Superintelligence (2020)

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Continuity mistake: During Carol and George's "non-date outing", the lime slice on George's glass changes positions, starting toward his right and moving toward his left (ending up on the opposite side). (01:00:43)


Continuity mistake: A large-screen TV was on the wall opposite the staircase when Carol and Victor reached the top. Part of a small high window (above the lamp) could be seen near the top of the TV screen. When the camera shifted to the opposite side of the room, the TV temporarily transformed into a large window with floor-length drapes. (00:48:02)


Other mistake: Based on where Carol is standing near the top of the stairs of her new apartment, more of the couch behind her should be to the left of the screen (like it is in a later shot). (00:48:10)


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