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Corrected entry: When Woody is about to be run over by a truck tire in the gas station, he could've easily moved. The driver wouldn't have seen him.


Correction: It was a quick reaction. Buzz ran away as he saw it coming sooner but Woody thought it best to stop moving right away, not knowing where to go. He didn't want to be found in the middle of the pavement in the gas station lights either.


Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, Andy puts Potato Head in Molly's crib. She pounds him against the railing, knocking all of his pieces off. Later, when Andy and his friends are coming up to the room, Potato Head is panicking because he can't find his ear but the last time Andy saw him, he didn't have any of his pieces on so why would he be worried about it? Shouldn't the toys be trying to look like and be placed where they last were when Andy was there? (00:13:11)

Correction: In theory, yes. Obviously Mr. Potato Head forgot that he doesn't need his ear.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie when Buzz and Woody are in the sky with the rocket, it is not clear how exactly the tape becomes detached from Buzz's body. It detached from his figure as soon as he opened his wings, but this doesn't explain how the tape was removed. Wouldn't Buzz have removed the rocket earlier if he could have?

Correction: The tape was right over where Buzz's wings come out, so by opening his wings, the tape was snapped off. Buzz didn't think to do it earlier because at first he was too despondent to care and then he was more worried about the immediate need to escape than about the rocket that presented no danger so long as it wasn't lit.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the sequence just after Andy picks Molly out of her crib, Mr. Potato Head is saying "ages three and up..." without his nose in and he sounds completely normal. Later when Mr. Potato Head loses in Battleship and gives up his nose as payment, he sounds nasal. (00:03:50 - 00:50:40)

Correction: He deliberately sounds nasal because he is holding his nose that the character Ham had won.

Corrected entry: After Mom steps on the soldiers and one of them is injured, the plastic piece that connects the feet is broken (which the commentators indicate is the reason he cannot walk). But when he is being lifted into the potted plant, the plastic piece connecting the feet is whole again. (00:13:10)


Correction: Its feet are fixed because he was healed by a "medic." You can see a medic army toy giving a thumbs up, indicating that he healed the broken soldier you are referring to.

Corrected entry: The license plate on the back of Andy's car says A-113, while the license plate in the front of Andy's car says A-111.

Correction: This is a pixar in-joke. Two important rooms in their company are those numbers, and those numbers appear in much of their movies.

Corrected entry: When Woody gets into the moving van and opens the box of toys, they react to the box being opened by complaining or shielding their eyes from the sun etc. However, if it was Andy's mom or one of the moving employees instead of Woody, wouldn't they have given away the whole "Toys are alive" thing?

Correction: This is a question, not a mistake. The toys seem to have a keen sense of when humans are around; they always seem to know when one is approaching.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Buzz and Woody are flying, you see them eventually swoop under a power line. In scenes before and after that, it shows a bird's eye view of the neighborhood, and there is not a power line in sight. (01:14:01)

Correction: Putting aside that we never get a 360=degree view of Andy's neighborhood, they're chasing a moving vehicle that's no longer in the immediate neighborhood anyway.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Buzz shows all of the toys that he can fly for the first time, Buzz steps toward the end of Andy's bed. Right when he stops, notice how his right wing is transparent and you can see the window through his wing.

Correction: This is not actually a mistake, as you can see the rest of the scene and even before the moment mentioned, the wing is see-through. This indicates that it was intentional, that the plastic used to make his wings is thinner and transparent.

Corrected entry: Just before Sid blows up the Combat Carl figure, he throws a cement block at the figure, just missing it. Then we see him lighting the explosive on Carl and then he blows up. When we cut back to a wide shot of Sid's garden, the block has been moved to the other side of the garden, nowhere near where it landed before Sid lit the explosive.


Correction: Because the explosion was strong enough to make some debris hit the upstairs window where the toys were watching, it would have moved the brick (which was a lot closer).

Corrected entry: Seeing as Buzz is unaware he is a toy, what exactly does he do when Andy plays with him? Would he not interact with him entirely the same way he does with his other toys when he first meets them

logan crews

Correction: He thinks Andy is the leader of this "tribe". All the other toys allow Andy to play with them, so Buzz does too. When in Rome...

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sid is building the launching pad, and Woody and the other toys all emerge from the garden to scare him, all the toys shadows are almost directly underneath them, something that occurs when the sun is at its highest point, noon . However, Sid set his alarm to get him up at 7am, and its doubtful it would have taken him long to get everything ready. The shadows should have been much longer that early in the morning.

