Transformers: The Movie

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bumblebee and Spike are trying to escape Unicron, listen carefully. Just as they are being sucked in you can hear Spike curse in adult language. Yet this is a PG rated kids movie.

Correction: Swearing is allowed to a moderate degree in a PG-rated film these days. The swearing was only reinstated for the 20th Anniversary DVD release in 2006, making this release entirely in line with modern-day certifications. As a result, this can hardly be considered particularly notable.

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Corrected entry: Both Thundercracker and Skywarp seem fine and can be seen running to Astrotrain as the Decepticons retreat. The other damaged Decepticons (Megatron and the Insecticons) have to be carried to Astrotrain as they are so damaged. However, when the Decepticons decide to boot off the weak, Thundercracker and Skywarp suddenly look very damaged. (00:23:05 - 00:27:10)

Correction: Thundercracker did look damaged when he was flying over Autobot City. Just because they could walk, doesn't mean they weren't both hurt. (They sure sounded hurt when they voted not to be booted off the shuttle!).

Corrected entry: This mistake may be seen easier if you have a pause/slow button on your VCR. At the big battle scene, watch the shot of Autobots and Decepticons flying and shooting around the top of Autobot city. (Just after the scene of Hot Rod and Kup getting into the city.) If you look closely, you will see Ironhide jet off to the right, even though he is dead.

Correction: This isn't Ironhide, it's Reflector with the wrong color scheme.

Corrected entry: When Unicron is busy reformatting the injured Decepticons, he makes 2 Cyclonuses. However, one shot change later and only one is there, and that's the way it stays for the entire movie (and later TV episodes).

Correction: Actually, there are several Cyclonus-style jets in at least one TV episode following the movie, namely "Five Faces of Darkness Part 5".

Corrected entry: When the Decepticons are in Astrotrain fighting each other, right after Devastator collapses, you see the Constructicon Hook jump in air and then get pounced on by Ravage, but immediately in the next shot he is standing fighting Soundwave.

Correction: Hook was able to kick Ravage away, but then Soundwave picked a fight with Hook.

Corrected entry: Wreck Gar's mouth doesn't move correctly when he says his first line.

Correction: Wreck-Gar is a robot, so he has a voice synthesizer. He doesn't use his lips and tongue to create the sounds of his speech, so he was projecting his voice through a speaker. Unicron is another robot who never moves his mouth when he talks.

Well, I mean, except his mouth does move later, and all the other Transformers' mouths move when they speak.

Corrected entry: When Blaster deploys his cassette robots, the two actual robots (not the animals) keep flashing colours from blue to black and back.

Correction: They are emerging from the shadows, when they are in the shadows they just look black.

Corrected entry: When Galvatron stands on Unicron and says he has the Matrix, he is wearing it around his neck. After Unicron transforms, Galvatron transforms and starts shooting at Unicron. Then when he changes back he hasn't got the Matrix, but has it again when you see him falling into Unicron's mouth.

Correction: When Galvatron was in robot mode, he was wearing the Matrix around his neck, but when he transformed, the Matrix was contained within a compartment in his chest.

Corrected entry: When Starscream says "How do you feel, mighty Megatron?" his entire cockpit area on his chest is orange. Only the glass should be orange, the rest is suppose to be white.

Correction: This color is just reflecting from the orange cockpit onto the silver metal. It happens a lot in the television series, too.

Corrected entry: When Blaster picks up the distress signal from Spike and Bumblebee, the speakers on his legs aren't there.

Correction: Lots of Transformers have retractable parts. Hot Rod's fists, Springer's arm gun, ect. Blaster wasn't using his speakers, so they retracted into his legs. They appeared when he needed them, after he got the distress signal from Spike and Bumblebee.

Corrected entry: When Devastator crushes one of the gun turrets, he is missing his chest Decepticon symbol. (00:17:05)

Correction: He has a panel in his chest so that the symbol can flip around so that it is not damaged, just like the Alternators Hound/Rollbar/Swindle toys.

