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Alice, Sweet Alice (1976)

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Other mistake: Legendary wrestler Antonino Rocca makes a cameo appearance in the movie. He is, as correctly listed in the closing credits, one of the "Funeral Attendants" together with Michael Weil. However in the opening credits he was specifically billed as the Funeral Director, which is Ronald Willoughby's role as correctly listed in the end credits. (00:00:50 - 01:45:15)

Sammo Premium member

Mrs. Tredoni: You filthy pig! You and that WHORE! You both belong in the snares of the devil.
Dom Spages: BWAHHHH.

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Answer: Mrs. Tredoni was enraged that Father Tom refused to give her communion during Mass after he had given it to Catherine, who Mrs. Tredoni calls a whore.

raywest Premium member

Why did he refuse to give her communion?

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