Blood and Money

Blood and Money (2020)

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Continuity mistake: The location of the "no parking" sign near the front of Dick's Restaurant changes. Initially, the sign is near the front door. When the logger drops off the envelope for Debbie (from Jim), there's no sign by the door, but there is one past the building. Also, the road changes from curved to straight when the logger parks in front of Dick's. The building itself also looks different. (00:15:52 - 01:24:40)


Continuity mistake: Jim's "custom built" camper/truck often looks different. In addition to the color changes (usually various shades of gray and white), the truck may or may not have running boards; the top of the camper might have one or two blue stripes; the exterior details of the camper vary - how far it extends over the truck's roof, the number of attachments or protrusions on top, and its shape. The windows are dark-tinted, but there are blinds on the inside (which are too low).


Continuity mistake: The pattern of blood on the right side of Jim's coat was different when he was inside of the Golden Road Checkpoint. When Jim was still in his truck, he had one dripping blood line, but two inside the Checkpoint. It is also questionable how he got the blood on his coat; Jim was wearing an orange vest over his coat at the time. The blood on his cheek was a smear from the female casino robber he accidentally killed (mistaking her for the buck he just shot at but missed). (00:30:14 - 00:32:47)


Continuity mistake: Jim's Dodge Ram with a camper seems to change colors, mostly variations of gray. Initially, both are a light gray. Other times, both look white - or even blue. Sometimes, the truck is dark gray and the camper is white. (00:03:05 - 00:25:12)


Other mistake: After Jim shot the doe and found it lying in the snow, there were no visible deer tracks or dripping blood trail leading to the doe. (00:01:25 - 00:02:05)


Debbie: It's just so strange. Nothing is as I imagined it would be.
Jim Reed: It never is. For anyone.

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Trivia: Maine may not be the best setting for a fictitious casino robbery. There have been TWO casinos in Maine - the Hollywood Casino in Bangor and the Oxford Casino (in Oxford). Two racetracks also have betting. (00:13:17)


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