Alone (2020)

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Other mistake: The Volvo the woman is driving has a front Oregon license plate numbered 643 ODS, but her rear license plate is 902 CSM. (00:02:55 - 00:03:45)


Announcer: Major cities in complete chaos! Infected people are extremely dangerous! We're seeing bleeding from the eyes, screaming. We're also seeing cannibalism. The virus is being transmitted through the blood, primarily through the bites, scratches. Uh, the amount of... [Steady tone - TV goes off air] (00:06:32)


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Trivia: Some/many on-line reviewers are asserting that this movie is a remake of the South Korean movie "#Alive", but the opposite is true. "Alone" was reworked for "#Alive", but "#Alive" was released a few months earlier than "Alone" (which may explain some of the confusion).


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