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Continuity mistake: In the beginning during the Indiana Jones parody one of the men pulls a gun on Weird Al with his left hand. Then Al lashes his whip, slicing his arm clean off. Then we see a RIGHT arm fall to the ground, gripping the gun in its hand. [Explanation: The live scene was shot one morning, and the actor who had his arm whipped off was cleared and went home. After lunch the prosthetic arm was delivered, and it was the wrong arm. They were on such a tight budget that they couldn't delay the shot, and flipping the negative (so right becomes left and vice versa) wasn't an option because the scene with the small pond had already been shot, and couldn't now be shown in reverse. This is from Weird Al's website, www.weirdal.com.] (00:01:40)

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Continuity mistake: As Philo sets up his camera in Fletcher's office, he has a pencil in his mouth. In a subsequent shot, the pencil is gone. He did not remove the pencil as he was working on the camera the entire time. (This is even mentioned in the DVD commentary.). (01:00:15)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Fletcher tells Teri he cares about the people in the town as much as a 'a festering bowl of dog snot' Philo is recording the whole thing. Later on Philo broadcasts the whole scene and you can notice that this is a different recording. Fletcher's voice and expressions are completely different from the scene with Teri. (01:11:10 - 01:22:35)


Continuity mistake: Al Yankovic had some moles on his face removed during the filming of UHF. In some scenes he has moles on his face and others he does not. (00:06:35)

Continuity mistake: When Philo realizes that Stanley is in Fletcher's office, we see the head thug and Stanley walking over to the desk. The camera then cuts to inside of the office, where everybody is around the desk. When George and Philo rush in moments later, the same video of the thug and Stanley walking over to the desk is playing again. (01:14:15)

Continuity mistake: When George and Joe go to the bar, Joe's beer mug rotates between a close-up of the two, and the crowd shot while watching the first appearance of Stanley on U-62. (00:40:10)

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Continuity mistake: While Uncle Harvey is in the pool, there are several items lined up behind him. Notice that the sandals are on the extreme left. After Harvey falls in the pool, the sandals hop over to the extreme right, next to the radio. (00:56:00)

Continuity mistake: After George declares victory, Kuni is seen touching the corner of the tote board, then jumping down to celebrate. A second later, he's back up at the board as the numbers fall. Much too fast, as the places are well over fifteen feet apart and the stage for the tote board is elevated.

Continuity mistake: Fletcher lays the cash-laden briefcase on the car trunk, then has a discussion with Harvey about giving George a chance. Harvey takes off in the limo and the briefcase has disappeared, with no motion by Fletcher to grab it.

Continuity mistake: In the bar, George and Bob's drinks go from about eight inches apart, to almost two feet apart between angles at the end of Stanley's speech.

Continuity mistake: As Joe Early attempts to say "table saw", his right hand goes from abdomen high to shoulder height between angles.

Continuity mistake: In Fletcher's office, Fletcher is berating his son about a pencil. As he does so, he's fully beside his son at face level. After the camera changes angles, there's a guy in a white suit sitting far enough away that Fletcher could be between them. Another moment later, the man is shoulder to shoulder with Fletcher's son.

Continuity mistake: When George is talking about the station's programming, his hands are below the desk top, out of sight. When the angle changes, his right hand is suddenly at chest height.

Continuity mistake: After the beginner hits the ground, you see one piece of glass hit the ground. Behind George, after the angle change, the is a large amount of broken glass around the body.

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Continuity mistake: At the end of the telethon when they are just about to make 75,000 dollars, Al puts the money in the limo guy's window. Look at the sign showing the dollar amount they are at. It shows 75,000 well in advance of them pulling it down (which happens in the next shot). (01:26:25)

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Plot hole: R.J. Fletcher is shown as a ruthless businessman who knows everything there is to know about Channel 62 - who owns it, how much it's worth, who is running it, the financial troubles it is having and so on and so on. He is also fully aware of the telethon and the fact that George is selling the station as a going concern for a total of $75,000.00. It is simply asking too much of audience credulity or 'suspension of belief' to think that such a hard-headed businessman would not work out that he could, using stooges, buy a controlling interest in the station for $37,501.00, saving himself a small fortune and closing the station down over the objections of his minority shareholders. Something this blatant could not possibly be a character mistake - he is already planning on buying the station for the full price (from Big Louis) so don't tell me he wouldn't just switch plans and buy it from George instead!

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George Newman: I need a drink.
Bob: You don't drink.
George Newman: Yeah, but I've been meaning to start.

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Trivia: During one of Stanley's Clubhouses, Stanley sprays whipped cream into an audience member's mouth. This is Dr. Demento, the first DJ to put Weird Al on his station. (00:54:50)

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