Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Corrected entry: When Mr. Turkentine asks for Charlie's help with an experiment, he states that two of the main ingredients he would be using are Nitric Acid and Gylcerine. He then goes on two mention that when poured in equal amounts would create a very powerful wart remover. In truth, Nitric Acid and Gylcerine when mixed together actually creates Nitroglycerine, a very powerful liquid explosion and creating it in a classroom is criminally irresponsible.

Correction: Mr. Turkentine is a jaded, bored teacher trying to inject humor into his lessons. His poor delivery about the mix being a very powerful wart remover is a weak joke that went over the heads of his students.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the scene with the golden egg lying geese, a female voice with a British accent that is supposed to be Verruca's voice but is obviously not her voice asks "Are they chocolate eggs?"

Elizabeth Hunt

Correction: How is it "obviously" not Veruca's? It sure sounds like her.

Corrected entry: After Charlie finds the last ticket, "Slugworth" stops him to make an offer. As he talks, he mentions a better home, good food and comfort for the family. It wouldn't be possible for him to know Charlie's entire situation in the couple of minutes since the ticket was found.

Movie Nut

Correction: As Willy Wonka tells Charlie near the end of he movie, "Slugworth" is really Mr. Wilkinson who works for Wonka. By no coincidence does Slugworth/Wilkinson shows up whenever a Golden Ticket is found, it is possible Wilkinson planted them to get the appropriate mix of children (spoiled rich, gluttonous, poor, etc.) Wonka would want to test to see who is worthy to inherit his factory. Slugworth would no doubt have cash on hand (provided by Wonka) to tempt a poor child with money to get the secret of the Everlasting Gobstoppers to test the child's reliability.


Corrected entry: When in the boat tunnel, we see a brief picture of 'Slugworth' being shown in the background. Both Charlie and Grandpa Joe react to it, even though there's no reason for Grandpa Joe to. He couldn't possibly think it was Slugworth, given how it was actually just an actor, Mr. Wilkinson, whom he has never even seen before.

Correction: Grandpa Joe does not react to the photo of Slugworth, but to Charlie's calling and grabbing him.


Correction: Correct. Slugworth gave Charlie a thumbs up before entering the gates. Charlie told his grandpa that was him to which grandpa looked at Slugworth. Therefore he would recognize him on the tunnel wall.

Correction: While waiting with the other winners to enter the factory, Charlie points out Sligworth to Grandpa Joe. They both recognize his picture in the tunnel and react the same, as they both know what he looks like and what his intentions are.

Corrected entry: When Willy Wonka plays the musical code for entering the Chocolate Room, Mike Teevee's mother says "Rachmaninoff." In fact, it is the introduction of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro."


Correction: That's the whole point. She is showing off, trying to pretend she is cultured and classy, whereas in fact she is an ignoramus.

Corrected entry: When everyone walks over to the "hand hooks" you can see that one of the fingers on the hooks moves before they grab everyone's belongings.


Correction: So? Wonka never explains how they work, so there's no reason we know of for the hands not to have some degree of movement.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Willy Wonka is walking out of the factory with his cane, Charlie and all the kids are wearing heavy coats, hats and scarves, yet there are green leaves on all the trees you can see, signifying spring/summer.

Correction: That just means that the weather was unseasonably cold.

Serious B Premium member

Corrected entry: When Charlie's teacher is giving a lesson on percentages, he tells Charlie that he will use the number 200 as a means of calculating a simple percentage because can't figure out what percentage 2 out of 1,000 yields. This is simple to figure out even without a calculator. As someone who is sanctioned to be teaching mathematics, he should know this.

Serious B Premium member

Correction: Yes, he should, but apparently he is either lazy or not a very good teacher, so he simplifies the lesson. It's meant to be humorous.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: During Veruca's "I Want It Now" song, after she says "I want a bean feast", Mr. Salt says, "Oh, one of those"¬óbut his mouth doesn't move.

Correction: Look closely; his mouth does move. It just looks like it doesn't because he is grimacing in frustration.

