious helper in the room with the flying keys? That way anyone who didn't know they had to bring a broom - including Quirrel - would be trapped once they got through Fluffy.

Correction: Quirrell was in on this just like Snape was, he would've known to bring a broom anyway. In fact, for all we know, that could be his broom. He could have left it behind as he left the harp behind.

Corrected entry: Ron tells Professor McGonnagal that her tranformation was "bloody brilliant" and she doesn't bat an eye. This is rather obscene language for an eleven-year old to use in school. Americans don't realize how inappropriate this language would be in a formal British school.

Correction: This probably has more to do with McGonnagal's charactor than anything else. Remember when Harry caught the Remebrall in flying class she got him on the Quidditch team, we he should have been expelled. She also teased them a little after he said that.

Corrected entry: When Professor Quirrel runs into the dining hall, to tell everyone about the troll, he faints. It is shown that he falls down face first, but when it shows all the students running, Quirrel is suddenly flipped over, lying on his back.

Correction: He remains face down.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry, Ron, and Hermione have fallen through the trap door and are caught in the devil's snare, Harry yells "Hermione, where are you?". If you watch closely he is not wearing his glasses when he says this. In the next shot, he is.

Correction: If you look really closely, you can see the light reflecting off the left corner of the glasses.

Corrected entry: When Harry tries to open the door on the third floor, if you look closely you will notice that the wall which moves in is actually a curtain painted to look like a rock wall.

Correction: After viewing the scene many times it looks to me as though what we are seeing waving in the draft is a bunch of cobwebs, not the entire wall.

Corrected entry: When the Durselys and Harry return from the zoo, as the door is just about to shut you can see the crew equipment and boxes outside the door.

Correction: I watched the scene in question in slowmotion, there isn't enough time to show boxes or equipment outside because the bodies block the doorway until Uncle Vernon closes the door and all you can see outside is the house across the street. The "boxes" that you may have seen are the windows which can be confirmed when Vernon leaves for work.

Corrected entry: As the first years take the boats to Hogwarts, the camera goes from boat to boat. Neville can be seen on two different boats.

Correction: Neville is only seen in one boat, the one with Harry and Ron. Seamus Finnegan is in the other boat with Hermione and Susan Bones. These two actors look a bit alike and have similar hairstyles.

Corrected entry: Hermione says on the train, "I tried a few spells, but they've all worked for me." Underage witches and wizards aren't allowed to use magic. How could she have tried a few spells?


Correction: She doesn't specify where she did the spells so she could have done them on train. Harry and Ron didn't meet her until they were on the train for a while.


Corrected entry: As Harry purchases the candy on the train, we see a large body of water outside the train window. The next shot shows the train going through a dense forest. When the boys start eating the candy, the view from the train is again the body of water. If Harry and Ron are typical boys, they wouldn't wait very long to start eating their candy; certainly not long enough to pass through a forest and return to the shoreline.


Correction: It's quite possible there's a lake in the forest. Beyond that, this sounds more like artistic license than a mistake.

Bob Blumenfeld Premium member

Corrected entry: Harry, Ron, and Hermione go into the forbidden hall after the staircase moves, believing there is no other way out, when in fact there is a second staircase right in next to the door.

Correction: Harry, Ron, and Hermione take several steps into the chamber before they realise they're in the forbidden chamber. As they turn to leave, Filch's cat enters, blocking their way back to the stairs. Fearing that Filch is soon to follow, the kids run and hide.

Corrected entry: In the overhead shot of Olivander's wand shop, you can see three wands on his desk that are in a fanned out position. Then when Olivander is handing wands out to Harry, the wands are straightened out.


Correction: Mr. Ollivander puts the box from the first wand on top of the three wands. This would make the wands roll and change positions.

Corrected entry: At one stage in the sea hut scene, Harry is standing beside the BARE wall of the fireplace. The camera then goes to Hagrid, who turns and pulls the broken door down saying "Unless you'd rather stay, of course?". The camera then goes back to Harry, who is stil by the wall that now shows his coat is hanging right there beside him, which Harry then grabs on his way out.


