The Whole Nine Yards
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Continuity mistake: When Mathew Perry goes to Chicago to meet with the head Boss, Bruce Willis' wife comes to talk with him at the hotel. In the scene where he is brushing his teeth he picks up the mouthwash bottle and swigs some, then sets the bottle down on the counter. The camera cuts back to her, then back to Matthew Perry, and the mouthwash is gone.


The Whole Nine Yards mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Bruce Willis first comes into contact with Michael Clark Duncan - in the hotel room MCD takes his sunglasses off but when he gives BW a hug they are on but when he steps back they are off again.


Continuity mistake: When Oz is back from Chicago, after taking Jill to meet Jimmy, Oz calls Jimmy's wife, and when the phone rings, a red light shines on the phone. Then on the 2nd call the light doesn't shine anymore.

00:54:05 - 00:55:00

Continuity mistake: When Matthew Perry is drinking with Willis' wife in the Chicago hotel room, the level in her glass changes - one minute there's not much in there, then it's half full, and then she swigs back the last drop!


Continuity mistake: When Cynthia goes to the bank to claim the $10 million, her hairstyle with the two barrettes keeps changing throughout the scene.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Cynthia agrees to marry Oz, you can see her hair change position in between the shots.


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The Whole Nine Yards mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Nick is having lunch with Jill (the assistant) the waitress takes his menu twice. Once while the camera is on Nick and once while the camera is on the waitress. The hand she's holding the menu in also changes from left to right.


Continuity mistake: When Oz gets to the dentist's office the undercover cop lies dead in the chair facing straight left. In the next shot his head has turned.


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Continuity mistake: When Oz's wife is having sex with her new contract killer you see his necklace. Its position changes between the shots.


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Factual error: It's impossible to receive a phone call on a Bell Canada public phone, as Jill did.



Continuity mistake: The undercover cop got hit at least five times in the chest in the shootout scene, yet there is not a single drop of blood on his white shirt when his body is laid down on the dentist chair.


Continuity mistake: During the boat scene towards the end of the movie, depending on who is talking (Jimmy or Oz), the sun is out when one of them is being filmed, then it is cloudy when the other one is filmed. This happens throughout the entire scene.


Revealing mistake: When one of the civil cops knocks at Jimmy's door it is obvious that someone behind it (from the movie crew) opens it. He doesn't knock hard enough to make the door slide open by itself.


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The Whole Nine Yards mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Jill and Cynthia meet by the water towards the end, Jill produces her gun and is told to throw it in. As she's holding it you can see the base of the grip and there's no magazine in it - hardly the most effective weapon...


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The Whole Nine Yards mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Matthew Perry is talking to Bruce Willis after their drive and he's sitting on the ledge, when he says "no, I live here with my wife" his hands are either side of him on the ledge or together in his lap, depending on the angle.


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The Whole Nine Yards mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Matthew Perry is having lunch with his assistant near the start, when his meal comes his glass of water switches sides of the table depending on the angle.


Continuity mistake: Jimmy's necklace change from being under his shirt to being on top of it between shots.


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The Whole Nine Yards mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the bad guys get to Jimmy's house one of them tries to open the door wearing black gloves. In the next shot you see him trying to pick the door with white doctor gloves. Why did he change?


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Continuity mistake: At Jimmy's house Jimmy is having a martini. He empties the glass and puts it on the table. Then in two shots later he empties it again.


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Factual error: When Sophie is driving Oz to the airport, the airport sign indicates Dorval underneath. While Dorval is a real airport, the airport seen in the movie is at Mirabel, which is about 45 minutes north of Montreal and has been closed to international and domestic travel for several years.


Continuity mistake: When the undercover cop finds the tape recorder in the car he uses a white handkerchief in his left hand. In the next shot suddenly a handkerchief in his right hand appears.


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The Whole Nine Yards mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Sometime during Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis's first meeting outside Bruce's house, Perry tells him how familiar his face is. During one of the questions, the shades Bruce hung on his shirt disappear in one shot and reappear in the next.


Continuity mistake: When Oz gets to Jimmy's house, you see Jill holding a gun at chest level and Jimmy pointing a gun her direction. When it cuts, Jill holds the gun at shoulder level and Jimmy's gun is lowered.