Corrected entry: At Wonka's factory gates (coming from his entrance door towards the gates on the right) there's a road traffic sign which states '(you are on a) priority road' on the road is bending to the left. I presume the set (gates, carpets, office) was build on an existing junction.

Correction: The scene is not built on a road but in Munich Gasswerks gate.

Corrected entry: When Salt is about to go down the shoot in the scene with the golden geese, she fades away before she gets a chance to drop because she doesn't actually drop.



Correction: I just watched it over and over and I can't imagine that the shot was done any way other than just dropping her. Her hair flies up as she goes down, the movement is very natural, there is no cut to mask the shots. She definitely drops down the chute.

Garlonuss Premium member

Correction: Actually in the commentary with the actors she stated that actually did drop right onto a mattress set in place for her and she was told to keep her arms glued to her sides or they would've been ripped off by the sudden movement of the fall.

Correction: Not only that, but there was a cute PA down there and she kept her arms to her sides because she didn't want her dress flying up in front of him.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: In the opening scene at Bill's Candy Store, Bill is giving out candy to everyone and taking no money with poor Charlie looking in the window because he cannot afford any.


Correction: The other kids' parents, being affluent, could have just opened an account with the candy store. Charlie knows his family can't afford the candy, so he is left with just looking.


Corrected entry: When Charlie is first seen walking up to the gates of the Wonka factory there are just the street sounds. Then suddenly the "Tinkerer" (the guy with the knife cart) gives the dissertation about fear of little men (a poem of some sort) then proceeds to leave clanking and clattering on the cobble stone street. He should have either been visible on the first shot of Charlie as he walked up to the gates or heard as he approached later on to give his dissertation.

James Rowell

Correction: While Charlie was concentrating on the factory he didn't hear the tinkerer come up, hence the silent approach. After the tinker leave he has Charlie's attention and therefore you can hear the sound.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie where Charlie gives the gobstopper back, Gene Wilder's hair is all screwed up, but the next second it's fine.

Correction: This is not necessarily a mistake: It was done on purpose to show how crazy he is.

Corrected entry: When everybody moved to the side of the boat to exit onto the dock, the boat should have leaned in that direction from the imbalance, but it stayed steady.

Correction: The boat's ballast keeps it balanced to prevent tipping.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Before the ride on the Wonkamobile, an Oompa-Loompa pours a liquid from a green bottle into the Wonkamobile, but in the next shot he is pouring it out of a brown bottle.

Correction: All the Oompa Loompas look the same if not very similar, and there was more than one Oompa Loompa fueling the Wonkamobile. It is most likely a different Oompa Loompa with a brown bottle took his place after the green bottle was empty. Either that, or the other Oompa Loompa was fueling the other side. The first shot was up close so we don't know what side it was showing.

Corrected entry: Gene Wilder also played the Paraguayan newscaster.

Correction: No, he didn't. That isn't Gene Wilder.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Augustus Gloop's parents are interviewed, the father eats the end of the microphone, but the announcer goes on to ask the mother a question with the mic still intact.

Correction: Given that there are only five golden tickets in the world, it is likely that a location where someone found one, would attract multiple reporters. It was a different mic for Augustus' mother than his father. The reporters do sound the same, but who are we to say that they were the same. They could have been just similar.

Corrected entry: How did "Slugworth" get to Verucca so fast? He was already in Mr.Salt's factory at the time, but he would have had to be an employee to be there.

Correction: As we learn later in the movie, "Slugworth" was working for Wonka. Either the distribution of the winning tickets wasn't random. or they knew (through shipping information) where they'd ultimately turn up. We have no information on the security measures at Salt's factory, so we can't say with any certainty that Slugworth would have to have been an employee to be in there. Even with security measures in place, Slugworth is an industrious and determined man.

JC Fernandez

Correction: In an original script Willy Wonka was supposed to have planted the golden tickets so Charlie could win, but they cut out the "so Charlie could win" bit. So "Slugworth" would know where to go since they were planted.

