The Wizard of Oz

Corrected entry: When Lion is singing "If I Were King" and the other three roll out the green carpet. They put the rug on Lion, when they're walking back towards the steps and Dorothy gets tripped up a bit by the carpet. You can see the carpet where it's flipped up. (01:05:50)

Correction: This isn't really a mistake. When the Lion walks back up the carpet, his 'robe' catches the end of it and flips it up. Since it doesn't jump back to being suddenly flat again, there's no continuity problem.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin Man are trying to free Dorothy, the door has door knobs, but after the Tin Man strikes it, the door has no fixtures.

Correction: When the Tin Man strikes the door, he hit the higher part of the door and the handles aren't visible in that shot.


Corrected entry: During the scene where the Tin man begins chopping down the door to save Dorothy there are no handles but when he continues chopping the handles appear.

Correction: The handles are there, they are just farther down the door than can be seen in the tight shot when the ax first hits the door. The wide shot as they approach the door shows the handles on the door. What I wonder is why they use the ax at all, since there doesn't actually seem to be any locking mechanism for the door on the outside or the inside.


Corrected entry: When Dorothy and her friends meet the wizard for the first time, the wizard scares the lion so much that he faints. Dorothy starts saying to the wizard "frightening him like that when he came to you for help-"etc, watch the scarecrow. He is trying to make the lion wake up by tapping/slapping his face but he is only hitting air and not coming into contact with the lions face at all.

Correction: He was fanning the lion's face with his hand.


Corrected entry: The Wizard claims to have been in Kansas when his balloon was whisked off to Oz, yet the balloon reads State Fair, Omaha. Omaha is in Nebraska, not Kansas.

Correction: He didn't say the balloon was from Kansas, though. It's likely he got it at the Nebraska State Fair and has been using it since.

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Corrected entry: During the Tin Man's dance, you can see a stagehand caught unaware as he dashes behind the cheesy tree props as he tries to hide.

Correction: I looked and I looked and I looked (even in slow-motion on my DVD) - and, frankly, there's NO stagehand visible anywhere in the background.

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Corrected entry: If it's so painful when Dorothy picks an apple from the talking trees, why do they pick their own apples to throw them at her?

Correction: The tree never said it was "painful". It only said it wasn't right for Dorothy to pick the apples just because she wanted to.

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Corrected entry: As the cyclone carries the farmhouse through the air, Dorothy views airbone animals and people through a window in the wall next to her bed, including the Witch on her broom. After the house lands, we see a shot of Dorothy emerging from her bedroom. The window has disappeared. There is now a solid wall next to the bed with what looks like a Bundt cake pan hanging on it.

Correction: The wall seen when Dorothy leaves her room after landing in OZ is NOT the same wall where the window is. The confusion could come from the fact her bed changes positions in the room after the fall. But, even so, we can even see the daylight reflection on the wall, indicating the existence of a window.

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Corrected entry: When Dorothy is handed the posy of flowers in MunchkinLand, most of them are blue, but when she steps onto the Yellow Brick Road, they turn to yellow.

Correction: Not a mistake: the posy of flowers countain flowers of a lot of colors. Depending on the positions we see it, the predominant color will be different.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Dorothy and the Scarecrow meet the Tinman and oil him, they do not oil his legs. Later in the scene, he begins to dance as if his legs were oiled.

Correction: As he's walking down to the Yellow Brick Road, the Tin Man's knees lock up, and they do have to oil his legs.


Corrected entry: The crown that falls off the lion's head falls behind the scarecrow as they sit in front of the door. When they get up it is gone.

Correction: If you look very close you can just see the crown at the lower right of the screen as they go inside.


Corrected entry: When the four of them are in the haunted forest searching for the wicked witch with the weapons, after the tin man is lifted in the air and falls the scarecrow throws his gun to the ground, and as it hits, the gun suddenly disappears.

Correction: The Scarecrow steps on the gun, which hides it from view.


Corrected entry: When the scarecrow is singing, "If I Only had a Brain", as he dances around the flowers on the fence seem to disappear and then appear again.

Correction: The flowers don't disappear, they're still there. The shot that you're talking about just shows the edge of the fence, which is not covered with the flowers.