Correction: The moving truck arrives just at 7am. When Sid is ready to 'launch' the rocket & Buzz the fully loaded truck is ready to go, (we see the last boxes being moved out of Andy's room then Andy & his mom drive off). So several hours must have passed from 7am until the scene with the toys in Sid's backyard.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, when Buzz and Woody are trying to catch the moving van, Woody is hanging from the rope trying to climb up when Scud grabs on to him. How is it possible that that little dog with the short legs could possibly keep up with the fast-moving truck?

Correction: That dog was some type of Dachshund. Dachshunds are very quick. Just like humans, the size of the dog is not pertinent to how fast they can run. Since the truck was in a neighborhood area the most it could have been going was 30 miles per hour. It's perfectly possible for the dog to have kept up with the truck.

Corrected entry: When the duo is over at Sid's house, and when they are in his bedroom, the kid burns Woody's forehead, causing his forehead to smoke. When Sid leaves, Woody rushes over and dunks his head into this bowl of half-eaten Fruit Loops. Why was there no milk dripping from his face?.


Correction: The Fruit Loops have been there for quite some time and have absorbed the milk, hence the noise made by Woody's head when he dunks it in.

Corrected entry: If Buzz thinks he can fly why does he just let himself fall out the window? Wouldn't he at least try to fly?


Correction: Because Buzz was hit by the lamp, which could have caught him off guard. He could've panicked whilst falling from the window, and forgotten that he could fly.

Corrected entry: Woody and Buzz are at Sid's window. Woody is trying to convince the other toys that he and Buzz are friends. Woody is holding Buzz's arm that fell off and swinging it around. But the arm changes from the left hand to the right hand.


Correction: Actually, it is always his left arm, it never changes.

Corrected entry: When Sid straps the rocket to Buzz and sets him down on the table, and then sets the alarm clock next to him, we can see a piece of black tape go right across Buzz's chest. Yet for the rest of the film, the tape that ties the rocket to Buzz is only on his back, none of it goes right the way around him.


Correction: I watched the movie and checked. In every shot you see Buzz from the front, he has a piece of tape on his chest. There is a break as it's the ends of two separate pieces. But it stayed the same as soon as Sid put it on.

Corrected entry: Why is the Baby Monitor, used to hear what is going on in the baby's room, not in the mom's room?


Correction: It is used for the soldiers' mission and the toys probably took it from the mom's room when nobody was around.

Corrected entry: At the gas station when Woody is almost run over by the semi you can see the wheel stop just before him. Unfortunately, that's the rear wheel and you can see the front one on the left. So Woody was, in fact, run over by the truck. (00:31:40)

Correction: If the truck was turning as it pulled into the gas station, it is possible that Woody escaped being run over as the front wheels would have missed him.

Corrected entry: Woody and Buzz are trapped in the "Claw Machine" with all the alien toys. The "Claw" is being controlled by Sid. Now, ANYONE who has EVER played with one of those things, knows that those claws can only lift a certain amount of weight. They are definitely not strong enough to lift a Buzz Lightyear and Woody toy. Especially, when Woody had put all of his strength into pulling Buzz out of the Claw's grips. (00:38:26)

Correction: Unless you've played THAT claw machine, you can't really make a judgment. I agree that the claws on those things usually are weak, but if Sid could do it...

Corrected entry: When the soldiers bring the baby monitors downstairs there is a cord in their hands, but in the next scene it's gone.

Correction: Wasn't that the skipping rope? They probably discarded it when they didn't need it anymore.

Corrected entry: If Buzz doesn't know that he is a toy, then why does he freeze so that people won't find out that he is alive?

Correction: Around certain larger, stronger creatures (for example, a Bear), its recommended humans play dead so that the bear looses interest. This may be the tactic Star Command gives Buzz Lightyear - around larger, visibly stronger creatures, play dead so they will hopefully lose interest.

Corrected entry: When Woody tells the toys not to be worried about being replaced, Potato Head says, "Of course Woody ain't worried. He's been Andy's favorite since kindergarten," implying that it's been quite a while since the kid's been a kindergartner. Andy is only six years old. Just how much of a genius is this kid?