Corrected entry: When Hot Rod says "Not bad for an old timer." when Kup saves from being shot by Blitzwing and one of the Insecticons, he is holding Daniel. Yet when the shot changes to show them transforming, Hot Rod isn't holding Daniel any more.

Correction: If you look closely, you can see Daniel jumping behind Hot Rod into the vehicle canopy on his back as he transforms. It's easier to see this on the DVD.

Corrected entry: When Galvatron says "Decepticons, to Earth" his mouth doesn't move.

Correction: Transformers can speak without moving their mouths. Otherwise, how could they talk when they were transformed into cars and planes?

Corrected entry: When Prime tells the Dinobots to destroy Devastator, Sunstreaker's forearm is coloured yellow instead of black. (00:18:45)

Correction: It has been 20 years since we last saw Sunstreaker in the TV show. He was always complaining about his paint job, so perhaps he had gotten a new one. This does not contradict anything else from the movie.

Corrected entry: When Soundwave retrieves Laserbeak to play back the spy footage he just took, Soundwave doesn't push his shoulder eject button like he does in previous episodes and later in the big battle scene.

Correction: There are numerous times in which Soundwave ejects his tapes without pushing the eject button. Just because you have to push this button on the Hasbro toy doesn't mean the characters function the same way. (When Soundwave is in cassette player mode, he ejects tapes all the time without pushing his own buttons!).

Corrected entry: When Starscream carries Megatron's battered body to the door of Astrotrain, for about a second or two you can see Soundwave and his eye visor is grey instead of red. (00:27:25)

Correction: His eyes are only red when they are open. They were closed in this scene.

Corrected entry: When Springer backs away from Wreck Gar at the part where the Junkions attack, Springer is missing his Autobot symbol.

Correction: Some Transformers have symbols that are removable or can be hidden. For example Skyfire took off his Decepticon symbol when he renounced their allegiance. A missing symbol is not a mistake, it just means it has been hidden.

Corrected entry: When Prime first transforms (after he says "Megatron must be stopped- no matter the cost") his trailer is missing its Autobot symbol.

Correction: It has been 20 years since we last saw Prime on the TV series. He could have removed the Autobot symbol from his trailer during that time. If you saw a friend you hadn't seen in 20 years, would it be a "mistake" that he had a different haircut?

Corrected entry: When Ironhide is shot, he falls down on his front; but when the shot changes (showing Soundwave and Skywarp flying into the command chairs), he's on his back. (00:07:55)

Correction: As seen later his isn't dead (yet), he could have rolled over. During the series he was quite tough.

Corrected entry: During the shuttle attack, Ratchet falls on his back then switches to being on his front.

Correction: Prowl was the only one of the Autobots on the shuttle that was shot and grayed out, to indicate he was dead. The rest were all dying no doubt, maybe Ratchet rolled over in agony whilst out of shot, since he was not completely dead yet.

Corrected entry: On the planet of junk, Daniel comes out and whistles, but his mouth doesn't move.

Correction: It is possible to make a whistling sound like he made with his mouth like that. Try sucking while you whistle, rather than blowing.

Corrected entry: An entire moon blowing up doesn't hurt Unicron, nor does a barrage of laser fire from Galvatron or a few Decepticon jets, but the Dinobots' weapons do? Grimlock just stomps on part of Unicron a few times and it damages him. This seems hugely inconsistent.

Correction: If you have the dvd, watch the promotional ad for the predacons toy line. It starts out with Megatron saying "Few Decepticons can stand up to the Dinobots." This could indicate that in Dinosaur mode, the Dinobots are much more powerful than any other transformer. Hence their ability to damage Unicron when they bash him a few times.

Corrected entry: When the Sweeps start shooting Ultra Magnus on the planet of junk, there are four ships that look exactly the same, when there should be three, (Scourge and two Sweeps).

