The Thomas Crown Affair

Other mistake: When Catherine breaks into Crown's house, her assistants immediately get to work on the security panel. When the first assistant touches the panel, it falls off the wall and he has to quickly push it back into place.

Plot hole: When Renee Russo was reviewing the tape showing the room with the painting to see who stole the painting, and the tape was blank because the heat generated from the suitcase hidden under the bench, why didn't she just back up the tape completely to see who put the suitcase there in the first place? (00:28:30)

Continuity mistake: In the opening sequence, when Crown decides to walk and has "Jimmy" meet him at the office, he is almost run down by a truck. First of all, the truck has to skid to a stop, yet there is a car no more than ten feet in front of it when they change camera angle. Why was the truck going so fast in the first place. Secondly, when Crown motions for the driver to pass, the same car is still stopped directly in front of the truck, yet the truck speeds off in a way that it should smash into the car in front of it. (00:02:45)

Continuity mistake: When TC steals the Monet, he places the painting in the briefcase and closes the case breaking the frame in half and thus ripping the edges of the painting. When at home he opens the briefcase and the frame is obviously crooked but when he holds the painting up to place it above the fireplace it is perfectly intact and the painting is not damaged. (00:20:10 - 00:22:30)

Continuity mistake: When the "thieves" are preparing the impressionist wing and inform Thomas Crown that the exhibit is closed, Crown responds with "It's only a quarter to five". Shortly after when the surveillance footage from the time of the robbery is being reviewed, the time stamp on the monitor says 5:54. I doubt that the whole robbery took 1 hour 9 mins, when the time in the movie was around 3 minutes. (00:17:40 - 00:28:30)

Shaun Ewing

Revealing mistake: During the catamaran sailing scene, the boat jibes and Brosnan leaps across the trampoline and starts grinding on an empty winch, with no line in it. (00:37:40)

Revealing mistake: During the glider scene when they show the close up of Catherine's face with Thomas leaning over her from behind, waving his hands, if you look at her sunglasses you can see all the white screens, the camera crew, the reflection of his hands, etc. You can see this every time they show a close-up of them from the front of the glider. (01:06:00)

Luna Negra

Factual error: When the thieves are coming out of the Trojan horse, during a shot a pile of sawdust in a cone formation on the ground. This formation couldn't have formed since the thief was sawing a line in the horse, not drilling one hole. (00:09:05)

Factual error: The Monet stolen by TC is credited as being the first painting in the Impressionist school, a clear reference to Monet's "Impression: Sunrise" of 1872. However, the painting shown during the entire film is "San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight," a 1906 Monet painting.

Continuity mistake: In the glider scenes, the shots from the front show the sighting window in the canopy placed on the right side of the glider. But in the shots from the side, it is correctly placed on the left side.

Continuity mistake: When TC and Catherine Banning are having breakfast together at TC's house, Paul brings Catherine her green shake to drink. In one of the first shots, the glass is only about two-thirds of the way full, however, in the next shot, when she goes to take her first sip of it, the glass is almost filled to the top. The color of the green shake also changes slightly. (01:02:25)

Revealing mistake: At the beginning, when Thomas Crown is in his car, getting ready to get out and walk up to the museum, they show a close up of his wrist watch to set the time; it says 9:08 a.m. A few minutes later when he is sitting inside the gallery eating his breakfast croissant, if you look carefully at his watch, it shows 4:30. In various other shots, it also shows 5:25 and 6:30, indicating at least 2 hours spent shooting the gallery scene. (00:02:25 - 00:04:00)

Luna Negra

Other mistake: When Thomas' keys are taken and copied, the name "Medeco" appears on the keys. The duplicating machine used is for standard keys and cannot be used for Medeco keys.

The Thomas Crown Affair mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the scene when Thomas Crown is sailing, you can see the weather change from very dark and stormy, to just cloudy, to blue sky and sun, depending on the shot. (00:36:30)

The Thomas Crown Affair mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Thomas and Catherine are having breakfast and his servant Paul brings Catherine's special "green" drink, it changes colors. When Paul has it on the tray and sets it down on the table, it is a very deep olive green. When she goes to actually drink it, it's now a light pastel turquoise blue color. (01:02:20)

Luna Negra

Plot hole: At the end of the movie when everyone is standing in the gallery looking at the painting now back in place (with the smoke and sprinklers still dripping) they notice that now there is a new painting missing, the one Thomas stole for Catherine. However, none of the other metal wall coverings open or move except for that small side one revealing the empty frame on the wall. This makes no sense why only that one would suddenly open and none of the others. (01:40:50)

Luna Negra
The Thomas Crown Affair mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When TC opens the briefcase to steal the Monet, the thumb of his latex glove is ripped wide open, which would leave fingerprints. After he places the painting in the briefcase, the next shot shows him closing the brief case and the glove has magically repaired itself. (00:20:10)

Visible crew/equipment: When Crown nearly walks into the lorry at the beginning you can see cables of sort in the left hand mirror from the shot inside the lorry. (00:02:50)

Factual error: The man in the security room, when watching the thermal video footage states that the thermal cameras needs a difference of ten degrees (or something like that), thermal cameras operate within a range of two degrees so it would have to be a fairly rubbish camera and that's unlikely, seeing how it's guarding a Monet and all. (00:28:45)

Continuity mistake: When Crown's attempting to repeat his golf shot, he flattens the ball into the sand. Then when we see the club hit the ball, suddenly it's on top of the sand.

