High Plains Drifter

High Plains Drifter (1973)

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Corrected entry: In the beginning when Clint Eastwood is getting a shave he shoots one bad guy between the eyes, as the bad guy falls back. He falls and knocks the door open. But when it shows him on the ground he is lying in the corner with no door behind him.


Correction: He falls back against a nearly opened door, and opens the door fully, so he remains lying against the now fully opened door and the corner, accurate to every detail.

Corrected entry: When Eastwood rides out of town after it has been painted red, the sky is cloudy; some of the clouds are even ominously dark. Minutes later, when Stacy and his men ride in to terrorize the town, the sky is cloudless.

Correction: Working in weather and living in the Rockies, it takes time for a system of that magnitude to develop, and appear as big as it does in the movie. It does not go from sunny with clouds, to dark and ominous in one camera change.

Correction: Not a mistake. I have seen many times where the clouds look as if they are going to burst forth with massive rain; then, the skies would change within minutes to produce a beautiful day.


Corrected entry: After Clint Eastwood rides into Lago, he is bumped by a woman as he walks down the street. He teaches her manners by taking her into a barn and rapes her. In a later scene, she enters the barbershop where he is taking a bath and takes several shots at him. At least two bullets 'splash' water, indicating she hit the wash bucket in which Eastwood is sitting. However, no water drains from the bucket.

Correction: The bullets never made it through to the wall of the tub. They were stopped by the water and possibly by the body of the Drifter who may or may not have already been dead. It is the second possible hint that he is the returned dead sherrif.

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