Correction: Atleast one of the Sweeps is made from an Insecticon, who has cloning abilities, as seen during the series.

Corrected entry: When Unicron first transforms into robot mode, he has no facial hair, a few scenes later he is sporting a long chin beard. (01:09:06)

Correction: He transformed his facial hair later. :).

Corrected entry: There is a corrected mistake saying that one of the jets that attacks Unicron isn't Starscream, it's Ramjet. While this is true for the most part there is one shot of a load of Decepticon jets swarming around Unicron's head, and one of them is definitely Starscream. (01:09:10)

Correction: Similar to Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker and Sunstorm, Dirge, Ramjet and Thrust are seekers. This means there are hundreds of these basic assault units. We just generally see the ones we know.

Corrected entry: So where did this matrix of leadership come from, anyway? It was never is the 2 previous seasons of the cartoon show, yet Prime just happens to have it in the movie, and Megatron doesn't seem at least bit surprised when Unicron tells him about it.

Correction: Just because it was never mentioned doesn't mean it was never there. The Matrix contains the cumulative wisdom of previous Autobot leaders, and is passed down from one leader to the next. Since Optimus never had a reason to pass it down in the previous episodes, it was never mentioned. Optimus received the Matrix millions of years ago on Cybertron, and since most of that history isn't shown in the cartoon, it could be inferred that Megatron found out about it long before they came to Earth.

Corrected entry: Unicron isn't a very clever robot is he? If this Autobot matrix is the only thing that can destroy him, why does he let Galvatron come right up to him? Unicron obviously knows that Galvatron is bringing the matrix to him, because as soon as Galvatron claims the Matrix of Magnus and says "With this, Unicron, my master.I will make you my slave" there is a shot of Unicron screaming in anger. What's even worse is, when Galvatron starts firing on Unicron, Unicron grabs him and eats him, putting the matrix inside him. Wouldn't the sensible thing to do be throw Galvatron (and the matrix) as far as possible away?

Correction: He yelled because he was angry Galvatron had betrayed him. He knew that Galvatron would not be able to open, he even said, "You underestimate me Galvatron." Later Galvatron said it cannot be opened and Hotrod said "not by a decepticon." So Unicron knew this, he was pretty smart after all.

Corrected entry: When Springer and Arcee are running from Starscream's aerial attacks (after Starscream yells "Pathetic fools. There's no escape."), the floor they are running on changes from a dark to light blue colour when the shot changes. The tiles at the side of the floor also go from small to very big. (00:13:20)

Correction: Look at the floor, its folding upward, the upward part looks different,this is VERY clear.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Kup says "What's that darn fool doing?", watch where Hot Rod is firing, he's completely missing the shuttle.

Correction: He had some optic sensor on to see closer, he fired with them still on. Try walking around the house with binoculars stuck to your eyes, it will take a while to adjust. Now try shooting.

Corrected entry: When Soundwave plays Laserbeaks spy footage, on the big screen, it shows a close up picture of Ironhide's face, Laserbeak was nowhere near Ironhide, the message also lets you hear Optimus's "Now all we need is a little of Energon, and a lot of luck" speech right after he says they don't have much, but he has another thing to say before that, and Laserbeak was filming the whole conversation, so how does he miss all that talk?

Correction: He did not miss it, he just played the relevant parts.

Corrected entry: Earlier I submitted a mistake and Phrased it wrong, so here is what I meant; Unicron's left eye is smashed when a ship flies through it, and he can't fire lasers from it, but when Rodimus and the others break through his other eye, he can fire lasers from his right eye still, but not his left.

Correction: When the shuttle went through, the Autobots jumped out and the shuttle kept going, obviously it went farther into Unicron and would have damaged the main laser controls. Later, when they escape, they just damage the lens, not the laser itself, kind of like if you just damaged the lens of the flashlight it would still work just not as well.

