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Infinity Pool (2023)

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Plot hole: When James leaves the resort after finding his passport, he packs his bags and boards a bus headed for the airport. The bus is then intercepted by Gabi and the gang, and James gets off, leaving his belongings on the bus. The following morning, when he proceeds to leave the resort a second time, he is shown packing his bags in his hotel room, despite having left them on the bus.

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Suggested correction: We only see him get off the bus, the next shot is him walking with the cars behind him. They could have got his stuff from the bus in between shots.


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James Foster: I actually came here looking for inspiration. To a resort. It's quite pathetic.
Alban Bauer: So what do you do for money then? Do you teach, or?
Em Foster: He married rich.
Alban Bauer: That's a good one. Well, its' good for an artist to have a patron, isn't it?
James Foster: Yes.
Em Foster: Oh, sure. I'm in danger of becoming a charitable organization at this point.

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