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Continuity mistake: During the shootout in the house, one of the gangsters falls down the stairs damaging the handrails with his head. A few minutes later, when Frankie is bringing the dead undercover cop inside, the stairs are shown in the background. The damage to the stairs doesn't match the previous scene.

01:07:10 - 01:09:35

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jill distracts the contract killer nude, her hand with a gun changes position between the shots.


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Audio problem: When Oz lies in the dentist's chair he has a mouthpiece (connected with anesthetic) lying on his forehead. When he gets up the mouthpiece falls off his head with a great "POP" sound effect. This sound would only occur if there were a vacuum, which there wasn't.


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Audio problem: As Yanni is getting off the plane there is the sound of the plane's engines slowing to a stop but the engine is not turning at all.


Deliberate mistake: Jimmy catches a fly in the air and puts it in his mouth. He then spits it out with great power. You then hear a "Bzzzzz." assuredly made by the fly. How can a fly flap its wings when spit out in that velocity?


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The Whole Nine Yards mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Oz realises that Jimmy "The Tulip" Tudeski is his neighbour, we see a few newspapers flying up on the screen, on the second newspaper the article with the title "His "Two Lips" are Sealed", the article text does not match the headline.



Continuity mistake: When Nick and Jill are eating at the outdoor cafe the bottle of Pepsi turns around from shot to shot. When the camera focuses on Nick, you can read the whole word "Pepsi" but when it's on Jill you can still read half of the same word even though she's on the complete opposite side of the table.


Continuity mistake: When Oz is at Gogolak's house you can see a bottle of vodka on Gogolak's table. When Oz leaves the bottle is gone and now there is a jar of water on the table that wasn't there earlier.

00:26:05 - 00:26:55

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Visible crew/equipment: Near the end at the fine art museum, the camera moves in for a close up of Oz in the Beatle. When it does, you can make out the camera in the Beatle's paintwork.


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Other mistake: When they've duct taped the cop to the x-ray machine to check the outcome of the procedures Oz did on his teeth, there is no film in his mouth as the machine takes the x-ray.


Continuity mistake: As Jimmy & Oz drive from Oz's house to the city, the background behind Oz's side of the car changes from a new suburb in a wooded area (with a degree of unfinished construction) to a large, long-completed residential valley, and back again.



Continuity mistake: When Cynthia and Jill discuss the money in the bank they are both in the visible shot. In the next shot Cynthia is gone.


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Continuity mistake: When Oz and Jimmy are talking on the Royal Mount, there's a florist stall, with a panel written "fleuristerie". Some shots later, it is bigger with "floreteria" or something like that written on it.


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Continuity mistake: After Cynthia tells Jill she loves Oz in the bank, we see a long shot of the boat and Jimmy has his hand to his ear, looking like he's holding a phone. We then hear a phone ring, cut to a closeup of Jimmy with his hands by his side, and he lifts the phone to speak.


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Continuity mistake: When Oz and Frankie gets in to the hotel room where Jimmy is waiting for them, Oz bumps into Frankie and knocks over a lamp. He gets up holding the lamp in front of him. The way he holds it changes during the shots, and the lamp shade changes position.


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Continuity mistake: When Oz is telling Jimmy about his father in law's loan you can see a man standing beside him turning his head to the left. When it cuts to a closeup the man is looking forward.


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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jimmy gets the molotov cocktail the piece of cloth is pointing down. In the next shot the cloth is pointing further up.


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Audio problem: When Oz and Gogolak gets into the car Gogolak puts a cigarette in his mouth, at the same time he says "You know, I got the same car". His lips aren't moving and he is lighting his cigarette.


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Factual error: At the beginning of the movie, there is a view of a little town and they said that is Montreal. The city of Montreal and its nearest suburbs are covered with buildings. It is more like a far suburb.


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Jimmy "The Tulip" Tudeski: I'm gonna keep the coke and the fries but I'm gonna send this burger back. And if you put any mayonnaise on it, I'm gonna come over to your house, I'll chop your legs off, set fire to your house, and watch as you drag your bloody stumps out the door.



Matthew Perry bet Bruce Willis that if the film would open at the top of the charts in the US (which it did) he would have to guest in an episode of Friends for free (which he did, plus all further episodes payments were given to charity).