American Angels: Baptism of Blood

American Angels: Baptism of Blood (1989)

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Factual error: During the match Mimi has Lisa on the ropes choking her too long. The referee would've counted to five then disqualified her when she refused to break the hold.


Plot hole: It doesn't seem likely a rookie wrestler would get a world title match when Lisa had only been wrestling there for a short time.


Factual error: No wrestling promotion films any match without an audience. Yet when Mimi wrestles Jean Kirkland they're doing it in an empty studio.

Trivia: The first movie Mimi Lesseos would do. She has gone on to do stunt work for Million Dollar Baby, gangs of New York, Malcolm in the Middle, even started her own film production company, starring in her own movies.

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Question: Why would they tape a match between Mimi and Jean Kirkland in a studio instead of selling tickets and making money off it?

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