Correction: Actually Harry's coat is hanging on the wall the whole time, you just really have to look close. The coat is hanging a little lower than Harry, but there are angles where you can see it there before he picks up the coat.

Corrected entry: When the centaur speaks to Harry in the Forbidden Forest the close up shot shows tape around the bridge of Harry's glasses. In the next shot the glasses are once again repaired.

Correction: On a High Definition television, you can see that there is no tape on Harry's glasses-it is just the way the lighting is reflecting off of the bridge of his glasses.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ron, Harry, and Hermione play chess, Ron, the knight, is directly next to the Queen. In chess, the knight is placed next to the castle and the bishop goes next to the queen.

Correction: Ron, the knight, is not directly next to the Queen. Harry is the bishop and he is next to the Queen. Ron is next to Harry.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Harry is sitting in the dark looking at the mirror, just before the old man comes from behind to talk to him, you can easily see the shadow of a camera man and camera on the wall.

Correction: After seeing this mistake on the site, I started watching that scene very carefully. The only shadow I can see in that scene is Dumbledore's shadow as he approaches Harry.

Corrected entry: When Harry is looking at Mr. Olivander's Wand Shop from the outside the windows are VERY rounded, yet when Harry is inside the shop they are either totally flat or at most a little bit rounded - definitely not as much as the outside.

Correction: The view of the outside of the wand shop shows a different part of the store. Where the doors are, the windows are flat. That is what we see in the view from the inside.

Corrected entry: Supposing Hermione followed Harry's advice and somehow went back through the puzzles and took the one single broom to get out of the dungeon (leaving Harry alone with no method of escape), how could she do that with the burden of taking the unconscious Ron with her?

Correction: Supposedly, as it says in the book, Hermione didn't even leave with Ron to find Dumbledore. Dumbledore had already come back, and he had gotten through Fluffy and was on the way in as Hermione was preparing to leave and go warn him.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry is looking at the book titles in the Restricted Section, he quickly pulls off his invisibility cloak. When he does, you'll notice that through the invisibility cloak you can see the book shelf and everything, except for the lantern Harry is holding. The lantern just disappears while he pulling the cloak off.

Correction: The books can be seen because they are outside the cloak. The lamp is invisible for a second because it is inside/along the lined part of the cloak.


Corrected entry: When Harry is 'talking' to the snake at the zoo, he is speaking in English, so viewers can understand it. We know that Harry is a Parselmouth (he can talk to snakes). However, in the 2nd film - Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets - when Harry is confronted with snakes he speaks in Parselmouth - the language we can't understand. Why is it that he is speaking to the snake in English, and not hissing sounds?

Correction: It depends on who's point of view is shown. Harry doesn't know he's using Parseltongue, so we hear him in English, just as he hears the snake. On the other hand, when the other students hear Harry do so, they hear Parseltongue.


Corrected entry: A plot hole about Quirrell getting through the puzzles with no lingering effects was corrected by saying that they probably reset themselves afterwards, which makes sense. However, this itself creates a mistake - if the challenges to get to the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone reset themselves after each person, how is it that the winged key is injured?

Correction: The reason that the key for the door is still injured is its supposed to be like that so you can find it in the room.

Corrected entry: When the troll is discovered during the Halloween banquet, Percy supposedly leads all of the Gryffindors back to the common room. The amount of Gryffindors that follow him aren't nearly as many as those seen at the Gryffindor table during meals.

Correction: Percy is only taking the first years to the common room, the others know how to get there.

Corrected entry: When Harry, Ron, and Hermione first go into the forbidden corridor, the pillars that burst into flame for light do not begin until after a person would be walking through the hallway. However, Harry's face is lit when he turns around to see Filch's cat (Mrs. Norris). If the first fire is behind him, why isn't his face in a shadow?

Correction: It's the light from the open doorway.

Corrected entry: In the scene right after the Quidditch game (when Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Hagrid are walking through the brick tunnel thing) Ron's scarf is like Harry's - one part over his shoulder, hanging in the back, and the other part of the scarf in front. But when they all walk forward more, and the camera gets closer to them, Ron's scarf is hanging over both shoulders.