Corrected entry: Unicron's left eye gets smashed and he can't fire lasers from it any more, but when his other eye gets smashed, he CAN fire lasers from it.

Correction: Only one eye was smashed when the ship broke through it, the other eye never gets damaged.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Blaster sends the signal to Prime, at one point (Before Soundwave's cassette robots destroy the comms. dish) a Decepticon just flies past one of the windows which looks like Starscream/Skywarp/Thundercracker, but is coloured wrongly, in fact it's coloured blue like Dirge.

Correction: Not an error. There are several more variations of the Starscream/Thundercracker/Skywarp/Sunstorm body. This is one of them.

Corrected entry: Slag charges straight into one of Devastator's legs, but when the shot changes Slag is now charging into his stomach.

Correction: After Slag knocked him down he went for his stomach to do more damage.

Corrected entry: The Decepticons thrash Autobot city completely in the first attack, but later when they have another attack on it (under the command of Galvatron) there are two perfect brand new Autobot shuttles waiting around to be used by Ultra Magnus and co. How did these shuttles not get damaged in any way when the Decepticons attacked first time?

Correction: There are 2 reasons for this, the most obvious is that Optimus Prime's shuttle lands outside after the major attack. Also, the city was not completely in shambles, Megatron said "their defenses are broken let the slaughter begin." so only the major defenses were broken, he did not get inside to do any real damage.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Kup and Hot Rod reach Autobot City and discover that the Insecticons are in their way, Hot Rod says, "Wrong, they're our way in." But in the next shot when it shows Hot Rod jumping the gap, look in the background at the road and you can see that Kup is missing.

Correction: Hotrod speads up significantly and leaves Kup behind before the jump. Kup even referred to him earlier as a "turbo riding young punk" so Hotrod was faster than Kup.

Corrected entry: There is a big size mistake when the Dinobots attack Unicron. When Grimlock starts stomping on Unicron and the other Dinobots join in attacking him they are far, far to big. But when Unicron tries to grab them they are back to the right sizes again. (01:12:25)

Correction: When they are attacking him it is a close-up shot, hence appears bigger; when Unicron tries to grab him it is a long shot, hence looks smaller.

Corrected entry: Autobot city is actually a giant Autobot transformer called Metroplex. Well, it isn't in the movie but in the next episodes set after the movie (called "Five Faces of Darkness") it could suddenly Transform.

Correction: The Gigant robot called Metroplex was actually built when the rebuilded Autobot city using its transformationmatrix (that changed the city in the movie into a fortress) to provide a last ditch defence if needed be (in the UK comics this is shown) - SoulFlayer.

Corrected entry: Ramjet, Dirge and Thrust are all destroyed by Unicron in the movie, but they do sometimes show up in later episodes set after it.

Correction: Similar to Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker and Sunburst, Dirge, Ramjet and Thrust are seekers. This means there are hundreds of these basic assault units. They're a faction of the Decepticons. So, Megatron is the commanding officer, the 7 jets I've named above are seekers, or infantry.

Corrected entry: When the Dinobots are attacking Unicron, in one shot, Grimlock blasts lasers from his fists. Transformers don't usually do this - this poking fun at the Go-Bots (a Transformers rip-off), in which characters do blast lasers from their fists.

Correction: Both Ironhide and Optimus Prime are seem firing lasers from their fists in the TV series so it's entirely plausible that the Dinobots can do so as well.

Corrected entry: When Galvatron says "No..." and starts to blast the new Rodimus Prime, the lasers he shoots go from big (as soon as they leave his cannon) to small (when the hit Rodimus Prime) They also change colour from purple to yellow as well. (01:16:25)

Correction: The lasers start out big because Galvatrons cannon is up close on the screen. Rodimus Prime is a few paces back so the lasers naturally appear smaller. As to why the beams change colour, the matrix is lit and the difference in light could actually make the beams look different.