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The Thomas Crown Affair mistake picture

Revealing mistake: During the glider scenes, they use aerial shots of stuntmen in a real glider and then a prop/dummy one with a blue screen for the close up shots of Thomas and Catherine inside the cockpit. The actual glider has a second rear cockpit control box that you can see in all the aerial shots.The rear pilot is at least 5 feet back from the front one. In the close-ups, with the prop/dummy one, the rear cockpit box is gone and they show Thomas actually leaning on Catherine's back. The actual glider also has a much larger wingspan, fuselage, and cockpit. Again, you see this during the take off shots and all the aerials. When they land in the field and crawl out of the dummy/prop, the tail is only about 5 feet back from the cockpit. (01:04:50 - 01:06:05)

Luna Negra

Continuity mistake: The Jeep and Cobra Mustang are shown covered in mud as they climb the hill to the house in Martinique, however when they arrive at the top, they are clean again.


Continuity mistake: When they land in Martinique, and are on the airstrip loading up the vehicles, their luggage and the painting go into the second vehicle, a shiny black jeep. However, when they show the aerial shot of them climbing the mountain to Crown's house, the jeep is now painted in camouflage colors. (01:08:10 - 01:08:55)

Luna Negra
The Thomas Crown Affair mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Thomas Crown comes into the police station to identify the thieves. As he is getting ready to leave, Catherine eavesdrops on his conversation as she fixes herself a cup of coffee. She then watches him out the window, drinking her coffee, as he runs to his car. The paper coffee cup changes from a purple swirl design with a little bit of green to a blue and white, geometric border with what appears to be an Asian design. (00:32:30)

Luna Negra

Continuity mistake: When Crown returns home straight after stealing the Monet, the high external shot shows him open the door with his left hand. In the next internal shot he is opening it with his right hand. (00:21:25)

Revealing mistake: When Crown enters his office for the first time, he goes up to the window and looks at the river. Just as the camera points out the window, a bright light is seen to shine on Crown's face so that his reflection in the window is clear. (00:06:25)

The Thomas Crown Affair mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Thomas Crown exits the museum after having stolen the Monet, we see a couple of strange characters, probably crew members, standing on the ledge of the building just behind the cab he gets into. The man with the mask is the most interesting. (00:20:15)

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the of the movie where Catherine is whispering in the ear of Thomas, you can see that the ear is not from Thomas. Compare the ear with earlier scenes and its clear this must must be someone else.

Revealing mistake: During all shots of the actual glider, you can tell very obviously it is two stunt men in very bad, fake looking wigs. The one up front, "Catherine" now makes her look like a football player. He also has on a long red wig that goes to his shoulders, which is longer than Catherine's hair. In one aerial shot, the stuntman sitting in the rear, which is supposed to be "Thomas", has this dark black bowl cut wig that is parted down the middle and slicked to his head. (01:06:05)

Luna Negra

Continuity mistake: In the first scene in the gallery when TC is admiring the Haystacks painting, he is preparing to eat a croissant. In the shot looking at him face on, he maneuvers the croissant into position in the bag it is in, so that he can begin to eat it. However, in the next shot - a longer distance profile shot - just after he answers Bobby's question, he is already chewing on a mouthful and starting to tear another piece off. (00:04:00)

Factual error: When Russo and Brosnan are talking at the meal when they first met it is said that he "went from Glasgow to Oxford on a boxing scholarship". Oxford have a firm policy throughout the colleges of only offering academic and music scholarships.

Other mistake: When Catherine breaks into TC's house and is searching for the Monet there is a scene where she admires The Mirror Of Venus, the footage of this scene has been flipped because the painting is a mirror image of it's actual composition.

Other mistake: Near the start of the movie when Thomas Crown enters his office for the first time, he uses a magnetic swipe card to access the elevator to his office. After he swipes the card, you can hear a 'ding' and the sound of elevator doors opening but you'll notice as he first inserts the card into the reader that the doors are already open. (00:05:30)

Shaun Ewing

Continuity mistake: The theft occurs on one of the hottest days of the year, as pointed out by the guards. When Katherine arrives that night, she is wearing a coat. The investigation lasts a week or two, and throughout that time, they wear jackets and even top coats. Katherine's breath is frosty in the air a week or so after the theft. The weather apparently went from really hot to really cold in a week or so - NY weather may fluctuate a bit, but not to that extent.

Revealing mistake: In the opening scene, the outdoor setting is supposedly an unusually hot autumn day. However, outdoor shots show several people with jackets, long coats, and almost no short-sleeve tops or shorts.

Plot hole: The beach could be reached only by vehicle, but they only had one car and they arrived separately.

Continuity mistake: In the restaurant having dinner Rene's pearl necklace starts untwisted then twists and later untwists. To do this that necklace would have to be unclasped and manually twisted.

Factual error: The Trojan horse is transported into the vault area by a motorised pallet jack. The pallet jack operator is behind the load and his forward vision is totally obstructed by the load. The operator should have been in the front (as required by OSHA). Also they must turn the load around in the narrow hall because later the operator is in the front.

Plot hole: How did Catherine manage to show up at the original crime scene at the same time that the detective arrived? He came from across town; she came from Europe, as proved by her "jet-lagged" comment the next morning.

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