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Continuity mistake: There's a zombie apocalypse and the power and water has been shut off however the main characters head hair is always trim, and he never even has the slightest hint of facial hair. (00:03:00 - 01:33:00)


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Suggested correction: Bottled water still exists, and technically, you do not need water to cut your hair, or to shave for that matter. It would be uncomfortable, but you can do it.


If you watch the movie at 25 minutes the water was shut off, and he spilled the rest of his bottled water on the coffee table, so he slurped it up like a dog. He can't leave the building because of the zombies outside. Yes one can cut their hair with scissors but it would not be a perfect haircut like his is, especially in the rear, all of his hairs are equal in length. If he was taking care of his appearance it should have been shown how he's accomplishing this. It shows him eating why not shaving.


Plus his hair is also dyed blonde and it's cut with a clipper size 1, very close-cropped so if it was to grow out he would have roots, and if he cut it, there would be no blonde hair left or very little since his head is almost shaved. I highly doubt he's also dying his hair blonde in the bathroom or kitchen sink with his bottled water that he just spilled on the coffee table.


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