Coal Miner's Daughter

Revealing mistake: When Loretta hears a caller from outside and then heads out to the front porch to see who's calling her name, the man coming up the hill is wearing coal mining gear. However, in the next shot, it is a different man dressed in a navy sweater and freshman's cap.

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Suggested correction: This is not a mistake. Loretta and Doolittle did not have a phone and would use their neighbor's as needed (he complained about it). Loretta hears her name being called and, going outside, sees someone in the distance who looks and sounds like her coal miner father coming toward the house. The image changes as she realises it is actually the neighbor, who is coming to relay her family's news about her father's passing. Loretta was having a premonition/vision of her father's death just before learning he died. It appears he had been ill with a lung disease (from coal dust), and she was likely expecting the bad news at some point.

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The 2 photos I uploaded about this mistake are missing. Loretta and Doo did not have a phone. But the man coming up the hill in the distance in the first shot is indeed wearing miner's gear, with the following dressed man dressed in regular clothing. Obviously an editing mistake.

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As I explained in my answer, it was not a mistake. Loretta was seeing a vision of her deceased coal miner father (wearing his coal miner gear) before realizing it is actually the neighbor, who is dressed differently. As I recall, Loretta even tells her mother at the funeral later that she saw her father image's coming to her. The photos may have been removed because they did not actually show a mistake.

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Regarding the pictures you uploaded being missing: I recall seeing photos being in the pending submissions page matching this entry, and the pictures would have been rejected for not following the picture submission guidelines, as they were blurry and appeared to have been pictures of your television taken with your phone.

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Continuity mistake: When Loretta Lynn is at the radio station asking why the disc jockey had lied to them about playing her record, you see the picture of her that they took at home. It is a completely different pose than the one that you saw them take a couple of scenes earlier. She is looking in a different direction and she is not smiling as much as she was when they took it.

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Ted Webb: I ain't ever gonna see you again.
Loretta Lynn: Yes you will, daddy.
Ted Webb: Maybe, but I ain't never gonna see my little girl again.

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Trivia: There is a scene in which Loretta is on the porch playing guitar, and kicks the washing machine. In her book 'Still Women Enough', the real Loretta explains that they did not have electricity at that house, let alone a washing machine.


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