Correction: Actually, the scarf always remains on both shoulders, it's just a bit difficult to see when Ron is far from the camera.

Corrected entry: When Harry came back down from when he caught Neville's Remembrall, all the other students cheered and ran towards him. Wouldn't half the students stay back and look mad, since half of them are Slytherin?


Correction: Not all the students in Slytherin hate Harry

Corrected entry: When everyone is at the end-of-term feast, Harry has a cast on his wrist, but couldn't Madam Pomfrey (the nurse) have fixed it with magic?

Correction: As witnessed in "Chamber of Secrets" (and in the books), Madame Pomfrey can't just wave a wand and heal serious injuries; she can accelerate the healing process with magic, but it still takes some time.

Corrected entry: When Harry, Ron, and Hermione are hiding from Filch, they find Fluffy, scream, and run away. But when they are speaking of it later, Hermione says something like "Honestly, don't you two have eyes? Didn't you see what it was standing on?" But it never shows Hermione looking down at the trap door when they were face-to-face-to-face-to-face with the three-headed dog.

Correction: The scene cuts frequently therefore she could have glanced down when the camera was not focusing on her face.

Corrected entry: When Hermione is trying to figure out the Devil's snare she pulls her magic wand out of nowhere and once she uses it and wants to check if Ron is OK the magic wand disappears.

Correction: She pulled it out of her skirt and put it back in the process of kneeling.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Harry, Ron, and Hermione visit Hagrid, Malfoy is visible through the window. He appears to be eye level with the window and is shown turning and running away. When the camera zooms out later in the film, the same window that Malfoy is supposedly looking through is far too high for anybody to see through without a ladder. He obviously didn't have a ladder or he would have fallen off it when he turned to run away.

Correction: It's not the same window - there's no outside view of it, so we can't be sure how high it is.


Corrected entry: In the first scene Professor McGonagall's broach disappears and reappears several times.

Correction: This may be explained by the fact that she is wearing a cape over her shoulders. As she moves her head, the broach becomes less (or more) visible


Corrected entry: Hagrid appears at the hut on the rock to fetch Harry on Harry's 11th birthday, which is July 31. The next day they go to London to buy Harry's school supplies, then end the day at King's Cross. But the letter Hagrid hands Harry at the hut (in the book, anyway - and in the film if you stop it to read what Harry doesn't) tells him to report to the train on September 1. What happened to the month of August?

Correction: It is never specified when is Harry's birthday This is a film/book discrepancy.

Corrected entry: In all the shots of Snape that show the area around his feet, his cloak is either dragging on the floor behind him or gathered about his feet showing that it is quite long. However, after he wishes Harry luck in the Quiddich game against Slytherin, when he walks away the cloak is short enough in the back so Harry can see his limp from being bitten by Fluffy.

Correction: He could have had more than one cloak. So when he got the injury on his leg, the other cloak could have gotten ripped so it needed repairing. That meant that he had to wear a different cloak until his other one got mended.

Corrected entry: When Harry visits Gringotts, and is seen at vault 713 he is carrying 3 bags (presumably money he has just taken from his own vault). When he has picked up some supplies, and is just about to go to Olivander's, he and Hagrid are only carrying boxes.



Correction: Maybe Hagrid was carrying them in his coat, or maybe they had spent almost all the money, so they didn't need to carry the bags.

Corrected entry: When the troll is in the girls toilets, it looks like there's only one line of cubicles, and he smashes the top half off twice.

Correction: he only smashed a few of the stalls the first swing, then the rest of them the second time. There is still only one row of stalls.

Corrected entry: It the begining of Harry Potter, there is a sequence when Harry's mother is being killed. When we see Harry, he is wearing a Blue's Clues romper suit - I do not recall Blue's Clues being around 12 or so years ago.

Correction: The pajamas baby Harry is wearing are not Blue's Clues. It's a blue bunny on the sleeves.