Corrected entry: The chocolate river is obviously just brown water, it is the wrong texture for melted chocolate or even chocolate milk.


Correction: As we don't know what Wonka's formulas or processes are we can't say with certainty that the fluid in that river is not chocolate. If Wonka can make a candy that never dissolves as you suck on it, certainly he could lower the viscosity of chocolate to make it easier to churn.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mike TeeVee is made smaller and transmitted through the tv, he's on a black stage. When he talks to his mother, she's obviously on a movie type screen.

Correction: Well after watching this I'm pretty sure this was intentional, since Mike has been 'transmitted' inside the TV set, he is now seeing his mum through the TV glass which is giving this illusion.

Corrected entry: In the half-room, Wonka angrily tells Charlie and Grandpa that there is no lifetime supply of chocolate due to stealing fizzy-lifting drinks and touching the fan which needs to be 'washed and sterilized.' But how did Wonka actually KNOW that Charlie and Grandpa did the above, since they were alone at all times and there were no Oompa-Loompas or CCTV cameras watching them? Also, when Charlie and Grandpa rejoin Wonka and the others, Wonka is carrying on without any suspicion whatsoever and he doesn't question them till they get to the half-room.

Correction: It's not hard to imagine Wonka having a security system that would have let him know what happened with the fizzy lifting drinks - it wouldn't necessarily be visible to anyone. He never mentioned it to Charlie because he intended to use the incident as a sort of "final exam" to test Charlie's reaction and see if he was worthy to take over the factory.


Corrected entry: In the 'half room', half a wall clock is shown, yet the pendulum mechanism is not directly below the 6, it is slightly offset to the right.

Correction: Why is this a mistake? Almost every single thing in the entire factory is slightly "off" if you will.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: When Charlie and Grandpa enter the 'half-room' to enquire about the lifetime supply of chocolate, look at the 'half-lamp' on Wonka's desk. It has a full complete light bulb. This bulb should be 'in half' to match the rest of the room.

Correction: That's because a half lightbulb wouldn't work. Wonka would still want a working light, even if everything else was cut in half.


Corrected entry: What was stopping the children from giving an Everlasting Gobstopper to the *real* Slugworth? I'm sure he'd be very interested in them.

Correction: The entire gobstopper situation was created by Wonka as a test for the kids. In reality, any of them COULD try to give one to the real Slugworth, but it wouldn't really matter to Wonka.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When the Oompa Loompa is steering the Wonkatania, he doesn't move the steering wheel yet the ship manages to turn every corner.


Correction: This was corrected in a similar entry. The boat could purposely be guided by a rail, to make it easier to control, and the wheel itself non-functional.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: When Violet turns into a blueberry, her belt bursts off, but a few seconds later as the Oompa-Loompas start singing her belt has disappeared from the ground.

Correction: The camera doesn't focus on Violet the entire time, there is plenty of time for an Oompa-Loompa to move the belt out of the way.

Corrected entry: This is of course done on purpose, but if Grandpa Joe hadn't been out of the bed in years, how could he just get up and dance, only stumbling a little bit?

Correction: It was done on purpose, so there is no mistake. It is also specifically mentioned in the book.

Corrected entry: When the group are in the Egg-Laying Room and Veruca says that she wants a golden goose Charlie says "Here we go again" but it doesn't match the way his mouth moves.

cameron davies

Correction: No, I just watched this and it does match up.

Corrected entry: When Augustus Gloop falls in the chocolate River, Charlie grabs a lolly and Augustus holds it. As he does this, it bends.

Correction: I am sure lots of different candy products would bend also in the same situation. Not all lollys are hard.

Mad Ade

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mike TV gets turned into a million pieces and reappears in the television, he has his goggles on when he gets transported and his goggles are not over his eyes when he reappears in the TV.

Correction: I watched this movie last night and could see that as Mike appeared in miniature in the TV after being transported, he lifted up his goggles. That's why his goggles are off in his next close-up shot.

