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Corrected entry: Although Sylvia asked Ivy what her real name was, she went to the same school as her. They might have both been loners but don't you think it would have come up if they shared a class together or asked someone else if they had seen the other one?

Correction: I have gone to school with lots of people that I don't associate with, even if they had the same class. They might have seen each other around but just had no interest in each other until they met. As you stated, they were both loners so they would have not wanted to ask some random classmate if they know their name.

Jessica Meduna

Corrected entry: Ivy has her tattoo done on a school day which is 9 days away from Daryl's party, but after the party when Ivy and Daryl are on the bed, her tattoo has completely healed.

Correction: That's not an unreasonable time frame. I have three tattoos and they all healed completely within about a week.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film, Ivy and Coop are involved in a car accident. Ivy gets a large, very visible bruise across the front of her chest. Later, whilst she is having sex with Coop's dad, he doesn't see the bruise on her at all. Coop walks in on them, and runs away, and so her dad and Ivy run after her to explain. Suddenly, her dad sees Ivy's bruise, even though she is now wearing a top, and they made love in the nude!

Correction: He doesn't see the bruise during sex because he is behind her. Later he sees it when he talks to her and faces her from the front.

Visible crew/equipment: After Ivy and Sylvia crash into the tree you can see the reflections of the crew and the boom mike on the side of the car when Ivy wakes up.

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Sylvie Cooper: The fact that Fred hated ever human except me really meant something.

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Trivia: The movie is allegedly inspired by a real event that happened to producer/co-writer Melissa Goddard. A friend stayed with her family, and ended up seducing her step-father, causing great tension.


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