Audio problem: The police officers chase Arthur to the subway. When the subway train starts moving after they just barely got in, the sound resembles the acceleration sound of a R143 subway car, which actually didn't exist until 2001, but it's a much older car, the R32.

Audio problem: In a bit of movie magic, nobody touches the TV set in the dressing room, but it adjusts its volume perfectly by itself, to the point that not only does not disturb the conversation with Murray and the producer, but even when Arthur is all on his own and sits back in his chair the TV, still turned on and showing a program, is perfectly silent. (01:35:10)

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Factual error: Based on the films being shown at the theater, the movie appears to be set in 1981. One of the TV commercials shows the Energizer Bunny, which didn't make its first appearance until 1988.

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Social Worker: Is something funny?
Arthur Fleck: I just thought of a funny joke.
Social Worker: Do you mind telling it?
Arthur Fleck: ...You wouldn't get it.

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Trivia: The font used for Live With Murray Franklin is identical to the Batman animated series titles. The name of the font is "Plaza," for those that might be curious.

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