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American Underdog (2021)

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Factual error: Hy-Vee is a $10 billion retailer with its own Hy-Vee private label. The Hy-Vee store Kurt is working at and shopping at in the movie erroneously is not carrying Hy -Vee Private Label, but rather, carries Best Choice and Always Save which are AWG's private labels. Associated Wholesale Grocers is a $22 billion wholesaler that supplies independent Grocers all over the country, but not privately held chains like Hy-Vee or Kroger which have their own private labels.

Kurt Warner: Do what you can do, till you can do what you want to do?

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Trivia: Throughout the movie, Kurt Warner wore jersey #13, but he is also known as jersey #10 for the St. Louis Rams in the 1999 play-offs.


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