Corrected entry: When Willy Wonka is slowly walking towards the kids, you can easily tell which brick is designed to hold his cane in place. It's much darker then all of the others.

Correction: That's so Willy Wonka knows which brick to stick his cane in. Not a mistake.

Willy Wonka would already know which brick to use for his cane because he owns the whole factory, This entry is solely intended to inform anybody who watches the movie which brick is different from the others so they can see it for themselves.

Corrected entry: After the group heads down the hallway that gets smaller and smaller, they get to a door thats about 3 feet high. When Wonka opens the door and they cut to the exterior shot of the door, it is considerably larger and everyone is easily able to stand.

Correction: That's the whole point of the scene. They are in an unreal, fantasy world - the normal rules don't apply. It could also be a door within a larger door similar to a bank vault door.

Correction: The room is an optical illusion. Wonka even talks about how things are not as they appear.

Corrected entry: This movie was actually made to be a gimmick for a new candy bar that was going to be introduced the same day as the movie's premiere. However, some mistake was made in the candy bars' formula, causing them to melt before they got to the stores, and a mass recall for the candy bars was issued. But the movie still turned out to be a hit.

Correction: This is not true. The documentary indicates that the movie was made from the book and cost approx. 2 million dollars to make. They got 1 million in funding from Quaker in a deal that suggested Quaker make a Wonka Bar to coincide with the movie's release. At the time of release, the movie was not a hit. It has continued to grow in popularity over the years.

Corrected entry: How come Charlie didn't get any publicity after he found his golden ticket? Everyone else did.

Correction: Because he found his ticket the day before the tour, there was not enough time for publicity.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: Small contradiction: Wonka flips when the boy drinks from his chocolate river and later even falls into it. Wonka is angry given the contamination of his chocolate, however a few minutes later he happily takes the whole lot on a boat on that same river, a boat on which people even become seasick. Enjoy your bar Mr. Wonka.

Correction: Wonka says that his chocolate "must never be touched by human hands." The hull of the boat is probably sterilized. As far as people getting seasick, as whimsical and absent-minded as Wonka can be, it probably never occurred to him that this might happen.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie when Mr. Wonka leads both Charlie and Grandpa Joe to the Wonkavator, Wonka spins and presses the button that opens the doors to the Wonkavator. But if you watch closely, you can see he misses the button by an inch.

Correction: That's not true. He presses the button with his pointer finger, although he did reach up there with his middle finger also.

Corrected entry: When Wonka is walking along the path along the red carpet, when he falls forwards to do his trick, you clearly see the straw as a bump under the carpet, to soften his fall.

Correction: I saw no such thing. It was the carpet moving as he rolled.

Corrected entry: When Charlie is running home he gets to his house and goes in. Then the next shot shows him coming into the house. You can see through the door when he opens it and through the door there is another house. In the shot where he is going in his house the other house is not there.

Correction: There is a house, the camera just moves infront of it.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Willy Wonka greets his guests, there is a cameraman in a blue shirt in shot just outside the gates on the right as the guests go in. He can be seen filming the guests and Wonka, and his footage is included in the film. In the next shot when Wonka checks the golden tickets, he has gone.


Correction: The camera could have been news coverage of Wonka opening his factory. There were several cameras in the scene.

William Bergquist

Corrected entry: During the search for Golden Tickets, a newscaster mentions that the search is in its 43rd day, which means that even more time has passed by the time Charlie finds his ticket on September 30th. Since the tour of the factory is Oct. 1st, this puts the start of the contest in early August or sooner. Yet, the kids are in school and the clothes being worn indicate cool weather.

Correction: This is based on a completely incorrect assumption - that the film is set in the USA. The only good look we get at the city is at the end, and it looks distinctly mid-European. So, school term ("semester") times (and climate) may be totally different to the U.S.

Corrected entry: When the German kid is stuck in the plastic pipe (after falling in the chocolate river), the pressure of the chocolate forces him out. But while he is shot out of the tube at a high rate of speed, the chocolate that forced him out moves slowly up the tube.

