Torn Curtain

Torn Curtain (1966)

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Corrected entry: When Paul Newman and the girl were in the theater, he screamed "fire" to make the room chaotic so the policemen wouldn't see them. But why would Germans understand English?

Correction: All he would need is for a handfull of people to understand and start to flee. That would cause a commotion in itself. Lots of German people have at least a basic knowledge of English, and it was only one word. And anyway, the German for fire is feuer, which is not pronounced so diferently that they couldn't guess what 'fire' means.

J I Cohen

Continuity mistake: When Julie Andrews and Paul Newman are in bed at the start of the movie they have a white phone next to the bed. Shortly afterwards when Julie answers the phone, it is an old-fashioned device.

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Professor Gustav Lindt: I forbid you to leave this room.

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