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Factual error: Kurt Warner worked in the Hy-Vee grocery store in 1994. The Wheaties box he took off the shelf featured Dan Marino #13, which was available in 1995. A 1994 Wheaties box featuring the NFL 75th Anniversary Collectors Edition had a different design and color. Unless Kurt also worked in the store into 1995, the Wheaties box he held in the movie was not yet available. (00:39:50)


Other mistake: After seeing Joe Montana play in Super Bowl XIX, young Kurt said, "I knew I wanted to be that guy." When he goes outside to pass the football, young Kurt has "Warner 13" on the back of his jersey - not Montana's #16 but the #13 that he could not know in advance that he would eventually wear during most of his adult career. (Jersey numbers are not necessarily that available for a player to have his pick). (00:02:02 - 00:02:33)


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Suggested correction: This is trivia at best, certainly not a mistake. While it's true he wore #12 in high school, there's no reason he couldn't have liked #13 as a child. And, many key position players do get to pick their number, from the available range, which Kurt certainly did.


Kurt Warner: Do what you can do, till you can do what you want to do?

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Trivia: Throughout the movie, Kurt Warner wore jersey #13, but he is also known as jersey #10 for the St. Louis Rams in the 1999 play-offs.


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