Corrected entry: When Daniel knocks down half of the acid vat's cover, Bumblebee, Jazz, Cliffjumper, and Spike land on it but none of the other victims behind them follow. Daniel just blasted the cover supports, he didn't stop the conveyor belt.

Correction: There never appeared to be any victims behind them. It is also reasonable to assume that Unicron didn't eat anyone else as after eating Cybertron's moons he was staying pretty close to Cybertron.

Corrected entry: If you look very carefully at the robots helping Kup setting up the roadblock, one of them is Prowl, who shouldn't be there because he got killed a few moments earlier. He is also coloured like Bluestreak, who has different arm shapes and forehead plates.

Correction: Nothing wrong, it's Bluestreak, not Prowl. Brief shot after Hot Rod says "you can see everything from Lookout Mountain," with him moving roadblock shows this.

Corrected entry: When Kickback and Shrapnel start to eat one of Autobot city's doors, Kickback calls Shrapnel "Shrapray"

Correction: He's chewing on a piece of the door, so it's supposed to sound like he's talking with his mouth full.

Corrected entry: When some Decepticons say "nay" to defend themselves in Astrotrain, the voices don't match up to any characters on screen. This is especially noticeable because the Insecticons certainly don't sound like that. The "nay" voice is just the same voice layered a few times.

Correction: Is it not possible that they're all so damaged that their voice units can't simulate their proper voices?

Corrected entry: When Perceptor and Grapple are shown firing against the Decepticons (just after the part where the Autobots fire missiles at Devastator) an Autobot runs past Perceptor. If you look closely, this Autobot is actually Swoop. How can he be here now if he shows up in Prime's shuttle a few shots later? (00:18:15)

Correction: The Autobot that runs across in front of him is Tracks.

Corrected entry: Hot Rod and Kup run out of "Energon goodies" on Quintessa but when they land on the planet of Junk they suddenly have some to offer to the Junkions.

Correction: Hot Rod lied. He complained that it was getting too expensive just before shouting 'No more'.

Corrected entry: How do the Constructicons without mouths manage to play the trumpets at Starscream's coronation?

Correction: I would expect the trumpets that the transfomers used in the cartoon are powered by electricity rather than wind. Hence the Constructicons are simply providing electricity to "blow" the trumpets.

Corrected entry: Why does Galvatron try to choke Hot Rod at the near end of the film? Robots don't breathe after all. And for proof of this, Hot Rod stays under water for a very long time fighting the squid.

Correction: Galvatron might be trying to break the head off Hot Rod's neck rather than trying to choke him.

Corrected entry: When Devastater is first seen, his chest plate is lime green. Then in the next scene he is seen, his chestplate is purple. (00:17:30)

Correction: When Devastator's chestplate is seen it is supposed to be green as the constructicons hadn't finished uniting. The purple colour wouldn't come in until Longhaul and Hook were in place.

Corrected entry: When Optimus Prime removes the Matrix from his chest, there are TWO Matrices in his torso compartment, although the second one isn't illuminated.

Correction: The second "matrix" is his spark. This is made clear in Beast Wars, when Optimus Primal takes Prime's spark out of a similar container.

Corrected entry: As Prime chases the Decepticons, Blitzwing can be seen holding his gun, but when he jumps out of the way of Prime he isn't holding it anymore. (00:19:40)

Correction: He probably dropped it to get out of the way.

Corrected entry: When Prime transforms back to robot mode and starts blasting the Decepticons, no transforming sound effect is heard.

Correction: It's drowned out by Prime's jumpjets.

Corrected entry: Scourge's voice changes completely between his first and second lines.