Correction: After the kid was shot through the tube, the pressure needed to equal causing it to move slowly at first.

Corrected entry: The title was changed from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" so that American moviegoers wouldn't think it was about the Vietnam War. In 1971, "Charlie" was the popular military appellation for the Viet Cong.

Correction: In the film "Pure Imagination: The Story of Willy Wonka" it is mentioned that the name was changed to Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory in order to better coincide with the release of a "Wonka Bar" by Quaker Oats. It had nothing to do with Vietnam.

Corrected entry: Right after Willy Wonka plays the instrument to call for the Oompa Loompa when Augustus goes up the pipe. While he's waiting, you hear all of the parents and the kids talking about how rude and such he's being. Well, during that, you hear Violet's father say "What an a**hole.".


Correction: No one says A**hole. He says "What the heck ya doin' that for?"

Corrected entry: None of the kids are still acting except for Julie Dawn Cole who played Veruca Salt. Peter Ostrum (Charlie) is now a Vet.

Correction: Thats not entirely true, Parris Themmen (Mike Teevee) has made uncredited appearances in several films, including The Doors and The Big Lebowski.

Corrected entry: The paddle on the paddleboat first goes counter-clockwise, then as they enter the tunnel the paddle goes clockwise. It's not to do with the speed of rotation.


Correction: It has to do with the rotation. It's spinning so fast that it appears to be going backwards.

Corrected entry: When Charlie leaves the candy store with the winning wonka bar, he puts it in his pocket. But the next scene shows him taking it out of his bag.

Correction: They never actually show him put the bar in his pocket or in his bag. If you look closely you can see that he is counting the remaining coins he has and putting them into his pocket. He must have put the candy bar in his bag while walking from the counter to the door, which is not shown in the movie.

Corrected entry: When the eggs fall in the Eggdicator, they fall about a second after they get on. The same happens to Veruca, but Mr. Salt falls as soon as he touches it.

Correction: The trap door was still open from when his daughter had gone down, so he just jumped in.

Garlonuss Premium member

Corrected entry: If the "Golden Ticket" can be found in any of Wonka's confections, why is the spoiled girl's crew only opening one kind of Wonka's candy?

Matty Blast

Correction: The Golden Tickets are not found in just any of Wonka's confections. They are only placed in Wonka Bars, which is why they're opening only one kind of candy.


Correction: They're opening regular Wonka bars. We see in the film that there's many types of bars, and the regular seem to be the bottom of the line. So, Mr. Salt probably just bought as many of the bottom line as he could to minimize costs, and also maximize the chance of getting a ticket by the added volume of candy bars. Makes sense.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Willy Wonka and the four remaining people arrive at the Wonkavision room, there are only three white protective suits, but when they enter the room all five people are wearing jumpsuits.

Correction: In the widescreen version, more white suits are visible to the right of the screen.


Corrected entry: When Charlie, Grandpa Joe, and Wonka are in the wonkavator, Wonka looks at something that says altometer, and states "If we don't gain enough speed, we'll never make it through." Altitude however is the distance you are from the ground when in the air, not the speed that you are going.

Correction: He's worried that they won't gain enough speed by the time they reach the altitude of the roof. Therefore, he is looking at the altimeter to see how close to the roof they are.


Corrected entry: On Charlie's birthday, the two grandpas get him a Wonka, but it isn't a Wonka bar. Why would they think that a golden ticket was in it when Charlie fools them, because the tickets were hidden in Wonka bars?

Correction: Nowhere in the movie does it say that the ticket can't come in the candy that he gets on his birthday. It would be like when M&Ms have a sweepstakes and every kind of M&M is included in it (eg. Peanut, Regular, Peanut Butter, Crunchy).

Corrected entry: When Wonka is handing out the Everlasting Gobstoppers, when one of the children says "did you say everlasting Gobstopper?" you can see Wonka mouthing out her lines.

