Predator 2

Predator 2 (1990)

41 mistakes

Continuity mistake: When the Predator finally collapses at the end, Harrigan rises out of the mist on the ground twice.


Visible crew/equipment: Towards the end of the movie, the Predator is climbing up the side of a tall building. Danny Glover jumps in his car to take off after it. As he starts to drive away, towards the left you can see the shadow of an elevated cameraman/equipment.

Other mistake: In the slaughterhouse scene, after Harrigan has injured the Predator with his shotgun and Keyes reappears, the Predator throws its disc, and severs Keyes in half at the waist. We see his legs flop to the ground, and blood pour from above, but his upper half (torso, backpack and weaponry) mysteriously remain hovering out of sight.

Continuity mistake: As Harrigan is walking away from King Willie in the alley, Willie turns toward him to say, "Prepare yourself." His face is well-lit. In the next shot, Willie is facing away in the background and his head is entirely in shadow. He's turned and lit again for his next line.


Revealing mistake: When the subway train slams on the brakes, the camera cuts to a shot showing the sparks coming off the wheels as the train is slowing down. If you look at the wheels carefully, you can see that the train is already stationery, and the camera is panning down the train to give the impression its slowing down.

Deliberate mistake: When King Willie is confronted by the Predator in the alley the Predator approaches him cloaked stepping through the puddle of water. You can see his footsteps causing the water to splash up. However, you can see the water splash up and go through his foot. The Predator is only cloaked, not intangible so the water should have splashed upon his foot, not go through. Water against his foot would be visible too, even though he is cloaked.

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Revealing mistake: When Danny falls down from the ceiling, watch closely and you can see the security wire attached to his leg.


Continuity mistake: At the penthouse, the Predator lifts one of the Jamaicans on his wrist blades. Another Jamaican turns to see his friend dangling in the air with a claw sticking through his torso. In the next shot from the Predator's POV, the Jamaican is facing as before and still shooting at the wall like he didn't notice. After that, it shows the same man turning in an arc that should show the Predator, but it and the impaled man have disappeared entirely.


Revealing mistake: The police car that is shot at and flips over doesn't have an engine.


Continuity mistake: At the penthouse, the Predator stabs a Jamaican with the spear and turns as another man steps out from behind a column. It switches to the Predator's POV and the man does the exact same thing again.


Continuity mistake: At the end of the fight in the slaughter house, Lt. Harrigan scrambles up a ladder and goes onto the roof with the predator in hot pursuit. A few moments later, Harrigan slams into the predator and they both fall off the roof. Suddenly, they are about 30 stories up dangling from a ledge. The slaughter house wasn't 30 stories wasn't even three stories!

Revealing mistake: At the very start of the film, when the car blows up, if you look to the right you can see a piece of debris (it looks like a car door) flying through the air. Look on either side of it and you can see the black cable it's gliding on.

Revealing mistake: When the predator fires his plasma caster in the slaughterhouse scene, you can see that the simple laser blast has been replaced by a Chinese sparkling firework on a string. In the original "Predator" you could see this same effect on a string but it was not nearly as spectacular and easier to miss.

Continuity mistake: As Harrigan approaches the collapsed Predator in its lair, he switches from holding the disk at an angle to holding it flat.

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Continuity mistake: Notice King Willies teeth before he is killed. They are nasty looking. After the predator cleans up his skull, the teeth are white and shiny and also change size.

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Visible crew/equipment: Near the beginning of the film when the police car explodes and flips over, you can blatantly see stunt wires used to aid in flipping the car.


Continuity mistake: In the beginning, after the gang retreats into the building, you see what appears to be the leader sniffing from a golden container. After a quick cut to the gang getting ready, you see his moustache covered with white powder. After another cut, a closeup shows his moustache is clean, way too quick to have cleaned up.

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Revealing mistake: When the drug lord falls from the roof he lands on a table yet it doesn't collapse under his weight. The building was pretty tall.


Audio problem: In the final scene as the rescue helicopter is landing you can hear its engine spooling down; however the helicopter hasn't landed yet. As the helicopter takes off it does the opposite - you hear the engine spooling up, but the helicopter has already taken off.


Audio problem: Right after the Jamaicans are massacred in the office tower, a bunch of reporters are all broadcasting from the scene. The camera moves along a row of them. Their mouths aren't in sync with what they are saying.