Corrected entry: This must always be a risk when working with child actors and filming out of sequence, but Daniel Radcliffe's voice obviously started to break during filming. It was most noticeable during the scene in the forest when his voice went from high to low to high again (and again, and again...)

Correction: Only natural - voices don't break evenly. I think they filmed it mostly in sequence to avoid any major shifts.

Corrected entry: After Harry, Ron and Hermonie have completed the chess game challenge, Harry instructs the other two to "go back and get help". So, are they just supposed to waltz back through the previous challenges, somehow climb up through that Devil's Snare, and out the trapdoor guarded by Fluffy, who is very awake now (and hopefully not standing on the door)?

Correction: When Harry instructs Hermione to go get help, she can get out pst fluffy and the devils snare by using the broomstick in the flying key rroom. This fact is explained in the book but was omitted in the film.

Corrected entry: After the Quidditch Match Hagrid says something like 'That's strictly between Dumbledore and Nicolas Flamel.' When he finishes Harry says 'Nicolas Flamel?' Watch Ron. He is mouthing Harry's lines.

Correction: If you don't watch Ron's mouth but his whole face instead you can see that he has a puzzled look on and he may simply be turning round to look at Harry to see if he knows who he is.

Corrected entry: Harry Potter has lovely green eyes. When Voldemort is about to kill baby Harry during the flashback, Harry's eyes are blue.

Correction: All babies have blue eyes - they only change colour as the child gets older, so even though Harry aged 11 has green eyes, he would have still had blue eyes when he was 1 year old.

Corrected entry: When Harry, Ron, and Hermione are telling Hagrid that Snape is trying to steal the stone, he tells them that Snape helped protect the stone, and 'he's not about to steal it'. So far so good, sticks to the book. However when they actually try to save the stone, Snape's challenge, the logic one with potions, is missing!

Correction: There is no evidence in the film that suggests that each of the teachers did a separate challenge.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when the train is leaving Hogwarts, where is the big lake that they crossed in boats in the beginning of the movie? If you look at Hogwarts there is clearly no lake around it.

Correction: There's no lake around the castle - it's on the south side. First years just cross the lake because it's tradition.

Corrected entry: When the Slytherins and Gryffindors have their first flying lesson, there is a girl wearing another house's uniform. <

Correction: It isn't specified in the movie that only Slytherins and Gryffindors are in this class. This is more of a movie/book discrepancy.

Corrected entry: When Harry first finds the mirror of Erised, he walks through the door and the mirror is on his right. This is the same when he takes Ron to see it, but when Dumbledore finds him in front of the mirror, if you look where the door should be, there is just wall.

Correction: It took a close look to resolve this one. The room's laid out such that the door is between the outer wall and a shorter inner wall - Harry has to run around it to get to the mirror. As such, when we see the room it looks like the door's disappeared, whereas actually it's just behind a short wall.

Corrected entry: At the battle with the professor, the professor was perfectly fine when he tried to strangle Harry. It's only when he was touched by Harry's hands did he start to melt. But later Dumbledore said that the power was in Harry's skin (But apparently not at the neck).

Correction: The power is in his touch, ie. when Harry uses his hands - it doesn't necessarily apply to any part of his body.

Corrected entry: Dudley is supposed to fall into the water in the Reptile House, which is obviously the one at London Zoo, yet he arrives back at his home in Surrey still shivering and wet. He would surely have dried out a bit on the journey home?

Correction: It's possible to get from London Zoo to within the borders of Surrey in a very short space of time - we never find out exactly where the Dursley's live.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the first years are looking at the boats, Hagrid says: "No more than four to a boat." BUT when we see Hermione in her boat, there are FIVE people in there. Four are in the normal seats, and one is leaning out at the front of the boat!

Correction: Hagrid never said only four could be in a boat in the movie. That was in the book.

Corrected entry: During the Quidditch match, someone falls from their broomstick, landing in a pile of sand. But when we first saw the pitch it was all neat grass - where did the sand come from?

Correction: There's sand visible under the goalposts in the first shot of the field.