Correction: It could have been one of the Sweeps who said one of the lines. Since they all look like Scourge the only way to tell them apart is by voice.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Megatron and the decepticons blast into the autobot shuttle, Megatron transforms and Starscream starts blasting the autobots with Megatron (in gun mode), when the autobots (Ironhide & Ratchet) return fire we see Starscream firing from his own gun on his arm then back to the autobots and then back to Starscream and he is firing from Megatron again. (00:07:14)

Correction: He holds Megatron in his left hand. When the Autobots return fire, he is forced to take cover, and shoot from the gun on his right arm. It's easy to see actually.

Corrected entry: In the movie, the transformers actually die when they are shot. In the TV series, they would normally be damaged and would later be repaired. However, it seems that only the Decepticon guns can kill, since in the shuttle attack scene near the start the Decepticons kill some Autobots. But, later Blitzwing shoots an Insecticon and the Insecticon does not die. When Autobots do hit the Decepticons (Prime guns down just about every Decepticon there apart from Megatron, and Blaster shoots down a Constructicon with a huge laser cannon) they do not die, some don't even take damage.

Correction: It's established in the movie that the Decepticons have conquered Cybertron, and have much more access to Energon (their energy source) than the Autobots do. The Decepticons' weapons do more damage because they have much more Energon to power their weapons, thus making them more deadly. As to why it goes back to "nobody gets killed" in the later seasons is still a mystery, though.

Corrected entry: When Kup says "What's that darn fool doing?" you can see Hound with him. The thing is, later Hound is seen coming out of the shuttle that Prime and the others arrived in to help out in the big battle from Moonbase 1.

Correction: This is a misconception. Hounds is actually never seen on Prime's shuttle or coming out of the shuttle. He is just standing there near the exit. He could have simply drove up to meet Prime upon his arrival.

Corrected entry: If Astrotrain moans about there being to much weight in him, wouldn't he at least say something when 1) Rumble and Frenzy use their pile driver arms on his floor and 2) all the Decepticons start fighting and crash into his walls?

Correction: Perhaps he wants the others to kill each other and then he can claim leadership without anybody challenging him.

Corrected entry: Gears is in the credits but isn't in the movie.

Correction: Actually he is in the movie. He can be seen in the very beginning sitting in a chair at a console in the room with Optimus Prime. He has no lines, though.

Corrected entry: How did Hot Rod and Kup know that the others were on the planet of junk? They crashed on a completely different planet, and were never told where Ultra Magnus and co. went. So how did they find the others?

Correction: Hot Rod and Kup could have tracked the Decepticons to the planet of Junk and then found their friends.

Corrected entry: The Decepticons pretty much total Autobot city in every way possible. So why is it later on in the movie there are 2 perfect shuttles in the open that have not been damaged in anyway? I suppose one may have been the one Prime was in but what about the other?

Correction: Autobot City is a supply base for Moon Bases 1 & 2. The ships are there for two reasons. 1 Supply runs from the Moon Bases. 2 Supply runs to the Moon Bases.

Corrected entry: At the start of the big battle scene, Ultra Magnus tells Blurr that he can help him "alert the others" Hold on. First, Lookout Mountain has been destroyed with a rather big explosion. Second, the shuttle everyone was expecting to land has just blown up and these things called "Decepticons" have left it. Thirdly, Starscream sets a barrage of laser fire on the base before Magnus has told the others what to do. The others ought to know that they were under attack.

Correction: UltraMagnus was probably refering to all the other Autobots on earth that are not in the area of Autobot City.

Corrected entry: Why does Soundwave bother to take the battered Megatron on to Astrotrain only to vote to have him booted out afterwards?

Correction: Although loyal to Megatron, Soundwave is no idiot. Astrotrain stated that they need to loose some weight, so it makes perfect sense to get rid of the damadged Decepticons. What you should be asking yourself is why Astrotrain need to loose weight in space, when all he really needs to do is turn off the artificial gravity.