Correction: He wasn't mouthing her lines. He knew she was going to say "Did you say everlasting gobstoppers?" because it's kind of a crazy thing so he was mocking her and being annoying.

Corrected entry: Right up until everyone gets off the Hsaw Aknow vehicle, Mrs. TeeVee has a black purse with a gold chain. Yet when they are all in the Wonkavision room, the purse she has is a plain white one.

Correction: Judging by the fact that everyone is dressed in white now, it is likely to assum that Wonka or an Oompa Loompa gave her a white purse instead of her black one.

Corrected entry: Not only does Mike spell his last name T.V. on the contract and the credits say TeeVee, but when they are interviewing him after he won the ticket, and elsewhere too, it's spelled TeaVee.

Correction: Mike spells his last name on the contract T.V. because he is a Television freak and wants his last name spelled that way, as for the changed spelling elsewhere, I can't help you.

Corrected entry: During the scene where Mike TeeVee has been transmitted through the TV, you can clearly see him standing on a black stage type platform, which you shouldn't be able to see.


Correction: You can see him standing on a black platform, you then see him step down off the platform. The fact that you see him step off the platform while still in the TV indicates that this is not a mistake.


Corrected entry: The boat on the chocolate river is actually running on rails. You can clearly see the tassels on the roof of the boat jerking as it moves and even the motion of the boat in a distant shot is that it surges forward and backward, instead of a smooth motion.

Correction: This could be Wonka's design. It sure would be easier to control by him and his crew if it's set to a rail rather than floating freely.


Corrected entry: When Charlie is complaining about the cabbage water, both grandmas' voices are heard. But, when we hear both voices, Grandma Georgina is on screen but her mouth isn't moving. You can tell the second voice is not the mother, who is the only other woman in the house.

Correction: It is in fact just the mother and Grandma Josephine's voices being heard, Grandma Georgina doesn't say anything. The second voice does not belong to the mother but the first one does, as you can tell.

Corrected entry: When the candyman sells Charlie the Scrumdiviliunctions Bar (whatever), Charlie gives him a quarter. He gets no change, but he buys another regular bar for Grandpa Joe. The candyman didn't know he would buy another bar, so did he intend to keep the 15 cents change? And he still didn't give back the nickel remaining.

Correction: As the film is not set in a particular country or city, the coin is not a quarter and could be an even amount like 20 pence, 2 shillings, 50 cents, etc. that would exactly cover the cost of 2 candy bars. Since Charlie just stands there and the coin is worth 2 candy bars, the man waits to see if he wants change or another bar. BTW, Scrumdidilyumptious.

Corrected entry: Why would Mr Wonka's loyal Oompa-Loompas shrink Mike when Mr Wonka was shouting 'No, don't.'

Correction: It's probably because he actually wanted them to. As we see later, Wonka seems to have planned the entire chain of events out. He gives each child a test which all of them fail. He just "keeps up the act" to make it look like the kids aren't being tested.


Corrected entry: Mrs. TeeVee says that her son only eats TV dinners and has never been to the table. Why didn't she just move the table in front of the TV so they could have a nice family meal?


Correction: Perhaps because Mike's parents wouldn't want him to become loud and excited (as he obviously is known to do) and ruin what could have been a "nice family meal."

Corrected entry: Where on earth did Grandpa Joe get that second candy bar that Charlie opened? Neither he nor any of the other grandparents could have bought it, since they never get out of bed, Charlie couldn't have since he was surprised when he saw it, and Mrs. Bucket probably didn't since she wouldn't approve of wasting Grandpa Joe's tobacco money and getting Charlie's hopes up about the Golden Ticket. It can't be the reason from the book either - in that Grandpa sends Charlie out to get it with his hoarded dime, but in the film he's just somehow acquired it.

Correction: Charlie's mother was the only one (besides Charlie) who could have gotten the Wonka bar. Also, she wouldn't have had a problem spending money Charlie earned for something that Charlie wanted over spending it on something as un-healthy and un-wanted (he gave it up, remember) as tobacco for Grandpa Joe.