Corrected entry: In the sorting ceremony, we see Susan Bones, the girl with long curly hair, was sorted into Hufflepuff House. Later, in Professor Snape's Potion class, we see Susan was sitting behind Harry when Snape questions him. Only Gryffindor and Slytherin are attending in that class together - Susan was in the wrong class!

Correction: It is never said in the movie that only Gryffindor and Slytherin have potions together. There are Ravenclaws in the class too.

Corrected entry: During the final chess game when the Queen is moving into position to smash Rons knight, they cut back and forth from the Queen to Ron. During one cut, the queen figure has its fingers laced and sticking out; in the next shot, one hand is a fist being covered by the other hand. Then it cuts back to outstretched laced fingers again.

Correction: The other hand configuration belongs to the King.

Corrected entry: In the scene on the rock in the middle of nowhere, Harry is reading the letter from Hogwarts and Uncle Vernon tells Harry, 'You'll not be going there, Daniel.'


Correction: In this scene Vernon is addressing Hagrid, not Harry. After Harry reads the beginning of his letter, Vernon comes across the room and says 'He will not be going I tell you'.

Corrected entry: How come Hermione is so confident that she'll get into Gryffindor? On the Hogwarts Express Train, she is already wearing a Gryffindor tie (red and yellow) before arriving at Hogwarts or being sorted into houses.

Correction: She is wearing a black tie with Hogwarts' crest.

Corrected entry: When Ron, Hermione, and Harry are looking at James Potter's seeker plaque in the trophy case, a similar crest next to his says that McGonnagall was on the same Gryffindor Quidditch team - the movie leads you to believe she was pretty old. That means, by my reasoning, that she would have been at least 20 years old when she started playing for the Gryffindors in the 1970s.

Correction: This might be a different McGonagall, or a child of Professor McGonagall, for there's no evidence that this is the McGonagall currently teaching at the time.

Corrected entry: When Ron is playing chess on top of the knight, why does he not just get off it when the other side's piece comes to destroy it? I could not understand why he clung on. It took an age for the other piece to arrive to destroy his knight, he had all the time in the world!

Correction: Jumping off would be the same as resigning.

Corrected entry: At the beginning, Dumbledore is taking out all of the street lights, from one shot, the car in right is in the second house, but in the next shot, the same car is in the first house.


Correction: The first shot of Professor Dumbledore taking out the lights is from behind him, looking over his left shoulder. He obscures the first car (a yellow one parked in the drive of what appears to be no. 1 Privet Drive). The second shot of the same scene is from some 50 yards in front of Dumbledore, looking towards him, and shot looking down from the height of a lamppost. The lamp obscures the second car (a blue one, parked in the drive of no. 2). Both cars can be seen when Dumbledore and McGonnagal walk towards Harry?s house.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the troll has just gone into the girls washroom, Hermoine quickly goes back in to the 1st stall on the right hand side, but when you see the above view she is in the 3rd from the right.


Correction: The overhead shot of her shows that she has her feet in the second cubicle from the left, most of her body in the third cubicle from the left, and her head just in the fourth one. She is crawling from one cubicle to the next. When she emerges, a few shots later, she has crawled up almost to the end of the cubicles.

Corrected entry: When Harry comes back to his room after having seen his parents in the mirror, he is still wearing the invisability cloak. However when Harry pulls back Ron's duvet to wake him you cannot see his hand yet he would have had to take his arm out of the cloak to do the action.

Correction: No, he would not have had to removed his hand from underneath the cloak as even through the cloak he can move objects.

Corrected entry: If Harry, Ron and Hermione can walk undetected under the invisibility cloak, why can't Harry walk with the lamp underneath it when he is going to the restricted section of the library? Surely he wouldn't have to hide the light if he did so, reducing the risk of being spotted?

Correction: Two thoughts - one is that he might worry about it catching fire, the other is that it might work on a "one way" system. Light can go into the cloak, so he can see through it, but light can't escape out, so no-one can see him, and similarly the light from the lamp can't escape. If anyone has an official description of how the cloak works, I'll gladly hear it!