Corrected entry: When Devastator battles the Dinobots to a standstill, he is stuck or sitting in a hole in a wall. When Prime attacks the Decepticons he drives by the very same hole and Devastator (or any of the Constructicons or even Dinobots for that matter) are nowhere to be seen. (00:19:40)

Correction: Optimus send the Dinobots the attack Devastator while the shuttle is still in the air. Optimus would have had to land the shuttle before he heads out to stop Megatron, which could have been plenty of time for Devastator and the Dinobots to either head off somewhere else to fight or to leave and regroup before Optimus rolled by.

Corrected entry: On the planet of Junk, when Grimlock says "Me not kisser. Me King." his eyes are drawn way too big.

Correction: One, it's for comic effect (it is a cartoon, after all). Secondly, why couldn't Grimlock's eyes get bigger during a state of surprise? The metal that Transformers' facial features are made out of can bend; just look at any Transformer with lips (i.e. Megatron, Galvatron, Hot Rod, etc,). Since their lips can change when they talk, I don't see why their eyes can't change.

Corrected entry: At the start of the movie, the announcer says that the autobots are planning an assault to take back Cybertron by stocking up energy by having "hidden" bases on two of Cybertron's moons. Just how hidden are these? Laserbeak knows where they are, and Starscream knows this as well. Regardless of the fact that there was an altered script during filming, this is still a mistake.

Correction: I believe Megatron is playing mind games with Optimus Prime and the Autobots. He actually knows about the bases on the moons. He wants the Autobots to attack, then he can destroy them.

Corrected entry: Early in the movie when Ironhide boards the ship for Earth, Prime checks for security status with Jazz and Cliffjumper. After the ship takes off, those two are seen standing right next to Prime. (00:06:10)

Correction: That is not a real-time sequence. The sequence starts with Cliffjumper counting down. The shuttle launches, and Jazz & Cliffjumper join Prime in the control room during the shot of the launch.

Corrected entry: In the big battle near the start of the movie, Prime comes on a shuttle with Dinobots reinforcments. However, there is one problem - one of the Dinobots, Snarl, is missing. However, when Galvatron returns to Autobot city and starts to attack it later on in the movie, Snarl is clealy seen doging laser fire. But then when Blur is trying to get the Dinobots on the shuttle, Snarl is gone - and does not make another appearence in the movie. (00:37:38)

Correction: I don't see how this is really a mistake. Okay, so Snarl is the only Dinobot at Autobot City, then when the other Dinobots arrive he meets up with for a while. Then, when they try to leave when they are being attacked by Galvatron, Snarl is left behind. So what's the big deal?

Corrected entry: In the big battle scene, the Decepticons retreat and get into Astrotrain. Look at Starscream - he has to duck to get in. Now once the Decepticons get inside, Astrotrain takes off. A couple of scenes later, the Decepticons start of fight over who should be leader. The Constructicons unite and form Devastator - this would be impossible since Devastator is at least 3 to 4 times bigger than Starscream. If this did happen Devastator would crash through Astrotrain's roof. (00:28:15)

Correction: The Constructicons weren't able to completely form Devestator. Soundwave's little transformers caused them to fall apart again before they were finished. While it's still highly likely that Devestator would not fit inside Astrotrain, it explains why they didn't crash through the roof.

Corrected entry: In the very short shot of the robots battling each other above Autobot City, just after Ironhide (who should not be there) flies out of shot, Shockwave (the purple one) flies in. What's he doing there? He was left back on Cybertron, wasn't he?

Correction: Megatron leads the main decepticon army against autobot city leaving cybertron defended by lesser decepticons

Corrected entry: When the shuttle is landing in Autobot City, Sunstreaker and Huffer are briefly seen helping Kup set up the roadblock. However, when Optimus and the other reinforcements arrive from Cybertron, Sunstreaker can also be seen piloting the shuttle.

Correction: Those four autobots are Kup, Huffer and two that look like Windcharger and Wheeljack. The giveaway that Wheeljack could be there is that the big one is white and not gold like Sunstreaker

Corrected entry: How did Rumble get Megatron's cannon back? The cannon is one level above Rumble, and even if he did get up there, wouldn't Hot Rod (who was on the upper level) shoot him off?