Correction: For a toy, two years could be a long time. The phrase, "He's been Andy's favorite for a year and a half," although not as poetic, has the same meaning.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the petrol station, Woody and Buzz get onto the Pizza Planet delivery truck in order to get to where Andy is. The driver has quite a few pizzas stacked up next to him in the front seat, yet you never see him deliver them. He even says something like 'Dude, hurry up, the pizzas are getting cold,' but then he drives straight back to Pizza Planet (the place where he's come from).

Correction: There is no indication that he drove back to the restaurant right away. He could've delivered the pizzas and then drove back.

Corrected entry: In the beginning when Andy goes to get his sister from her crib, there is a sign on the door when he walks in the room. When they leave, the sign is gone. (00:03:13)

Correction: The first shot shows 2 doors; the bedroom door and closet door. The sign is on the bedroom door not the closet door. The next shot shows the closet door only, which does not have a sign.

Stephen Bartlett

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, Buzz and Woody are riding RC. Woody and Buzz take turns controlling RC with his controller. How come in the beginning of the movie, RC can move freely around Andy's room with no one controlling him but he can't steer himself at the end when they are trying to catch up with the moving truck?

Correction: Actually, in the movie RC can move by control or by himself. They did this in the movie to add a degree of difficulty to the scene.

Corrected entry: When Buzz and Woody are on the top of the stairs, trying to escape from Sid's house, Woody's pull string gets caught on one of the banister spindles. The next shot shows him stuck on a different one.

Correction: No, it's always on the one next to the wall that curls away from it.

rabid anarchist

Corrected entry: In Pizza Planet, Buzz goes into the Claw-Game (the one with the aliens in it) and if you look carefully the wire that lowers it down is yellow but when it comes down the second time to pick up Buzz it's Black.


Correction: The yellow, curly wire doesn't lower the claw, it's just on the ceiling. The wire that lowers the claw is always black and straight.

rabid anarchist

Corrected entry: At the end just before the rocket takes off Woody and Buzz are sitting on RC. (the remote controlled car) They put down the controller for RC which later vanishes from the picture and then Woody lights the fuse for the rocket on Buzz's back. They fly off and drop RC into the removal truck but they didn't take the controller with them so the car will never run again. (01:13:54)

Correction: See Correction in Toy Story 2 - Andy's Mom would probably assume it got lost in the move, and go to the store to get another one.

Corrected entry: When RC pushes Buzz off the edge of the desk, why would Woody get RC to do it, and have a witness, when he is strong enough to do it himself? (His strength is proven later in the film when he throws the lights from Sid's house to Andy's house, and also when he manages to close Sid's door with the dog pushing against it).

Correction: Woody was trying to make it look like an accident. Had he pushed him directly, it obviously couldn't have been explained as an accident.

Jack's Revenge

Corrected entry: If Buzz Lightyear believes that he is a real Space Ranger then why when Andy comes in to the room does he freeze up like a toy. If he believes he is a Space Ranger wouldn't he walk around like nothing is happening?


Correction: He thinks he's on a special mission from Space Command and doesn't want to be detected.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: The sun roof that Buzz comes in though to save Andy is not there when the mini-van returns to the house in the evening.

Correction: It is, but just shut - you can see the outline.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the toys come alive and talk to Sid, you see two armless G.I. Joes pop out of the mud, along with a green wind-up frog. The G.I. Joes are muddy but the frog is squeaky clean straight out of the mud.

Correction: The frog is the one that Scud chased and it hasn't been in there for nearly as long as the G.I. Joes.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Andy is coming upstairs with his party guest to play with Buzz Lightyear, against his closed door is propped the muscle man doll. How could he be left that way, and still be able to leave the room?

Correction: The doll wasn't left that way; in a few other scenes (both movies) this doll "blocks" the door in an attempt to give the other toys a chance to resume their positions before humans return.

Corrected entry: When Buzz and Woody are flying over the truck it's still open. Wouldn't all the stuff fly out?

Correction: Just because the back of the lorry is open doesn't mean that everything will fly out. If this was the case then every time someone opened the back of the lorry all the stuff inside would be backed up on the doors.

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Hamm: Yes, sir, we're next month's garage sale fodder for sure.



There's an electrical outlet on the wall below the window (aligned with the window shade's loop) in Sid's room near the Megadork poster, but when Sid throws Woody to the floor and raises the shade (before he scorches Woody's forehead with the magnifying glass), that outlet has vanished.



The number A113 has appeared in every Pixar film (not the shorts). In this film, as well as its sequel, it is the license plate number on Andy's mom's mini-van.