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Adopt a Highway (2019)

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Factual error: Russell said he served twenty-one years in prison because his last offense - possession of 30 grams of marijuana with the intent to distribute - counted as his "third strike" under California's "Three Strikes And You're Out" statute. When he was on the internet trying to locate his father (instead finding his obituary from 2001), information on the computer indicated it was now 2012. This would mean Russell was incarcerated since 1991 - and further indicates he was sentenced about three years BEFORE California's "Three Strikes And You're Out" statute was implemented. Also, 30g of marijuana is the limit for "personal use", so he wouldn't have been charged with intent to distribute. (00:16:15)


P.O.: Okay? So... look, have you not gotten an e-mail address yet?
Russell: No, I didn't. Well, I did. No, I did. I did, but the trouble is that if you want to get an e-mail, like, you have to have an e-mail, and if you don't have an e-mail, it - it doesn't...
P.O.: OK, Russell, then just figure it out, okay? Just figure it out.

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