Other mistake: In the cave, the Baddies were able to steer their boat directly to the ship, while Tom Holland had to dive deep into the water, swim some distance then back up to get to it.

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Suggested correction: Before Baddock and co. enter the cave, you hear an explosion, and it is evident in the movie that they blew up the cave's wall to get in with the boat.


You can even see the smoke and debris falling as they pilot the boat through the new hole they just made.

Other mistake: Sully climbs up the helicopter chain in the final scene with a bag full of gold. Assuming modest dimensions of 30x30x30 cm for his backpack, that means that he was carrying at least 40 kilograms of gold on his back, but he tosses it around like it's full of fluff. And when he hits Braddock in the face with it later, he's tossing 40 kilos of gold at high velocity at her face, but she shows up later without a scratch.

Deliberate mistake: The whole airplane scene with the heavy cargo flying away and hitting the heroes without harming them plus them jumping and standing on the flying cargo defies the laws of gravity, physics and common sense.

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Trivia: Nolan North, who does motion capture in the games for Nathan Drake, is on the beach at the resort. He asks Nate and Chloe what happened, and they say they fell out of a plane. He says that happened to him once. He's referring to the third game in the Uncharted series where similar events happen.

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