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Continuity mistake: Even though Sharif has his hands cuffed behind his back when he is put in the police car, he still manages to get his hands up to stop the officer hitting him when he is in the back seat.

Continuity mistake: In the convenience store robbery scene, Cain is drinking a St. Ides 40. In each shot, the level of beer keeps changing. Even after several large drinks, it is still near the top.

Continuity mistake: At the end scene right before the drive by shooters on the passenger side fire, they start to lean out the window with uzis. In the next shot (while shooting) the guy in the front seat has a Tec-9 and the guy in the back seat has hand guns.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the white guy is talking to Chauncy about the Maxima, he has a cigarette in his hand that is smoking. In the next scene when they show him looking at the picture (close up), it is not lit, when they go back again, it is lit.

Continuity mistake: Check the position of the coke when the main character is talking to the teacher in school. The main character is holding the coke in his hands and in the next shot it's on the table of the teacher.

Continuity mistake: Ronnie is yelling at Kevin (O-Dog) about drinking all the beer and saving it for when Caine gets to the party, but when O-Dog leaves the kitchen Caine is sitting on the couch with a beer.

John Miller 8c72

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