Corrected entry: When Violet eats the gum and turns into a blueberry, Wonka tells the Oompa Loompas to roll her to the juicing room. When they start rolling her around, you can see that it's not Violet, but a rather large blue ball with a wig glued to it.

Correction: In an interview with the girl that played Violet, she said she was inside the costume the entire time they were moving her around, she just didn't move.

Corrected entry: When Charlie asks for his second candy bar from the candy store owner, watch what the candy shop owner is doing. He looks into a clear jar by unscrewing the top. Why can't he just look in through the side?

Correction: If sweets have been constantly taken from the middle of the jar, as they often are, then the level seen through the side is misleading. Therefore to have a proper look at how full the jar is it is quite normal to take the lid off to look inside. It would also be the case if they had gotten stuck to the jar itself, there would be no way of telling how many are in it.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: In the scene where the children are in the candy store after school, the Candyman is giving candy away freely (no one is paying) and he is throwing so much out to so many children that it would be hard to calculate how much each child owes for the candy he/she ate. But when Charlie goes in (when he finds the money in the gutter) the Candyman "ummmhumm"s for money as payment for the candybar he gave Charlie, as Charlie is scarfing it down. Why doesn't Charlie get free candy?

Correction: The Candyman is only handing out little sweets, as a means of ensuring customer loyalty. The children didn't ask for them, he just gives them. However, Charlie asked for a particular chocolate bar - of course he's expected to pay for what he asks for.

Corrected entry: When Charlie and his grandpa are flying in the drink room, they both each yell out "wheee". When Charlie says it, his mouth isn't moving, he's just smiling.

Correction: When the sound "wheee" is made, the mouth forms a smile shape, and it's not necessary to move the mouth while making it. Therefore, he would only appear to be smiling when he made the sound.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Charlie, Grandpa Joe, and Wonka are getting into the Wonkavator, Wonka tells Charlie that he has pressed every button in the Wonkavator except the one circled in red. Once Charlie presses it, Wonka tells them to hang on because he is not sure what will happen. However, in the very next breath he states, "Faster, faster, if we don't pick up enough speed we'll never make it through." Grandpa Joe then states, "You mean we're going...", and Wonka says, "Up and out." Now if Wonka never pressed the button and did not know what to expect, how did he know that they would be transported up and out of the factory?

Correction: Wonka knows exactly what's going on the whole time. He just likes to sound eccentric. Like when he talks about Veruca Salt ending up in the incinerator and says at the end that all the naughty children will be fine.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the scene where Wonka plays the musical lock, the room is tiny, as is the door. The shot then changes to the other side of the door, which is enormous. Surely then we would see the surrounding "tiny" walls from the previous shot and the guests all crouching.

Correction: This is supposed to happen, to show just how crazy and magical the factory is. Mrs. Gloop foreshadows this, saying, "You're not squeezing me through that tiny door." Then we see that the door is magic by seeing that not only one person, but the whole group at once can indeed pass through the door.

Corrected entry: Judging from the make of the cars and the hippie peace signs on the walls, I'd say the movie was set in the early 60's. How then did Wonka parody Neil Armstrong's moon landing line?


Correction: They never specifically say when the movie or the story takes place. It was released in 1971, but a date was never said in the movie.

Bruce Minnick

Corrected entry: When Wonka first plays the flute, an OompaLoompa gets there rather fast, considering that they were all across the river. There weren't any OompaLoompas on the candy side of the room when everybody entered.


Correction: There are many Oompa Loompas all over the factory, not just in one room. We don't know where this one came from; evidently it was nearby.


Corrected entry: In the scene on the boat, at the rate they are going, one would think that their hair would be blowing. It is very obvious that no one's hair seems to be blowing at all.

Correction: It's a magical boat. Though they have a sensation of great speed, its probably not moving very fast at all. The factory is only so big.


Corrected entry: As the movie progresses anything involving the number of children/parents is gradually decreased as are the number of children/parents, but they should have been enough for all 10 originally. Example: just enough seats on paddle boat and ride through the wonkawash, also the number of coats and goggles available before the TV room.

