Absence of Malice

Absence of Malice (1981)

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Continuity mistake: When Gallagher (Paul Newman) stops at the traffic light and gets out and runs back to cops that are tailing him, he passes a Triumph TR7 convertible that has stopped behind his car. A large man is driving that Triumph. When the camera angle changes as Gallagher runs back to his car, the Triumph is empty - you can see its full, unobstructed windshield. (00:47:00)


Continuity mistake: When Megan meets with Teresa in the park, Megan says "It's 1981", but when Gallagher later buys a cashier's check at a bank, the date is 1980. (00:54:00 - 01:08:00)


Michael Colin Gallagher: Waiter? Check.
Megan Carter: Oh, no, no, no. I'll pay. Unless you think that would make you impotent.
Michael Colin Gallagher: You got some mouth.

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