Corrected entry: When Harry first views the golden snitch, and it begins to fly in the air, both characters are apparently watching it, but are looking in different directions.

Correction: When the snitch is released Harry and Oliver are looking in different directions because only Harry can see it, Oliver is trying to see where it went.

Corrected entry: When Hagrid show Harry, Hedwig (the owl) If you look at Harry's forehead you can see that his scar isn't there. If you look in the previous scene, when Mr. Olivander tells Harry about his wand, his scar is right above his eyebrow, but in the next scene his scar isn't there.

Correction: If you look close enough, you can tell the scar is still there, and that it just kind of faded out a bit. It is still there, though.

Corrected entry: The promotional photos show Harry Potter with a scar on his forehead over his right eye. On the covers of all the books, the scar is clearly shown to be over his left eye. This is to correct the mistake about the scar being in the wrong location on Harry's head.

Correction: JK Rowling has commented on this and said that in the text of the books, the scar's location is never indicated (only that it's on his forehead somewhere) and it was the novel's artist who decided that it should be centered (see the 4th book cover for the best view). The movie people decided to make it off-centre, and Rowling was fine with that.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry is talking to Hermione and Ron about Hagrid's dragon, he says "Hagrid's always wanted a dragon, he told me so the first time I ever met him," but in the movie Hagrid never tells this to Harry.

Correction: Assumes the only conversations between Harry and Hagrid are in the film, which can't be the case, as we never saw Harry taking money out of his vault, yet he has done so. This conversation is a deleted scene on the DVD.

Corrected entry: When Quirrell reports that there is a troll in the dungeon then faints he is laying one direction, but a few seconds later from a different shot he is laying the opposite direction.

Correction: When Quirrell falls, he falls face down with his head towards Professor Dumbledore, and his feet towards the door. When the children run out, we again see Quirell, and he is facing the same way.

Corrected entry: In the scene of the sea hut, how could the gun have been shot if Hagrid had bent it?

Correction: The gun is a shotgun. Since shot consists of small pellets they could have easily passed through the bend.

Corrected entry: Harry had to pass the key and chess challenges, which caused damage to the door (all the keys flying into it) and the chess set (all smashed up), but when he arrived Prof. Quirrell was already at the mirror. How did he get past them without causing all that chaos?

Correction: Given the magical nature of Hogwarts, it's perfectly possible that once someone has passed a challenge, it's automatically reset.

Corrected entry: When Harry buys all the sweets from the cart on the train he places them on the chair beside him. But there are clearly more sweets on the chair then there were on the trolley.

Correction: He simply gave the woman a handful of money. If he had more money than there was candy, the lady could simply get (or magic) more.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie Hagrid gives Harry the photo album. After Harry looks at it and tells Hagrid goodbye, he walks back to the train with his hands at his side and there is no sign of the album in either hand.

Correction: He could just put in one of the pockets of his robes.

Corrected entry: When Hagrid picks up the Philosopher's Stone from Gringotts, he tells Harry "best not mention this to anyone". But as soon as Harry becomes suspicious about Snape, he begins discussing the fact that Hagrid emptied the vault in full earshot of all and sundry, at the dinner table.

Correction: Harry can trust Ron and Hermione, and being the kind of guy Harry is, he would tell those two anything.

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Albus Dumbledore: Ah, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. I was most unfortunate in my youth to come across a vomit flavoured one. I must say since then I have lost my liking for them. But I think...it might be safe...to have a nice toffee. [He has a bean.] Alas. Earwax.



During the Quidditch match Harry's broomstick tries to shake him off, due to the spell. After Hermione tells Ron, "Leave it to me," in Harry's last close-up before he flips over, the seat that is attached to the broomstick, to make it more comfortable for Dan Radcliffe to sit on, is entirely visible. Glimpses of other seats can be had during the match as well.



For anyone who hasn't read the book: The inscription on top of the Mirror of Erised says "erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi". If you read the inscription backwards it says "I show not your face but your heart's desire".