Correction: Wonka, while not being able to say with all certainty how many guests would be at each point along the tour, knew without a doubt that one or more would not follow the rules. The fact that the number of guests' spaces changes along the way could be due to the fact that the Oompa-Loompas make preparations or changes ahead of the tour's arrival.

Corrected entry: How did "Slugworth" get to Charlie and Vericua so fast? They discovered the tickets and in a few short seconds he was there.


Correction: We can assume that Wonka probably knew the location of all the golden tickets, and so as Slugworth really worked for Wonka, he was probably sent to the locations to watch for the winners.

mandy gasson

Corrected entry: Why isn't Charlie disqualified like the other children were? They all do something horrendous so as to be disposed of, eg: Violet chewed the gum, Augustus drank from the chocolate river, etc. But Charlie and Grandpa Joe did (just as Wonka claimed toward the end of the movie) drink fizzy lifting drinks against his orders, and yet Charlie still 'wins' the factory in the end.

Correction: Remember that the other children's selfish actions caused them to be 'disposed of' - they literally couldn't continue on the 'tour' because of their physical state (Mike TV and Violet) or because they disappeared. Wonka did try to dismiss ('disqualify') Charlie at the end of the movie for stealing fizzy lifting drinks, but because Charlie was penitent (unlike the other children) and did a good deed (by returning the Everlasting Gobstopper) Wonka knew Charlie had a good heart and rewarded him.


Corrected entry: The scene where everyone is in the paddle boat. The Oompa's are powering the huge paddle at the back of the boat, but there is no water splashing from the paddle.

Correction: That's because they're sailing on a chocolate river, and chocolate is too thick to be splashed.


Corrected entry: In the scene at the end where they are flying over London in the elevator the town below shows cars driving on the right side of the road.

Correction: The DVD commentary states that the film is set in no particular city or country.


Corrected entry: The film is set in England. After the elevator smashes through the roof and is flying over the city you can see that it's a medieval walled city. It's actually Rothenburg Ob Tauber in Southeastern Germany.

Correction: The DVD commentary states that the film is set in no particular city or country.


Corrected entry: Not really a mistake; just something to point out. Charlie's grandparents say they have not been out of the bed in over 20 years. What if they have to go to the bathroom?

Correction: You can see that there are chamber pots under the bed.

Corrected entry: Mrs. Teevee refers to the music Wonka plays on the Musical Lock as Rachmaninov. It is actually the beginning of The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart.

Correction: This is a joke rather than a mistake; it is used to highlight the arrogance of Mrs Teevee and the fact she thinks she knows everything (ie. that there is no OompaLoompa land)

Corrected entry: When Charlie is walking home from school, just before he reaches the candy store, you can clearly see a "Beavis and Butthead" poster on the wall. The movie is set at least thirty years before the creation of this cartoon.

Correction: Nothing to do with when the movie was set - it was made years before B & B were even thought of (1971). It's actually an old Cadbury chocolate ad on a vending machine.

Corrected entry: Mr. Wonka says he transported the whole Oompa Loompa population to his factory. Then why is it that as the movie progresses, we see no female Oompa Loompas? This could cause a great question to how Charlie will have any workers when he takes over the factory.

Correction: We don't know much about the anatomy of Oompa Loompas, but perhaps they just divide down the center like flatworms and make two new Oompa Loompas. A scary thought, I know, but it's possible.


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Willy Wonka: Charlie, don't forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted.
Charlie Bucket: What happened?
Willy Wonka: He lived happily ever after.



When Charlie and Grandpa Joe drink the fizzy lifting drink and are floating in the air you can see the hook that is connected to the wire that Charlie is being held up by.



In the beginning of the movie, when the candy store owner is singing the candy man song, there's a spot towards the end of the song where he lifts up his counter to let all the kids in. Watch the little blonde girl as she gets walloped in the chin by the counter.