Corrected entry: When Dorothy is knocked unconscious there is a brown pillowcase on her bed. Several shots later when she wakes up it's white. (00:17:05)


Correction: The reason why it changed from brown to white is because it went from sepia toned to color. The original scene was shot in black and white, so it was originally white, but the people who re-mastered it thought that the sepia tone would look better. The pillowcase was always white: it was just the way that it was remastered in sepia that made it look brown.

Corrected entry: When the Wicked Witch tries to take the Ruby slippers from Dorothy, she screams before the sparks start shooting out of the Ruby slippers. (01:16:55)


Correction: So she felt the magic before anyone could see mistake.

Corrected entry: When the 4 characters are in the witch's forest, the flying monkeys come out and take them, when they take the Scarecrow apart, the scene changes to the castle then back to them fixing the Scarecrow's straw, when he stands up and says "Don't you see, he's come to take us to Dorothy" as he stands up you can see a small black ditch that Ray Bolger was sitting in to make it look like his head was lying there.

Correction: It is not a ditch, it is a rock. In the first scene, where he is unstuffed, he is in an open area. In the second scene he is sitting up with a tree right behind him. There is no ditch because this is not the place where he lay when he was unstuffed.

Corrected entry: During the scene where Dorothy and the Scarecrow are inspecting the Tinman for the first time, Dorothy starts out with an apple in her right hand, switches it to her left and then drops it behind the Tinman. But in the next shot, it's back in her left hand.

Correction: Dorothy has an apple in each hand at first. She drops the apple that was in her left hand and, when trying to pick it up, she finds Tin Man. Then, she stands and we can see that she REACHES to pick the apple - that's why she still has two apples in the next shot and why she can drop the apple again.

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Corrected entry: After the scarecrow gets a brain, he states the Pythagorean Theorem. However, he incorrectly says it applies to an isosceles triangle when it applies to a right triangle. He also not only gets the wrong kind of triangle, but he gets the equation wrong. He says "the sum of the square roots of any two equal to the square root of the remaining side." But it is really the sum of the SQUARES (not square roots). And it is not the sum of ANY two sides. It is the sum of the two sides that form the right angle. Ray Bolger, who played Scarecrow, couldn't get the theory right on any of the many takes because he had to say it very fast. In the end, the filmmakers decided to simply use the best take, even though he says it wrongly.

Correction: I think this was an intentional mistake - proving that even with a brain the scarecrow is still quite stupid - and I guess it was thrown in for humour. If you've seen the episode of The Simpsons where homer finds a pair of glasses in the toilet, puts them on and states the above mentioned quote - a guy in one of the cubicles replies: "That's a RIGHT triangle, ya idiot!"

Corrected entry: The red smoke that makes the witch disappear effect begins coming out of the ground about a second before the witch gets to her mark.


Correction: The witch is the one making the smoke. She's magical she can make the smoke come up 5 minutes before she intends to leave if she wants.

Revealing mistake: When the Wicked Witch scares the Munchkins in Munchkinland, where Dorothy lands, she disappears into a cloud of smoke she creates. But you can see her sneak down into a trap door below. [As a sidenote to this entry, Margaret Hamilton was hospitalized for severe burns after a take of this shot (not the final one used) when the stage elevator got stuck and the explosion went off.] (00:30:45)

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Dorothy: There's no place like home.

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Trivia: The "tornado" was a thirty-five foot long muslin stocking, photographed with miniatures of a Kansas farm and fields.

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Question: Did Dorothy really go to Oz or was it a dream? Because, in return to Oz at the end, she sees Ozma (the good witch in her mirror) or was that just her imagination/a dream too?

Answer: In the film it's left ambiguous. At the end it's strongly implied that she was dreaming. The characters she meets all look like people she actually knows. In the original book, she actually went to Oz.

Answer: Return to Oz was not a direct sequel to the 1939 film. One was developed by Disney and the other by MGM. Return to Oz is actually an adaptation-fusion of the second and third Oz books, that contains elements from the 1939 film (like the Ruby slippers and the Oz/Kansas counterparts) because that's what people are most familiar.

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