Correction: Hot Rod was busy tending to Optimus and not only were they quite a bit away from where the cannon was buried, but their backs were turned toward it. Also, being as small as he is, Rumble could have been able to sneak up real quickly and grab the cannon without being noticed.

Corrected entry: Orson Welles unfortunately died during the making of this movie, which is why he voices some of Unicron's lines, but some others are voiced by Leonard Nimoy.

Correction: Actually, all of Orson Welles lines' were recorded before he died. Leonard Nimoy never had to take over for him, as previously thought.

Corrected entry: During the big war scene we notice the autobots carrying in some of their dead (specifically Windcharger and Wheeljack). A couple of scenes later we can see those two characters standing behind the others who are watching a ship blast off.

Correction: I've seen this movie hundreds of times and am unable to find this. Time code is need to confirm.

Corrected entry: At the start of the big battle scene, Blitzwing says "Come on down, autobrat!" without moving his mouth.

Correction: Blitzwing was also in the process of transforming while saying this and his head was lowering out of view at the time. And yes, he can talk while in vehicle mode.

Corrected entry: In the big battle scene, Megatron orders Soundwave to "jam that transmission." Why doen't Megatron shoot it himself, saving time, and maybe himself? If he did do this, it's highly likely the message to Prime would not have got through, so Megatron wouldn't end up near dead.

Correction: This isn't a plot hole, just a second guessing of strategy.

Corrected entry: After Thundercracker, Skywarp, and the Insecticons are reformatted by Unicron, we see them a few scenes later at Starscream's coronation. (00:32:30)

Correction: There are more seekers in Thundercracker and Skywarp colors, and the Insecticons can clone themselves. So it is possible they can be at two places at the same time.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Daniel saves some Autobots and his father from the acid pit by blasting the lid support, why didn't Spike blast the acid cover lid himself? Seeing as Daniel was wearing Spike's old exo-suit, did Spike upgrade to a suit with no weaponry? (01:14:10)

Correction: Its possible that the clamps the bots and Spike were held in had some sort of weapon damper to keep armed victims from escaping.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When the beetle Insecticon is seen eating the front door to Autobot City, he's seen close up with only one antenna because the other was blasted off by the tank Blitzwing's friendly fire. But it was the right antenna that was blasted off and the left one is seen missing later on. (00:14:10)

Correction: Shrapnel didn't get his antenna blown off he was only shot in his shoulder. This is evident in the fact that he is seem at different times with both antennae. The antenna is merely being hidden by the door.

Corrected entry: When Unicron is first discussing his terms with Megatron, he says he needs the Matrix destroyed. Megatron then says that Optimus Prime is dead, but how could he know that when Optimus was still alive after Astrojet took all the Decepticons back to Cybertron? (00:29:50)

Correction: Megatron knows from the battle that he shot up Prime pretty badly and is most likely guessing he is dead, but actually says Prime IS dead to increase his barganing position with Unicron.

Corrected entry: When Unicron first attacks Cybertron, some jets attack him. One of the jets is Starscream. How could this be if he was killed earlier in the movie? (01:09:03)

Correction: The grey airplane which attacks Unicron is Ramjet, not Starscream.

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Quintesson judge: Before the Imperial Magistrate delivers his verdict, would you like to beg for your lives? It sometimes helps - but not often.



In the battle scene at autobot city, Megatron orders Soundwave to jam the transmission that Blaster is sending to Optimus Prime. When Soundwave ejects Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage & Ratbat we see them flying through the air transforming simultaneously and and both Rumble & Frenzy are coloured the same (red & black) when Rumble is supposed to be purple.



Even though Starscream was killed in the movie, he came back in 2 later TV episodes as a ghost. He also appeared in 1 Beast Wars episode.