Transformers: The Movie

Trivia: One scene that is in the script and almost made it into the movie involves Dirge trying to tackle Optimus Prime as he talks to Megatron, but Prime manages to slam him into the ground. In the actual film, this deleted part of the scene was suppose to happen just after Megatron says "Why throw away your life so recklessly?" This is why Optimus Prime looks like he is getting up from a crouched position.

Trivia: At one point this movie was broken down into a five part mini series a year or so after it came out. It was the same as the cinematic release apart from obviously Spike doesn't curse, but Ultra Magnus' line of "Open damn it, open." was changed to "" when he tries to use the Matrix.

Trivia: This film was not released in Japan until 1990.

Trivia: A lot of fans may wonder where a load of the characters are. Just where are the likes of the Combaticons, Protectorbots, Omega Supreme etc etc? Well, the movie actually began to be made about midway through season 2 of the Transformers cartoon show, so any new characters in the show after that couldn't be used. So the likes of Blaster and Perceptor made it into the movie, since they came in early season 2, but any other new ones after the middle of season 2 did not.

Trivia: This film is the only occasion in the run of the original series in which Megatron transforms into gun mode and hits an Autobot with his first shot. In all the previous episodes the first shot always missed.

Trivia: Originally, the writers had the idea of keeping Optimus Prime alive until the end of the movie, then have him "merge" with Cybertron to fight Unicron, and be killed there after defeating Unicron. This idea was scrapped very early on.

Trivia: Originally the Autobots were actually suppose to build the shuttles they used to blast off from Autobot city, but this was changed.

Trivia: In the original script, Brawn was supposed to be blasted in half, but the censors forced the artists to change it, as it was too violent for a kid's movie.

Trivia: Shockwave was suppose to die in the movie. After he said "Decepticons, were under attack, scramble." Unicorn was suppose to crush the area he was in and kill him. It's rumoured this bit was actually made but was cut out. Shockwave did appear in later Transformers episodes.

Trivia: In the original script, the Junkion shuttle was split in two by Unicron, but the Junkions manage to get both halves working as independent ships. This never made it into the film, Unicron crushes the Junkion ship instead.

Continuity mistake: During their fight at Autobot city, Megatron throws a rock at Optimus like a spear. Before he throws it it, looks big in his hands, but when it hits Optimus it looks quite smaller and fatter. Then Optimus pulls it out and it's back to the right size again.

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Unicron: I have summoned you here for a purpose.
Megatron: Nobody summons Megatron!
Unicron: Then it pleases me to be the first.

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Question: One of the trivia entry's mentions something about Go-Bots, who are they?

Answer: Go-Bots were transforming-vehicle toys from around the same period, competition for (or rip-off of, depending on your opinion) the Transformers.


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